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Your dream 47 Braebrook Drive, Elgin Situated in the newest stage of the Braebrook subdivision surrounded by other modern homes. Great for young families with Stepping Stones Preschool an easy walk up the road. There is a fantastic playground in the subdivision as well as a park and pond. The home boasts great storage for all your things. Heating is provided by a gas fire in the main living area plus a heat pump in the second lounge. The main living also has a hideaway office and sliding doors to the outdoor patio area. This is also accessed by the sliding doors off the second lounge.

Gardens are low maintenance so you don’t have to spend endless hours in them when you could be relaxing and enjoying the fantastic outdoor areas. An automatic door at the rear of the garage provides vehicle access to the rear of the property which is a real bonus. There is also a good-sized garden shed for your mower, tools and bikes etc. The property is only a couple of years old so is up to the current insulation standards etc. The bathrooms and kitchen tiled areas have under tile heating. The property is protected by an alarm system for your peace of mind. All in all a very well-presented property.




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Mick Hydes

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Massive Summer | SALE Eden 2 Seater + 2 Recliners in fabric

NOW $2499

Rolf Nordic Recliner in leather

NOW $1999


Prague Modular in leather

NOW $3699


Easy As – How to build a raised vege garden If you want to grow the biggest, healthiest, fastest-growing veges, build yourself a raised vege garden. Because everything’s contained you can fill your raised garden up with all the very best soil, compost, mulch, and fertiliser. Then, just plant your veges and stand back.

Before you start

• If you’re thinking about building a raised vege garden, the first step is deciding where it’s going to go. Veges like a nice balance. • A bit of shelter, a bit of shade and decent amount of sun so try to find a spot where they’ll get at least five hours of sun a day. A reasonably level site is a good idea as well, and since it’s a fresh food garden try not to have it too far from the kitchen.

macrocarpa is rot resistant and looks great, but you pay a premium for it. • H4 treated pine is popular because it’s economical and you can buy it anywhere. And because it’s treated, it won’t rot either. The debate is around whether the timber treatment chemicals will leach into the soil you’re growing your veges in. If you’re not comfortable with treated timber you can staple polythene sheet around the inside of the planks as a barrier between the timber and soil. • Just remember that good drainage is important for a raised garden so don’t run the polythene sheet over the bottom of the garden.

What size timber

• Once you know where the garden’s going, work out what size you’d like it to be. You can go any size and shape but 2.1 x 1.8 metres is pretty common, partly because you’re dealing with standard lengths of timber but also because anything wider than 1.8 metres makes it a bit of a stretch to reach the plants in the middle of the garden. • On a garden this size, good, solid, 200 x 50mm planks will ensure the garden holds it shape and two plankseach side will give you a comfortable 400mm working height. • A popular alternative to the 200 x 50mm planks are the big, 200 x 100mm macrocarpa timbers we use on the Mitre 10 Easy As online video. • At 200 x 100mm, ‘sleeper’ is probably a more accurate description than plank, and while they cost more and don’t make a better raised garden, they do create a great look. • Like the smaller planks, they’re also available in the 2.1m and 1.8m lengths. A general rule-of-thumb is that two, well managed, 2.1 x 1.8 metre gardens is just about right for a family of four.

Site preparation

• This is pretty simple. Once you’ve decided where your raised garden will go and what size it’s going to be, mark it out, grab your spade, and skim off any grass and vegetation. You don’t need to take a lot. • 20mm should get you down to bare dirt but you might find you’ll need to take a little more off in places to get your planks sitting even and level.

Macrocarpa build

200 x 100mm • On the Easy As Raised Garden Build video we went up a step from standard 200 x 50 planks and used big 200 x 100 macrocarpa planks. The build process is the same either way, apart from the fact that with the bigger timber we screw them together rather than nailing. • Start by getting your bottom four planks in place, line them up and screw them together using 150 x 12mm hex head coach screws. The screw holes have to

What kind of timber

• There’s ongoing debate about what timber you should use to build a raised garden. An untreated hardwood like


be predrilled so you’ll need an electric drill and two different sized drill bits. One 25mm bit to countersink the head of the coach screws and one 12mm bit to predrill the holes below the head of the screw. DO NOT drill the 12mm bit through into the end of the other timber you’re screwing into. The screw thread needs to bite into solid wood to hold firm but you can use a smaller drill (no larger than 8mm) to make screwing into place easier. You’ll also need a socket set with a socket that matches the hex head of your coach screws. Get all four base planks into position and lined up, predrill your screw holes (including the countersinking for the hex heads of the coach screws) and screw together. Use two coach screws in each corner. Measure corner-to-corner diagonally to make sure everything’s square. If not, just bump it into line until it’s squared up and diagonal measurements match. Run a spirit level along the top of each plank, use a spade to trim any high spots off the ground and once you’ve got everything sitting down level you’re ready to repeat the process. Put the top planks on, predrill, screw together then just skew-nail the top planks to the bottom planks in each corner. It’s not essential, but for extra stability you can drive a wooden peg into each inside corner and nail it in place.

Standard build

200 x 50mm Planks • Going with the 200 x 50 planks will cost less plus it’s quicker and easier because it’s nailed together rather than screwed.

Get growing

• You’ve got the ‘raised’ part of your raised garden sorted, now it’s time for the garden. Spread about six layers of old newspaper over the ground to help prevent weed growth then wet down with a little water to hold the paper in place while you add soil. • The first layer should be green material such as green waste and the sod you removed when you were preparing the garden. • This green material will rot down and provide great worm food, attracting worms to your garden and creating nice rich soil. • Then cover your green waste with layers of potting mix and compost, or make it even easier by simply filling with vege mix (a garden mix and potting mix combo). • Aim to fill your raised garden up to about 50mm from the top, rake it level then, shoot down to the Mitre 10 garden department and decide what veges you want to plant in there.

HOW TO BUILD A RAISED VEGE GARDEN Be the envy of your neighbours . . . grow the biggest, healthiest, fastest-growing vegetables in a raised vegetable garden. So easy to build, and great to enhance your gardening area.




$ 10

H4 Treated Radiata Timber Pegs







50mm x 25mm x 300mm. Other lengths available or 50mm x 50mm pegs.




Vegetable Mix 40 Litre Contains sheep pellets, dolomite and blood and bone. 142734



Otherwise the process is just the same. • Get your bottom four planks in place, line them up and nail them together using 100mm galvanized nails. • Measure corner to corner diagonally to make sure everything’s square, use a spade to trim any high spots off the ground to make save everything’s sitting down level and you’re ready to put the top planks on. • Nail them together then simply skew-nail top and bottom planks together in each corner. • For extra stability you can drive a wooden peg into each inside corner and nail it in place.







Macrocarpa Sleeper

Macrocarpa Sleeper



200mm x 75mm x 2.1m.

200mm x 100mm x 2.1m.

Offer expires 31st January 2018. While stocks last. Props not included.


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Mortgage rates

Tips on buying a bach




2 years




2 years




2 years


% P.A.

2 years

Having a place to get away from it all is an attractive prospect at this time of year. It’s easy to fall in love with the thought of your own slice of paradise, particularly if it’s in a popular spot. But buying a holiday property, whether it’s a bach at the beach or a rural idyll, is every bit as complex as buying a home that you live in full-time. That means you need to do your homework first to avoid any hassles – and that you engage a lawyer to help you through the process. Once you’ve found a property you like, it’s essential that you and your lawyer look at all the relevant documents, such as the legal title and any information that the council has about the property, as recorded on the LIM. A title search will reveal any ‘invisible’ issues relating to the boundary or access. You should also check with the council whether there are any proposed developments in the area that could have an impact on the property and the neighbourhood. It’s a good idea to get the property thoroughly checked by someone who can identify significant defects, future or urgent maintenance issues and problems caused

by gradual deterioration. It’s not uncommon for a coastal holiday property to have a few more maintenance issues than you might expect from a city townhouse. We recommend using a qualified and insured building inspector to do this work. If you get a DIY guru friend in to have a look instead, ask them to look for structural problems, any evidence that the property is a leaky building, issues caused by deferred maintenance (such as weatherboards rotting due to peeling paint) and areas where there is damp or mould. Simple things like aged electrical or water supply fixtures may also create headaches later on if not managed up front. Don’t forget to factor in costs for fixing any identified problems that may be significantly more involved to manage than town repairs and maintenance, as well as plan for long-term upkeep. Depending on where the property is, you also need to be hard-headed about the risk of natural hazards such as tsunami or coastal erosion. Earlier this year, a report commissioned by the Deep South National Science Chal-



lenge pointed out that nearly 44,000 homes in New Zealand are less than 1.5 metres above the current average spring high tide mark.

It can be difficult to get finance approved if a property cannot be insured, so it pays to investigate this closely. If you get through all those steps and the property still looks like a good bet, think about the long-term. Are you thinking about using it to earn an income when you’re not in residence, such as renting it out or putting it on AirBnB or a similar platform?


2 years

With rising sea levels and increasing likelihood of storm surges and king tides predicted, many of these properties are at serious risk of frequent inundation. Unsurprisingly, insurers are nervy about this, with some companies already raising premiums or excesses for properties that have been identified as high-risk, or putting restrictions on what they will cover.


*At the time of printing

Getting settled in your new holiday home is one thing, but consider what happens when you’re not there. Finally, if the property you are keen on is being sold privately, be aware that you may have fewer protections under the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act if things go wrong. While no one enters into a sale thinking that problems are going to arise, issues can often crop up. Nothing will dim your holiday glow like the lasting memory of a poorly researched property decision.

Be aware that some councils are tightening up restrictions on homeowners doing this, which could affect your plans and costs. Take a moment to think about security as well.


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Guardian Property - 19 January 2018  
Guardian Property - 19 January 2018