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Be inspired with decorating and renovating, keep warm and cosy this winter and ďŹ nd the perfect location.


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HOME Welcome to our March edition of House to Home!

Winter is just around the corner and we have already experienced its effects. The mornings and evenings are getting darker and colder and the urge to spend more time inside is becoming stronger. In this edition of House to Home we bring you ideas on how to make your nest even cosier. By using different types of heating systems and carpet and window furnishings we show you how to make your home warmer so you can enjoy it even more. We focus on the heart of any home - the kitchen - and provide you with some advice for improving this important space where the family usually gathers. Feeling and being safe in your home is important too, so we give you some tips on home security. And if you’re looking to relocate and build a new home,


Emma Jaillet-Godin Assistant Advertising Manager we have included information about building consents and showcase some of the Ashburton subdivisions where sections are still available to purchase. Whether you’re curled up on your snuggly sofa at home or sitting in a café with a delicious muffin and a hot coffee, I hope you enjoy reading this supplement and that it helps you create your perfect home.

Travis Cheesman and Yendis Albert

FEATURE WRITERS: Toni Williams and Amanda Wright

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colour Colour charts that embrace the colours of nature, and create comfort.

Modern colour trends are full of warm splashes, nature-toned depth, have vintage appeal or depict bold contrasting graphics. And there is an extensive range to suit any taste. However, there are broad earthier tones hitting the colour charts that embrace the colours of nature, with multiple shades of greens, rich earthy browns, enveloping cool blues, vibrant yellows, soft greys and whites. It’s refreshing and gives home occupants a chance to refocus living spaces: to look away from the buildings and houses around, to ignore the hundreds of vehicles on our roads and the noise of modern life by focusing inwards: equipping our inner sanctuary in nature’s selection. Being in a room styled in

natures natural colour palette gives the occupant a chance to relax. To look deeper into the forest, along the hillsides/ mountains, search the ocean off to the horizon, scour the beaches and to reach for the quiet of nature. The colours can also be matched with nature-feel textured wallpapers offering designs in woven fabrics, stone, plaster or concrete effects in a myriad of colour palettes. By embracing these colours of nature, and creating comforting interior environments, people can reconnect with their natural roots. Those warm greens and deep browns bring about a calming effect often forgotten, or pushed aside in fast-paced life. Other modern concepts include

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creating 3D effect feature walls using modern techniques. Earthy colours are also positive and Feng Shui rich. Earth colour tones include those earthy/sandy colours of beige and light yellow which help maintain health and inner balance. Metal colour tones in gray and white help sustain the calm energy or crisp clarity, and eliminate distractions. Water colours of blues and blacks bring refreshing energy of calm, ease, purity and freshness. The water colours are also ancient symbols of abundance. Wood colours in brown and green bring energy of vibrant health, vitality and growth. It is also an expression of abundance. The fire colour – red – signifies richness and luxury and draws

the energy of joy and excitement. It can also invigorate sexual desire. However, over-use can create restlessness, bursts of anger and over-stimulation, so use with caution. However, in whatever living space you are looking to generate peace or reflection, the modern earth colours will fit. Teamed up with other natural materials such as wooden furniture or accessories in stone, or plants and books, will help generate calm with a positive lifestyle effect. The space can allow occupants the chance to be cocooned away from the hustle and bustle of busy life with its gadgets, technologies and general noise to refocus on what is important in life: even if it’s only temporary.


Cosy up

your home

Get ready, get set, get cosy this autumn.

Autumn is a great time to get your home looking, and feeling, extra cosy for the winter ahead. Just because it’s cold and bleak outside, doesn’t mean your home should be unwelcoming. With just a few subtle – and strategic – changes, your home can be made to feel warmer and more comfortable for those cold nights looming. Whether it’s the addition of soft textures and extra layers of snuggliness, or smells and fragrances or just soft mood lighting, following these simple ideas will get you ready for winter.

In the living room

Add a luxurious, and soft, throw or blanket to use while you snuggle on the couch. The inclusion of a throw or pillows in soft textures like cashmere, velvet, faux fur or wool add to the illusion.

Treat yourself

Just add colour – and fragrance – with some fresh seasonal flowers. Nothing lifts the spirits more than a bright bloom in your home.

Table setting

Set your dining room table up with a seasonal display full of warm colours.


A roaring fire is often enough to make a room feel warm and cosy but rearrange your furniture to face the fireplace. Then place a mirror above the fireplace and add candles which increase that warm, peaceful feel. The addition of a bloom of flowers is even better. Take any opportunity to create a warm atmosphere to the glow of candlelight while relaxing at night.

In the bedroom

Put an extra blanket or duvet on the bed for those colder nights. On the bed if you can, add an electric blanket or wool

underlay but changing summer cotton sheets for warmer, stylish flannelette sheets is a given.

Winter scents

The smells in your home help to create a cosy, warm atmosphere so add fragrance in prominent locations in each room: whether it’s your home cooking or baking, or the addition of soft scented candles, diffusers or room sprays.

Floor covers

Put the comfort on the floor with rugs and mats strategically placed on cold floor surfaces, such as a rug on the kitchen lino to protect your feet from freezing in a morning dash for coffee.

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Heated treat

There is nothing more luxurious, or uplifting, than wrapping your body in a heated towel after a shower or bath so if you can, get a heated towel rail for winter.

Colour boost

Pop bursts of colour into neutral, plain spaces where you can. These might include bright throws, rugs or cushions.

Sheepskin flair

The addition of a sheepskin rug brings warmth to any room, especially placed beside the bed.

Layered flooring

A warm rug on a wood floor gives warmth and texture but adding a thinner, smaller rug on top of another floor rug adds visual appeal and makes it even cosier.

Window appeal

Stop those winter draughts by layering the window coverings with stylish nets, curtains or roman blinds.

Hi Wall or Floor Standing or Ceiling Concealed

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One of the most important things in life is having a place where we really feel at home. The right lighting concept plays a crucial role here.

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Creating the perfect mood for any occasion can often depend on the lighting on offer in any room at any time. There are no set rules, as people have different ideas and preferences on lighting and the mood it sets for them. But if you’re looking to create warmth or intimacy in a room, or just entertain with family and friends, it’s important to get the lighting right and know which lighting does what job in your home. Also remember to take into account the size of the room

before starting any project. Ambient or general lighting lights up the whole room but can be adjusted with dimmer switch controls to change the brightness as needed. Task lighting focuses the light in areas for certain jobs, such as reading or cooking. It should be glare free and make objects easy to see without straining the eyes. Accent lighting focuses lighting at a certain focal point like art or architectural element in a room. It is around three times brighter than ambient lighting.

When only the best roof over your head will do. Leaders in architectural, residential, agricultural and commercial roofing.

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Natural lighting comes through windows, doors or skylights. Its brightness and intensity depends on variables including the time of day, season or weather. In order to make the rooms in your home look, and feel, their best consider types of lighting fixtures and where they will be placed. Multiple types of interior lighting in a room works well and can create dramatic effects. Lighting can also help make a room look smaller or bigger: a small, narrow room can be opened with one wall lightened or a lit-up ceiling. Rooms with high ceilings can be made more intimate with light limited to the height of lights or lamp shades. Some ideas to light up rooms around the home:

Living room

Place a lamp behind any reader’s shoulder, highlight one piece of art work with halogen track lighting, use accent lights on bookcases or display shelves, install recessed lighting – with a dimmer - as general lighting or to bring out any wall textures.


Install individual recess downlights as task lighting above the

food preparation area and oven, and place halogen pendant lights over bars and counters.

Dining room

A dimmer capable chandelier or a trio of pendant lights over a dining room table are very effective for mood lighting, or highlight art with halogen track lighting.


Place table lamps on your bedside tables, in limited space use recessed lights or pendant lights, use candles for added romance.


Use shadow-free fluorescent or incandescent lighting around mirrors and avoid shadows with mirror lights on the side rather than overhead. In any lighting design, it’s recommended homeowners incorporate layers of light – good general light levels, mood light for areas of interest (table lamps, wall lights or picture lights) and task lighting (reading, cooking) as, and where needed. These layered lighting options offer flexibility and control with each lighting effect and helps create a different ambience in each room.

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Choosing the right carpet

Before you start

Choose colours and textures, think about how they will work in the space you are planning to carpet. It’s a good idea to sit in the room in question and visualise your options – how it will work with your existing furniture, fixtures and wallpaper or paint colours. Do you want it to compliment or accent the existing characteristics of the room, or do you want it to stand alone as the main feature?

How can carpet colours work within a space?

• Deep, rich colours encourage conversation and warm a space. • Cool, crisp colours create freshness within a room and promote relaxation. • Subdued colours or earth tones create a quieter mood. • Bright colours have an energising effect. • Light colours can open up a dim room, creating a spacious, airy effect. • Bold colours and patterns will be the main focal point and draw the eye. • Neutral colours shift the focus from flooring to furnishings.

How will carpet work within your home? From an interior design standpoint, it is important to consider what style best suits your home – traditional, contemporary or eclectic?

What benefits you need from your carpet

• Busy household? Children or rental property? You need a carpet that is durable and can handle high-traffic areas. • Indoor pets? Apart from a durable carpet, you need a carpet that can withstand traffic from feet as well as paws and claws. Keep this in mind, as it may rule out loop carpeting. • How much sunlight spills into this room during the day? A solution dyed nylon carpet would be suitable to reduce colour fading.


Consider what kind of foot traffic your carpet will be experiencing and what level of cleaning will result from that. Keep in mind that light colours soil easily, dark colours may lint and medium colours will be the easiest to care for.

Carpet measurement

Carpet may be bought by the lineal/broadloom metre, which is generally 3.66 or 4 metres wide.

However, timber, laminate, bamboo, vinyl and tile are only sold by the squared metre. Carpet prices will be converted to square metres so an easy comparison can be made between the flooring options.

New underlay

Underlay can make your carpet last up to 40 per cent longer. It cushions your feet for extra comfort and acts as a shock absorber to protect your carpet and keep it looking great. Plus it can also help insulate your house, reducing your heating bills and noise levels.

Above all

The best way to ensure you get the right carpet is to choose it in your home so you can see how it looks in situ. You can make an appointment for a free home consultation. “Choosing the right carpet can be complicated, you need to consider factors such as foot traffic, pets, fading, softness, colour and off course budget. “We offer friendly, expert advice on styles, colours, practicality and cost. “What’s more, we provide a professional measuring and price on the spot, just to make the process that little bit easier,” says Brent Green from Harrisons Carpet.

STAIN TREATMENT When the inevitable spill happens, the best thing you can do is act immediately. Once a potential stain is allowed to set, it is much harder to remove. Quality carpets are designed to be stain resistant and by following simple steps most food and beverage stains can be removed. THREE SIMPLE RULES 1. Act immediately, 2. Never rub the stained area and 3. Call a professional to remove difficult or unusual stains. FOR LIQUID STAINS 1. Apply a dry white kitchen paper towel to blot up the liquid by pressing straight down on the carpet. Do not rub. 2. Repeat until the carpet is dry. 3. If the area is still stained moisten a white paper towel with warm slightly soapy water and blot. 4. Repeat until the stain has gone. 5. Do a final blot with a dry paper towel. Pressed chamois blocks (Slurpex) are also very useful for blotting up large liquid stains. These are available from most supermarkets. FOR SOLID STAINS 1. Food etc, scrape the soiled area with the blunt edge of a spoon to remove the material (scrape from the outside edge of the stain towards the centre.) 2. Then apply dry white paper towels as used on liquid stains.



Love your colour









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Brent Green, your local Harrisons Carpet expert

Why settle for last season’s colours and styles when you can choose the very latest from some of New Zealand’s biggest carpet brands? Just one call and Brent will come to your home with over 400 samples matched to standard paint charts.

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The heart of any home is often the kitchen and on any given day, life sustaining food, or thirst quenching beverages flow from it. But on great days, the smell

of home cooking – whether it be the warm comforting aroma of baking, or hearty meals that waft from the room and draw occupants to its centre.

The kitchen is the place where people gravitate to, either to dump their belongings, check the contents of the fridge, or find a seat to sit and talk to others over

a hot cuppa or a cold brew. If you are looking to increase or improve your home’s kitchen space, take the time to get it right.










braided rivers




Your house might have an existing open plan kitchen that needs updating, or be a small cubby hole-type kitchen that could do with more space. Regardless of the style you have, the best advice for improving your kitchen starts in the planning.


If you are looking to completely change your kitchen space, work out on paper what you are hoping to achieve. Then, if extra space and building work is needed, get a professional to work out the best options. Try to avoid extending on to the house as it adds extra costs. It’s best, where possible, to work with the existing space, or take extra space from adjoining rooms or areas. However, if you are looking to change just a few items such as cabinet doors or benchtops, check out second hand dealers which stock quality recycled joinery, or talk to hardware stores about cheaper renovation options.


Consider your finances, and only DIY within your expertise. It’s important not to overspend on the renovations so you still get a good return on your property

should you sell. But if you are on a tight budget sometimes just updating and colour co-ordinating appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove/oven can change the total feel of a kitchen.


Make sure you do your research and compare prices with everything you need to invest in – including any joinery or hardware. Visit multiple appliance stores and get quotes on products – you can often get a discount if you buy more than one item from a store.

Welcoming space

If your kitchen is the social hub of your house, then it should be welcoming. Updating or remodeling doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change of style or even an uninviting modern kitchen. Adding a few vintage furniture pieces such as tables in modern ways can work.

Think outside the square

Sometimes thinking differently, or getting another perspective, is beneficial. If your kitchen has a closed-in feel, consider opening up the space by replacing some furniture or even just removing upper cabinetry and replacing it with stylish open shelves. Open shelves suit most kinds

of kitchens and do not have to be done throughout the kitchen but can be created in strategic positions, such as above the sink, fridge or microwave.

Keep it simple

Replacing and modernising cupboard door handles or painting existing cabinetry and kitchen walls in clean colours such as white are other options. Don’t forget to update – or paint – any dated breakfast bar chairs. And consider adding modern light fixtures. It’s important to remember that lighter colours open up a room, making it appear bigger, and darker, warmer colours can make any larger kitchen cosier. Splashes of colour can be added in kitchen accessories, which are easier to replace and update over time.

Quality options

The cabinets and flooring are the most knocked about areas of the kitchen, so it’s important to make sure cupboard doors and drawers are made of strong, lasting materials. Even better if you can install devices to make them soft closing. Similarly the flooring surface needs to be hard wearing like a tile or stone surface. It’s going to depend on your budget.

Kitchen ventilation

If the existing kitchen doesn’t already have a ventilation system above the stove/oven, consider investing in one, especially if you regularly cook up a storm. There are easy to install filter-based systems which use washable filters, or more complicated - but more efficient - systems that extract any fumes externally.

Modern vs upkeep

Some modern materials need work to keep them clean so consider how much time you will need to invest in their upkeep. Old style formica benchtops may give a kitchen a modest feel, but the material is easy to maintain, and can be coated in a special paint that sets hard and gives the surface a stone coloured finish.

Allow for adequate lighting Don’t down play the importance of having enough light, especially over kitchen bench work areas. Special feature lighting such as pendent lights over kitchenislands areas add more intimate light, but also stylish appeal. There is an extensive range of feature lighting and fixtures on the market.



Dinner and more











power What is solar PV?

Solar PV (Solar Photovoltaic) effectively uses the light from the sun and turns it into electricity, reducing your energy consumption and power bill at the same time. It does not have to be sunny for the panels to be working and they will continue generating electricity on an overcast day. There are a lot of misconceptions

We have all seen it and heard of it but the ins and outs of solar power are not commonly known. Pete Summerfield of Auric Energy gives us an inside look at what Solar PV really is and what it can mean for homeowners.

surrounding the sun’s heat or lack of in New Zealand. Solar panels will actually be less efficient in extreme temperatures. The cost of installing a system is the same on an existing home as it is a new home and will only vary depending on size.

Why go solar?

Power prices have risen around 5 per cent a year since 2001 and look to continually rise for years

“Make your house an energy efficient home”





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Po y W

to come. When you install a Solar PV system you are essentially reducing your power bill for the next 25+ years. A lot of consumers who have installed Solar PV enjoy the feeling of reducing their dependency on the energy retailers and having to give them less money each month.

How to purchase the right solar system?

Quality product – The two main components of a Solar PV system are panels and the inverter. The panels generate the DC electricity and the inverter converts it into AC electricity which we use in the home.

THE THINGS TO LOOK FOR WHEN PURCHASING ARE QUALITY PANELS AND A QUALITY INVERTER The things to look for when purchasing are quality panels and a quality inverter. In order to select the right panels it is recommended going with a wellknown manufacturer. The reason for this is simple,

it gives you some confidence the warranty will be honoured if required. Every manufacturer gives the same 25-year performance warranty but who stands behind it is the important part. If you hear the line “they are made in China but the head office is in Germany” be weary. The other thing to look for with panels is monocrystalline. The two most commercialised panels are polycrystalline and monocrystalline and simply put monocrystalline is a purer form of silicon so is a more efficient panel. Polycrystalline is a much cheaper product and has considerable impact on system pricing. Anyone selling a polycrystalline will tell you there is no difference but it is generally around a 2 per cent loss of efficiency which is substantial on a Solar PV system. Inverters are also a very important part of the system and it is the usual, you get what you pay for, scenario. There is currently a very good New Zealand made product available but there are also several very high quality inverters being imported into New Zealand.



When installing solar you are committing to a long-term purchase, therefore you need to ensure it is installed right the first time by competent installers. Solar installs are a specialised field and whilst all other systems may be working on day one they may not in time to come due to poor installation and component failure. Compliance is proving a major hurdle with some installers of late and under scrutiny from the local network company there are multiple systems that are not being livened due to incorrect installation. Auric Energy has an Australian Clean Energy Council accreditation and has to undergo

a rigorous and costly process to retain this every two years. The C.E.C ensure installation standards are maintained at the highest level. Auric Energy is the only local company to hold this accreditation.

System sizing

It is imperative that a solar system is sized correctly for the consumer. Energy retailers do not pay huge amounts for the power that is exported to them, hence the need to reduce this figure where possible. Most systems should be sold with some sort of “energy diversion” equipment. This means that when a system is exporting it can be diverted to other devices in the home to avoid excess export.


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Power prices are on the rise. At Auric Energy we offer a range of products to keep you comfortable in your home and save money on power bills at the same time. We buy straight from the manufacturer, this means you get a high quality product at a sharp price.



Relax in the g The crowds of summer have departed, leaving locals the chance to experience a more relaxing side of the country surrounded by the stunning gold, orange and red hues that autumn brings.

Contact Greg Donaldson Contracting for all your site works, driveways, water / sewer connections, land clearing and even if you need to demolish an existing building so you can build your new home, we can do it. We have a range of 11 different size diggers to accommodate all sites from large to small.

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Winter is often a time when the garden looks drab and lifeless, but with a few strategically placed blooms of colour, complete with wafting scents, you can make your garden or patio area an inviting place to be – even on a cool winter’s day.

Winter garden

Planting broad-leaf evergreen shrubs with leaves that colour in winter will ensure a much needed lift in your garden. Just make sure the evergreens are kept watered through autumn and into the early winter. Shrubs’ leaves come in a range of colours, depending on your choice of evergreen and can include autumn reds, deep burgundy and orange. Putting in good ground cover plants that keep their colour through winter is another easy option for your garden. There are a range of hardy ground covers available on the market and most recover well after winter’s frosty conditions. Planning a garden to bloom all year round is a great way to get some colour in the cold months. Plant winter flowering plants, shrubs and trees in selected areas around your garden so they’re

visually attractive to the eye – especially over the seasonal change when other trees drop their leaves. The winter blooms can be used to draw the eye away from those more unattractive, or wetter areas of the garden.

Patio appeal

Relaxing on the patio shouldn’t be reserved just for the summer months. If your patio area captures the sun during the day and is protected from wintery blasts, you can increase its winter appeal by jazzing up the area with a few well stocked planter pots to create focal points to catch the eye. Use plants such as small conifers, evergreen grasses or winter-flowering heathers. The plants can be layered into the pots to create little garden oases for the patio. Winter outdoor entertaining can be just as enjoyable in the right conditions as in summer, so here are some other ideas for sprucing up your patio to make it inviting for you and your guests. 1. Take the comfort of indoors outside by relocating cushioned seating from inside the house to the patio. It’s especially enjoyable in a sun-drenched but wind and rain protected area, just add

Now is the time to look after your Oamaru Stone before winter arrives

Cleaning & Sealing of OAMARU STONE Contact John Palmer at PalmCo Limited Phone 0274 508 194 Email: Web:







o e







garden pillows and throws to make it more cosy. 2. Add a water garden feature to your patio area to help you relax and unwind to the trickling, soothing sound of flowing water. 3. Plant fragrant trees, shrubs and flowers around the patio and along garden paths. Consider subtle, and inviting fragrances like jasmine or winter sweet for the area for you to enjoy while you relax and unwind throughout the year. 4. A patio table piece of decoratively placed winter delights from a selection of cuttings from either your flower garden or spoils from your vegetable patch. 5. Place mood lighting around the patio – include candelabra and candles on your table setting but also on the patio itself. Accent lighting in areas of the garden will also highlight any special features and help create ambiance at night. Solar powered lights make installation a breeze. 6. Create some privacy in your patio area by using tall shrubs and flowers for privacy protection. Building a pergola softened with climbing vines and plants can

also help. 7. A patio area with soft curves rather than straight edges adds character to your garden area. The curves are visually appealing to the eye and ultimately help create a more relaxing environment. Once your patio is spruced up, fire up the barbecue and invite your friends or family over for some winter entertaining events.

Home spa pool

Today’s construction is tom

On a cold winter’s night relaxing under the stars in the steaming warm water of a home spa pool has never been more inviting. The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy are guaranteed to, at least temporarily, take away any stresses, or physical joint pain in the body. The warm moving water stimulates the body’s blood flow taking lactic acid away from muscles and helping muscles to relax. It is also said to help people with sleeping problems, allowing them to relax and unwind. While a spa takes up limited space in the garden and is easy to maintain, it gives soothing relaxation any time of the day – or night.

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If a home of excellent design and exceptional quality of If a home of excellent design and exceptional quality of workmanship is important to you, then look no further than workmanship is important to you, then look no further than Des Millar Construction. Des TheMillar quality home builders. Construction. The quality home builders.

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For housing, Commercial and farm buildings, contact Des anytime for a free no obligation quote on 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258

For housing, Commer

For housing, Commercial and farm buildings, contact anytime for D a anytime for a free no obligation quote on 03 308 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258



As homeowners we are constantly being encouraged to insulate, draught stop and heat effectively. This is all well and good, but let’s be honest batts in the ceiling and polystyrene under the floor are a bit hard to get excited about. So you start to think what could I add to my home that will inspire me, make my house feel like a home, as well as satisfy my insulation needs?


Windows allow sunlight, ventilation and heat to come in through the warmer parts of the day but at night time they can become an area in your home your precious heat can escape. Good curtains and blinds can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 60 per cent. Another advantage gained from window furnishings is their effect on noise. Inside they absorb noise


and reduce echoing, especially in rooms with hard flooring.


There is a huge range of fabric out there that is available to be made into window furnishings to add interest and excitement to your renovation project. Whether you’re after something colourful or muted, patterned or plain, shiny and sparkly or natural and textured, there will definitely be something out there for you.


Curtains are the most common way to cover your windows, but all curtains are not created equal. The thicker the fabric the better the insulation but most of the benefit comes from having a separate lining. A block-out coated lining adds another layer for warmth without stiffening the fabric so it still drapes softly. The use of this lining also controls the

light effectively for shift workers wanting to sleep during the day. There are a wide range of curtain fabrics available to add interest to your room. These range from colourful to neutrals and patterned to plains. There is something for everyone.


Installation can also influence how well curtains work. By extending the track well past the window, so the whole curtain is off the window during the day, allows you the maximum amount of heat during the day. Then by closing them just before dark they retain that heat overnight. Hanging the track above the frame or under a pelmet and having the curtains to the floor is also another way to reduce draughts.


However not every situation

calls for a curtain, sometimes a blind is a better option. All different types of blinds have different degrees of insulation. But at the end of the day any window covering, whether that be a roman, venetian, roller or curtain, is better than nothing. One thermal efficient type of blind is a honeycomb blind. Its superior performance is due to the honeycomb structure which contains a cushion of air and thus acts as an excellent buffer against cold and heat. They come in a broad range of colours and with co-ordinating componentry. Its small stacking depth and thin profile allows it to be discrete and installed into places where other blinds just wouldn’t work. So when you’re next thinking insulation, don’t assume it is all function and no fun.



your home

Don’t let thieves get their hands on what you’ve worked so hard to earn. A break-in can be extraordinarily costly. Not only from a financial perspective, but from an emotional one. Family heirlooms can be impossible to replace, and the feeling of personal violation is a hard one to get rid of when you know someone has been in your home. It doesn’t just happen in bad neighbourhoods or to the extremely wealthy either. If you make a habit of being complacent, you might just become an easy target.

Top 5 tips for home security 1. Thieves don’t go on holiday when you do The next time you plan a vacation, think of the possible clues that will let thieves know you’re away. Put your mail on hold so your mailbox doesn’t overflow, and ask a family member or friend to clear your mailbox of junk mail. Arrange for your lawns to be mown while you are away, and better still, invite a trusted friend to house-

sit so someone will still be in your home while you’re away. 2. Alarm yourself An alarm is one of the best deterrents money can buy. If a thief is going to choose between an alarmed or an unalarmed home, they will opt for the unalarmed one almost every time. One that is monitored by a security company is even better, giving thieves less time to grab possessions if they are still brazen enough to try. 3. Light up your life Burglars prefer to stay hidden in darkness, so having a welllit driveway and exterior may be a good enough deterrent to stop one in their tracks. It also means that if one is silly enough to still try, it is more likely that someone will see them and alert the authorities. Trim tall trees and keep hedges and shrubs short and small. Too much shrubbery gives a burglar lots of places to hide. 4. Don’t make it easy There are many things you can do to make it harder for a thief to break in to your home.


Don’t leave spare keys on the property in an obvious spot. Thieves know to look under pots, mats and in fake rocks. It is better to leave a spare set with a friend. Choose modern locks on the door and have more than one type of lock on each exterior door, and install security doors for an extra barrier of protection. Install security screens in front of old-fashioned windows that are easy to open, or install latches that stop them from opening fully. Always remember to lock your doors, even when you’re at home, as day time robberies are becoming more regular. 5. Protect your identity Having a mailbox that you can lock is a smart idea to prevent identity theft. It’s amazing what a thief can learn from your mail. Phone numbers, account numbers, who you bank with, what clubs you belong to. Likewise, be careful what you throw in the trash. Invest in a paper shredder and shred personal documentation before

mth r a ter W W in Keep

Keep your home the perfect temperature ALL YEAR ROUND with

Locksmith services

Protect• Installation and servicing your family and home with Residential Alarm • Alarm monitoring systems from Masterguard • Commercial & domestic

• Full locksmith service

• Access control systems PHONE NOW FOR A NO OBLIGATION SECURITY Fire protection APPRAISAL AND QUOTE • Fire system design,

• Full range of safes for guns, data and valuables

• Rural gate beams

installation & servicing

• Fire suppression systems • Building WOF and IQP

Technology can make it easier to protect yourself, and these days there are many low-cost security gadgets to help deter thieves from striking your home.

Imitation security camera

Invest in an imitation security camera that looks like the real deal. Many come with flashing lights and wires so it looks like it is hooked up to your security system.

Door and window alarms These work by detecting when a door or window is opened when it shouldn’t be, alerting you that the seal has been broken.

Barking dog

A dog is still a good deterrent. Invest in a ‘beware of the dog’ sign and then look at purchasing a barking dog simulator. They work by detecting movement near the house outside, activating the barking just as a real dog would when they detect nearby movement.

Keep your home the perfect temperature SumROUND with ALL YEAR m

er C ooli ng

your home the perfect temperature HEAT PUMPS HEAT PUMPS ALL YEAR ROUND with Daikin

There were 10 burglaries and a devastating house fire in Ashburton last month...

Security alarms

throwing it away.

Inexpensive anti-theft gadgets

• Laser key cutter

• Transponder keys

electriCOOL Ltd

• Fully mobile service — 24hrs

Phone Paul Crequer


today forPaul a Free Quote. Phone Crequer Ltd Fire extinguishers Phone 0274 362 362 today for a Phone 0274 362 362Paul or 308Crequer 4573 or 308 4573 Phone • The most comprehensive Free Quote.from home. Still operating Still operating from home. range in Ashburton today for a Free Quote. Dealer 120 Moore Street, Ashburton Your Local Authorised • Recharging Phone 0274 362 362

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or 308 4573

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Still operating from home.


Warm up

for winter

Autumn is a great time to get your home looking, and feeling extra cosy for the winter ahead. Just because it’s cold and bleak outside, doesn’t mean your home should be unwelcoming. With just a few subtle – and strategic – changes, your home can be made to feel warmer and more comfortable for those cold nights looming. Whether it’s the addition of soft textures and extra layers of snuggliness, or smells and fragrances or just soft mood lighting, following these

simple ideas will get you ready for winter.

more than a bright bloom in your home.

In the living room

Table setting

Add a luxurious, and soft, throw or blanket to use while you snuggle on the couch. The inclusion of a throw or pillows in soft textures like cashmere, velvet, faux fur or wool add to the illusion.


Treat yourself Just add colour – and fragrance – with some fresh seasonal flowers. Nothing lifts the spirits


• UPHOLSTERY • Lounge Suites • Ottomans • Headboards • SHADE • Awnings • Sail Shades • Blinds & Screens

Ph 03 307 2354 115 Archibald Street ,Tinwald, Ashburton

Set your dining room table up with a seasonal display full of warm colours. A roaring fire is often enough to make a room feel warm and cosy but rearrange your furniture to face the fireplace. Then place a mirror above the fireplace and add candles which increase that warm, peaceful feel. Take any opportunity to create a warm atmosphere to the glow of candlelight while relaxing at night.

In the bedroom

Put an extra blanket or duvet on the bed for those colder nights. On the bed if you can, add an electric blanket or wool underlay but changing summer cotton sheets for warmer, stylish flannelette sheets is a given.

Winter scents

The smells in your home help to create a cosy, warm atmosphere so add fragrance in prominent locations in each room: whether it’s your home cooking or baking, or the addition of soft scented candles, diffusers or room sprays.

Floor covers

Put the comfort on the floor with rugs and mats strategically placed on cold floor surfaces, such as a rug on the kitchen floor to protect your feet from freezing in a morning dash for coffee.

Heated treat

There is nothing more luxurious, or uplifting, than wrapping your body in a heated towel after a shower or bath so if you can, get a heated towel rail for winter.

Colour boost

Pop bursts of colour into neutral, plain spaces where you can. These might include bright throws, rugs or cushions.

Sheepskin flair

The addition of a sheepskin rug brings warmth to any room, especially placed beside the bed.

Layered flooring

A warm rug on a wood floor gives warmth and texture but adding a thinner, smaller rug on top of another floor rug adds visual appeal and makes it even cosier.

Window appeal

Stop those winter draughts by layering the window coverings with stylish nets, curtains or roman blinds.

Your total heating solution Are you buying or selling a property?

Ducted Heat Pump/Air Conditioning Unit

Whatever the shape of the room, ducted units ensure uniform temperatures throughout. Cool or warm air is ducted into the room through diffusers, discreetly positioned in the walls or ceiling. Very low sound levels. The use of ducts allows air outlets to be conveniently installed anywhere in the ceiling, giving

Contact Everist Gilchrist Lawyers, 826 East Street.

03 307 7441 | 021 904 154 | 0800 242 542

improved room aesthetics, with its unobtrusive presence. Major suppliers of


Phone 308 7182 On Call 021 597 517 211/D Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton



consents Getting the go-ahead.

Getting that backyard swimming pool, the fence to go around it, or a sleep out studio unit for the teenage kids are great ideas but these days before any building work takes place, it needs local council approval - or a building consent - to begin. Building consent is a legal document that confirms the proposed building work complies with the Building Code and meets safety standards set out in the Building Act 2004. It pays to check whether you need a building consent before beginning any work. The Ashburton District Council lists some examples of the type of building work that needs a building consent prior to starting. They include: building a deck, a garage, a house, a retaining wall, installing a solid fuel heater or fireplace, removing a chimney, subdividing property, demolition or relocation of existing structures, fences higher than 2m, and pool fences, re-piling, new plumbing or drainage works and

swimming pools. If you are going ahead with any work, plan accordingly and check out in the planning stages if your building work needs a consent. Local councils also expect building owners, or their agents, to allow processing time for the building consent to be factored into their projects. Under Section 48 (1A) of the Building Act 2004 a Building Consent Authority (BCA) has 20 working days of receipt to grant or refuse the consent. The work cannot start without a consent being issued and this could take up to four weeks – sometimes longer depending on the case, or if the application is incomplete or non-compliant.

information later. 2. Consent processing time is allowed in the project timeline. Once the consent has been approved and issued, work must begin within 12 months and stick to the approved building plans.

So ensure that:


1. The building consent application is complete and in compliance with the Building Code. The more comprehensive and complete it is may prevent delays caused by the need for more

The project should be completed within two years although if there have been delays, it may be possible to apply for an extension to this time.

There are different fees according to the type of application, value of work involved and the level of detail provided. There are fixed fees for residential demolition, heating appliances, marquees, standalone solar hot water heaters. However a full list of what you could expect is available on the Ashburton District Council website. Any deviation in the building work from what is issued on the building consent, needs to be officially recorded and will likely cost money. However, once the work is completed council will inspect, and providing it has been carried out according to the consent, a Code of Compliance Certificate will be issued. Any questions about applying for a consent or the information to be included should be directed to the relevant council’s building department.


Cawton grove Cawton Grove is the latest subdivision to open its gates in Tinwald bringing rural living within reach of town residents.

Locals know that Tinwald is much more than just a place to drive through, in fact there is so much to see and do that you may not fit it all in one day. Now it is also the place where the latest subdivision has opened under the name of Cawton Grove. Located on Tarbottons Road, Cawton Grove is directly across Stages 1 and 2 of the successful rural Kelburn Estate. The subdivision offers residential sections with a rural outlook and excellent views of the mountains.

Sections range in size, from 700 square metres to just over 1000 square metres. With fibre optic cables at the boundary, people living in Cawton Grove will have fast internet access and that is an important benefit as we spend more and more time online to shop, find information, communicate with friends and family and more. Cawton Grove will also feature a tennis court and a recreation reserve for children and adults to play, making the subdivision an ideal place for families.

Being part of the Tinwald’s West Side also brings many advantages as Tinwald offers more than meets the eye. With the hidden treasure which is the Tinwald Domain, you have four hectares of open space close to Cawton Grove where there is plenty of room to run around, have a picnic or find a quiet spot to read a good book. The Tinwald Golf Course (gentle meander down the road), the Plains Vintage Railway and Historical Museum and all the Tinwald amenities close by bring

convenience, necessity and entertainment close. With its amazing mountain views, easy access to town and a wide range of section size options, Cawton Grove is the perfect place to live and enjoy a serene environment. And if you would like a larger space, have a look across the road in Kelburn Estate where sections are up to 4000 square metres. Whether it is Cawton Grove or Kelburn Estate that suits you best, you have found a peaceful place to live.

Prepare to be Inspired KELBURN ESTATE Priced From $260,000

We haven’t moved. Call in and see us in our new office today.


364 West Street, Ashburton Ashburton 19 King Street

CAWTON GROVE Priced From $145,000

Ashburton 21 King Street


FIRST HOME - FIRST CHOICE This lovely two bedroom brick home with sunroom is a fine example of an investors starter of first home buyers. Large double garage - fenced section ideal for children or keeping pets. So close to school and easy access to main road. Don’t be disappointed.



Appealing Home - Secure Section - Close to School

This three bedroom home has an open plan kitchen/living area with french doors out to a sunny terrace. Double garage plus large storage area on a well fenced section must add appeal for buyers.


Auction Price On Application View by appointment

For Sale $283,500 View by appointment

Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

0800 VERSATILE or 03 308 3569 HCA.CO.NZ VER1261

Richie McCaw Versatile home owner

T 03 307 8317 E 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton 7700 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Licensed REAA (2008)

View by appointment Jarrod Ross 027 259 4644

Ashburton $99,000




Great investment property as it is close to the town and you are not paying over the top for your section.

1012 m2 section (approx) Allenton area. Clean site, services and vehicle access at gate. Well and pump plus fenced on three sides. Primo location for primary schools and only a wander to college.

793 metre square (more or less) Rectangular section next to the park on Cambridge street. CV $101,000

Potential for investment or build your own new home. 1872m2 (more or less freehold land. Application to District Council for 4 allotment subdivision, subject to resource consent. Owner states "he will consider all offers"

$249,000 View by appointment, 7 Woodham Drive /

$110,000 View by appointment, 48a Cambridge Street

For Sale View by appointment, 71 Cambridge Street /

This attractive section is worth a look. View by appointment, 22a Chalmers Avenue


Lifestyle choice

We live in an exciting district, where one day we can be skiing, the next fishing or out enjoying the beautiful landscape. With all of this on our doorstep Kelburn Estate owners believe that living where you play should be available to everyone. Invest in a piece of land large enough to build a home, with room to spare for a tennis court, a shed to house the boat and other outdoor toys, a pool and entertainment area to enjoy on summer evenings as well as room for the kids to play. All of this and more is available at the Kelburn Estate located off Tarbottons Road in Tinwald. This estate is for those looking to enjoy the freedom of a lifestyle block but with the manageability of being part of an estate. With sections averaging around 4000 square metres you can have the best of worlds, space and a rural feel while taking advantage of the town supply water, sewer connection and fibre optic cable to the boundary. This makes

the building process easier and more cost effective than most traditional country dwellings. Local man Stuart of Stuart Tarbotton Contractors has developed Kelburn after his father Malcolm created parcels of land that still allow for easy care but with the feel of a rural lifestyle block. This began with putting in a large pump station and holding tank under the ground with an expansive storage capacity. The tank is approx six metres deep which took a lot of dewatering and backfilling to achieve, a large job that required concrete above and below. Sewer lines and manholes were constructed, and all pipework from one end to the other was checked by camera to make sure

there was no ponding, and tests for water leaks passed with flying colours. After sewer, power and fibre optic were laid, Stuart Tarbotton Contractors completed the roading, channel and kerbing in preparation for the final hot mix. Grass swales with pipe work and structures were constructed to handle storm water requirements in line with ECan requirements. Kelburn is an exclusive community featuring fully serviced sections with plenty of green space giving residents the room to enjoy a great indoor/ outdoor lifestyle. All of the ground work and planning has been done and is ready for your dream home and lifestyle to begin. With all the Tinwald and

Ashburton amenities close by, convenience and necessity are close at hand. The Tinwald Golf Course is a gentle meander down the road, framed by the impressive Southern Alps, providing a lifestyle second to none. This is truly a place of beauty and solitude. With the amazing mountain views, green country outlook and serenity, this development is becoming a popular haven with Stage One nearly sold out and the grand opening of Stage 2 on the 30th of March. Kelburn Estate welcomes you home where you can breathe the fresh country air, enjoy the picturesque landscape and still be close to all of your favourite things.


Lake side

or rural The choice is yours!

The recent section releases at Lake Hood have provided buyers with more choice and variety than has ever been available before. Whether you are looking for the vibrancy of a lake front section or a relaxed rural setting, the lake has the right spot for you and your family.

Stage 10

Lake Hood’s release of stage 10 consists of 15 waterfront and

community lots – providing the incredible amenity of this landmark community. With sections from 665m2 to 1327m2, you can create the lifestyle your family has dreamed of, for far less than you’d expect. Residents will enjoy living in a vibrant community that provides a range of outdoor recreational opportunities, in a semi-rural lifestyle – just minutes from the

centre of Ashburton.

Stage 12

The latest release of property at Lake Hood offers the best of semi rural living, with everything within this resort-style environment just moments away. Choose from stunning water views from the terraced heights above the lake, or enjoy the expansive space of a property designed with lifestyle in mind.

Served by its own rural lane, Stage 12 is just minutes from town and a short walk from the community’s attractions. This latest release of 15 sections, ranging in size from 4800m2 to 2.14ha, offers something for everyone who wants to share in Lake Hood’s unique aquatic environment. Starting from just $215,000, these sections are already selling fast.


A local vision

A dream the size of the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort requires passion, drive and a determination to succeed, all qualities which local businessman Les Briggs has brought to this momentous project. We are all born with a sense of purpose, a confidence that if we try hard enough we can achieve anything. We dream big, and it’s part of our Kiwi DNA to roll up our sleeves and do the hard yards to make those dreams a reality. For many of us, building our first home is that Kiwi dream. We grab a shovel to help dig. We lug bags of cement to pour our own path and get splattered in paint during our first attempt to roll the wall. But it takes a special person to dream bigger. To not just think about their own security, but the comfort and security of many in our community. To create a structure so comprehensive that it will become a community first in many ways, to fulfil the need of an ageing community. Lochlea Lifestyle Resort is the first aged care facility of its kind in Mid Canterbury. Comprising a range of luxury villas, a communal lodge as well as a

Rodger Briggs and Gavin Briggs (standing) Les Briggs and Colleen Briggs (sitting) hospital with additional assisted care and dementia care units, each resident will have a level of care suited to their needs, within a vibrant and secure community. It started with a vision, to provide the community with an aged care facility to cater

to every stage and need of an ageing population. A place where our elderly would receive first-class care, while being part of a safe and friendly community. A place where life is for living. Such a vision would require

a location which was close to Ashburton, but rural enough to feel relaxing, offering glorious views toward the Southern Alps. In excess of 15 hectares was chosen on Racecourse Road, and the planning began. Many hours were undertaken to ensure the land was utilised in the best way possible. To allow for adequate space for the communal lodge, as well as the hospital and the selfcatering villa accommodation. Careful consideration was taken to ensure each resident had spacious grounds as part of the facility, while allowing for recreational space to accommodate resort activities. Once Les and his advisors had established the space for the resort, the remainder of the land was split and sub-divided to become Lochlea Estate, a subdivision which would be located beside the lifestyle resort. continued next page

Where Life Keeps Getting Better



Resort Manager, Tony Sands, encourages all enquiries from members of the community who would like to know more about the resort to call in and meet the team. All enquiries are held in the strictest of conďŹ dence, and are obligation-free with no pressure to sign on the day.

TONY SANDS Resort Manager Entrance off Racecourse Rd, Ashburton Phone 03 307 9080 Email

To organise a personal tour contact Tony on 0800 2727 837


from page 23 Many more hours were taken with architects and advisors to create the plans for the resort, which were to be submitted to council for consent approval, before the first soil was finally broken in 2012 to allow for construction. Resort manager, Tony Sands, describes how Les maintains an active involvement in the progress of the lifestyle resort. “He’s very much hands-on with every aspect of the development, and has a methodical and chronological approach to each part of construction. To ensure the right expertise is utilised for every project, he has contracted different construction firms for various stages to the build. There are no short-cuts with Les. Everything is done right the first time and to a high standard. He is involved with every step, down to hiring contractors and ordering supplies. He’s on-site every day and maintains a handson role, staying in complete

control of the project, which was his vision from the start,” Tony said. Construction on the lodge was completed in Februrary 2014. The lodge is the social hub of the resort, featuring a heated swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, hair dressing salon, arts and craft room, a small convenience shop and meeting and social room. Construction on the hospital has begun with an estimated completion time of 12-15 months. Resort manager, Tony Sands, encourages all enquiries from members of the community who would like to know more about the resort. All enquiries are held in the strictest of confidence, and are obligation free with no pressure to sign on the day. The decision to move to Lochlea is a personal one, as it is a big transition to make, and Tony is happy to discuss your personal circumstances, even if you’re not quite ready to make the move right away.

We are proud to have supplied and installed our product at the Lochlea Resort pool-spa complex. Also proud to be involved with their service and maintenance and wish them the best for the future.

Professional Decorating & Plastering Interiors and Exteriors SERVICES INCLUDE: Wallpapering & Decorating Factory Lacquer Finishes Textures & Specialist Coating Licenced Rockcote Plasterers Level 5 Spray Finish Plasterboard Stopping Project Management

OFFICE: 03 307 8870 Craig Bishop 027 444 4856 15 Grey Street Ashburton

We build, upgrade, service and sell pools and spas. From start to finish and for any pool and budget, we do it all. Contact us today for your pool, spa and pump requirements.

Phone • 03 308 2245 | 27 Gordons Rd, Ashburton

When Whenyou’re you’relooking lookingfor forbest bestquality quality When at you’re looking for best quality an affordable price at an affordable price

at an affordable price

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• Specialists in Polystyrene

P: 03P: 308 M: 0274 338 681 E: 03 3049 308 3049 M:0274 338 681 E: Building Systems P: 03 308 3049 M:0274 338 681 E:


Plan for the hospital of which construction commenced earlier this year.

Looking forward

Life at Lochlea provides individual space, perfect for enjoying new found freedom from worry and endless home maintenance. The enviable location sprawls over 6.2 hectares and incorporates a neighbourhood concept, to create a visual appeal of a streetscape, set within a secure gated community. Villa residents have the luxury of complete privacy behind their own front door, with added peace of mind in knowing that assistance is only a ‘push of a button’ away.

A number of villas are currently under construction with a total of 26 villas to be fully occupied by the end of April. With a strong sense of community and a resort feel at its heart, residents feel welcome from the moment they move in, with an excitement to make the most of the luxurious communal facilities at Lochlea’s Lodge. The lodge provides for the

residents a communal lounge and kitchen area, hair salon, massage room, health room, library, gymnasium, craft room, swimming pool and spa. Outside areas include a bowling green, croquet lawn, putting green and petanque piste. Residents are encouraged to use the facilities for group and family functions. The engaging lifestyle is designed with residents in

mind, to offer excitement and entertainment, a lifestyle which will inject a spring in the step of its occupants. A hospital is part of Lochlea’s vision to provide an aged care facility to cater to every stage and need of its ageing residents. First-class care, tailored to meet each resident’s need, within a safe and welcoming environment.




Lochlea Lifestyle Resort will comprise of 107 villas, sited to catch the sun, with landscaped gardens and lawns between each villa. They are equipped with comprehensive television and communication systems which include a 24-hour medical emergency call system which connects directly to the resort lodge administration and the emergency call centre. The villas have wheelchair access and also with minimum effort, service and kitchen areas can be altered to suit wheelchair mobillity. All Lochlea Lifestyle Resort villas are constructed using fantastic design features, contributing to a healthy, safe and energy efficient enviroment for the residents. The reinforced concrete

foundation is insulated against the damp and cold of the natural ground. Walls and ceilings are also insulated and built from a high density wood panel, designed so that there are no air gaps or draughts. Double glazing is used throughout the villas and is slightly tinted to reduce glare from the sun. Together these elements protect the home from winter cold and the heat of summer. The main bedrooms have been designed to be spacious and comfortable. Lochlea Lifestyle Resort works with the best local contractors to ensure that each building is given the attention to detail and quality required for your home. They would like to thank all invloved for their continued hard work and outstanding results.


100m2 Size: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Garaging:

100m2 Two One Single

MAPLE 109m2

Size: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Garaging:

109m2 Two One Single

27 Doaky’s Plumbing Ltd • Plumbing • Drainlaying • Blocked Drains NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL

Lindsay 027 555 5575 150 Smithfield Rd, Ashburton 03 308 1248 B Ca nouild nt w ing er in bu ry

TOTARA 126m2

Size: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Garaging:

126m2 Two One Single

• We build designer homes using Innovative Ceiling Systems • We deliver a completed house in 12 weeks from issue of consent (up to 200m2) • Stock plans or full design service available • Fully inclusive price - no hidden extras • Local qualified builders

0800 629 464 | 021 165 8190 | |

RIMU 158m2

Size: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Garaging:

158m2 Three Two Double


It’s human nature to want better things Innovative Ceiling Systems Ltd is a company that supplies and installs ceiling products presently undergoing Codemark certification. Innovative ceiling systems BECAUSE… • It speeds up your handover time • It can be installed in one day • It’s an easy system for trades to work with • It can be installed in any configuration of ceiling (approved by ICS) • It can be installed in all weathers (except extreme) • It does not affect truss design but speeds up installation • It is impervious to weather (will cope with 28 days exposure if needed) • It is 50 years durability • It is undergoing Codemark certification For more information contact: Brian Woods – Business Development Manager 021 165 8190 |


As a firm we have a depth of specialist legal expertise in agri-business, commercial, resource management and employment law. Our focus is on partnering with those entities that support our economy, communities and environment. Proud to support Lochlea Resort

Call us today 03 374 9999

Our offices are in Christchurch, Ashburton and Leeston, our expertise is national.


We have everything to furnish your home.

FLOORING Redmonds have joined with two of the country’s largest independent flooring groups The Flooring Foundation and Tile Warehouse. We can offer you extensive flooring options, expert advice, colour consultations and competitive pricing. We are happy to call in at your home or work from a plan.

• • • •

Carpet Wood floor Vinyl plank Tiles

• Obligation free quote • Professional installers • Quality guarantee

BEDS & BEDROOM FURNITURE Redmonds have belonged to Beds R Us, New Zealand’s largest independent bedding group selling Sleepyhead beds, for over 20 years. Beds R Us and Sleepyhead offer you the latest in bed technology, specialist advice and competitive pricing, along with an extensive selection of bedroom furniture.

LA-Z-BOY GALLERY Exclusive ranges of sofas, recliners, lift chairs and occasional furniture. La-Z-Boy Galleries offer fashionable furniture. Quality guaranteed at competitive prices.

EXCLUSIVE FURNISHING IMPORTS We import directly from overseas manufacturers to bring you exclusive decorative products at importers’ pricing.

COLOUR CONSULTANCY & WINDOW FURNISHING Introducing our consultancy team offering you a complete interior design service. Here to help you with interior colour schemes, curtains, blinds, wallpaper, carpet, tiles, vinyl, furniture, beds, linen, and accessories.

Call today for a free measure and quote. Hayley




East to Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5269


House to Home | March 2015  

Ashburton Guardian House to Home March 2015

House to Home | March 2015  

Ashburton Guardian House to Home March 2015