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Living like a local in Greece


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Recipes: Summer treats to share


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Loretta Sloan: beauty and pain in art


Donna-Marie Lever’s ‘farm-cation’


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COVER PHOTO First-time Coast to Coaster, Germaine Srhoy, shares a light moment with her son, Connor, as he looks at her through the camera lens.  PHOTO ERIN TASKER

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It’s about time someone turned on the sun! Although I must say, I don’t get too wound up about the weather, what can you do about it? Some things we can control, most things we can’t, so I can’t be bothered spending too much brain space on the things we can’t. For instance, our cover story, Germaine Srhoy, couldn’t control how she landed off her horse, so that snapped femur was just something she had to live with ... right in the middle of training for the Coast to Coast. Instead of whinging about it, she took control of what she could control and is about to have a go at her first Coast to Coast, 10 years after the accident and as a fulltime working mum. Congrats for getting there Germaine, thanks for sharing your story and the YOU team would love to hear about how you go! Cheers and enjoy,

Lisa Fenwick

mer goodness? Try Sarah Fancy sharing some sum es 17 to 19! pag Kingsbury ’s recipes on

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Ger After badly breaking her leg in a horse riding accident almost 10 years ago, Germaine Srhoy was advised to steer clear of high-impact sport in the future. But she’s worked hard to defy the odds and next month she’ll line up for her first crack at the iconic Coast to Coast multisport race. Erin Tasker reports.

Left – Germaine Srhoy has picked herself up and jumped back on the Coast to Coast horse for this year. PHOTOS ERIN TASKER 090119-ET-0020

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rmaine gets back on the ‘horse’ Germaine Srhoy was well into her training for her first crack at the iconic Coast to Coast multisport race in 2009, when disaster struck. A fall from a horse resulted in her being airlifted to Christchurch Hospital with a badly broken leg and she was told that from there on out, high-impact activities like running would not be a part of her future. But 10 years on and thanks to sheer determination and a bucket-load of hard work, Germaine is again preparing for a shot at the Coast to Coast. She’s spent the past year juggling work, motherhood and family life with a hectic training schedule to ensure she’ll be in the shape of her life for the 2019 event. Now, with less than a month to go until the starter’s gun sounded on the race which competitors from Kumara Beach on the South Island’s West Coast, to Christchurch’s Sumner Beach by foot, kayak and bike, she is feeling good. Germaine, 31, has entered the two-day individual race and has no real goal of how fast she wants to be. She is just happy to finally get the chance to realise a dream she’d had for more than a decade and her aim is simply to cross the finish line. For her, being able to call herself a Coast to Coast competitor is something that has

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been a long time coming and the road to ter to Christchurch Hospital was followed get there has been winding. by surgery and three months of no In September, 2009, she broke her leg weight-bearing activity. She started a gym while working on her other sporting pasprogramme and physiotherapy but six sion. A former competitive dressage rider, months post-accident, despite having been Germaine was riding a young horse she’d told by doctors her leg was looking good, broken in herself around an arena at her Germaine was still in incredible pain. She family’s Lowcliffe farm when the accicould barely even handle her physio dent happened. Her sister Lartouching her leg. issa, an eventer, was riding Doctors took a closer in the arena at the same look and discovered that time and after coming there had actually a little too close to been no healing in It’ll be a mix of terror and each other Larissa’s the break and Gerapprehension because you whip caught Germaine had to again maine’s horse. undergo surgery. have a mild understanding of “It was entirely She was working how big the task is ahead of my fault, I got comas an air hostess you and it’s probably not placent,” Germaine for Air New Zealand said. on trans-Tasman and going to be pleasant, it’s The horse bucked Pacific routes at the going to be hard her off and she fell to time of the accident and the ground, landing on her ended up off work for 14 knees. The impact broke one months, and her Coast to Coast of her femurs (the thighbone which is the dreams looked to have been dashed. Her longest and strongest in the body and surgeon advised her not to take up any generally took a lot of force to break) clean high-impact sports because of the damage in two. the fall had done to her knees. “When they say it’s like a gun going off, they’re not kidding. It’s horrendous,” Germaine said. continued over page A ride in the Westpac Rescue Helicop-

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Above – Son, Connor, has been a helping hand in the training process for the big event.  090119-ET-0015 Above right – Working 12hour shifts hasn’t been a deterrent from diving headfirst into training for the Coast to Coast.


Left – And there’s always plenty of time for some special mother and son time too.  090119-ET-0030

From P5 Around 18 months after returning to the skies, Germaine decided she needed a change and moved to Australia. That was where she connected with a new personal trainer, who she is still working with today. He discovered that Germaine’s hips were seriously out of alignment and if she didn’t sort it out quickly, she’d have major back

problems in years to come. Aged just 24 at the time, Germaine decided she had to do something. She thought high-impact exercise was out of the question for her, but her Australian personal trainer told her it was possible, so long as it was done right. So she started slowly building back to where she was before her accident.

The outdoors had always been Germaine’s happy place. It was a love that dated way back to her days at Lowcliffe School when the school went on tramps to Woolshed Creek and Pinnacles Hut, and a love that grew further when she and a friend developed a habit for “peak-bagging” – picking a random mountain and climbing it, even if there were no trails.

YOU Magazine | 7

That led to her dream of one day completing the Coast to Coast, but her broken leg put that dream on the backburner and life carried on. After moving back to New Zealand, Germaine reconnected with a former partner, Shane, and the couple settled in Hinds. Four-and-a-half years ago the couple welcomed their son Connor into the world. Life was busy. But after last year’s Coast to Coast, Germaine – who was working for LIC at the time – saw photos on Facebook of a former school-mate’s Coast to Coast experience and decided to bite the bullet. “I thought I need to put up, or shut up, because I’d been talking about it for so long,” Germaine said.

She said people probably thought she was all talk and even she’d questioned whether she’d ever actually ever do it. The time had come to put her money where her mouth was. With time ticking down, she was excited about what lay ahead. She loves trail running and although the kayaking leg was a little daunting, she knew it would be fun once she got out there. It was the cycling leg she was dreading the most and her worst-case scenario would be the weather and river level leading to the kayaking leg being canned, because that would be replaced by more cycling. Whatever happened though, her goal was simple. She just wanted to finish it.

“I’ve got no sort of designs on how fast I want to do, there’s no plans on being a world beater of any description, so long as I get there before the cut-off time, I’ll be happy,” she said. The road to the Coast to Coast hasn’t been easy. She made the decision to do it in March last year and set about training, but when you were a fulltime working mum that training ha to fit around life. Germaine’s life has changed a lot in the past few months, too. After about 10 months of volunteering for St John, she started working fulltime as an emergency medical assistant (EMA) for St John around three months ago. continued over page

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From P7 It was a career move that she said was down to her accident. “Since I broke my leg, it was another wee seed that was planted,” she said. She now works 12-hour shifts, both days and nights, so it wasn’t unusual for her to head out for a spot of training after finishing work at 6am and only getting a couple of hours sleep when she got home. There was Connor to think about, too. At four-and-a-half, he was in day-care, but with kids and day-care came bugs and Germaine had picked up her fair share of them in recent months. Each bout of sickness meant time away from training and with less than a month to go until the big race weekend, she knew she couldn’t afford any more. She is heading into her first Coast to Coast off the back of training alone. Unlike many of the competitors who would line up on Kumara Beach before the sun came up on February 8, Germaine had no previous experience in races like the Coast to Coast. She’d intended to do the Mission Mt Somers trail running event last year, but it fell on the same weekend as one of her St John training courses, so she couldn’t. But Germaine isn’t worried. She’s done the training and she is ready. “There’s nothing else I wanted to do. The Coast to Coast is iconic and is one of those things where you’re just like ‘right, I’m going to do it’.” Germaine will have family and friends on hand as her support crew when she races and said she wouldn’t have been able to compete had it not been for the support of her partner Shane. “The amount of slack he’s had to pick up is huge,” she said. While she is excited now, she knows the feeling when she actually lines up at the start is likely to be a little different. “It’ll be a mix of terror and apprehension

Seeing people, like Connor, waiting at the finish line is all the motivation required.


because you have a mild understanding of how big the task is ahead of you and it’s probably not going to be pleasant, it’s going to be hard,” Germaine said. But she knows there will be a huge sense of accomplishment at the end. “I’ve got this image in my head of when I actually cross the finish line and the people who will be there waiting, and what the feeling is going to be like,” Germaine said.


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Come February 9 that image and that feeling will become a reality. And even though she is yet to tick off Coast to Coast 2019, the 2020 running of the event is already on her mind. While this year is simply about crossing the finish line, she is already thinking of heading back for another crack in 2020 with an eye to doing better second time round.

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Buskers festival reimagined


World Buskers Festival, Bread & Circus Kicks Off 10 January – 3 February, 2019 | 28 days | 527 shows

The wait is over for Christchurch’s reimagined festival, Bread & Circus – World Buskers Festival which opened Thursday afternoon 10 January with a bigger, bolder world-class programme of street busking, free spectacles and international acts. Building upon the wonderfully rich and much-loved 25 year history of the World Buskers Festival, Bread & Circus integrates the old and the new along the streets of Christchurch and in a range of special venues, including a magnificent Spiegeltent and specially curated hospitality hubs around the central city. There are elements that Cantabrians know and love, and a new range of world class twists and turns that elevate the festival to a new level. Bread & Circus runs until 3 February, 2019 and kicked off with an intensive programme, beginning with an intensive 10-day program full of exciting free events, exceptional ticketed shows, and world-famous busking pitches. The ticketed program and festival hub will then extend into February.

The free programme

Leave the everyday behind and indulge in a world of exciting entertainment, hilarious spectacle, and acrobatic amazement throughout the streets of the City. This year there is over 90 hours of free spectacle from 29 talented buskers from New Zealand and around the globe, double the number of busking shows than 2018.

Catch your favourite street performers

1. North Quad Pitch presented by Adgraphix, The Arts Centre 2. Market Square Aerial Pitch, The Arts Centre

3. Cathedral Square Pitch, by the Chalice 4. Christchurch Art Gallery Pitch, Gallery Forecourt 5. Peacock Fountain Pitch, Botanic Gardens 6. Music Pitch - Scott Statue Park, corner of Worcester BLVD and Oxford Terrace

Behold local busking legends

The Toni Show, Garry Starlight and MulletMan, and visitors from over the ditch like Ernest the Magnifico and The Bubble Pirate, to international sensations Tumble Circus (Ireland), Pancho Libre (Mexico) and Sara Twister (Germany). Worcester Boulevard is the spine of the festival, and the home to free roving performers – such as internationally celebrated acts Skeleton of Colour and Cocoloco – who will be strutting their stuff from the Square to the Arts Centre for the first 10 days.

10 | YOU Magazine

The ticketed programme


Bread & Circus ticketed programme continues until February 3 with a programme of world-class ticketed shows within the Isaac Theatre Royal, the Assembly Hall and The Old Boys’ Theatre at Christ’s College, the Backstage Social Club at the Arts Centre and the Festival Hub, home to the gorgeous Victoria Spiegeltent making its New Zealand debut. Scott Maidment, director of Strut & Fret NZ is excited to present a premium programme of international significance. “There are more free and busking performances than there have ever been and the ticketing programme is one of the best you will find anywhere in the world. We are extremely proud and excited to bring the world to Christchurch.”

New additions

New additions include the Festival Hub, pop-up bars, delicious food, live music, interactive experiences and surprise acts. Food has also been incorporated into the festival with a host of local producers, and some special food and performance fusions. Look out for The Feast of Fools, a moving feast of unexpected food and theatre. Bread & Circus has transformed the Arts Centre Gym into the Backstage Social Club, a place for performances and the social hub of the festival, where you can meet performers and hang out with the crew. The festival will attract a diverse audience of Cantabrians, New Zealanders and international visitors to engage with, and explore, the revitalised city of Ōtautahi Christchurch. Loren Heaphy, general manager of Destination and Attraction for ChristchurchNZ says, “High profile events like Bread & Circus are vital to our city of opportunity and exploration. Our people love being entertained at them and they bring longterm benefits as they raise our national and global profile and add significant value to our growing economy. ChristchurchNZ is

enormously proud of the bold programme that has been unveiled for this iconic event, which has been refreshed and re-aligned to our city’s new major event strategy.” For the full programme and to purchase tickets visit www.breadandcircus.co.nz

About Strut & Fret NZ

Strut & Fret New Zealand has the licence to run the new, reimagined World Buskers Festival, Bread & Circus. They are working with a mix of local and international performers and con-

tractors to grow and develop the festival for the future, create world-class events in dynamic environments which engage, enthral and excite audiences globally. With over 20 years’ experience, this internationally acclaimed company has created and delivered work across the breadth of public and community events, corporate functions, festival precincts, street theatre, comedy, dance, drama, circus, theatre and spectacle. Strut & Fret NZ has partnered to deliver outstanding events with a wide range of entities such as Sydney Festival, Brisbane Festival, New Zealand Arts Festival, Melbourne Festival, Christchurch Arts Festival, Auckland Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide.

YOU Magazine | 11

8 reasons to come along


#1 The festival pitches

There are six busking pitches dotted through the central city. Performances at these locations are hatted, so bring ya cash. Hot tip - BYO sun screen, hat, and cushion. • Scott Statue Park • Cathedral Square • North Quad at the Art Centre • Market Square Aerial Pitch • Peacock Fountain • Christchurch Art Gallery

#2 The Spiegeltent

We’d go to a show just to peek inside, it’s so dang pretty. Made from wood and canvas with intimate booths decorated with mirrors and stained glass, the Victoria Spiegeltent is the crown jewel in the festival hub. Find it by the Avon on the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace.

#3 Free roving performances

For the first time, we’ve an international line up of 100 per cent free shows at this year’s World Buskers Festival. No hat for donations - just take it all in. It’s our gift to Christchurch. • Skeleton of Colour • Cocoloco • OHO • The Retrospective Exhibition

#4 A whole month of extravaganza

For the first time this year, Bread & Circus - World Buskers Festival has been extended for a whole month of spectacle and delight. More international acts, more buskers, more food and drink goodness, more venues - just a whole lot more! Plus, with three ways to interact with the festival - through ticketed, hatted, and 100 per cent free shows - there’s something for everyone.

#5 Classic Christchurch venues (with a twist)

Familiar venues served straight up classic, and with a squeeze of new cool. • Backstage Social Club at the Art Centre - A new club in a favourite location, this will be THE late night hang out this festival season. • Isaac Theatre Royal - this stunning heritage building has hosted shows for more than a century. • Old Boys’ Theatre and Assembly Hall at Christ’s College - school’s out and the performers are in. Shows performed at these venues include Piff the Magic Dragon, Garry Starr Performs Everything, Hot Brown Honey, The Raymond & Mr Timpkins Review: HAM and Betty Grumble: Love and Anger. Detentions all round.



#6 The festival hub

The heart of your Bread & Circus – World Buskers Festival experience. Clustered around the Spiegeltent, the hub will be home to pop-up bars, sweet local eats, live music, and surprise entertainment. By the river on the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace, wander down, hang out, flick through a programme, and soak up the electric festival atmosphere.

#7 Christchurch in the summer

Christchurch in the summer is pretty sweet. Full of new quarters to eat and drink, a central city criss crossed with lanes you can stroll, scoot and bike around, lush botanic gardens, the beach and hills a stone’s throw away, and a neat wine region right on your doorstep - it’s not a bad spot to spend lazy summer days and hot summer nights.

#8 Feast of Fools

Come one come all, and join The Feast of Fools! Meet at a secret location for a magical mystery tour around Christchurch, finishing with a masked medieval banquet fusing spectacular food and performance. Only 150 tickets and they’re selling fast. Don’t miss The Feast of Fools. Advertising feature


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Three world-class productions

The Showbiz Christchurch 2019 season brings together three exciting new productions and an upgraded ticketing structure which significantly increases the availability of entry level theatre tickets. 2019 begins with the New Zealand theatre company premiere of We Will Rock You, the musical by Queen and Ben Elton which opens at the Isaac Theatre Royal on 29th March. The show features 24 of the biggest hits written by Queen and legendary front man Freddie Mercury, set in a dystopian future world controlled by the all-powerful global company led by the Killer Queen, where rock music is banned. Two young outsiders and a handful of rock rebels called the Bohemians band together and embark on the search to find freedom, love and the unlimited power of rock music! Since it opened in 2002 over 16 million theatregoers in 28 countries have rocked out to this unique musical based on the songs of Queen. The Showbiz production will be directed by Stephen Robertson (Les Misérables, Wicked, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Evita, Mamma Mia!, etc) with choreography by Gemma Kearney (Legally Blonde, Hairspray, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). Musical direction is by Richard Marrett (Les Misérables, Wicked, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Evita, Mamma Mia!, etc) and Matthew Everingham (Wicked, Hairspray, Mamma Mia!). The mid-year concert season builds on the success of Broadway Hitmen in 2018 which featured some of the most popular tunes by musical hit maker Andrew Lloyd Webber. The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber takes the mid-year concert to a new level with fully staged and choreographed production numbers from blockbuster shows including The Phantom of the Opera, CATS, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Evita and more.


Above - The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber in concert 14-16 June. Below - Miss Saigon, opens 27 September 2019 at the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Devised by Lloyd Webber, this will be Christchurch’s only chance to be part of an exclusive weekend concert season as the concert rights will not be available after 2019. The Showbiz 2019 season finishes with one of the most daring theatrical spectacles of all time. Nominated for an incredible number of Olivier, Tony and Drama Desk Awards, Miss Saigon is the second massively successful musical from the creators of Les Misérables. Based on the story of Puccini’s Madam Butterfly, Miss Saigon is an epic sungthrough pop musical that is universal in its emotional power set amongst the turmoil of the Vietnam War. Showbiz staged the New Zealand premiere of Miss Saigon in 2009 to soldout houses. New Zealand’s foremost directing duo Robertson and Marrett will come together again to bring Miss Saigon to new audiences. Building on successful strategies developed in 2018 for increasing

accessibility to Showbiz productions, the 2019 season has a new ticket pricing structure which doubles the availability of the lowest priced tickets. “Reducing ticket pricing where it counts most is a great way Showbiz, as a community theatre company, can help lower the barriers to audiences for our shows,” says General Manager Michael Bayly. The two entry priced seating bands, B and C Reserve, have been merged together to create a new B Reserve but all at the lower C Reserve price. This has increased the number of the most affordable seats in the 2019 season by almost 100 per cent. 2018 season sponsors Saunders and Co are excited to continue to partner with Showbiz Christchurch and support these new initiatives. This partnership enables quality world-class productions to continue to be staged by Showbiz for local Cantabrian audiences at the Isaac Theatre Royal. Advertising feature

YOU Magazine | 13

The 2019


Save 10-30% on World-Class Musical Theatre



Ben Elton Opens 29 March at the Isaac Theatre Royal


14-16 June

at the Isaac Theatre Royal

Opens 27 Sept

at the Isaac Theatre Royal




Freephone 0800 842 538

14 | YOU Magazine

Living like a local in Greece DESTINATION with Maxine

House of Travel Ashburton have joined with Tony and Leanne Argyle and are excited to be working alongside them planning their 2019 trip. Tony and Leanne are extremely passionate about their tour and we think this is a fabulous opportunity to travel like a local. Here is what Tony and Leanne have to say about their trip. “Say the word Greece and you conjure up images of ancient ruins, whitewashed buildings and picturesque islands surrounded by the bluest of blue waters. Although these are the things that attracted us to Greece it’s the people and the stunning uniqueness of the landscape that bring us back time and time again. “To us travel is not just about what you see but how you see it. We’ve always loved the chance to set our own pace, explore off the beaten path and take time to savour and enjoy each moment without leaping out of bed each morning at dawn. “That’s the beauty of our tour of Greece. The small group of just six people allows a personalisation that large groups simply can’t provide. The done-for-you box still gets ticked and yet because of the way we travel it provides a level of flexibility that lets you choose the individual elements that appeal to you.

“We’ll drop you in town for a spot of shopping. If the beach isn’t your thing then why not head out on a group sail instead? Don’t feel like a restaurant tonight? Then there is the chance to join those of us who decide to eat in and enjoy a glass or two of wine on the deck watching another breathtaking sunset (be careful though ... a spontaneous sing along has been known to break out!). “Our preference is for private villas and apartments that allow you to live like a local. Our group minivan lets us stop for a coffee or lunch when we want to – but the real benefit is the level of friendship and camaraderie that helps make the experience so special and that’s what our previous travellers have enjoyed the most about our tour. Many have become friends for life – bonded together by a shared experience they would not have gained

travelling any other way ... and when it’s all said and done you simply can’t put a price on an experience like that. “Why not join us this year for the chance to see the real Greece? We know you’ll love it ... but don’t just take our word for it ... here’s what one of our travellers had to say ...” “We loved the flexibility of doing the things we wanted and having free time as we wished. After two months of travel on our own it was great to have everything all organised for us. Tony and Leanne really complemented each other as hosts. We would recommend this tour at the drop of a hat”. – Brian and Penny Davidson, French Farm, Akaroa Advertising feature

14 day Greece Escorted Tour Departure 7th September 2019; you will live like a local on this escorted tour.

Hosted by Tony & Leanne Argyle Includes 13 nights accommodation with daily breakfast, land transportation, ferry fees, escorted Santorini Caldera Walk Contact us for full itinerary details





Earlybird Deal book by 31st January 2019

Bring your ideas in to House of Travel and we’ll help you get there.

The best holidays are created together.

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Farmers’ Market There were plenty of smiling faces at one of the first Farmers’ Markets for the New Year. Heather Mackenzie was there, camera at the ready.

Above – Sidd Kinare and Sushil Reddy.


Above – Les Mattingley.


Above – Kristin Stace (left) and Jemimah Stace. 120119-HM-0062 Above – Belinda Horton. 


Above – Sarah Bohlender (left) and Suzan Petry.


Above – Gavin Mulvay and Denesa Chan. 120119-HM-0069

Above – Victoria Johnson (left) and Helen Hargreaves. 120119-HM-0058 Above – Daz Kelynack.


Left (from left) – Bruce Wear, Alan Cornwall and Norm Kershaw.


Right – Winsome Wear.


YOU Magazine | 17

Summer treats to share FOR FOODIES with Sarah Kingsbury

In January’s issue of YOU we’ll be exploring a range of tasty summer treats for you to share with your family and friends! From the beloved peppermint slice, to the perfect roast vegetable salad on the side, these recipes are sure to make the

school holidays delectable. Enjoy the gluten-free variations of some of these classic dishes in this summer issue too. With the compliments of qualified chef and baker Sarah Kingsbury

Roast vegetable salad (GF) To roast: 8 yams 5 courgettes 3 parsnips 2 large kumara 2 red onions 1/4 pumpkin Other:

1 red capsicum 1C parmesan cheese 1/4 C basil pesto 2 handfuls of baby spinach Dash of olive oil Fresh garlic

– Peel and cut all vegetables to roast

on separate trays in oven with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. – When roasted veges have cooked, cool down and mix together with your capsicum, shaved parmesan cheese, basil pesto and baby spinach.

18 | YOU Magazine

Peppermint and chocolate dream (GF)

Chocolate base layer 1 egg 1C GF flour 1/2 C caster sugar 1/3 C cocoa 200g butter

Top chocolate layer 1C icing sugar 1/3 C cream 100g dark chocolate

Middle mint layer 3 1/2 C icing sugar 1/2 C cream 1/2 C mint leaves 50g butter 3t peppermint essence

– Preheat oven to 190°C. Grease slice tin. – Making the chocolatey base: Cream caster sugar and butter together. After, beat the egg in until fully mixed. Add the remaining base ingredients and keep mixing until combined. This should be sticky, then smooth over evenly on slice tin and bake for about 15 minutes. – Making the middle mint layer: Beat the icing sugar, butter and cream until fluffy. It should take a few minutes. Pour in peppermint essence and (chopped) mint leaves to combine. Next, place finished mixture over the chocolate base. – Making the top chocolate layer: Firstly, you will need to melt the dark chocolate with the cream in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water. Once melted, sift in icing sugar, blend well and pour over the middle mint layer, covering completely as a thin layer. Leave to cool in fridge for about an hour. – This should make about 15 pieces.

Scroggin slice

1C chocolate buttons 330g oats 200g assorted nuts, chopped 200g dried fruit, chopped 50g chia seeds 100g flour 150g dehydrated coconut 1/2 C honey 300g butter

– Preheat oven to 160°C. Lightly grease and line a high-sided baking tray with baking paper. – Put chocolate buttons, oats, fruit , nuts, chia seeds, flour and coconut into one bowl, mix together. Put the butter and honey in another bowl and heat in microwave for 30-second intervals, cov-

ered, until the mixture is melted. Mix the honey and butter mixture slowly into the dry ingredients. – Once thoroughly mixed, press mixture

evenly over the tray. Bake for 15 minutes. – This can be then sliced into about 20 decent-sized pieces.

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Bacon and egg slice (GF)

12 eggs Streaky bacon (approximately 500g) 2C baby spinach 1C grated cheese 1C cream Salt and pepper GF relish

– Line a square baking dish with baking paper. Cover the bottom with streaky bacon. On top of bacon spread the GF relish (I use Barker’s). – Scatter baby spinach and grated cheese over relish. – Whisk six eggs, cream, salt and pepper together, then spread over spinach and cheese. Crack the six leftover eggs straight into the tray, do not mix in. – Cover the tray with aluminium foil and bake for 30 minutes.

CLOSING DOWN HANDMADE IN NEW ZEALAND World-renowned glass and jewellery created by artists Ola and Marie Höglund and their family. CENTRAL OTAGO 1767 Luggate-Cromwell Rd State Highway 6 between Cromwell and Wanaka (50 mins from Queenstown), Phone 03 442 7210 NELSON 52 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, Phone 03 544 6500 www.hoglundartglass.com VISITORS WELCOME

SALE All Canterbury of NZ in store including Shorts, Track Pants and Hoodies

20–50% off Ladies Fashion Boutique

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Style Footwear

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Pain, beauty and art

Art is about beauty. Colours and shapes come together to create an aesthetic, lifting the senses and giving the viewer a new visual experience. But then art can be so much more. It is about expression, saying something of the world in which we live, providing a commentary or reflection on life. The latter has certainly been the case for mum Loretta Sloan, as she has been a regular at the World of WearableArt (WOW) in Wellington since 2010. Her craft experience goes back to the young age of 13 when she got an after-school job at Ashford Handicafts craft shop in her then home town of Ashburton. She served customers and learned weaving, spinning and felting. Once she left school, the job became fulltime and she was there for around 12 years altogether. In her late 20s Loretta moved to Leeston where she threw her energy into a hospitality career, operating a restaurant and bar. Today she and her husband Phil remain there where they are raising their two children Oliver, 10, and Fleur, 8.

Loretta Sloan took the opportunity to deliver a powerful message at WOW this year.


YOU Magazine | 21

Cutting-edge designers from across the world converge on the World of WearableArt each year. Among them has been Ashburton home-grown talent Loretta Sloan, who recently showed a garment reflecting the painful experience of losing her brother. Susan Sandys reports. It was following the birth of Fleur that Loretta got back into working with textiles, and this time she took it to a whole new level and entered WOW. “It gave me that goal to work towards, that really pushed me along.” Her first year entering in 2010 she was accepted as a finalist, meaning her work was catwalked on the internationally coveted WOW stage. She did even better in 2011

when her design All Sorted came third in the children’s section and she has taken the stage at the finals with designs several times since. “Just getting on stage is amazing, there’s so many talented people out there, you just have to push yourself really.” WOW today attracts audiences of more than 60,000 and entrants revel in the opportunity to create work free from commercial restrictions and to become part of an international design community. In 2018 there were 140 finalist garments showcased, created by 147 designers from 17 countries or regions around the world. Loretta works away on her designs when her children are at school or have gone to bed at night. “It’s really addictive,” she said. continued over page

22 | YOU Magazine

I Wool Survive, but I Wool Not Forget You (second from left) stunned World of WearableArt crowds in 2018, following a successful line-up of designs which made the stage in previous years. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

From P21 Last year’s work meant the most to her, as it was a piece crafted especially as a tribute to her late brother. It is almost one year since 32-year-old Josh took his life on January 25 after suffering severe psychosis.

Loretta, now aged 42, said she and Josh were very close. They had much in common, particularly having the same sense of humour. “He wasn’t just my brother, he was my friend,” Loretta said. WOW aims to take art off the wall, pro-

pelling it on to the human form. And, for Loretta, it proved therapeutic creating the garment, in which the resultant shape and colours symbolise her brother’s suffering, as well as her own grief. I Wool Survive, but I Wool Not Forget You impressed at WOW 2018, making the

YOU Magazine | 23

finals and stunning crowds with its impactful back story. The dress with headpiece is made from wool hand-knotted in the fashion of a thick mat. Dark colours represent the dark places Josh was in as he coped with his illness, grey colours represent the in-between of a mental health system

failing to cope with demand, while light colours represent eternal life. A head piece leaves only a small gap to see through, symbolising how people often do not know what is going on in the head of someone suffering a mental illness. “I felt really proud making that for him,

getting the word out there, and if it can help someone else on their journey, that’s great. We can’t bring him back, but if this was the last thing I could do for him, I have accomplished creating something,” Loretta said. continued over page

24 | YOU Magazine

From P23 “If you see somebody you think isn’t okay, just take them aside and say ‘Are you okay?’ It’s become far too common to be going through something like this,” she said. “I have got used to talking about it and I think the best thing is to talk about it.” I Wool Survive… is currently on display in Nelson at the home of WOW, in the World of WearableArt And Collectable Cars Museum.

DO YOU NEED HELP? If you are worried about your or someone else’s mental health, the best place to get help is your GP or local mental health provider. However, if you or someone else is in danger or endangering others, call police immediately on 111. Or if you need to talk to someone else:

– LIFELINE: 0800 543-354 (available 24/7) – SUICIDE CRISIS HELPLINE: 0508 828-865 (0508 TAUTOKO) (available 24/7) – YOUTHLINE: 0800 376-633, free text 234 or email talk@youthline. co.nz or online chat. – NEED TO TALK? Free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsel- lor (available 24/7). – KIDSLINE: 0800 543-754 (available 24/7) – WHATSUP: 0800 942-8787 (1pm to 11pm) – DEPRESSION HELPLINE: 0800 111-757 – Samaritans 0800 726-666.

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Our own patch of paradise

Well the relaxing and summer-drenched holidays flew by and it’s now back to the grind of work and the start of a brand new year. Wait ... what holidays? Did you have one? Were you one of the hundreds, it seemed in my Facebook feed, that took off to Bali? Was everyone in Bali this year? No, not me. I had what you call a farm-cation. Sounds fancy? Alas, no, not at all. Now I don’t want to start the year with a negative tone, but the demands of the land meant we stayed put on the farm for the entire summer break. The farmer working relentlessly while the kids and I, well, we simply survived. There were several benefits to the farm-cation. One was when we went into town to do the grocery shopping we were just one of about three people gliding through the aisles. There were others having a stay-cation too, you could just tell. Their sad eyes nodding knowingly at us in pity as we reached for the Weetbix and boxes of scorched almonds (on special) to sweeten the deal. Luckily the summer weather had arrived and the hot balmy days presented a landscape of dry dustiness with a bunch of oversized flies to swat for entertainment. Then it got really hot – Canterbury style – and this wee Auckland princess was melting.


Once the mercury knocked into the 30s, I could no longer take it. It was time to transform the farm into our own piece of holiday paradise. A mercy dash into town and a swipe of the plastic saw me with everything I could possibly need. Back at the ranch the little ones and I inflated our brand new purchase – a blow-up pool. A three-man splash sensation complete with basketball hoops. I’d chilled the lemonade, positioned the hose and we were in! I taught the kids to say ‘bula’ to anyone they saw, and barely floating in the few inches of water I closed my eyes and there we were ... Fiji, farm-style! We even got little paper umbrellas for our drinks as the browning lawn became a tropical paradise. Tightly shot photos and careful use of Facebook filters told our very own story of our Pacific vacation, although I left out the detail of exactly where we were. The silver lining to this tale is when it was finally time to go back to work, we didn’t get the holiday blues coming home, I wasn’t broke, and there was no mass clean-up and no gigantic washing pile to deal with either. Bula bula!

TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury

magazine designer clothing sizes 10-26

New arrivals by Holiday!

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 021 686 929

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Inside out jeans: Hit or miss? We’re only a couple of weeks into 2019, but it looks like you can already say goodbye to the following horrendous trends in denim: baggy boyfriend jeans, plasticpanel-on-the-knee jeans and jeans cut into chaps. Why? Because there’s a new ridiculous way to wear them, don’t you know? Inside out. Yep. While it’d be fair to say the reigning trend has been a baggy jean that creates an everyday, effortless yet chic look, apparently in 2019, this is no longer enough. Online fashion retailer Boohoo has released a pair for those of us looking to go from effortless to extra. This, according to Boohoo, is achieved by bringing all the features ordinarily found on the inside of your jeans to the outside, so it looks just like when they’ve been hanging on your washing line. The stitching lines are clear, the pockets are large and the lining is, well, a feature. So if you subscribe to the “I don’t even care enough to turn my jeans in the right way” kind of life, these are for you. However, most shoppers have expressed their distaste of the $50 jeans, saying this trend is a little too extra, it’s “try-hard” and is probably never going to stick. Before you start to wondering if you’re just totally out of the loop with what’s hip, fashion fans haven’t responded to

the design well either, criticising Boohoo. Hayley Gwilliams shared a link to the pants on Facebook, declaring she was well and truly confused. “Are we really that desperate for new fashion trends that we are now wearing inside out trousers? “Am I just getting really old and totally uncool!” Others added to the thread, saying they also thought they were a bit bizarre. Gwilliam’s Facebook friend Jenna Wake jokingly commented: “Your [sic] so uncool I have two pairs already!” While Caroline Rockss said: “I am a regular inside out gal due to forgetfulness, poor time management, and general ‘cannot be a***dness.” Boohoo shared the jeans on Twitter, tweeting: “In case you missed the memo, reverse stitched jeans are now a thing!” But Twitter users didn’t agree. “Abi” asked: “Why are Boohoo selling inside out jeans? “Is this actually a thing or are their designers just f**king mental?” As Boohoo is taken to task over their creation, we should note, they’re not the first to sell inside out clothing. Online luxury fashion platform, Farfetch, have Unravel Project reverse shorts, skirts and pants for sale, retailing for well over $1000. Other high-end brands have also put out designs following the trend: in January 2018 Calvin Klein’s inside out Road Runner-themed jumper retailed for $3209.  – NZME

YOU Magazine | 27

Youth tech overuse ‘a myth’

Using too much technology at a young age has long been believed to have an adverse effect on young minds. However, some scientists now believe this is nothing more than a myth. Researchers at Oxford University conducted research and found that only 0.4 per cent of a teen’s wellbeing is associated with technology overuse. They claim this has about the same negative impact as eating potatoes regularly or wearing glasses. Being bullied, or smoking cannabis were found to be 2.7 and 4.3 times more harmful to a child’s mental state than too much screen time. “Our findings demonstrate that screen use itself has at most a tiny association with youth mental health,” says lead researcher Professor Andrew Przybylski of the University of Oxford. “The 0.4 per cent contribution of screen use on young people’s mental health needs to be put in context for parents and policymakers. “Within the same dataset, we were able to demonstrate that including potatoes in your diet showed a similar association with adolescent wellbeing. “Wearing corrective lenses had an even worse association.” In order to achieve these results, researchers studied three datasets from over 300,000 UK and US teenagers between 2007 and 2017. Researchers then put screen time in context of how bad it was for a young person’s mental health by using different metrics that removed bias. “We need to put scientific findings in context for parents, policymakers and the general public,” Professor Przybylski added. “Our approach provides an excellent template for data scientists wanting to make the most of the excellent cohort data available in the UK and beyond.”  – NZME

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Getting outdoors, it’s good for you

There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside in a gorgeous garden setting, with great food and a cheeky glass of some amazing New Zealand sauvignon blanc on a warm summer’s day. Al fresco dining is Italian for “in the cool [air]”, although interestingly, it is not in current use by the Italians for dining outside. Instead, it usually refers to spending time in jail. Did you know that there’s actually some serious science to explain the human attraction to eating outside? That it can be good for your health? Probably not though if you’re sitting down to eat deep-fried chocolate bars and drink fizzy. For instance, we all know that spending time in the sun boosts levels of vitamin D and that fresh air can improve your mood by decreasing anxiety and increasing happiness. The great outdoors can also, apparently, improve concentration, memory and attention (although is might also depend on how much of that sav blanc you’re imbibing), reduce stress levels and it may even help you heal faster. Whatever it does and doesn’t do, it offers up a chance to slow down and relax, to feel the sun on your face, breathe in fresh air and enjoy the acoustics of the outdoors.

Dining at its best • Exciting a-la-carte menu • Relaxed atmosphere • New wine list • Great service

Speight’s courtyard is perfect to enjoy your summer days 245 Burnett Street, Ashburton Give us a call on (03) 308 5980

Open 7 days from 11am till late www.speightsashburton.co.nz

Enquire about function bookings for your special occasions now 11 Racecourse Road • Phone 03 307 8887 • fb.com/HotelAshburton • HotelAsh.co.nz

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Quality shade

Coming home to an outdoor room is becoming more important in the busy lives we lead. Somewhere to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Shade is an important factor in creating this space. Today we have so many options to achieve the perfect result. It may be one of our stylish Shade 7 umbrellas with its great flexibility to deliver shade In a 360 degree circle and the tilt feature, all in a user friendly way will appeal. It may be you require shade for the interior of your home as well with a lateral arm awning. Ideal for over

sliding doors, the arms on some units can go out far to give a great usable space off the house. Automation makes life that much easier and enjoyable and today we can offer this feature at a very attractive price. Sail shades offer the cooling ventilation and reduce glare on concrete or tile surfaces and we design to withstand our notorious nor’ west winds. The colour trend has seen a return to the grey, taupe and brown tones but we also see the umbrella available in a bold stripe – such fun! Advertising feature


Extend your home

Archgola home awnings are the perfect extension to your home – it’s like adding another room for a fraction of the price. Perfect for outdoor entertaining spaces, entrance-ways and over decks and patios. In summer, with an Archgola you can enjoy cool summer shade with the 99.9 per cent UV protection and the barbecue will go on rain or shine. In winter fixed awnings work to block prevailing winds, provide warm, dry shade and help keep out the rain. We pride ourselves in providing canopies that perform

to the highest standard. Both the frame and roof canopy come with warranties. No matter the colour of your home, we’ll double powder-coat your awning frame and fittings to the colour of your choice. Our powder coating and protection system has passed 2000 hours in a salt water test, which ensures a premium product. Meccano in nature, our canopies can be easily extended at a later time. No on-site welding or cutting allows quick installation, with minimal disruption for your family. Advertising feature

Contact Brent Patterson 0800 777 855 www.archgola.co.nz

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Ashburton Raceway A good crowd turned out to the Ashburton Trotting Club’s Christmas meeting late last month for a day in the sun. YOU’s Robyn Hood took some photos.

Above – Josh Coyle and Emma Stock.


Above – Chris and Cheryl Perry.


Above – Harry and Mary Lowe.


Left – Robyn Stockdale and Kent Bishop.


Above – Mieke and Stefan Brook. 

Above – Bruce and Karen Hurst.


Above – Hayley McLeod (left) and Diane Dynes. 231218-RH-027


Above – Willie Hintz and Emma Neumann.


Left – Lesley Faulkner (left) and Elaine Kelly.


Right (from left) – Gay Luke, Russell Beardsley and Lois Gill. 231218-RH-032

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Help your garden survive summer

January isn’t an easy month in the garden for plants - with hot temperatures and reduced rainfall. Careful planning and proactive measures are needed to help your garden survive the height of summer.

Vege garden

In theory, January is the most productive month of the year for vegetables. Not only do they grow rapidly with the higher temperatures, but the flavour is often enhanced - tomatoes taste even better! Maintaining adequate soil moisture is the real challenge, but this is when the hard work preparation you did in the cooler months pays off! Water regularly; either early morning or in the evening and apply more mulch if necessary. Continue planting Veges like salad greens etc through January for regular cropping.

Flowering annuals

Flowering annuals will be looking stunning this month. Although these plants love the hot summer weather, they will still need regular, deep watering. Keep dead-heading (removing finished flowers) plants, and annuals such as petunias will need to be cut back to encourage some new growth and continuous flowering.

Containers and hanging baskets

Water your pots and hanging baskets thoroughly, rather than a light sprinkle every other night. It’s important that plants do not dry out between watering. If you go away, ask a neighbour to water them or you can put them under trees where there is dappled light so they don’t dry out as quickly.

Rose gardens

This is a difficult month for roses and they are now battling the onset of rust and blackspot. Continue dead-heading and mulch to keep soil moist. Spray every two weeks to treat any disease or pests. Apply light side-dressings of Daltons Premium Rose Fertiliser towards the end of the month. The next brilliant displays of rose blooms will be in March/April – but it’s a holding exercise till then!

are not required. Raspberries cropping season comes to an end this month. Continue tying up young canes for next season’s crop. Remove excess growth where it’s not required.

Herb garden

Fruit trees

January is the main harvest season for fruit trees like apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums which will be laden with delicious fruit! Early season apples ripen towards the end of the month. If you have any newly planted fruit trees, make sure they are regularly and deeply watered to help them establish a strong root system and mulch well.

Strawberries and raspberries

New varieties will continue cropping throughout January and extend the traditional strawberry season. Water plants regularly and mulch with pea straw or crushed bark. Plants will start sending out ‘runners’ towards the end of the month. Leave them to develop into next season’s plants, or remove them if they

Herbs are at their peak and thrive over the hot summer months. Keep clipping your herbs even when you are not using them in the kitchen. This will encourage young, fresh growth. Some herbs like parsley naturally mature and go to seed towards the end of January. Replant with new specimens where required.


The long hot summer is not easy for lawns. Where water is abundant you can irrigate to maintain your lawn but in reality, most of us struggle with water restrictions and the high cost of water. Therefore, just do the minimum until the cooler, moister autumn months arrive. Let the grass grow a little longer than usual to allow more ‘latitude’ if drought conditions are experienced. For more gardening advice or information, the wide range of Daltons products please visit www.daltons.co.nz.

YOU Magazine | 33


Daltons Summer Garden Survival Pack

Regular mulching throughout the hot summer months is vital in helping you maintain a lush healthy garden. Apply a thick layer on top of soil around plants, trees, and especially pots, to aid water retention. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day when plants are heat stressed; instead water regularly and deeply in the early morning or evening. We have a $95 Daltons Summer Garden Survival Pack to give away which includes 2 x Garden Time Landscape Bark (40L), 2 x Besgrow Coir Briquette (9L), 2 x Garden Time Compost (40L), 1 x Garden Time Complete Fertiliser (5kg), 1 x Garden Time Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser (1.5kg), 1 x Water Storage Crystals (250g), plus Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products www.omniproducts.co.nz

Be in to win

Brown roses

Cynthia Young is this month’s winner with the following question: I have a new house and new garden and planted eight Class Act Roses around my bay window and they look great. Last year ugly brown petals appeared in some buds, not good! Sprayed winter preparation, pruned later, and the brown petals have appeared again in some bushes this season. I water well and give rose food. Having viewed the image you sent in, we are somewhat perplexed as to the causal agent for the rotting of the rose flowers. Usually, with many plant species, the rotting of flowers is a result of overwatering or the plants having “wet feet” i.e. the plants growing in excessively wet conditions. If these symptoms continue throughout summer, we would suggest digging up the plants immediately after pruning to investigate the root system and the soil conditions. As roses do not mind being shifted, if the soil appears excessively wet, we would recommend transplanting them to a new draining position. Get in contact with the nursery that you purchased your roses from to find out if other customers are experiencing similar dramatic rotting of rose blooms. A winter clean up spray of copper oxychloride helps to clean up fungal diseases, however, your photos would indicate that this is something more serious than typical diseases that usually affect roses.

Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Summer Survival Care Pack in the subject heading, or write to Summer Survival Care Pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton. • • •


You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by February 8.

For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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Staying healthy over summer

Summer is often when you want to look and feel your best and healthiest. With our summertime lifestyle of outdoor living – barbecues and gatherings with Christmas, New Year’s and the summer holidays – we tend to indulge in more alcohol and richer foods than we might normally have on a daily basis. Getting some sun on your skin and looking brown makes you feel and look healthy on the outside, but you also want to stay trim and feel healthy on the inside over the summer months. Tips to stay healthy over summer: – DRINK MORE FLUID Hunger and thirst often get confused with one another and in the summer months you will be a warmer temperature and perspiring more, hence the need to consume more fluid than you normally would. Reach for the water before you reach for the snacks, fizzy and alcoholic beverages. – EAT MORE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Often you think of fruit and vegetables to stay well in the winter months, but you should still consume plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables over the summer months to help you stay hydrated and glowing from the outside. – AVOID THE CHEESE AND CRACKERS As tempting as they are, they are loaded with salt, sugar and saturated fats, and high in calories – not the best to eat too often if you are wanting to stay healthy and keep trim this summer. Look for alternative and healthier options to have at home, on holiday, eating out and at functions. For example, homemade pesto or hummus on cucumber slices would be a healthy option. – CONSUME LESS ALCOHOL For every alcoholic beverage have a glass of water in between. This will slow your drinking down and will also help to com-

sleeping your body burns fewer calories. Try a late or afternoon snack to help you to avoid a larger meal at night.

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

bat over-consumption. Over-consuming alcohol also adds to the calorie intake. More often than not we are actually thirsty when we reach for the afternoon beverage of beer, wine or alcoholic spritzer. When you have consumed plenty of water beforehand, you tend to drink your alcoholic beverage more slowly. – STEER CLEAR OF BAD FOODS This time of year you may be out and about more often and tempted by icecreams and French fries, which are both high in saturated fats, salt and sugar. Try and choose healthier food options when and where you can and keep these treats to a minimum. It will help you feel lighter and healthier in the long run. – MAKE FRESH FOOD AT HOME By choosing to make fresh food at home you will be eating a lot healthier and will feel lighter and better for it. When buying from bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants you are often consuming more salt, sugar and saturated fats. A good option is to purchase some lunch or dinner items from the local supermarket and make your own meals from that, especially when you are away from home. – EAT MORE SALADS THAN STARCHES To feel and look healthier, eat fewer starches and more fruits, vegetables and salads, and especially due to the abundance of foodstuffs we have on offer at this time of the year. Summer is a great time to enjoy and eat more salads covered in the healthy fats – oils such as olive, avocado and walnut. – DOWNSIZE YOUR MEAL To stay slimmer and healthier this summer have a smaller meal at night, as you don’t really need to consume a large meal prior to going to bed. When you are

– EAT BREAKFAST EVERY DAY It is important to have breakfast every day, as this is when your body requires food the most, after eight to nine hours of rest/sleep. It is very important to give your body the much-needed calories it requires to help start the day with an abundance of energy. Fresh fruit, mixed grains, small portions of protein and fluid for hydration is what your body requires the most for a good start to the day and you will tend to want to eat less over the rest of the day, as some studies have found, and therefore consume less calories over the day.

– EAT LIGHTER SNACKS Eating lighter, healthier snacks is important to avoid the added calories found in crackers, chips, muffins and biscuits. Opting for a fruit option when and where you can is way more beneficial to your health. They are packed with nutrition and lower in calories, which in the longterm is better for your waistline. You will feel better for it, and still able to fit into your summer wardrobe with ease. – GET PLENTY OF REST With the longer daylight hours it is still important to get the required amount of sleep that you, as an individual, require to feel well rested and energised the next day. With the lighter evenings we tend to go to bed later, so that often means less sleep and tiredness the next day. To compensate for this we tend to eat more food and consume more caffeine to get through the day, when a few extra hours sleep can make all the difference to what you consume the next day. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

YOU Magazine | 35


Herb beef mince kebabs with minted chilli yoghurt

Beef mince kebabs 500g mince 1/4 C soy sauce 1/4 C sweet chilli sauce 2T olive oil 10-12 wooden skewers, soaked briefly in water prior 1T dried basil 1T dried rosemary 1T ground coriander seed 1T paprika 1T crushed sea salt 12-14 grinds black pepper 1t white pepper Option – you can replace dried herbs for fresh herbs if you have fresh herbs growing in your garden, replace with chives, mint, marjoram and parsley –

4-6T chopped together, added instead of the dried herbs, actually makes for more moist kebabs so well worth the effort if you have fresh herbs growing in your garden.

– Set oven to bake at 180°C and briefly soak the kebab sticks and set aside. – In a large bowl place the mince, herbs, spice and seasonings and sauces. Mix all the ingredients through so they and the mince are well blended. – Use approximately 3T of the beef mix and place evenly on each skewer, and place them on an oven tray with a rack inside. – When you’ve made the kebabs, place them in the oven to cook for 15 -20

minutes, or until the kebab meat is cooked, don’t brown too much or meat will start to dry out. – Serve on a summer salad with the minted chilli yoghurt dressing.

Minted chilli yoghurt 1/2 C natural yoghurt 1T sweet chilli sauce 1T water 1T chopped mint of any kind

– Mix ingredients together and place on the table in a small bowl with spoon to drizzle over the kebabs.

This kebab dish is great cold for lunch the next day too. Enjoy!

36 | YOU Magazine


Earth and body

You have two homes – the earth and your body. Look after them both. Looking after our bodies requires us to prioritise wellness in our every-day lives. The choices we make each day have a cumulative affect over weeks, months, and years. If you have chosen to refresh your health in 2019, here are three great tips for starting and maintaining wellness throughout the year; • Eat mindfully • Make space to be still • Move in nature. Tekapo Wellness encour-

ages and supports women to live healthful, balanced, and radiant lives. We create space though coaching sessions, workshops and retreats for you to prioritise your health. Join our next Refresh day in Geraldine in March or sign up for one of our fabulous weekend retreats in stunning Lake Tekapo in April, August, or November. Contact penny@tekapowellness.co.nz or visit tekapowellness.co.nz for more details. Advertising feature

About hemp oil

The latest natural health ingredient causing a stir in New Zealand is hemp seed oil! Hemp seed oil is processed from the seeds harvested from the cannabis sativa plant. Much of the confusion around hemp is from the fact that marijuana and hemp are both plants in the same genus or category called “cannabis”. However, the hemp plant and hemp oil both contain little to no THC, the primary psychoactive compound found in marijuana. Hemp seed oil has a balance of omega 3 and 6 in a 1:3 ratio. It also contains smaller amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and oleic acid, making it a very unique essential fatty acid product. Studies have shown that GLA is useful for supporting hormonal balance. As an essential fatty acid, hemp seed oil supports tissue building and other specialised functions. Essential fatty acids are necessary for maintaining flexible and healthy skin cell membranes and supporting the repair of damaged cells due to some skin conditions.

Other benefits of taking hemp seed oil are cardiovascular support, and support for normal hormone balance. Lighthouse 100 per cent Pure Hemp Seed Oil 1100 is 100 per cent New Zealand grown, processed and manufactured using a cold-pressed method to maximise the purity of the omega fatty acid content. The manufacturing process ensures prolonged freshness, without any loss of the oil’s nutritional value. Hemp seed oil can be used as part of a nutritional programme to maintain and improve good health. Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Lighthouse Health Distributors Limited, Hamilton. TAPS PP3337. Advertising feature

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Offer ends 31/01/2019 or while stocks last. Always read the label and take as directed. Lighthouse Health Distributors Limited, Hamilton. TAPS PP3323.


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More than a gym LIVE



like a Traditional TRADITIONAL Gym GYM


Creating memories

more even. It is the perfect Cycle Ventures is our leg of to try one and cycle to the business that caters for LIMITED TIME chance OFFER the cyclist on the Alps 2 Ocean Enfield, or go further to the Cycle Trail. Having worked on Rakis tunnel and back. Really * treat yourself and come and the trail since its inception join one of our fully inclusive we can guide you through Alps 2 Ocean tours. These that minefield of logistics and create a service to suit your have proven to be a real hit needs. Our cycle shop is in the and provide you with a stressfree way to ride the entire historic precinct of Oamaru trail. Our focus on quality and provides all the services with annual membership service and attention to detail you would expect from a local make these trips a lifetime bike shop. memory. Our support van is Many people are using there to help provide anything ebikes to help them with their you need and cater for all health and fitness. Our bikes are pedal assist so you have to those logistics too. Whatever your cyclist needs are on the put a small amount of effort in, but the bikes will flatten A2O call in to Cycle Ventures. Advertising feature out the hills making the ride

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30-Minute Total Body Circuit Workout (Strength Training, Cardio, Stretching)


Experienced & Professional Coach at Every Workout One-on-One Monthly Coaching Session included Specialty Circuits Safe & Effective Machines Designed Especially for Women Supportive Community of Women Just Like You

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Street Address One


0064 (0)21 894 427 +64 3 434 5010

A Curves Coach at every workout!

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ale adult members only who sign up to a 12-month Curves Fitness direct debit membership, at participating clubs. Total min. cost $1069 (12ounted Joining Fee). Excludes Curves Complete. Individual results may vary. Offer starts 1/1/19 and ends 31/1/19. Standard membership and Visit http://curves.com.au/terms-and-conditions-offers-trials-and-promotions or http://curves.co.nz/terms-and-conditions-offers-trialsand-promotions for T&C’s.

A Curves Coach at every workout!









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*New and returning female adult members only who sign up to a 12-month Curves Fitness direct debit membership, at participating clubs. Total min. cost $1069 (12month Fitness and discounted Joining Fee). Excludes Curves Complete. Individual results may vary. Offer starts 1/1/19 and ends 31/1/19. Standard membership and health conditions apply. Visit http://curves.com.au/terms-and-conditions-offers-trials-and-promotions or http://curves.co.nz/terms-and-conditions-offers-trialsand-promotions for T&C’s.



Street Address One

n up to a 12-month Curves Fitness direct debit membership, at participating clubs. Total min. cost $1069 (12Curves Complete. Individual results may vary. Offer starts 1/1/19 and ends 31/1/19. Standard membership and ms-and-conditions-offers-trials-and-promotions or http://curves.co.nz/terms-and-conditions-offers-trials-


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Ankle sprain hard truths

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sporting injuries, with ACC reporting they make up 10-15 per cent of all sporting injuries! And unfortunately, and for some of them, unnecessarily, 20-40 per cent of these go on to develop residual or longterm symptoms, with a high chance of reinjury. This is an appalling figure, and one that could be so easily reduced. So here are my top 5 tips, to ensure you have the best possible ankle recovery following ankle sprain. RICE. We can’t stress enough the importance of good treatment with RICE. And this isn’t just a once-off ice pack straight after the injury. It means ongoing management with ice, compression and rest for the next 48 to 72 hours. Some Tubigrip compression tubing can be purchased from your local physio clinic. Keep moving. It is important to avoid developing weird and wonderful walking patterns. It is okay to limp and keep weight off it if needed early on in the first few days, but try to ensure that your foot lands

as straight as possible. See a physio quickly. If you have applied the RICE technique above and adhered to it, then there is no need to see a physio in the first couple of days following injury. However, in most cases, your ankle isn’t going to come right by itself! We hear this so often in the clinic, with patients having waited for 2 to 3 or even more weeks for their ankle to get better, only in the end having to come and see us anyway. Trust us, the fastest and cheapest route is to see someone as soon as you can. Stick to the exercises. Your physio will develop an exercise plan with you, to take you from barely being able to walk to being back to the level of sport or movement that you require. Stick to it, you will see a much faster and better recovery. Go the whole way! Very often with ankles, once the pain dies down, people think they are healed. Unfortunately, when you sprain your ankle, you lose a lot of the foot-eye co-ordination that your brain provides, and this takes practice and specific exercises to gain back. As this is something you can’t feel, most

people don’t realise the importance of it. Research has also shown that it can take 6 to 12 weeks for your ligament to heal with good tensile strength again so it is important to do your end stage rehab which helps get you back to exactly even and normal. So, there you have it, ankle rehab faster and more effective with five easy steps. Remember that a sprain is a tear and needs healing time and rehab like any other injury. Look after your body – you only get one of them! Disclaimer: For any specific injuries or pathologies and before starting a new exercise regime, it is always best to check with a professional first. Shaun Clark is principal physio and director at PhysioSteps Ashburton and Selwyn and has experience at the Commonwealth Games and World Rugby 7s. The team are experts in musculoskeletal pain and injury rehab.

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There’s more to do in Vanuatu

Come visit Vanuatu! Just over three hours away in our corner of heaven, you’ll be welcomed by the bursting colour and warmth of clear blue lagoons, bright sandy beaches and the beaming smiles of our friendly people. Come and indulge in French-inspired cuisine, enjoy amazing spa therapies, and experience incredible fishing and scuba diving. Or - just laze on a sun lounger and indulge in a great book.













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