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I feel privileged to share part of Hughie King’s life story this month. Hughie, 95, died on January 27 and he was a well-known member of the farming community. He was a character in the world of dog trialling and competed in the sport well into his 80s. The King family holidays were geared around A&P Shows and the dog trialling circuit, and they travelled all over the country. Hughie always had a dog, or two, by his side and they loved him as much as he loved them. A&P shows are back on the agenda this month, with Mayfield this Saturday and Methven the following Saturday. Teams of volunteers have spent months preparing for these big days, which each have a loyal band of

supporters, both rural and urban. These two shows, and Ashburton’s later in the year, remain solid fixtures on the district’s events calendar – but only thanks to the hard work of many people. The shows help correct a ruralurban disconnect that is larger in cities than in Ashburton. We know the role farming plays in our district’s economy, you only have to access the new economic data on council’s website to see it in hard numbers: For the year to March 2016, our GDP was $1845m; that’s up 4 per cent of the year before and better than the national average of 2.5 per cent. Of that $1845m, nearly a third was attributed to farming, forestry and fishing, with dairy farming the biggest sector with 16.1 per cent and sheep beef and grain farming second with 7.3 per cent. Our farmers are smart, innovative and care about the environment. I couldn’t help but agree with Winston Peters recently that maybe Federated Farmers needs to bring back Farm Day – the more townies know about our primary producers, the better.












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Hooked on goats for 40 years Linda Clarke

Ray and Donece McEwan know what makes their angora goats tick.

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Farming goats, for their milk, fibre or meat, is gaining traction in New Zealand but Mid Canterbury couple Ray and Donece McEwan have been hooked on goats for 40 years. The pair have a lifestyle block just out of Ashburton and farm angora goats, the valuable mohair fleece exported to be made into luxury clothes and furnishings. With the top quality fibre fetching $34 a kilogram, they say there is huge potential in the industry for both largescale and lifestyle farmers. They dismiss the commonly held belief that goats are trouble and say purebred angoras are domesticated and easy to manage, if you take the time to learn how to handle them. Continued over page


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from P3 The McEwans have farmed up to 600 goats at their peak, but in semi-retirement they have just 60 at their Methven Highway property and another mob on a Maronan Road block. Their small acre block was the venue for a field day for mohair producers at their annual conference in Ashburton last weekend. Around 50 mohair producers gathered to conduct annual business and talk about the state of their industry. The McEwans are passionate about it and say they are happy to help others, whether it is to integrate goats on existing farming operations or new set-ups for lifestylers. They are currently mentoring a Motukarara couple they see as part of the future of the industry in New Zealand. New Zealand mohair producers supply warehouses in Rangiora and Pukekohe, selling to markets overseas. The fibre is milled and woven into expensive fabric that is turned into luxury suits, drapes, carpets and other fabrics for the very rich. Goats have been part of the New Zealand farming scene

Buck Silverton is the main sire. 

since James Cook bought a milking goat on his first voyage. On his second trip, he liberated goats from England in the Marlborough Sounds and other parts of the country in 1773. These utility animals formed the basis of the feral goat population around the country. About 1867, a number of angora goats were introduced by the Auckland, Canterbury and Otago acclimatisation societies in an attempt to farm animals


with more valuable skins. Mohair is an ancient textile in other parts of the world and dates back to early biblical times. New Zealand today produces about 1 per cent of the global clip, most comes from South Africa and the United States. The McEwans discovered their passion for goats when daughter Raylene, then five, asked for one as a pet. That was four decades ago and Ray and Donece had taken over Ray’s family farm in Southland

Nannies and kids enjoy their lolly mix.

where they ran Coopworth sheep. “I thought if we are going to have one, we might as well have 20.” Goats were hard to come by at the time, and they eventually sourced some feral goats from the North Island. They bought a purebred New Zealand angora buck and started breeding, eventually achieving a 7/8th cross. In 1982 they bought their first angora does and in 1985 went off to Australia and

bought the Karawai Stud in South Australia. Some 450 animals, mostly does with kids, and half a dozen bucks, were flown to New Zealand in special stock transporters not uncommon at the time. The goats were good flyers. “Angora goats are quite domesticated animals,” Donece said. “It’s the feral ones that are harder to contain. You would look around and find them walking around the tops of the pens.” With the industry booming,

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they sold their Southland property and came to Ashburton in 1987. But in the farming downturn that followed they had to downsize; they sold a lot of their stock and bought a small block at Seafield. Just a few years later, on the back of the dairy boom, they were able to relocate back to the Winslow area and buy back some of their stock. Then for 20 years they farmed their angora herd, moving only last October to the

outskirts of Ashburton and downsizing. Their mohair is amongst eight tonnes produced by South Island farmers last year. The superfine kid fibre sold for around $34/kg, with two-year-old kid fibre $22/kg and adult fibre $14/kg. Even stained fleece achieved $8/kg – the same as wool. Donece said there was always strong demand and the market had been buoyant over the years. While prices are good, goats

are labour intensive. “You are always doing something with them in the shed, be it crutching or something else,” Ray said. Kidding is in October and the does are good mothers, usually giving birth in the morning and keeping the kids under shelter, feeding them and encouraging them out only after a week. Gestation is five months, but some does only cycle every two years. And if the doe don’t like the buck, then there’s no action.

The kids are born small, 1.52kg, but double in size in three days. As herd animals, they are intelligent and organised and in the paddock the young ones sit together in a nursery, under the supervision of a nanny. The McEwans’ angora goats graze pasture, but also rely on hard feed, a “lolly mix” of high protein, roughage and sugary leftovers from the Cadbury factory. Nutrition is important as the fibre grows 2.5cm a month and a high protein diet

is needed to sustain it. The goats are shorn in November and May and an average two-year-old will grow up to 6kg of fleece a year. Ray, at 75, does the shearing. He is an old hand, having picked up a handpiece at 18 to help out his brother-in-law. He uses the Godfrey Bowen technique, with adjustments for the smaller animals and their temperament. While the couple farms their goats for fibre, they are occasionally asked to supply goat meat for eating. They send older animals to a North Canterbury abattoir for processing. Donece said the requests had increased with Mid Canterbury’s new immigrants. Goat is the most-consumed meat around the world, and any that does find its way onto supermarket shelves is snapped up quickly. The meat is lean and sweet, with a fine texture. Donece takes her passion for her animals a step further by collecting teddybears made from the hide and fleece of angora goats. Her hundreds of mohair teddybears, including one made in 1904, fill a room. She also makes cushions from the tanned hides.

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Hugh McKay King The world of dog trialling lost a master of the sport when Hughie King died recently, aged 95. King was a modern-day dog whisperer, and his loyal working dogs loved him. He was a national champion, was called on to perform for the Queen and was the first star of television’s The Dog Show. He was also a farmer, a competitive dog triallist until his mid-80s and a much-loved husband and father. His daughter Sheryl Stivens said Hughie lived an actionpacked life in Mid Canterbury and left many memories of family fun with laughter, music and animals. Hughie was born in 1921 to Kitty and Walter King of Winchmore. The fifth of six children, he left school at 13 to work on the family farm. He worked the draft horses and teams with his father and watched overnight as his world changed with the arrival of mechanisation and tractors into the district. He married Noeline during the war years and the couple had four children. Sheryl, the

youngest, said social events were big family gatherings and their townie cousins spent plenty of holidays at the farm. Hughie was a successful stud sheep breeder and one of his Border Leicester rams won a Royal Agricultural Society medal. But his major passion was dog trials and the family travelled all around the country in the summer attending A&P shows. In winter, they followed the dog trial circuit. Sheryl said he always had a team of at least eight dogs

and a litter or two of pups on the go. Highlights over the years include winning the Royal Easter Show with Queen and winning the New Zealand championships long pull with Bruce at Burkes Pass. “He continued to qualify for the Christchurch A&P Show well into his eighties and last trialled his dogs there at the ripe old age of 89. He just loved it.” In 1974 Hughie was a star on the first episode of Television New Zealand’s The Dog Show with Meg and Bruce. Meg was used on the show’s advert for some years afterwards. “Mum and he really enjoyed being with the film crew and other dog trial mates over that time,” Sheryl said. Hughie earned himself the title of oldest competitor at many Ashburton A&P Show dog trials in his senior years, but he saw his age as no barrier. His philosophy was not to work the dogs or the sheep too much, in fear they would give their best work at home, rather than when it counted.

Hugh King was Winchmore district’s eldest resident when he cut the cake at the Winchmore District Church’s Centenary Service in 2011. PHOTO SARAH CHAMBERLAIN 310711-SC-735

Success however, came down to the dogs themselves, he said in an interview with the Ashburton Guardian back in 2003. “They have to be good natured and have to be keen to work. If they have both of those things, they will make good stock handlers.” Coming from a family of good dog triallists, the importance of a good breed was instilled in King from an early age. Dogs from the family breed took him to many provincial and South Island titles in the

past. His son David has also had some success with the family. Over the years, Hughie







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become synonymous with the Ashburton show, competing there so often, he could almost be mistaken for part of the furniture. He made his debut in the dog trials there in 1936, and bar those years there wasn’t a show because of World War Two, he only missed one show and that was due to illness. He said he had his fair share of luck and wins. Age was definitely no handicap, but he admitted it did get harder as you got older. “You can read your sheep alright, the only handicap is that you can’t hold your position quite as well. “The good competitors don’t make mistakes very often, it’s only the sheep that puts them wrong. When you are older you just can’t help your dog out as well because you can’t keep up. It’s a good sport, and at the end of the day you still have a dog to do your everyday work.” Sheryl says a highlight of his dog trialling days was the chance to show his penning skills to Queen Elizabeth


II when she visited Ashburton in 1981. The Royal party stayed at Coniston and Hughie was called on to show Her Royal Highness what man and dog could accomplish. She said Hughie’s bond with his dogs was based on loyalty and he started working with the puppies early, so they knew was what required in the paddock or the trial ring. He worked with ducks and geese, notoriously hard to herd but kept in line by Hughie and whichever dog he was using. Over the years, his favourites were Bruce (“the first Bruce”) and Queen, though he had a bond with all his dogs, who were by his side until he retired into town in 2011. Machinery was also a passion and Hughie loved figuring out how things worked, Sheryl said. “He pulled apart and rebuilt a grader, then used it to borderdyke his own paddocks. And when there was a big snow in the district he was out clearing roads. He loved that machine . . . it’s still operating somewhere.”

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Dairy confidence becomes evident Robin Ford


Reinforced by Fonterra and Synlait’s recent positive payout forecasts, confidence is gradually resurfacing among dairy farmers. This is beginning to flow through into the property market. Price expectations for premium Canterbury and Mid Canterbury dairy farms are edging back over the $50,000 per hectare mark, with several owners quietly testing the market in the past couple of months at prices between $54,000 and $57,000 per hectare. Much of the appeal of a dairy farm depends on the cost and reliability of water for irrigation. Locally, what farmers pay to irrigate ranges considerably. Those in the Mayfield Hinds

scheme are paying $80 per hectare this year, subject to what water they are shared up for. Farmers in the Lyndhurst scheme are paying approximately $270 per hectare, also subject to what they are shared up to, though that water arrives under pressure. In the Barrhill Chertsey and Central Plains

schemes, water is between $800 and $1000 per hectare. Those irrigating from groundwater generally have higher power costs and can face reliability issues. Many irrigate with a mix of scheme water and groundwater, improving their reliability. Less expensive, more reliable water enables those

selling a farm to add a premium. One local property recently presented to the market should demonstrate that. This is a 188 hectare Coldstream farm producing between 270,000 and 306,000 kilograms of milksolids in recent seasons. Served by Mayfield Hinds Irrigation and

with its own groundwater, it scores favourably with lowpriced scheme water, backed up by groundwater when required. How much competition there is from purchasers to this listing and what they are willing to pay could persuade a few more potential sellers to move now rather than holding back. Locally and across PGG Wrightson Real Estate’s nationwide network, we are seeing farmers planning to list property for sale, though holding off doing so until spring. Their stance may not be well advised. Those farmers may be better off going to the market now, with less competition and more buyers to present to. Although spring is traditionally a good time to sell, those who wait that long will likely face increased competitive pressure from other vendors and encounter growers with more choice and greater focus on value. Robin Ford is Mid Canterbury Real Estate manager for PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited

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Pigs raring to go racing The 2017 crop of piglets being trained to race at the Mayfield A&P Show is in the home stretch, with the big day looming on Saturday, March 11. A late harvest for trainers John and Mike Farnell means the porkers have been training in the twilight. The pigs don’t seem to mind, as long as they get the food used to teach them to race around the course, up and down obstacles and through short tunnels. It is the fifth year the father and son have teamed up to train the racing pigs which have become a drawcard at the show. John buys them in at 25kg eight-weeks-olds and sells them after the show, when they have grown to 40kg over the four weeks of training. He said food was the best training aid but the piglets were naturally curious and playful. “They like to be on the grass, dig up some dirt and play a bit.” As in past groups, there is a leader who works out quickly what is required to get the

food. John won’t be identifying this year’s boss as it might influence punters’ choice when they bet on the runners on show day. He and Mike try to handle the animals regularly so they

can easily fix their racing numbers on show day. Does he have a favourite? “The one that will end up on my plate as bacon.” The Mayfield show will be held this Saturday

at the Mayfield A and P showgrounds. The one-day show remains a great mix of traditional and unique events, and with horse events in a specially designed eventing ring.

John Farnell tempts his racing piglets onto a new section of the training course, with the promise of feed. PHOTO LINDA CLARKE  270217-LC-0056


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Joint effort to control wasps in the Visitors to our local patches of beech forest will have noticed a hum in the air recently as wasps increase in number in response to the drier, more settled February weather. The wet spring probably helped keep numbers in check for a while but now they are certainly making their presence felt. Wasps are a

Mary Ralston

menace not only to people but to wildlife: they feed on the honeydew found on the trunks of beech trees that is food for native insects and birds such as bellbirds, tui and kaka. And when

Left – Our stunning beech forests may be safer for people and wildlife after a co-ordinated wasp control effort in the forests along the foothills.



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there are fewer insects, the insect-eating birds, such as rifleman, grey warbler and tomtit are affected. A collaborative effort is going into control of the wasps in the beech forest along the foothills of our district. The Mt Somers Walkway Society and the Department of Conservation are leading the charge and private landowners are doing their bit as well. Over 1000 bait stations have been put on to private property, reserves and along the tracks of the Mt Somers Walkway (the track to Pinnacles Hut from the Staveley side, and to Woolshed Creek Hut, the Rhyolite Ridge track and the Nature Trail on the Mt Somers side) and in the Mt Hutt Forest above the Awa Awa Rata Reserve. Hopefully this will have a significant impact on the wasps and make these tracks more pleasant for trampers. Picnickers and walkers at the Awa Awa Rata Reserve may also notice a difference.



Mid Canty foothills beech forest Barry Austin, of the Mt Somers Walkway Society, fills a bait station. The wasps are attracted to the proteinbased bait and transport it back to the nest.

The bait stations are placed every 50 metres along the tracks. They are small plastic boxes nailed to trees that contain a protein-based bait called Vespex which contains an

insecticide. Before putting out the bait, monitoring is undertaken to determine when the wasps have changed from feeding on sugar to feeding on protein, and when this is the case, the bait is put out.

A wasp takes the bait and transports it back to the nest, where it can kill dozens of wasps. After one week the bait stations and any remaining bait are removed. Bees are not

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attracted to the bait. The use of this protein bait is a very good option compared to finding and destroying individual nests. Alan Totty of Staveley, who has been co-ordinating

the programme for private property owners along the foothills, says he used to destroy over 100 nests per year on his property, but this method is a lot more thorough and less dangerous. “We have nearly 100 per cent coverage of properties along the foothills which is really great. Twenty landholders are on board. “Unless you have a coordinated effort like this you can’t have much of an impact because of re-invasion from neighbouring areas. And it’s a lot simpler to put out bait stations than to destroy nests.” It’s very heartening to see there is a workable solution to this significant problem. Here we have a good scientific and management approach being used by farmers, volunteers and DOC to achieve a good local outcome. Thanks to all those involved!

2 12



Gearing up for Methven show By Linda Clarke Hours of work by volunteers on the Methven A&P Association will come to fruition on March 18 at the annual Methven show. It will be the 103rd edition of the rural show, which has plenty of action and entertainment for the whole community. As well as trade stalls and arts and crafts, there will be music, woodchopping, equestrian events, shearing and machinery displays. Show secretary Amy Russell has been flat out over the past month making sure everything runs smoothly on the day. There have been around 2200 entries, on a par with last year, with the most popular classes in the horse ring. Russell said there were also plenty of entries in the home industries classes and in the children’s section, from vegetable classes to photos and sandsaucers. The day will also include

the auction of 50 gift calves, which will this year benefit the trust fundraising for a new aged care facility in Methven and the Methven Library. The committee has had to extend its stock pens to cater for the larger number donated this year. The auction proceeds also fund agricultural scholarships for Mt Hutt College students. There is a prize for the heaviest beef calf donated and association president Mark Lock will have some serious challengers for the trophy he won last year with a well-fed beast weighing 348kg. Russell said the association was active throughout the year too with farmer competitions for wheat, winterfeed and onfarm heifers. Entertainment this year includes magician Josh Grimaldi and Rainbow the Fairy, while the Boru Band will provide music. The show will be held in the Methven showgrounds, Barkers Road.

Methven A&P Show secretary Amy Russell delivers some TLC to a trophy that will be handed out PHOTO LINDA CLARKE 270217-LC-0004 at this year’s show on March 18.

METHVEN A&P SHOW March 18, 2017 at the Methven Showgrounds

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Be responsible with burn-offs The Ashburton District Council is urging farmers and rural people to be responsible with fires while the restricted fire season is in place. The Mid-South Canterbury Rural Fire Authority declared a restricted season between the Rakaia and Waitaki Rivers on March 1, following the lifting of a Canterbury-wide fire ban in the wake of the Port Hills fires. Selwyn has imposed a total fire ban, meaning no outdoor fires, including crop stubble, can be lit. All fire permits previously issued by the council have been cancelled. Mid-South Canterbury deputy principal fire officer Don Geddes said the fire season status would be reviewed every few days. Under the restricted status, stubble burning can only happen in the daylight hours until 1pm. Geddes said there was a backlog of stubble burning to occur in the district and the time restriction meant pressure could be relieved in a controlled fashion.

A series of weather stations around Mid Canterbury are monitoring fire risk levels and while some plains stations are at trigger level for a total fire ban, others in the foothills are

far from it. Geddes said the status was a balancing act but responsibility still lay with the farmer to find out if any restrictions existed before

lighting a match. Council environmental services group manager Jane Donaldson said stubble burning had to be carried out under strict conditions.

All other outdoor burning required a fire permit. “Given the dry conditions, we are very thankful for the community’s co-operation during the total fire ban. We expect residents to continue using their common sense and to check what regulations are in place before starting a fire. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they are doing the right thing.” Federated Farmers Mid Canterbury provincial president Michael Salvesen says farmers have a collective responsibility to ensure they abide by the updated Crop Residue Code of Practice, available on the council website. “It is a privilege in today’s society to be allowed to light crop residue fires. If farmers are unsure what the Code of Practice is, please contact council.” The Restricted Fire Season will be in place until further notice. Conditions of the restriction and more information is available on the council website www.ashburtondc.govt.nz




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Experience unparalleled landscapes teeming with aweinspiring glaciers, mountains and fascinating wildlife. Alaska is one the world’s most spectacular destinations, featuring an array of stunning natural treasure you have to see to believe. Given this state’s unique geography, a cruise is one of

the most comfortable ways to experience this amazing destination – memories you will treasure for a life time. The South Pacific is a paradise so close to home. Sprinkled through the heart of the beautiful Pacific Ocean are tiny tokens of paradise waiting to make your South

Indonesia Island Discovery by House of Travel.


7 night cruise Bali round trip aboard Star Clipper

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They are the stars of the sea. Star Clipper is as fleet as the wind and as graceful as swans. This is a true clipper ship reflecting their proud heritage in every inch of their polished brass and gleaming brightwork. Discover a new age of sail, where the traditions of the past are happily married to the comforts and amenities of the present day. Star Clipper is a modern cruise ship in every way, created for luxury-loving passengers who also love the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships.



Pacific holiday a dream come true. Whether you want to sink into blissful relaxation, explore new cultures or are channelling James Cook and have a thirst for adventure, the answer lies in the a South Pacific cruise. Call into House of Travel to create your dream cruise holiday.




Share twin in an Inside Stateroom (Cat 6). Departs 20 May 17 (more departures available). Flights are additional. Cruise includes: All main meals & entertainment onboard, taxes, fees & port charges HIGHLIGHTS: • WALKING TOUR TO THE CRATER LAKE OF SATONDA • VIEW KOMODO DRAGONS • SNORKELLING AROUND GILI ISLANDS

The best holidays are created together.

1 9 6 E A S T S T R E E T, A S H B U R T O N I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z CONDITIONS: Prices are per person twin share, cruise only in NZD based on lead-in Cat.6, economy season, inclusive of port charges and early booking discount. For sale until: 31Mar2017. Gratuities of AU$10 per person per day are additional and payable on board. Valid for new bookings only & not combinable with any other offers. Alternative departure dates available: 3 Jun 17, 1 Jul 17, 15 Jul 17, 12 Aug 17, 26 Aug 17, 9 Sep 17, 23 Sep 17, 7 Oct 17. Flights are not included. Offers are subject to availability and can change without notification due to fluctuations in charges and currency. Credit card surcharges apply. For full terms and conditions please view adventureworld.co.nz/terms-and-conditions. CRS260217 SC

High performance Lucerne under heavy grazing conditions.


Icon was selected on plant characteristics including improved disease and pest resistance. Icon is a very good dual purpose hay, silage and grazing cultivar because of its resistance to grazing which it was bred for, from selections of fields grazed by sheep and cattle. Icon has low crowns that will tolerate closer grazing, particularly by sheep.



FEP help for famers Sheep and beef farmers across the Ashburton water zone have been getting some help with their farm environment plans (FEPs). The farmers attended a workshop in Mayfield last month organised by Beef + Lamb New Zealand, with the support of Environment Canterbury; they used the time to develop a FEP specific to their farm. Beef + Lamb workshop facilitator Carolyne Latham led the farmers through identification of resources on their farm, assessment of strengths and weakness for each land management unit and how this effected the management of each area. The day ended with each farmer identifying actions specific to their property that they can undertake to meet environmental objectives. Latham, a sheep and beef farmer from Waimakariri, said it was a valuable day. “It was a great group of people, enthusiastic and engaged in making sure that they were assessing and reviewing their current prac-

tices to continually improve what they are doing. Working jointly with Environment Canterbury staff was a real advantage as this allowed farmers’ questions around plans and rules to be answered on the spot.” Cameron Moore, who farms dryland beef at Montalto, developed his FEP during the day. “There are a lot of scary words around but when you get a chance to sit down and look at it good management practice is really a lot of what we are already doing on farm, it’s just writing it down.” Environment Canterbury Ashburton Zone Team staff Sarah Heddell and Donna Field will continue to contact sheep and beef farmers in the zone over the coming months to discuss what support they can give them to understand requirements around environmental management. If any farmers have questions about what they are currently doing on their property, about Farm Environment Plans or Good Management Practice they can contact


either Sarah or Donna at Environment Canterbury on 0800-324-636 or Turi McFarlane at Beef + Lamb New Zealand on 027 836 7658. Environment Canterbury is also having a couple of

drop-in days at its Ashburton depot, where monitoring and compliance officers Stephen Howard and Nick Vernon will be available to talk face-to-face with farmers about their consent rules. A consent planner

will be at the depot today and on April 4. To make an appointment, please phone or email customer services on 0800 EC INFO (0800 324 636) or ecinfo@ ecan.govt.nz.

Make yourself at

Phone: 03 308 3569 364 West Street, Ashburton




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Call Hamish today to discuss your fertiliser requirements

Locallyowned owned Locally and operated operated and









Modern Spreader Trucks Spreadmark Certified Equipped with GPS Guidance and Mapping 4 Wheel Drive – low ground compaction Single Wheels for Tram Line Spreading Experienced Operators with over 50 years combined service

Proud to be servicing the farming community in Mid Canterbury




Phone 308 4079


We have several vehicles offering VARIABLE RATE SPREADING technology. Call today for more information.

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Young Farmers battle it out Young Farmers of all ages and stages enjoyed a day of competition and events recently for the Aorangi Regional FMG Young Farmer of the Year contest, held at the Methven A&P Showgrounds. Guardian photographer Robyn Hood was there to take these pictures.

Keeping your farm vehicles working




Neumanns Tyres will attend to your tyre requirements anywhere and anytime in Mid Canterbury

Ashburton Guardian Option3

250mm 88mm Ph 308 6737 www.neumannstyres.co.nz 197 Wills St,x Ashburton

• Prompt and efficient service • Very experienced technicians • Competitive price • 24 hour service (After hours callout applies)


irrigation wells potable water supplies ground source heating geotechnical assessment

Ph 03 324 2571


120 High St, Southbridge

PICK a 6 SAvE big on ALL 6 SERIES


OrDErS TALK TO YOur SALES TEAM AT D&E TODAY Conditions apply *Discounts are valid on all forward order 6 series tractors, attachments not included. Excludes Waterloo 6 series machines. +Finance offer available through John Deere Financial Limited to approved New Zealand commercial applicants only. Offer is based on 20% deposit, 36 month term, at 1.99% with GST returned within the first 5 months. Additional finance options available. Fees and charges apply. Price is GST exclusive. Unless amended or withdrawn earlier, offer expires 30 April 2017.

ASHBURTON 832 East St 03 307 9911

CHRISTCHURCH 799 Jones Rd 03 349 4883

www.dne.co.nz 0800 432 633


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On-farm recycling is now so easy More and more farmers are investing in recycling and waste collection services as a means of stopping burning or burying their waste on farms. Here in Ashburton District, Envirowaste is delivering comingled recycling bins to many farms and providing practical support to make recycling and waste collections more convenient for farmers and their staff. It’s so easy when you can put cardboard, paper, clean empty plastic bottles and containers and steel and aluminium cans all mixed together into one bin. Soft plastic, including plastic bags and bits of clean plastic, can all be put into one large plastic bag with the top tied and also placed into this bin. This mixed recycling is transported to Timaru for sorting mechanically through the MERF and baled to market requirements. This is how most of the recycling in the world is now collected and processed. Glass bottles and jars only are separated and colour sorted into separate bins so they can be kept clean and sent to

Sheryl Stivens


Auckland for bottle to bottle recycling. Our New Zealandmade glass bottles and jars have some of the highest recycled content in the world and we want to keep it that way. Along with other industries, the recycling industry is becoming more and more mechanized using highly engineered optical sorting equipment. For further information call 0800 886655

What about silage wrap?

I will never forget going to China some years ago to see our plastics being recycled and the people took me to see a great pile of silage wrap from New Zealand and told me

that this is dirty and it stinks and recycling is about clean products. Thankfully that has all changed. Plasback NZ have streamlined the process of onfarm bins and collection


services for silage wrap and has worked tirelessly to find solutions which close the loop for farmers using balewrap. So far they have sent 235 tonnes of silage wrap for recycling from the Canterbury region

alone during the last eight months. The silage wrap collected by Plasback can now be recycled here in New Zealand and made into a product that farmers can use.

• Wheelie Bins - General Waste • Skips • Recycling & Organic Matter • Frontload Bins General Waste & Recyling

General Waste • Builders Waste • Recycling & Hardfill

Call us today on 0800 240 120 | www.envirowaste.co.nz | Email: christchurch@envirowaste.co.nz



Produced by a local Canterbury engineer, our buckrakes are a must for any farmer. These are 2.4m wide heavy duty 1.25m tines.



Feeders - Good stocks available 1.8m and 2.5m. Check out our special price.





Quick Hitch. Heavy Duty, Painted in Green or Red.

M FRO 0 0


Cattle ramp.

126 Dobson Street, Ashburton - Phone: 03 308 2059 | Mobile: 0274 326 847 mcmullanent@xtra.co.nz - www.mcmullanenterprises.com

All prices exclude G.S.T



(Far left) Baled plastic. (Centre) Silage wrap on this conveyor belt is being turned into tough plastic plywood (right). PHOTOS SUPPLIED

FREE Compost Demo – see how easy it to make compost, set up a worm farm or a Bokashi Bucket When – Monday March 27th 12noon-1pm Where; Eco Education Centre – Ashburton Resource Recovery Park All welcome – email sherylstivens@gmail.com or call 0800 627 824

Funds of approximately $1 million from the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund have been invested in a new Auckland processing plant to turn waste silage wrap into UV resistant

plastic plywood. The dry cleaning machinery used to recycle silage wrap uses heat, centrifugal and mechanical action to clean the shredded plastic. Once it has been cleaned and pelletised can

be used to produce a variety of products, making sheets which Plasback markets as Tuffboard. The plant dedicated to waste silage wrap has the capacity to process 2000 tonnes a year. In the initial stage,

production will be limited to about 200 tonnes of silage wrap a year and the balance will be other hard to recycle soft plastics such as used shopping bags and milk powder bags. This means more of the waste plastic generated on New Zealand farms is processed here rather than sent overseas. Farmers can buy the Tuffboard that Astron

produces from recycled silage wrap direct from Plasback or through rural retail suppliers. Canterbury pig farmer Simon Oxby uses Tuffboard to build all the sow stalls and fences on his property. Simon Oxby says Tuffboard is easy to clean and whilst pigs will literally eat wooden plywood they leave Tuffboard alone. To find out more go to www.plasback.co.nz

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Organic food market booming Organic farming is practised in more than 162 countries across the globe. In 2014 the global market for organic food was estimated at US$80 billion compared to a miniscule $18 billion back in 2000. These figures alone suggest the industry has grown substantially and compounding at 11 per cent per annum this century alone. Throughout history many dedicated producers have sought to adopt organic farming practices. These are broadly defined as systems that are managed to maximise soil fertility and minimise adverse impact on the local ecosystems. By designing a farming system that effectively marries sustainability with productivity does present a range of challenges. The key is to make the land productive in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. The key common dominator has to be tracking towards a healthier, safer and more environmentally sustainable food supply. Concerns about the levels

Maurice Myers


of chemicals and fertilisers being used to protect crops are encouraging many farmers to look for natural ways to raise their crops, manage the disease and respond to biosecurity. There is no doubt high value customers and concern they have about safety and the nutritional quality of their food is all supportive of an apparent worldwide trend of increasing demand. The key challenge facing organic and biological producers is developing systems capable of fulfilling this growing demand as mainstream supermarkets, restaurants and food service operators look to fulfil consumer requirements and incorporate organic products into their year-round offering.

The mega-forces pushing this demand are coming from the 21st Century consumer, a more integrated urban lifestyle and new wellness models. A small USA Company (Sun Basket) has recently raised US$15 million and their stated goal is to become “America’s favourite way to making organic healthy meals”. Similar to My Food Bag here in New Zealand, it enables customers to cook organic restaurant quality meals at home as the portion ingredients and recipe are delivered direct to shoppers’ doors.

Here in New Zealand increasing demand is catching on with the supermarket chains, where you can now get organic milk on a regular basis. Countdown for example rebrands and discounts perfectly nutritious “ugly fruit and veges” no one wants. “The odd bunch” is offered to consumers at discounted prices and which would not have made the supermarket shelves due to imperfections. The added advantage of making perfectly healthy food for a wide sector of the population that will be just as nutritious as regular produce. Surely a win-win situation as

it helps reduce food waste and provides growers a greater return by the supermarkets taking more of their crop. Also here in New Zealand the recently formed Organic Dairy Hub Co-Op Ltd, a co-operative of 18 farms and seven processors, are now supplying 10,000 litres a day for conversion into an excess of 184 organic dairy products to supply the final organic consumer. Here in New Zealand we exported some $37 billion of products in 2015 but results in something like $250 billion of retail sales when ultimately on sold to the final consumer. This implies that New Zealand’s primary sector captures less than 15 per cent of the value we grow. Estimates of the 40 per cent of food that is lost through spoilage in the supply chain and to support the local food movement emerging through the premium food sector must ultimately be good for the primary producer. Anything we can do to add value and reduce waste is vital for the sector.



T: 03 307 6355 E: ashburton@kpmg.co.nz


Woodchester and Dermont Garden Benches. The perfect addition to your garden.

Adams Sawmilling Co Ltd ISPM 15 accredited for Export Pallets

Malcolm McDowell Drive, Ashburton Ph (03) 308 3595 Fax (03) 308 5649

*Terms and condi-


Phone 0800 286 9682 Cnr East St & Walnut Ave, Ashburton OPEN MON-FRI 8.30AM-5PM SAT 9AM-1PM



OUTSTANDING VALUE ON BIG RED TRACTORS Get in early and place your forward order before the 30th April to get the best deal on a new Puma or Optum Series tractor. We’ll build it just the way you want it – and you’ll also get to choose your free bonus factory upgrade package valued at up to $21,970!


Talk to your dealer today. Choose your FREE bonus factory upgrade package 2.29% finance (36 months/30% deposit) 3 years/3000 hours comprehensive RedCover warranty

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Promotion ends 30th April 2017 and applies to factory forward orders only, for delivery by 31st December 2017. Excludes Puma Tier 3 models. Finance offers are subject to normal lending criteria. Some exclusions may apply. For full terms and conditions of this promotion, please contact your local Case IH dealer, or visit www.caseih.co.nz.


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Urban spread contained well Left – The Ashburton District Council has done a great job of keeping the urban spread in check. PHOTO ASHBURTON GUARDIAN

Chris Murdoch


A lot of the time when I write this article I seem to be commenting about the council or some other organisation or individual on what a terrible job they are doing. However, I was reading an article in the Sunday Times the other day about how the subdivision of rural land in North Canterbury and Central Canterbury is ruining farming areas and turning them into lifestyle spaces and how now they have increased clashes between rural and lifestyle. This is especially true where rural is not fitting in with the New Zealand lifestyles idea of paradise living. One thing that I have always thought our council has made a great job of doing, was controlling our lifestyle

subdivision spread. I have watched over the years, especially as a real estate agent to the south and north of us at how their councils have allowed the

spread of lifestyle blocks and how our local council have held tight control over this spread and growth within Mid Canterbury. It’s great to see farmland

held as such and not be broken up into non-productive wasteland that run a sheep, a dog, a motorbike and then becomes a fire hazard as we have just seen with what

happened in the Port Hills. I know everyone isn’t happy with the way the subdivision land has been set out and changed, but all in all I believe the Ashburton council has made a great job of controlling the urban spread in Mid Canterbury. In closing, the real estate market seems to be ticking along with a few good sales occurring. Generally good properties are getting good enquiry and some other properties are sticking. So all in all not a lot has changed over the past couple of months.

Make the most out of your Farmlands Card PLANTS, TREES & FARM SHELTER FREE ON-FARM CONSULTATIONS PHONE RODNEY 0274 753 798

FREE TYRE Buy three selected car or 4x4 Bridgestone tyres* and get the fourth tyre FREE. Cnr Cox & East Street, Ashburton

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*Offer valid Monday, 9 January until Friday, 27 January 2017. Applies to selected Bridgestone branded car and 4x4 tyres only. Normal fitting and balancing charges apply. For full terms and conditions, see www.bridgestonetyres.co.nz or visit us in-store.


Value and Professional Service A family tradition since 1934


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Auto Electrical service and repair Air Conditioning specialists Wide Range of Two Way Radios Batteries to suit all your vehicle needs Powertool sales and repairs

We have now have three branches: Rolleston 825 Jones Rd ph 03 347 3476

0800 200 600 l www.farmlands.co.nz/spark

Ashburton 80 Kermode St ph 03 308 7234

Timaru Battery Service 45 North Street ph 03 688 6800


ASHBURTON TOYOTA  Sales  Service  Parts

The place where farmers get their quality agricultural replacement parts and equipment




www.ashburton.toyota.co.nz Phone 0800 286 9682 Cnr East St & Walnut Ave, Ashburton OPEN MON-FRI 8.30AM-5PM SAT 9AM-1PM

0800 4 PALMERS - www.palmeragriparts.co.nz 34 Robinson St, Riverside Industrial Park, Ashburton

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Available in 3, 4, 5 & 6m units Linkage mounted & Trailing models Low maintenance High speed working rates Low fuel consumption Incorporate trash or use as a finishing tool

Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.

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CLAAS DISCO disc mowers

Top chop quality 3 m - 3.8 m working widths Outstanding ground-contour following for optimum forage quality V-Belt or shaft drive with double gearbox for smooth running Easy maintenance, with fast access to all points

*Terms & Conditions apply, offer available until the 31st of March 2017.

Ashburton Branch Main South Rd Tinwald 03 307 9400

Christchurch Branch 735 Main South Rd Templeton 03 341 6900

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claasharvestcentre.com A better business decision.

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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


Chairman’s welcome On behalf of the organising committee, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the South Island field days (SIAFD) for 2017. It is the 66th year of SIAFD and the second event we have held at Kirwee. During SIAFD 2017 you can expect to enjoy our ever growing demonstration displays. They include silage and fodder beet harvesting as well as our usual demonstrations. New this year is a lifestyle section with exhibits the whole family can enjoy. While the SIAFD has grown, evolved and moved with the time, it has stayed true to its original 1951 aims – to promote ingenuity

and innovation and to provide farmers with the opportunity to view comparative demonstrations so they can make informed choices before purchasing machinery and equipment. We are thankful to the many SIAFD supporters and community groups who work with us. While there are too many to mention individually, we would like to pass on our thanks to our neighbour Tony Redmond who has been a massive help to us. Without the voluntary committee of the SIAFD none of this would be possible and we extend our heartfelt thanks for all of the work they have done.

Charlies Takeaways A Division of Robsons Canterbury





intaining, pumps supplied and fitted


ALL ANIMAL EFFLUENT EMPTIED AND SPREAD 100% Canterbury family owned and operated | In the waste business for 40 years

Rakaia 0800 372 004 | Christchurch 0800 372 003 | robsonenviro@xtra.co.nz

Visit our website for more information www.robsonenvironmental.co.nz


MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE



Something for everyone South Island Agricultural Field Days (SIAFD) are just around the corner and with more than 600 exhibitors they promise to have something for everyone. The field days take place Wednesday to Friday March 29-31 and it is the second time they will be held at the new site near Kirwee. Chairman of the SIAFD organising committee Rodney Hadfield says that the volunteers who plan and run the event are proud of its status as New Zealand’s premier demonstration field days and this year will be no different. “While the SIAFD have grown, evolved and moved with the time, we have stayed true to the aims we began with, in 1951 – to promote ingenuity and innovation and to provide farmers with an opportunity to view comparative demonstrations so they can make informed choices before purchasing machinery and equipment,” Hadfield said. Continued over page


Lower Milk Solids Damage! Improve Milk Cooling! THE NEW CSL FC280 MILKFLOW DEAL SPECIAL LL AT A S! Y FI E LD DA

Testimonial: “My name is Wayne Hofmann. I graduated with First Class Honours in Agriculture from Massey University in 2009. My thesis involved investigating the effect of Gibberellic Acid and nitrogen on pasture dry matter yield using the commercially available product ProGibb® SG (a.i. 40% Gibberellic acid). This research concluded that Gibberellic acid is another useful tool available to farmers to help them achieve the balance between feed supply and demand. My parents farm at Waihi and have been using Gibb-Gro (a.i. 90% Gibberellic acid) since last spring after previously using ProGibb® SG. I am seeing no major variation in the dry matter responses achieved with GibbGro compared to those achieved with ProGibb® SG.

• Improve Milk Cooling

The one difference that is noticeable between these two

• Retrofit to any plant

commercially available Gibberellic acid based products however

between milkings.

is the cost per hectare with Gibb-Gro being noticeably cheaper. We continue to use Gibb-Gro.”

Only $5.85 per hectare + GST delivered.

Contact us...

0800 10 7006

Dairy Efficiency Solutions since 1987


Brian 027 438 9822 • www.gibb-gro.co.nz

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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


from page 27 New for 2017 is a lifestyle section with exhibits the whole family can enjoy, and because it is election year, you can expect politicians to be on hand. Prime Minister Bill English is scheduled to visit on the second day of the event. SIAFD media spokesperson Daniel Schat says the volunteers and community groups who run the field days are well-prepared and the scene is set for a great show. “Machinery demonstrations are a big part of South Island Field Days, and because we are just 20 minutes from Christchurch airport, we offer farmers and contractors throughout New Zealand an inexpensive way to check out and compare the latest gear,” he said. “This year we have good crops of maize, fodder beet, pasture and oats ready for the harvest machinery. Cultivation and seeding machinery will also be in action.” “Field days are a time when machinery manufacturers and distributors release new products and there are always some great deals to be had, so it should be of real interest to anyone who is serious about agricultural machinery.”

SIAFD organising committee member Tony Redmond leases the SIAFD site when the field days are not on, and Schat says he has done an excellent job making sure the crops are ready and wellwatered. Irrigation is applied with a pivot irrigator that local company Think Water Leeson has donated to the cause. “The lifestyle section adds

something new to the field days,” Schat says. “We have 50 exhibitors lined up to display products ranging from model trains and spa pools to dog control systems and solar water and power units.” Other special events at SIAFD include Farm Trader magazine’s Top Tractor Shootout 2017. The shootout will compare variable

On site at the South Island Field Days, We welcome you as a grower to come and visit us at site 538. “Growing Seeds for a Growing World.”

Lincoln Office

Rakaia Office

1153 Springs Road Lincoln Ph 03 3252306

Email: office@seeds4u.co.nz Website: www.seeds4u.co.nz

16 Railway Terrace East Ph 03 3252306

transmission tractors made by the world’s leading brands. Judges will test the tractors on a range of criteria including performance and affordability. Two fencing competitions will also be held during the field days, and another popular event is the Agri-Innovation awards. The agri-innovation awards recognise New Zealand-made

innovations or inventions. Implements, attachments, or tools used in agriculture or other types of primary production are eligible and entrants are given a chance to demonstrate their inventions. SIAFD is a non-profit organisation made up of farmers and others in the agricultural industry. Hadfield says the field days would not be possible without the work of volunteers and community groups and friends of the field days who donate equipment and services. The event is a good community fundraising opportunity for local schools and Young Farmers who help with parking, running the tills and the entrance, and clean up. “Without their help and the work of voluntary organising committee, SIAFD would not be possible. We give them our heartfelt thanks,” he said. More than 27,500 people attended SIAFD 2015 and organisers anticipate this number or more in 2017. For further information visit www.siafd.co.nz or contact SIAFD secretary Nicola Burgess on 03) 423 0537 or info@siafd.co.nz. You can also follow South Island Agricultural Field Days on Facebook.



MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


Award to be hotly contested Fifteen businesses are vying for the agri-innovation award at this year’s South Island Agricultural Field Days. The award is for the best New Zealand-made innovation or invention that helps farmers. It can be machinery or tools used in agriculture or other forms of primary production. The winner takes home $2500 and gains considerable prestige and publicity. This year’s entries includes a canola oil-based dust suppressant to spray on gravel roads and stock yards, a mobile seed cleaning machine and an enclosed steel purlin that keeps out birds and vermin. The purlins have been designed by Phil Williams and Structure Wise, who say steel sheds have the advantage of greater spans and durability – but the distinct disadvantage of access for birds and vermin. The product is simple to install and able to span up to 10m, greater than any bird proof sawn timber solution, thus opening up new horizons for farm and industrial

The new enclosed purlins will keep birds and vermin out.

buildings. The new purlins eliminate the use of intermediary supports for the roof and wall frame, resulting in cleaner designs with the added benefit of reduced labour and machinery cost throughout


construction. They are ideal for dairy sheds and other buildings where walls are not viable or possible, and just as suitable for commercial and residential wall framing. With patent pending

the new purlin range is manufactured at Leeston. Levno has also submitted its range of sensor packages that monitor and measure fuel, milk and water. The company says the technology provides farmers

with unparalleled access to data about what is happening on the farm, allowing them to farm smarter, improve their efficiency and make them more productive. “Advances in sensor and data transmission technology have allowed us to capture data that was previously unavailable or cost prohibitive. Our milk sensor suite is driven by food safety standards and upcoming MPI Regulation. “Every year one in five farms has an incident where they lose a vat of milk ($7000$15,000) due to refrigeration and agitation incidents and controls. Lenvo provides the visibility to assist saving these costs.” Fuel theft by farm staff is also a large problem in New Zealand with a study in Canterbury showing it could be as high as $1000 a year. Levno provides data about fuel usage that allows farmers to know when every drop is taken from their tank and when to refuel. The Agri-Innovation Award winner will be announced at 4.30pm on March 29.


View our product gallery online boundaryline.co.nz Ph 0800 003 006

2 30



MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


Venture aims to increase innovation A joint venture between NZ Young Farmers, MYOB and Agrimap will concentrate on increasing innovation and technology literacy in young New Zealanders. The partnership will see Young Farmers members offered $650 worth of MYOB and Agrimap software, free, and the opportunity to exposed to the latest in technology. Agrimap CEO and farmer Andy Lowe said it was important to introduce innovative technology tools to the next generation of young farmers, as they would be the innovators of tomorrow. Lowe leads one of the country’s most successful farm data software companies that enables farmers to collate data simply and easily. The cloud-based farm management software focuses on farm records, team collaboration and task management. “New Zealand’s Young Farmers are the future of the industry. At Agrimap we want to do all we can to help them succeed in becoming the


best they can be. “Providing free accounts to all NZ Young Farmers is a way for members to engage with and learn from digital technology. This is a skill that will soon be more vital than knowing how to drive a

Kirwee Field-Days Site #419/420

tractor. We’re here to help.” New Zealand’s largest accounting and payroll solutions provider MYOB is also part of the joint venture and will offer cloud based accounting software to young farmers to give them a head

start on leading financial software. “At MYOB we’re proud to support the next generation of rural business owners,” said Scott Gardiner, MYOB Strategic Programme Manager.

“We’ve worked along-side New Zealand farmers and their advisors for more than 25 years to help them succeed. We’ve seen enormous change in the agricultural industry and seen how technology is playing an even greater role in running successful farms. So we’re delighted to support young farmers at the start of their rural career.” NZ Young Farmers CEO Terry Copeland said the joint venture would enable members to be exposed to innovative technology solutions and would have a significant impact on their day-to-day lives. “By forging a partnership with MYOB and Agrimap we are emphasising the need for today’s young farmers to experience and understand the role IT will play in their futures. These two outstanding companies are superb examples of how technology can improve our Primary Industry. They both offer vital management tools and we are delighted to be working alongside them.”

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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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Stop rust naturally Dirty diesel - a thing It’s more than wool which keeps sheep dry. The lanolin from sheep’s wool fleece repels water and a NZ company, Prolan, based in Tauranga, has harnessed this unique product to create a range of environmentally friendly, high performance, protective industrial lanolin lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and anti-seize greases. Prolan has multiple uses and has proven successes in the engineering, agricultural and marine industries worldwide to preserve, lubricate and protect giving equipment longer life. The main ingredient of Prolan is lanolin (natural wool grease), one of the most versatile natural substances on the planet. Its unique properties surpass petro-chemical products in performance, versatility, longevity, protection, safety and asset maintenance. Prolan’s natural products reduce costs, protect plant and machinery for longer, increase productivity and are safe to use. Today Prolan products manufactured in New Zealand are exported around the world and used in the coldest and toughest of environments to protect machinery and vehicles, including wind turbines. There is a growing trend in the marketplace today for cleaner greener products. Following this trend Prolan products are replacing

traditional petro-chemical lubricants in Europe and one company in Denmark alone has replaced 15 products with a can of Prolan. Often it is a losing battle trying to fight corrosion on your valuable farming equipment, whether it develops from manure, dirt, sand or simply long-term storage. In the New Zealand agricultural market Prolan is sprayed on tractors, quadbikes and 4WD chassis, harvesters, feeders, chains, conveyors, irrigation spraying equipment, fertiliser spreaders, loaders, trucks and electrical hardware. We welcome your visit to our site at Mystery Creek Fieldays Site H24. Cut out the attached advert and receive a free Prolan Sheep in a Can with any purchase. Or contact us phone 0800 PROLAN or website www.prolan.co.nz


Prolan UK has been awarded the LAMMA Environmental Award 2017 at UK’s leading Farm machinery, equipment and services show. The Prolan UK team won first place in this award heading off 900 exhibitors. This award recognises a new product or innovation which has the most impact on the environment. As UK Matt says: “Prolan is a farm product solving farm issues in an environmentally sustainable way.”

COF Checkouts a problem? Apply Prolan ‘Sheep in a can’ to STOP RUST •Long lasting natural lanolin corrosion inhibitor •Resists salt, sand, fertiliser, cold water blasting •Safe on rubbers and wiring •Prolongs machinery life •Increase vehicle resale value •Improve COF checkouts


Call the experienced ‘Prolan team’ for onsite application to protect fertiliser spreaders, loaders and truck chassis. www.prolan.co.nz Ph: 07 5480823 Mob: 0274 920223 E: info@prolan.co.nz


ric e -Pho Ewe ork, tim . d w hoorhnicioecryic e v a m s -Por timteieme -w-PPeh , rwye& woErEwdEeewdoorwrkko, ,rktiemyn. .ey. nnoey m&oom ssaavsveaevdy w ry m r r& wwoorwrroy &


Everyone knows that rusty tanks create dirty diesel that cripples the performance of your equipment, with the risk of leaks or spills contaminating soil and waterways etc. So imagine a fully-bunded, selfcontained, leak-proof diesel tank, that stops moisture building up inside to create damaging rust. And imagine the tank structure is a high-impact polyethylene-plastic, that is EPA Compliant, cost-effective to build - and totally safe to use in any environment. Well, that’s exactly the type of tank that Ed and Leah Harrison of Sebco Fuel Storage Systems Ltd in Ashburton have been manufacturing for the past 10 years. And they still remember the level of excitement they created when they were first released at the South Island Field Days in March 2007. “There was so much interest, the grass in front of the display was worn right down to the dirt with the amount of foot traffic” says managing director Ed Harrison. In fact, the design won Ed and his team the Innovation Award at both the South Island and National Fieldays that year, out of almost 1000 exhibitors. And 10 years later they are still NZ’s only manufacturer of EPA

Compliant plastic bunded-tanks, with more than 2000 now installed for farms and industries in NZ and Australia. Over the following years Sebco successfully expanded their product range with their Sebco ‘Blue Stations’ for storing and dispensing AdBlue®, which are used extensively throughout NZ by farms, bus and truck companies as well as Truckstop sites etc.


MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE



G 60 YE A







SINCE 1957



The best townies for rural surveys.



Come see us at the Kirwee Field Days!


Leicester Wilson (right) with Ed standing beside one of the very first tanks we sold ten years ago, it’s still going strong.


Waste oil storage was another area that Sebco believed could be improved and it wasn’t long before they used the same technology to manufacture a range of bunded tanks that would pass the most stringent regulatory inspection. But according to Managing Director Ed Harrison, the company’s success comes from one simple philosophy. “We ensure our tanks always do what we say they will. And that’s to keep our client’s fuel clean and rust-free and with no leaks or spills that could damage the environment.” And in March at South Island Field Days at Kirwee, Sebco will be celebrating their Ten-Year Anniversary by offering some pretty exciting Show-Specials, with savings of up to $2,500 plus GST off their range of tanks. So if you’re still having problems with dirty diesel, make sure you visit their display at the Kirwee Fieldays, or you can call Ed now on (0800) 473 226 for more details and an information pack.



of the past!

Farm Subdivisions Boundary Adjustments Lifestyle Blocks Free sizzler off the BBQ Prizes and giveaways Cold drinks on ice Site 22

0508 78 78 87 hello@survus.co.nz www.survus.co.nz

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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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Smarter, smoother and safer With close ties to rural New Zealand that go back generations, Blue Wing Honda are proud to announce the arrival of the 2017 Honda Pioneer 500. For over 40 years, Honda bikes have been proven performers on Kiwi farms, no matter the weather or terrain. The 2017 Pioneer 500 takes performance to the next level and is packed with new features to help make life on the farm easier and safer, including dual transmission, upgraded suspension and improved safety. 2017 Honda Pioneer 500 Features and Benefits The leading compact sideby-side, Honda’s Pioneer 500 now features a transmission that can change between fully automatic and manual shift modes via a toggle switch. For easy driving, you can just flick the switch to auto, push the accelerator and go. For more control, the steering-column-mounted paddles can be used to change gear manually, or to override automatic shift points while you’re on the move around the

farm. Also new for 2017 are dual-rate suspension springs, providing a great ride while still being resistant to bottoming. The compact Pioneer 500 still has the narrow 127cm width makes it nimble and easy to transport. All this for the same great price RRP $17,387 + gst at your local Honda Dealer.

Engine/Drivetrain • The gearbox has five speeds with reverse, and drivers can change between fully automatic and manual electric shift via a toggle switch. The automatic mode can be overridden on the move with steeringcolumn-mounted paddle shifters

• Ratio of first gear (previously called low) has been altered, improving shift feel and driveability • The fuel-injected 475cc engine provides great performance and excellent fuel efficiency in a variety of New Zealand conditions

Chassis/Suspension • Suspension with new dual-rate coil springs for a rich, progressive performance • Chassis with compact dimensions: 260.35cm overall length and 185.67cm wheelbase • Single-function door and side nets open together as one unit via a twist-action doorrelease knob • Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear • Towing capacity of 453kg to take on tough jobs • Full line of Honda accessories are available adding weather protection, storage capacity and expanded functionality • Driver seatbelt interlock prevents vehicle from going above 24km/h until seatbelt is engaged • New passenger and driver torso bars for enhanced occupant safety • Two year Honda factory Warranty





ONLY $11,995 EXC GST

Proven Honda power-plant Economical 420cc engine provides strong, smooth power delivery. Compact dimensions work with the new generation chassis to improve ground clearance.

Chassis 20% stiffer than previous models Providing more precise handling while maintaining a smoother ride.

Longitudinally mounted engine This allows direct driveshaft alignment for maximum drivetrain efficiency. No drive belts and fewer parts to service aids durability.

Enclosed axle design Enclosed axle type swingarm enhances strength and rigidity in the chassis. A sturdy sleeve over the rear axle not only provides better protection, it allows the swingarm to support more of the rear wheel loads.

www.hondamotorbikes.co.nz Price excludes GST. At participating Honda Dealers.



MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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Get the best irrigation fit for you Irrigation Logistics is a family-owned company based in Darfield, servicing the wider Canterbury area with the Pierce Pivot dealership. Pierce Pivots originate from the US and have been servicing the agricultural sector since 1932. We have CP600 Pierce Centre Pivots, linears, corner arms and Acremaster Micropivots for the smaller farmer. Pierce have pioneered and advanced centre pivot and control technology and have a long proven track record of commitment to innovation and technology What makes us different from the rest? An experienced designer with over 20 years’ experience and extensive knowledge of our products. This is key to providing you the best fit for your property and your requirements. This can be the key to the success of your project. We also have a competent service team on the ground to help with queries and provide regular services to pivots. In addition to irrigators we also provide PVC pipe, pumps and tanks for

Irrigation Logistics services the wider Canterbury area with a Pierce Pivot dealership.

all irrigation requirements. To meet the varying demands of crops, terrain, and water quality, our pivots can be configured with

multiple types of sprinkler packages, various span and overhang combinations, as an all-galvanised system, or a galvanised structure with

poly-line pipe components. We have a positive track record selling over 50 pivots in the wider Canterbury area in the last year alone.

Let us understand your needs and provide you with the best solution. We have a friendly, knowledgeable and organised team ready to help.

SITE NUMBER 129 See us at the field days! sites 556 & 606 LB OUTFITTERS

• Concrete Water/Feed Troughs • Precast Panels • Silage Pits • Water Tanks/ Effluent Tanks • Concrete Bunkers • Weeping Walls • Killing Sheds • Cattle Stops Ph 0800 58 58 28 | www.johnsongluyas.co.nz

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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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Quick and efficient grain shifting Brandt is a Canadian manufacturer of top quality farming and industrial machinery, represented in NZ by Gough Agritech Ltd, Darfield. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Brandt is a Canadian “Top 50” BestManaged company with a $1 billion annual turnover still held under private ownership. Brandt’s Agricultural Products division offers a range of grain handling

equipment which encompasses grainvacs, augers and conveyors, along with other arable equipment such as heavy harrows. At this year’s Field Days at Kirwee, in addition to Flach and Le-Roy grain drying equipment and Scafco silos, Gough Agritech will once again have a selection of Brandt products on display, ranging from a variety of self-propelled and manually-

shifted augers to a conveyor and a grainvac. The Brandt 52000EX grainvac is a high capacity machine capable of moving up to 2.2 T/minute of grain out of a full silo, and has a considerably lower horsepower requirement than its main competitor machine. The Brandt 5200EX grainvac is designed to be an easy to maintain machine with minimal moving parts and

a low operating cost. It has a unique air throttle which eliminates power surges, reducing drive-line strain and fuel costs, and a dual-blade fan design and replaceable wear strip in the fan housing which doubles the fan life. A “grease bank” which allows servicing of all bottom bearings from one easy-access, side-mounted point is another easy-to-use feature. Many if not most cropping

farmers in Canada have one, in NZ we have found a grainvac is an ideal machine for sharing amongst a group of neighbours or for use in a machinery syndicate as, unlike a combine harvester for example, not everyone needs it at the same time. Come and see for yourself what sets Brandt apart. Visit our display at the Field Days at Kirwee, Sites 712 and 713. See you there.

Need Crop drying or Grain Handling equipment? We have the solution. SEE US AT THE FIELD DAYS AT KIRWEE, SITES 712 AND 713

Importers and distributors of the following: Brandt (Canada) – augers, conveyors, grainvacs, heavy harrows Flach & Le-Roy (UK) – timber ventilated drying floors, ducting, modulating gas heaters, Typhoon fans Scafco (USA) – silos, ducting, fans, stirrers Twister (Canada) – silos, aeration, fans

Gough Agritech Ltd 2003 Coaltrack Rd, Greendale RD1, Christchurch 7671 New Zealand Phone: (03) 318-8132 | www.goughagritech.co.nz


MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE



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Free advice priceless Nutrient specialist

You can spend a lot of money at field days, buying new ‘toys’ and equipment, but there’s one thing you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket for at the South Island Field Days later this month - and that’s free advice from Irrigation New Zealand. The team will be onsite offering farmers and growers independent advice on irrigators, soil moisture testing, seasonal maintenance, environmental compliance and managing risk. “Investing in irrigation is a significant commitment and we want to ensure farmers and growers get the best return on their investment. Efficiency and environmental compliance are two of the biggest challenges they face and we can help them manage both” said IrrigationNZ Project Manager, Steve Breneger. “Efficiency is a key focus for the work we do because not only does it increase production and

profitability, it also contributes to good environmental practise.” IrrigationNZ staff spend a lot of time talking to farmers about the challenges they face with irrigation and finding practical solutions to help them manage their water and their business. “We understand farmers operate in a complex, highlyregulatory environment. We can help them navigate through the myriad of technology, plans and paperwork so that they can spend less time in the ‘office’ and more time focussing on efficiency, production and productivity” said Breneger. As well as offering advice on scheduling, soil moisture testing, nutrient budgets and farm environment plans, IrrigationNZ staff will also be hosting twice-daily ‘field walks’ around the pivot irrigator, with tips on what to look for when it comes to maintenance schedules and how to operate them at their greatest efficiency.

McDonald Agri-Fert and Biohelp products are now well established in the market place and is “biotechnology” that works. We have a high level of repeat business which is a testament to the quality of our advice, products and systems. We offer market-leading guidance on how to integrate our biotech products into pasture/crop/soil development programmes to maximise production. We offer a free advisory service and our highly skilled staff ensure our clients get up-to-date advice on how to best use our products within their farm management programmes, providing maximum returns with minimum effort. Biohelp products provide multiple benefits which compound and with time produce outstanding performance. These products are also a powerful tool in DECREASING NITROGEN USAGE while not only maintaining but also increasing pasture production.

Already many farms throughout the South Island are benefiting from the strategic use of our programmes and products such as CM3, Pasture Plus & Microlife. Terrazone for thatch breakdown is another of our outstanding performing products - can be mixed with your weed killer saving application costs. We’ve had great success with our Pasture Renovation Programme combining Terrazone and Microlife. Lambex and Calf Supreme are our two animal health products – over half a million lambs in Otago alone are being drenched with Lambex and Calf Supreme results have also been staggering. Great products. We have our own tankers and supply and deliver bulk molasses direct to farms. We can also supply and set up your own molasses tank and pumps. Come and see us at the South Island Field Days – Covered Site 82 & 83 or call 0800 24 74 34.

Visit IrrigationNZ at the South Island Agricultural Field Days. We’ll host ‘field walks’ around a pivot irrigator, as well as offering advice on soil moisture testing, seasonal maintenance, accreditation and risk management.

Talk to IrrigationNZ to get the most out of your irrigator Visit us at Site #525 at the South Island Agricultural Field Days Suppliers of


Liquid Bio-Technology “The way of the future”


    

Pasture Lucerne Brassicas Fodder Beet Cereal Crops

   

Calves Cattle Lambs Sheep

Come and see our exciting range of products and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly reps on site. See the amazing results gained from these products, understand the technology behind the products, and see what we can do for you!

12 Laughton Street, Washdyke, Timaru

2 38



MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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Your grain solutions under one roof Sampling grain is important in measuring key quality parameters in combinable crops. In recent years, however, other challenges including mycotoxins have emerged, requiring the industry to demonstrate due diligence. An overview of key sampling opportunities is outlined below. Following this simple procedure and ensuring suitable equipment is used will contribute in maximising your return. 1. Know the harvested quality: At harvest, analysis can only determine grain quality if sampling is representative of grain loads coming into store/ silo. Results from analysis of harvested grain will confirm if grain meets the proposed market’s criteria. 2. Protect the harvested quality: During storage, sampling for temperature and moisture content is required to assess changes in physical condition and to verify that storage targets are met. Without effective

drying and cooling, spoilage may occur and potential market opportunities may be lost. 3. Know what leaves the store: At out-loading from the store/silo representative samples taken as trucks are loaded provide evidence of what has been dispatched. This is the best opportunity for the grower’s and purchaser’s assessments of delivered quality to match. 4. Know the quality received: At receipt, most buyers will sample from each truck, often using automated equipment, and should follow the best practice recommended by assurance schemes recognised in their industry. To assist with the demand for on-farm testing equipment and need for high accuracy, Perten have designed the Aquamatic 5800. A portable moisture meter made to surpass the performance of other existing instruments. Using the same technology

as the AM 5200, it allows the new instrument to analyse grains, oil seeds, soil and much more. A higher frequency signal allows for a greater penetration of samples along with the UGMA (Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm) which provides a more accurate result again. This instrument has been designed with portability in mind to give users freedom to measure grain in-field, at grain storage sites and at grain processing locations. Results of moisture levels and specific weight are produced within 20 seconds. It is simple to operate, but sophisticated enough to provide similar accuracy to elevator and lab instruments. Input sample IDs, view results on a remote screen, and update through Bluetooth. Here at FF Instrumentation we can help with all your sampling, analysis and monitoring needs for grains, seed, finished feeds and more.

The Aquamatic 5800 is designed to surpass the performance of other existing instruments.




MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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Chilled solutions

Herd-testing boost

What instantaneous milk chilling system is best for me? This is a complicated question and dependent on many factors such as:

CRV Ambreed has taken delivery of a $450,000 machine that will increase capacity for herd-testing in New Zealand and, from later this year, will provide more detailed information on mastitis for farmers. The machine arrived in New Zealand from Denmark late last year and has been installed and calibrated on CRV Ambreed’s behalf at MilkTest NZ in Hamilton. CRV Ambreed managing director Angus Haslett says the new machine, a Milkoscan FT+, has immediately boosted herd-testing capacity to 800 samples an hour, providing farmers with analysis on individual cows’ production while also identifying high and low performers in a herd. “The second part to this machine, the Fossomatic 7 DC, will be released on to the market in the first half of 2017, and will work in combination with the Milkoscan FT+ to provide advanced forms of somatic cell count analysis.” Mr Haslett says this advanced analysis will help farmers manage mastitis in herds. “This is the latest technology available from FOSS in Denmark which runs a huge research and development arm and is always innovating in the herd-testing market,” says Mr Haslett.

Daily peak milk volumes/ Primary Cooling • Higher milk volumes and ineffective primary cooling necessitate more of the cooling to be done prior to the milk entering the milk silo Desired milk temperature entering the silo’s (below 10 degrees or below 6 degrees) are dependent on • Futureproofing • Required milk quality improvement • Insurance against specific issue related milk downgrades Running costs depend on • Level of cooling undertaken • Whether heat recovery is included • Storage or demand system Is a stored energy system required? • If inadequate power is available at the dairy (energy storage is more expensive although it can be the desired option where it is more expensive to upgrade the power to the dairy) Maintenance costs/ service back up • As a general rule cooling milk to lower temperatures requires higher maintenance in that glycol

is used • Where a dairy is more reliant on pre-chilling (and particularly where glycol is also running through milk silo refrigeration pads), it is very important for prompt competent service backup to be available as in the event of a fault there is no or very little milk cooling achieved and recovery times after repair can be significant Reliability • Generally the more complicated the system the more things can go wrong. Simple is often best (and less expensive too) Capital spend • The lower the pre-chilling temperature and the higher level heat recovery the higher the capital cost • Storage systems will generally be more expensive than demand cooling systems and be more costly to run More expensive systems are not necessarily more energy efficient and may not result in lower running costs. Generally the more complicated the system the higher the maintenance costs, the more there is to go wrong and the more important the quality of the backup service




• Variable capacity Energy Saving Cooling

• HAYE Dynamic Water Chilling

• Standard Glycol Cooling

• Storage Tank Water Chilling

• Ice-bank Energy Storage

See you at the South Island Field Days. Site 122 24 7 Service

45 Robinson Street, Ashburton Phone 03 307 8903


Part one of the new machine is already in use in conjunction with CRV Ambreed’s existing machine at MilkTest NZ. The second part of the machine is due in New Zealand in the first half of 2017. Regular herd-testing is used to monitor and estimate production for individual cows and for cow health. CRV Ambreed recommends herdtesting schedules are planned in advance so current herd production information is ready in time for farm management decisions such as dryingoff, culling, or preventive treatment of animal health issues.



2 Select

3 Monitor

4 Mate

Book an on-farm breeding consult.

Select the traits best suited to your herd.

Monitor your herd using our easy herd testing and InSight recording options.

Mate with confidence with our AI technicians, using PortaBull and SireMatch.

Visit us at Stand number


0800 262 733



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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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BRP Can-Am – The winning spirit Can-Am ATV’s and side by side vehicles are the embodiment of BRP’s ability to redefine any market it takes on. The first to equip ATV’s with the TTI rear suspension, offering superior comfort in any condition thanks to the placement of the two independent pivot points, the first to offer a manufacturerapproved ATV for two people; BRP Can-Am combines maximum power, handling and traction, making CanAm ATVs the choice of enthusiasts and professionals – who drive them right to the podium. In 2010, the Can-Am Commander was launched, the most versatile side-by-side in the industry, with a powerful Rotax V-twin engine, an industry exclusive dual-level cargo box, and other unique features that make Can-Am the brand with no compromise. With Can-Am ATV’s, side by sides, and roadsters, BRP is carrying on a long tradition of conquests. The Can-Am winning spirit lives on with passion and

exhilaration seeing the brand pushing innovation since 1942. At BRP, innovation and passion are at the heart of our commitment, our products, and our brands. Whether it be our SeaDoo watercraft, our Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, our Rotax engines, our Can-Am ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, and Spyder roadsters, or our Evinrude outboard engines,

these values come alive through technology and design, inspired by a single and common compelling mission: to deliver the ultimate power sports experience, and the toughest, capable and clever working machines to our customers. With BRP making a promise to customers to produce a new side-by-side vehicle every six months through to 2020, local dealers Can-Am North

Canterbury and Timaru CanAm are excited by the new offerings coming thru. “With the recent releases of both the Outlander 450/570 Pro range in ATV’s and the exciting debut of the Maverick X3 side-by-side, BRP have covered the two bases that are the soul of our businesses being that of farming and recreation. The Outlander 450 PRO fills what was a growing

need for a reliable, powerful yet accessibly price-pointed vehicle. The Maverick X3 has been a long-awaited and absolutely exciting addition to what is already proving to be a leading race model in the current market. We are heavily involved in the Off-Road scene so this wee beauty has both thrilled us and blown us away with its performance and design” says Amanda King, business manager (and off-road copilot) of Can-Am North Canterbury. With the two Can-Am dealerships, Timaru and North Canterbury, exhibiting at the upcoming Kirwee South Island Agricultural Field Days in March on Sites 819 and 820, attendees can rest assured that there will be a large display of models and vehicle’s through all ranges covering ATV’s, side by-sides, Sea Doo Jet skis and Spyder Roadsters. Amanda said, “Come onsite, look at, sit on and discuss with our qualified PLATINUM dealership staff what your needs are and how we can help you meet them”.




Glen: 021 533 144 or 03 688 7517 127b Hilton Highway Washdyke Timaru www.timarucanam.co.nz


North Canterbury

Ian: 021 385 423 or Shop 03 313 3977 303 Flaxton Road Rangiora North Canterbury www.canamnc.co.nz


MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE



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Making your home EQ resilient If you want your home to come through an earthquake unscathed you need to choose a well designed and constructed home using quality materials. Earthquake resistance must be built into the design of a home and selecting the right mix of timber and steel components to build your home will ensure that it has the earthquake protection you need. The type of construction that causes the most fatal injuries in earthquakes is unreinforced brick, stone, or concrete buildings that tend to be inflexible and to collapse when shaken. For example, many old buildings erected in central Wellington between 1880 and 1930 were made of these materials and have now been replaced or upgraded. While upgrading is not enough to bring such buildings up to modern construction standards, it is aimed at avoiding building collapse and minimising loss of life. Timber homes, on the other hand, have a very good track

record in earthquakes. Timber framing is the safest and most durable form of construction in earthquake conditions. It is lightweight and can withstand the horizontal forces imposed during an earthquake because it has in-built lateral bracing as part of its earthquake resistant design. Timber will flex and return to its original shape, unlike concrete and masonry buildings. Design your home to withstand the forces inflicted

on it by earthquake tremors. Most buildings are designed to support the vertical load from the walls, roof and everything inside them, in order to keep them standing. Earthquakes present a lateral, or sideways, load to the building structure that requires special design input to counteract. One way to make the home more resistant to these lateral forces is to tie the walls, floor, roof and foundation into a

rigid base that holds together when shaken by a quake. Genius homes of South Canterbury have designed a home building system that features an engineered pile foundation with an underlying steel chassis, or sub frame. The steel chassis maintains its structural integrity over the long-term, is non-combustible and has a high strength-toweight ratio. Genius Homes report that after assessing feedback from

Come and see a brand new Genius Home at the South Island Field days Call 0800 522 225

homes in the major quake hit areas of the greater Canterbury region their homes have performed on an outstanding level. Genius homes have remained virtually untouched throughout the earthquake events, while many other houses have suffered major structural damage. This includes Genius homes constructed in Culverden, Cheviot, Hanmer Springs, Amberley and the surrounding rural areas, as well as many in central Christchurch. The key to the earthquake resistant success of Genius homes is that the strength and bracing is all above ground, while also securely encased by the steel chassis underneath the home. This means the building does not rely solely on the foundations for overall strength, thus ensuring that it is durable and well prepared to withstand earthquake events. To view/enquire about the range of Genius Homes please contact us at geniushomes.co.nz/contact. php

Site: 789-791 Kirwee 29th-31st Mar 2017

www.geniushomes.co.nz | 65 Racecourse Road, Washdyke, Timaru

New Hope For Long Term Back Pain Sufferers

After almost ten years in New Zealand, Teeter Hang-Ups have now gained a reputation for success with long-term sufferers of Back pain. Dave had suffered over twenty years of back pain from Degenerated Discs and had basically given up and decided to just live with it. “To me surgery was never an option” he said “as long as I still could walk, there was hope”.

Come and see us at the South Island Field Days. (See below for details). If you have completely resigned yourself to having back or neck pain for the rest of your life, then chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

very short period of time” It was then Dave decided to introduce Teeter into New Zealand and Inversion NZ was born.

Over the years INZ have helped thousands of people get some serious relief and have seen results in not only backs, but necks, hips, knees, posture, circulation, increased height, blood Dave had tried everything; pressure and lots more. every time he was overseas he would search for anything “We have testimonials from that could possibly help. people with over fifty years While on one of these of back problems and even overseas trips eight years ago, have them in a number of Dave discovered the Teeter schools in New Zealand for Hang-Ups. “The first time I their special needs children” tried it, the pain disappeared he told me, “the blood to the and I was completely pain brain helps these kids and free for about 30 minutes, the results are excellent” nothing had done that” he What this means for the told me. Dave never believed aging population is that it it would fix him, “as specialists helps maintain the health of had told me it was irrevers- the brain as we all get older. ible, I now knew I had a place to go every time I wanted Dave told me that he some serious relief”. realised that, had he not the Teeter for himself To Dave’s surprise the more tried he would “I he used the table the longer would stillstillbebeasuffering, miserable the pain stayed away, until grumpy bugger, living with after nearly three months he was completely pain free, “I pain, that is why we do the couldn’t believe it’ he told me shows, people need to try it “I had spent large amounts of for themselves” he told me money on every form of treat- “most people actually get ment available and here was off with the pain either gone something I had never heard or considerably less” he said “we let the tables do the Frank Harwood (84) of Turangi using his Teeter, Frank has been of sorting it out for me in a talking” Inverting for over eight years and has found it keeps him young


Discs: It

uses gravity to apply traction, the traction gently opens the discs and as they open up they create suction, this suction draws fluid from the surrounding tissue back into the discs, re-hydrating them. This is the key! Discs do not have their own blood supply, they rely on transfer of fluid from the surrounding tissue to keep them healthy and hydrated and over the years as discs get thinner with age, they lose the ability to take on fluid (just like squeezing a sponge) and they start to de-hydrate. De-Hydrated discs are less flexible, they are harder, more prone to injury, they interfere with nerve roots creating pain and ultimately the de-hydration causes degeneration. The Teeter Inversion table slowly and gently brings the hydration back into the discs, plumping them up. This brings back lost height (most people will regain around 2 CM of height), it separates the nerve roots far more effectively and returns quality of life

Muscles: A lot of pain is muscular, when

muscles are stressed they become tight which restricts the flow of blood and lymph through the muscles so toxins build up, Co2 and Lactic Acid. Traction opens up the muscles, Rhythmic Traction, is a gentle rocking motion that stimulates circulation and encourages blood flow through the muscles, which clears the lactic acid into your lymph system where it stimulates lymph flow and deals with it. Most people with serious neck issues see a large improvement after only one treatment.

Posture: Poor

posture is one of the major cases of pain and is a major contributor to the deterioration of the body with age. A difference in leg length causes most of the hip and knee issues, as they continue to place uneven loads on the joints; similar to the wheels out of alignment on your car. Trying to correct posture is extremely difficult due to muscle memory, as it constantly pulls the muscles back to where they were. At a level of 40 degrees or more on the Teeter, the muscle groups open up and eventually come back into alignment, using the table daily, does not allow the muscle memory to pull them back out of alignment and slowly the muscles start to lose their memory and go with the flow, allowing the body to come back into correct posture. Then using the table once a day will ensure it is kept there. This is pure logic, if a machine is out of alignment it does not last long, the only difference between the body and a machine is that the body is constantly repairing itself, however if the wear and tear on the body is greater than the body’s ability to repair itself, it is a slow decline. The Teeter slowly brings the body out of its decline and allows the body to repair itself, resulting in a far healthier life. If you are serious about investing in your health and really sorting your issues out, come see us at one of our local roadshows, you have nothing to lose and chances are, a lot to gain.




In 2008 I had been living with a serious lower back pain for many years due to two discs with serious degeneration and was scheduled for a double spinal fusion at a cost of $48,000. The Specialist had recommended many lifestyle changes including changing my profession, which was not practical as I own my own business. At the Waikato Home Show I experienced a demonstration on a Teeter Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare. To me the effect was amazing, I actually experienced some serious relief which lasted for an hour or two, I was told that the relief would last longer with time as long as I used the table regularly, so with the surgery scheduled for 12 weeks time, having nothing to lose and a lot to gain I purchased a Teeter. Four years on I still use my table on a daily basis, my back is as strong as ever with very little or completely no pain, I am still at my same profession and working as hard as ever and most importantly I did not have the surgery. I consider the purchase of my Teeter has been one of my greatest investments, not only has it enabled me to avoid serious and costly surgery, it has kept me in my profession and it has brought my health back. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Very best regards Paul Gordon Cambridge



Come along for a free treatment Here in New Zealand, Dr Giresh Kanji, one of the countries most respected Pain Specialists completed a PhD on how humans experience pain and then researched lower back pain, writing "Fix Your Back" and then spent a few years researching neck pain, headache and migraine and wrote "Fix Your Neck Pain, Headache & Migraine", both books are in most bookstores. Dr Kanji discovered in the research that the disc is the most likely source of low back pain and Inversion showed the best results of all the trials conducted. Three studies showed a 60% reduction in pain and one showed a 75% reduction in surgery for people with disc prolapse. Dr Kanji has personally been using the Teeter Inversion tables for his own low back pain, has Teeter Inversion tables at both of his clinics in Wellington (The Sports and Pain Clinic) and has had such success that he is now conducting the largest study in the World on Inversion Therapy. In his own words, "these things are gold and inversion should be a first line treatment for low back pain”.

Inversion NZ Ltd 0800 62 62 83 www.inversionnz.co.nz

South Island Field Days Site number L45/46 29th To 31st

Inversion helps to: • Relieve Back Pain • Relieve Neck Pain • Relieve Muscle Tension • Stimulate Blood And Lymph Flow • Improve Posture • Increase Flexability • Reduce The Effects Of Ageing Caused By Gravity


MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE



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Great for back and neck pain Over the last nine years Inversion NZ have been attending trade shows throughout the country, reaching people with long term back and neck problems and letting them feel for themselves the amazing benefits that Inversion gives. Because of Inversion NZ’s nine years of travelling the country, Inversion Therapy has gained a reputation as a simple but effective way to treat back or neck pain. This recently gained a reputation boost by one of New Zealand’s most well known Pain Specialist. Dr Giresh Kanji, he completed a PhD on how humans experience pain and then researched low back pain, writing “Fix Your Back” and then spent a few years researching neck pain, headache and migraine and wrote “Fix Your Neck Pain, Headache & Migraine”. Both books are in most bookstores. Dr Kanji discovered in his research on low back pain that the disc is the most likely source of low back pain and Inversion showed the best

results of all the trials ever written on low back pain. Three studies showed a 60% reductions in pain and one showed a 75% reduction in operations for people with disc prolapse. Dr Kanji has personally been using the Teeter Inversion tables for his own low back pain, has Teeter Inversion tables at both of his clinics in Wellington (The Sports and Pain Clinic) and has had such success that he is now conducting the largest study in the World on Inversion Therapy. In his own words, “these things are gold” and inversion should be a first line treatment for low back pain. Come along to the field days and try it for yourself. 1191 Courtenay Road, Kirwee located 25 minutes west of Christchurch Airport in Canterbury Inversion NZ Ltd demonstrating Inversion Therapy. PHOTO SUPPLIED





3050mm long with 26 feed spaces.

Fully galvanised, centrally ridged, heavy duty trough.



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Heavy duty crush with a tread plate floor and hinged side doors.

Hinged doors give unobstructed access to the animals flanks.




UK manufactured hot dip galvanising.



*All prices are GST exclusive

Give Riverdown Steel a call on 0211 433 469. Email - riverdownsteel@gmail.com NEW WEBSITE: www.riverdownsteel.co.nz


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MARCH 29-31 2017, KIRWEE


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A total product solution New Zealand dairy farmers are considered the best pastoral-based farmers and produce the highest quality milk in the world. To maintain that leadership position, you need the best technology and service supporting your business. GEA New Zealand has the expertise coupled with the ability to design, manufacture and install solutions locally; ensuring we understand your needs and requirements, knowing one solution doesn’t fit all. Incorporated under the GEA dairy farming portfolio, you will find the well-known brands Milfos, WestfaliaSurge and FIL. Bringing these strong brands together solidifies our commitment to not only to pastoral farming, but our focus on the offering the total product solution.

High quality barn equipment

Utilising years of indoor farming expertise from the United States, GEA barn equipment is designed to the highest quality standards, with

Continuous animal activity and health monitoring

complete cow comfort in mind. We provide a complete barn package, including stalling, matting, effluent handling, brushes, tip troughs and optional climate control systems and curtains.

Collection, transfer and separation – efficient effluent management solutions

In addition of being a valuable source of plant nutrients, GEA’s intelligent effluent management ensures numerous advantages for use. Effluent green water can be


re-used for wash down, while in overseas markets the dry matter produced is used for cow bedding. GEA offer tailored effluent packages specifically suited to barn installations. These packages include three stages - Cleaning, Transfer and Processing or Spreading.

Complete robotic milking portfolio for every farm size

GEA has successfully rounded out its automatic milking product portfolio, offering fully automated milking technology for every

Herd Management

farm size. Monobox is a modular milk station which allows for many different parlour layouts, whereas DairyProQ is the ultimate performing fully automated rotary. These two unique products GEA offers farming operations solutions that address the demanding and varied challenges involved in milk production. Efficient, automated milking technology that can be easily integrated into every farm and ensures highest milk quality, the greatest possible volume, flexibility and transparency.

CowScout system gives you the ability to accurately identify what cows are on heat through remote technology with the added capacity to better understand a herd’s health status. The collar can detect eating activity, and by doing so provides indicators to individual animal’s health status. By recording and comparing individual cow eating activity they can detect any departure from the norm, and set to provide health alerts to operators to draft out any cows of concern. Visit GEA at South Island Agricultural Field Days sites 286-287 to check out some of key product focuses, have a go at the hole in one, or just enjoy a coffee and a chat with the team. GEA New Zealand is part of the international GEA Group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries.

Animal Health

Barn Solutions

Dairy Hygiene

Robotic Milking

We’re in focus

Milking Systems

Our business is focused on you as a New Zealand dairy farmer. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals with products and services that future-proof your investment. We offer total product solution, that’s backed by local support and service; we’re focusing on your farm. Visit the team at site 286-287 at South Island Agricultural Field Days, or contact us on 0800 GEA Farm.

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Guardian Farming - March 2017  

Guardian Farming - March 2017