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December 1, 2017


A place to call home

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Hearing, the way nature intended.



Trial this revolutionary new technology and enjoy an unprecedented natural sound experience!

House of Hearing

Ashburton 03 307 8949


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Halswell Fendalton West Coast Blenheim Rangiora 03 322 4326 03 351 3535 03 768 5528 03 579 5353 03 310 7355





A place to call home 6 Davidson Street, Allenton As you know - no one takes care of their homes like the older generation.

The gardens are just clipped, mowed and trimmed to perfection.

With the current owner moving to a retirement village - this muchloved family home is ready for a new family. And lucky for you...there’s really nothing you need to do.

You could literally move in and do nothing - it’s that immaculate indoors and out.

Four bedrooms- three are doubles and one single. This home feels even more spacious with cathedral ceilings and the living is kept cosy all year round with a heat pump pushing warmth right through.

Then later on put your own stamp on this perfect family home.






Double attached garaging and loads of off-street parking - it all makes the lifestyle easier.

Open Home Saturday 1.00-1.30pm

To access documents we hold for this property please visit www.

Debbie Boon Phone 027 448 4006 or 03 307 7377

Outdoor Entertaining with Redmonds LAVI BAR SETTING Instore now




$719 SAVE $180


$2999 SAVE $750


Burnett Street, Ashburton | 03 308 5269 | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm; Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm


Is it better to buy or sell first? While buying your first home can be a nerve-wracking experience, buying your second (or third) isn’t much easier. First home buyers may face a whole bunch of barriers, but the stakes can feel pretty high for people who are looking to upsize, downsize or just move house due to family circumstances or job changes.

Mortgage rates


Buying first makes sense in lots of ways, particularly if your search area is very defined. If a property that ticks all the boxes comes on the market it can be hard to resist the pull of putting an offer on it. If you decide to go for it, you’ll need good financial advice and nerves of steel. If your offer is accepted you may find yourself in the position of owning two properties – and having to service their respective mortgages if the settlement dates don’t align perfectly. It can feel like an eternity while you wait for your first property to sell, and if the market suddenly slows it can be tempting to take the first offer you


2 years

In many ways, the process is the same. You need to write your wish list – where the property is, what size it is – and think about how much you want to spend. This is where the buy first or sell first conundrum comes in, because it’s much easier to figure out how much you have to spend if you have already sold your first property. A property is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it at the time that it’s for sale. It’s unwise to hedge your bets solely on an algorithm-generated valuation, the back-of-an-envelope calculation or recent rating valuations. Selling first means you have freed up any equity and you have a firmer budget to work with. However, in a slow market it can mean that you are left scrambling to find ‘the one’. Even if you do find the right property, it can take longer than you might anticipate to reach settlement on it, which means you may have an unspecified period between exiting your last home and moving into your new one. This can be particularly tough for people with children and pets, especially in an area or at a time of year when there is a lot of competition for short-term rentals. If you do sell first, it’s a good idea to try to negotiate a longer settlement period to give yourselves a bit more breathing space. Ask your real estate agent and lawyer for advice on how to do this for – because you’re the seller, you get to set the terms and conditions for your sale process.





2 years




2 years

receive in order to get the place off your hands. Before you do anything rash, talk to your lender or a mortgage broker about what your options are in this situation. You are likely to need bridging finance to cover your offer on the new home – depending on your circumstances and the method of sale you may need access to these funds quite quickly. Be aware that owning two homes will also have insurance implications – you will need both to be covered.

demand for a property like yours. Tackle all those jobs around the house that have needed doing all year – trim those overhanging branches, replace the broken letterbox and repaint the scratched front door. At the very least doing this will make it a pleasant place to live while you figure out your next move. For independent advice on buying or selling property, check out  – REAA


% 2 years


If you are planning to buy first, you can make the sale of your existing property a condition of your offer. While this takes the pressure off, it may also make your offer less attractive to a seller. A good compromise may be to try to negotiate a longer settlement when you buy the new property, which will give you more time to sell. Talk to the real estate agent selling the property to find out how you can negotiate this in a way that the seller will be happy with. There’s no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution in this situation. Perhaps the best advice is that if you are starting to think about buying it’s a good idea to get your property and your finances in order. Talk to your lender or a mortgage broker and give them an indication of your plans. Start talking to real estate agents in your area to find out what might be coming on the market, and ask them for an assessment of




2 years

*At the time of printing

FOR THE HOME YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED... No one knows your personality or aspirations better than you. At Jennian Homes Mid South Canterbury, we work alongside you to create your ideal way of living based simply on what you want. By combining your personality with our expertise we can craft a living a space that reflects your individual needs and personality that is custom designed for you and your family. Visit us at our new Display Home 8 Whiteoak Grove, Ashburton to see how we can help you get the home you’ve always wanted. Open: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm and Sunday 12pm - 3pm. Jennian Homes Mid & South Canterbury 8 Whiteoak Grove, Ashburton P 03 307 7308 E



To advertise in this directory please contact Emma on 03 307 7936

PROTECT YOUR HOUSE FROM SPIDERS AND FLIES New Homes Alterations New Homes Light Commercial Alterations New Homes New Homes New Homes New Homes Light Commercial Earthquake Alterations Alterations Alterations Alterations New Homes New Homes strengthening and Light Commercial Alterations Earthquake Light Commercial Alterations Light Commercial Repairs, andLight Compliance. Light Commercial Commercial strengthening and Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake and Compliance. Earthquake strengthening andRepairs, strengthening andand strengthening strengthening Phone and strengthening and Repairs, and Compliance. Repairs, and Compliance. (03) 303 9830 Repairs, Phoneand Compliance. Phoneor Phone (03) 303 9830 or(03) 303 9830 or 0800 500 564 0800 500 Phone 564 0800 (03) 500 564303 9830 or Phone Phone 0800 500 564 E:(03) 303 9830 or Email: Email: 9830 (03) 303 303 9830or or W: (03) 0800 500 564 Email: 0800 0800500 500564 564 Repairs, and Compliance. Repairs, and Compliance.

Locally owned and operated for 25 years

• • • • •

Spider proofing Fly control Wasp nests White tail treatment Residential and commercial Don’t delay call AJ today Fully qualified & registered Pest Control Technician

Call AJ 308 8147 or 0274 325 447

Today’s construction is tomorrow’s legacy If a home of excellent design and exceptional quality of workmanship is important to you, then look no further than Des Millar Construction. The quality home builders.

 Housing  Commercial  Farm  Renovations

With more than 30 years of building quality homes for the Mid Canterbury community, Des has a strong reputation for “old school” workmanship, backed by results.

For housing, Commercial, farm buildings and renovations, contact Des anytime for a free no obligation quote on 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258

Email: Email: Email:

SOMETHING SEPTIC? Well, if it’s not your wife we can help.

YOUR DIY REPAIRS YOUR WAY If you need to do any repairs around your home, just hire tools from us!

We provide a fast and efficient service to Mid Canterbury • • • •

Septic tank cleaning all systems Grease traps Swimming pools Drain cleaning and jetting

Locally owned and operated

Come and see us today. 588 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 8061


Phone Darryl Burrowes on 03 308 5293 or 0274 333 563


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Easy as — how to build a fence A good fence can make a big difference to a property. It’s out there for the whole world to see, so all the more reason to make sure it looks good and is built well. Why let someone else take the credit for a job this important? Follow the instructions and tips laid out and you’ll be able to do it yourself. There are some points to consider prior to construction; fence design and its suitability to your home, privacy issues, wind shelter, legal obligations, requirements of the local authority, boundary definitions, consultation with neighbours, how it blends with the local environment, and of course, cost. The following construction sequence is for a simple post/rail and paling fence, but can be adapted for any fence design depending on your enthusiasm. So grab your confidence with both hands and let’s get started.

Getting started: Set out First, establish your property boundary. If you can’t find the white boundary pegs, talk to your council about getting boundary set or agree on boundary line with your neighbour. Establish a boundary line. Lay out a string line 50mm inside your boundary attached to pegs. This will determine where the front face of the posts will be.

Positioning your fence posts Select the end post positions. At each end of the fence dig a hole with a spade or post hole borer to a depth of 600mm with allowance for concrete base. Clean out loose material from base and place a rough concrete pad or base of gravel in the bottom of the hole. Gate posts should be set deeper into the ground by an extra 100mm. Posts in high wind locations or unstable ground conditions should also be set an extra 100mm into the ground. Have tools, nails, braces and pegs ready. Fix braces to ground peg with single nail, to allow brace to pivot. Tack braces to posts so they can be easily removed later. Check plumb before adding concrete. Mix concrete (6:1 ratio builder’s mix to cement, pre-mixed Easy to set or quick setting Quick to set).


Add water to create a stiff mix. Pour the concrete around the posts carefully. Compact the mix with a piece of wood to remove any air pockets Check post alignment and check for plumb. Adjust to maintain proper alignment. Set a string line at the top of the two end posts. This can be used as a guide to set posts at the correct height. Alternatively, they can be cut to height later.

Getting it done:

Equally spread the intermediate posts Fixing the rails along string line. Posts should be a maximum of 2.3m apart, measured between Leave concrete to set for two days before centres. fixing rails. Two rails are sufficient for Brace posts using temporary rails. Check fences up to 1200mm high. Use three rails alignment and vertical level on two adjacent for fence heights above 1200mm high. faces using a spirit level. Use 100 x 50mm H4 treated rails. For Mix concrete or bags of quick drying cement and pour carefully around posts. Post alignment and plumb can be adjusted up to 5 minutes after concrete has been poured. However, if using quick setting Quikcrete, you won’t be able to do any adjusting.

Stay safe The use of power tools makes the

smaller spans use 75 x 50mm H4 treated rails. Rails can be fixed either between the posts, or to the face of the post, depending on fence style. Check alignment with string line and ensure the rails are square. For between post rails – rails should be measured at ground level, squared and cut to length - fix to posts with three galvanised flat head nails 100mm long.

Check alignment with string line and ensure the rails are square. For face fixed rails – select a length of rail that can span three posts – fix with two galvanised flat head nails. Remember measure twice, cut once.

Palings Set string line at the height of the top of the palings. This can be done by fixing the first and last paling temporarily at the proper height and then setting the string line between them. Use a spirit level to regularly check that palings are plumb. Butt palings together as there will be shrinkage. Fix with galvanised flat head nails that are three times as long as paling thickness. If the paling thickness is 25mm, use a minimum 75mm nail. If the paling is 19mm, use a minimum 60mm nail. If you want spaces between your palings, cut a block to size, then use this as a spacer between the palings (top and bottom) as you nail them in place.

HOW TO BUILD A FENCE A good fence enhances your home and adds privacy to your property.

FENCE $1692





Fence Rails






03 bag


Quick to Set Concrete



$ 58 each

Fence Palings

H3.2 treated rough sawn. Radiata. 150 x 1.8m x 12mm thick.



Available Thursday 30th November till Sunday 31st December 2017. While stocks last. Props not included.

OPEN 7 DAYS West Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5119

H3.2 treated rough sawn. Radiata. 100 x 50mm x 4.8m.

Sets in approximately 15 minutes. Simply add water. 25kg.

– Mitre 10 Mega Ashburton

Monday-Friday 7am - 6pm Saturday 8am - 6pm Sunday 8am - 5pm



Fence Posts

H4 treated rough sawn radiata. 100 x 100mm x 2.4m.


completion of projects much easier, but appropriate safety equipment when using power tools is highly recommended. Ear protection, eye wear and sturdy footwear should be considered the minimum requirement when using powertools and always use a residual current device when using electric power tools.

Also available in: 19mm or 25mm thickness.




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