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Make your mark 12 Whiteoak Grove, Tinwald This single level low maintenance home is new and offers spacious open plan living, dining and kitchen with separate lounge.


Be the first family to own and enjoy this lovely home and put your own style into it. The section is not too big and offers a blank canvas of grass to let you design gardens to suit your lifestyle.


Don’t miss this opportunity, call today.




Mick Hydes


Location is excellent in a quiet street on the west side of Tinwald, handy to the local shopping centre.




Phone 027 437 9696

Sale of Sofas!





Was $6500

Dakota Now $3000


Was $4299

Tangier Now $2999




Mercury Recliner


Was $5999

Now $3899

Was $3899

Gaucho Now $1899

Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5269 |


Was 3899

Eldorado Now $2899


Time to research your renovation jobs

Mortgage rates

5.35 5.14




2 years



All manner of television shows, from The Block to Grand Designs on free to view channels or specialist house-flipping, home-hunting, backyard makeover viewing on pay-for-view channels. It’s exhausting but motivating at the same time.


2 years


So are you renovating to improve your own home to make your life easier or to put it on the market? Regardless, home improvement projects are rewarding, fun and satisfying and there are all manner of websites and stores able to offer help.

Kitchen and bath renovations usually


2 years

Winter is the perfect time to start researching your summer renovation jobs. Head to the library if you’re old school, or get busy on the internet if you have time and data to spare … or better still, hunker down on the couch for endless viewing of home renovation projects.

Balancing your needs and wants is as important as knowing the limit of your DIY skills. You might be a whiz with a spreadsheet, but less capable with a hammer so any project needs a plan that includes how much money you intend to spend and who will do the work. If you need a builder, electrician or plumber, plenty of advance notice will be much appreciated.



get the best return on investment. Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List, advises that the ROI is usually around 85 per cent for renovating these types of rooms. She does caution to remember that “the goal is to keep up with the Joneses, but don’t be the leader in your neighbourhood. If your neighbours all have two bathrooms, don’t put three in your house.” Storage in the form of additional shelves or cupboards is always welcome, especially

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in a room like the home office or family room where books and toys can be stored. Or you could upgrade the back yard – a deck adds square footage and is a nice place for an early morning cuppa or afterwork beer. Invite the neighbours over. If you’re intent on selling, remember that first appearances count. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the exterior or painting the roof. A fresh coat of paint will impress visitors, neighbours and passers-by.



2 years


% P.A.

2 years

*At the time of printing

We understand what matters. Providing professional cover and advice for your home and contents. Visit one of our dedicated brokers today to find a cost effective solution to your insurance needs.

69 Tancred Street Ashburton DDI: 03 308 9612

Showers and Mirrors The stylish look and simple lines of polished glass can help make the smallest room the most impressive.

03 308 3918 0800 8090 10 214 Wills Street, Ashburton



Fixing a leaky tap not that hard

A good plumbing system is worth maintaining, and simple plumbing problems can often be easily handled by the homeowner. So if you are tired of hearing your leaky tap dripping, chances are all it needs is a new washer or cartridge, and it can be a simple repair job. Regulations covering what plumbing the do-it-yourselfer can and cannot do have been eased in the past few years, but it is worth remembering that plumbing is a specialised field and generally pipe work and installing new should be done by a professional. Often the product warranty is void if not done by a registered plumber. There is a huge range of taps, mixers and fittings on the market which make it difficult even for the professionals to keep up. Even the humble tap washer has undergone a revolution, with ceramic washers and many proprietary systems taking over. Leaking taps should be dealt with quickly, as, over time, the tap can be irreparably damaged. Many homes will still have the old-fashioned taps with a rubber washer, which eventually wears out. Others will dry out, get hard and crack or break. Just the wear and tear of turning taps on and off can damage the washer

Let the team at Insideout take care of all your painting and property maintenance

the pipe that leads out of the hot water cylinder. Once the water is off, turn on the tap to relieve the pressure in the pipe.

Shane Woods


until it no longer works. When choosing taps for your home it is also a good idea to check if parts can be easily purchased. A replacement part for some taps on the market is often more expensive than the entire tap system itself. And with mixer cartridges there are plenty of different kinds on the market, but you may still find it difficult to find some imported brands. Replacing a tap washer is a fairly simple task and only takes a few minutes, even if you have no plumbing experience. You will first need to turn off the water supply. If you are changing a hot water tap, you may choose to shut off the water at

• Maintenance & repairs • Painting • Carpentry • Spouting • Water blasting • Handyman services • Renovations • Fencing & decks • Insulation • Rural & urban

2010 LTD

Call Shane today on 03 307 7071

Indoor taps usually have a cover that needs to be removed, outdoor taps don’t. The cover may be formed by the handle, or the handle may be separate. Depending on the design of the tap, you may also need to remove the handle. There is usually a small screw on the top of the handle, usually under a plastic cap which should lift off, or under a steel cap which unscrews. For cross-handled taps you will also need to remove the cover. The cover should unscrew, anticlockwise, to reveal the inside of the tap. You should be able to unscrew the cover by hand by gripping it tightly and turning, but you may need to use groove joint pump pliers with a rag in the jaws to prevent damage to the cover. The tap mechanism can then be unscrewed from the body with an adjustable wrench. This will reveal the washer, which is held on by a small nut. Replacing the washer is a matter of simply removing the nut and washer and fitting the new one. Make sure everything is free of grit or

dirt, including the body of the tap where the washer will be in contact, before reassembling. When fitting the mechanism back into the body of the tap, ensure the tap is in the open position and operates freely when the tap is tightened together. Then turn the tap off, turn the water back on and check your work. If your tap continues to leak after replacing the washer, it may need reseating. Regular maintenance of taps should prevent the need for this, but if left too long, a leak can wear a channel in the seat of the tap and instead of a simple washer, you will need to reseat it. Reseating resurfaces your tap, so that the washer has a tight seal. The simplest way to do this is to purchase a reseating kit which comes with all of the washers and seals you will need to fully recondition any old tap. While it is apart, replace the O ring, grease it and install a new body washer. It is also a good idea to make sure you have IDs or indicators in place on your taps as a safety precaution. And remember to turn on taps which don’t get used often like the cistern and washing machine taps, to prevent them seizing up.



Build your own fence Almost anyone can build a wood fence with good planning, some basic carpentry skills and the right tools for the job. The most difficult part may be trying to decide on the style of fence (there are many different types), the type of building materials and possibly some hard work.

It is a good idea to add another 3-5cm of concrete above ground, sloping it away from the posts for water runoff. Be sure to double check and triple check your posts for plumb and alignment. You’ll have about 20 minutes to move your posts after pouring. And wait at least two days before installing the rails and siding so the concrete is cured.

Wood and nails Most fences are made of pressure treated wood and use only rust-resistant hardware such as hot-dipped galvanised or aluminium nails, galvanised bolts, screws, hinges and catches. Your fence will last longer.

Accuracy of design First you need to plot your fence line. Unless you are marking joint boundary lines with your neighbour so as to share the cost, build the fence 3-5cm on your side of the line. This will eliminate possible boundary disputes with neighbours in the future. The best way to mark the line is with the survey you may have obtained when you bought your house. The accuracy of your fence line will determine the straightness of your fence so mark it carefully. Plot a fence line by marking each corner post with a solidly driven stake. Run a tightly drawn string line between the stakes, using the line and

a level to locate sites for all posts. Mark each post spot with a temporary stake.

Digging the holes The next step is digging the post holes. If the posts are not set firmly or deep enough into the ground this may result in your newly built fence tilting, collapsing or heaving in cold weather. The posts must go well below the frost line to stay in place for years to come.

Placing the posts Posts can be set in earth and gravel, but concrete provides the strongest installation. Check out the various concrete

options as some are easier than others. Many people today use a mix that is just right for posts. All you do is pour the mix in the hole, add water and stir. Be sure to plan and time your work carefully, because if concrete seeps under the post it can retain moisture and speed decay. Begin with the corner posts – you’ll need them to plumb and align remaining posts. Plan one and a half bags of concrete mix for a 10cm post set 90 cm deep one bag for 60cm deep posts. Place a large, relatively flat stone in the bottom of the hole, then fill it with gravel (about 15cm), or until it is level with the top of the stone. Continue to plumb and align the post while adding concrete (5-7cm at a time), tamping it in.

Align each fence post so they are exactly vertical and in a straight line. The most common aligning method is the end post or corner post method, though it may be impractical for fences longer than 30 metres. Begin with your two corner posts. Position posts with their faces in flat alignment and plumb them with a level. Next, nail a 5cm-long 1 by 2 spacer block to each post - about 30cm above the ground. Stretch and tie a mason’s line between the posts, making sure the blocks are between the line and the posts. Then tie a second mason’s line at the top of the posts. With lines intact, set and align each post so their faces are exactly the thickness of a 1 by 2 (2cm) away from the lines. Before and after filling each post hole with concrete, check each post for plumb and alignment, using a level on two adjacent faces. Then tack on your desired railings!

Are you a Good


ate? GoodMates ge t a discount on hand tools, power tool consumables an d accessories as well as upda tes on all the latest news . Sign up instor e or online. www.thetoolshe

ToolShed 225mm 710w Drywall Sander



89.90 SAVE














ToolShed 45W LED Worklight


ToolShed Worklight Tripod








ToolShed 20W LED Area Worklight






34 Robinson Street, Riverside Industrial Park, Ashburton Phone 308 6415 |



Get your garage ready for summer Had a look at your garage lately - or are you too scared to set foot inside that dark place crammed full of all those objects you thought you’d put away just in case you might need them once again in the next 50 years! If it’s the latter you are not alone. Many of us don’t realise what an asset our garages are in terms of storage solutions. So, by de-cluttering and re-organising with these simple tips you can make an ugly area, a haven of tidiness and order! Firstly look through the garage to determine what items should or can be stored together, such as gardening supplies and tools, sports and hobby gear, seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, household tools and hardware, automotive tools and supplies, paints and combustibles and garbage and recycling. For items that you’re getting rid of, sort into three piles: recycle, toss, and donate. After you’ve sorted, clean your garage from top to bottom. This is a great time to remove stains from your concrete floor. It’s also an ideal time to paint. Now it’s time to draw up a plan. Use grid paper and note measurements, windows and doors, and utilities. Also determine how much room you’ll need for your car. Mark zones for storing your things


remembering garden tools work best near the door. Rubbish and recycling should be within easy reach but seasonal items can be stored out of the way. Keep in mind some zones might overlap with overhead storage or shelves. Then select storage options that include bins, boxes, tool hanging systems, bicycle hangers, shelving and support brackets and cabinetry. When it comes to garage ceiling storage,

you have a couple of different choices for what will work best given your specific needs. There are several things to take into consideration depending on which of those choices you make. You can certainly take advantage of an empty ceiling space by adding an overhead garage storage system of your own. This is a great way to store bulky or seasonal items. If you choose to go this route, you can build your own simple storage system or buy a product made specifically for the purpose

of storing items in the overhead space in garages. You might choose a storage system that hangs from the rafters or the ceiling joists, for example. Individual ceiling-mounted units are available in assorted sizes and weight capacities. Most systems have an adjustable height, as the distance between the ceiling and an open garage door varies from one garage to another.

AFFORDABLE LUXURY ONE CARESUITE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE • One-bedroomed suite • Nice, spacious and comfortable room • Little outdoor area • Care packages available to purchase • Occupation right agreement

OUR WEEKLY FEE IS LOCKED IN FOR LIFE CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION Donna Coxshall 03 307 6140 – FACILITY MANAGER 37 Carters Terrace, Tinwald, Ashburton 7700 |

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Today’s construction is tomorrow’s legacy If a home of excellent design and exceptional quality of workmanship is important to you, then look no further than Des Millar Construction. The quality home builders.

 Housing  Commercial  Farm  Renovations

With more than 30 years of building quality homes for the Mid Canterbury community, Des has a strong reputation for “old school” workmanship, backed by results.

For housing, Commercial, farm buildings and renovations, contact Des anytime for a free no obligation quote on 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258

New Homes Alterations New Homes Light Commercial Alterations New Homes New Homes New Homes New Homes Light Commercial Earthquake Alterations Alterations Alterations NewAlterations Homes New Homes strengthening and Light Commercial Alterations Earthquake Light Commercial Alterations Light Commercial Repairs, andLight Compliance. Light Commercial Commercial strengthening and Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake and Compliance. Earthquake strengthening andRepairs, strengthening andand strengthening strengthening Repairs, and Compliance. Phone Repairs, andand Compliance. strengthening and Repairs, and Compliance. Repairs, and Compliance. (03) 303 Repairs, and9830 Compliance. Phone Phoneor Phone (03) 303 9830 or(03) 303 9830 or 0800 500 564 0800 500 Phone 564 0800 (03) 500 564303 9830 or Phone Phone 0800 500 564 E:(03) 303 9830 or Email: Email: 9830 (03) 303 303 9830or or W: (03) 0800 500 564 Email: 0800 0800500 500564 564

Sandra & John 03 307 8184 or 027 292 0180

Professional service and a friendly team for a job well done, qualified gardener.


Ù home Ù commercial Ù office Ù gardens Ù pruning Ù lawns

YOUR DIY REPAIRS YOUR WAY If you need to do any repairs around your home, just hire tools from us!

Come and see us today. 588 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 8061



Specialists in:

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• Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps • Dairy Farm Refrigeration • Refrigeration • Ventilation • Electrical & Appliances

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If you would like to see your upcoming event listed here, please contact Emma - email

July 17 – September 10 Annabel Menzies-Joyce | Unless Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre Taking inspiration from the much loved children’s book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, Christchurch artist Annabel Menzies-Joyce’s solo exhibition brings together a new body of work.

July 21 Dead End Derby Exhibition Bout - Pinups vs Punks Cowles Stadium, 210 Pages Rd, Christchurch Dead End Derby Roller Girls present their first home exhibition bout for 2017. Don’t miss the action-packed, full-contact, all-female roller derby battle between two awesome teams - Pinups and Punks. Cash Only for bar and merchandise. No BYO food or drink. Visit for more information. 7:00pm – 9:30pm

July 22 Lyttelton Farmers Market London St, Lyttelton The market is open every Saturday - rain, hail or shine. 10.00am - 1.00pm

July 23 Ceilidh Senior Centre The Ashburton County Scottish Society is be holding a Ceilidh. Entertainment and afternoon tea supplied. Admission $5. 1.30pm Sound Meditation No 5 George St, Timaru Let the vibrations of song, drums and Tibetan bowls wash over you, healing your body, mind and spirit. Please bring a mat and blanket. To register contact Rachel Gard Ph 027 42 8964 or email 2.00pm – 3.00pm

July 25 Ashburton U3A St David’s Church, Allens Road ‘Unraveling the adolescent brain’ with Jim Sole, Brainwave Trust 9.30 am tea/coffee 10am Speaker Artist talk | Michael Eaton Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre Join Michael Eaton one of the Ashburton Society of Arts annual exhibition guest artists for a talk about his art practice and career. 2:30pm

July 27 Operatunity Presents: It’s Rainin’ Men! Theatre Royal, Timaru Four fabulous men sing some of the greatest songs ever written, ranging from music theatre, powerful ballads, Rat Pack, 50’s songs in a show of melody and memories! Rhys Darby Ashburton Trust Event Centre Darby’s shows are always a mix of astute observations and stand-up. 8pm

July 28 Rural Women NZ Region 2 Conference Senior Centre, 206 Cameron Street Our day will include Regional Business, Speakers, Competitions and other activities. RWNZ Board Chair Penny Mudford will be in attendance. Guest Speakers during the day - Kate Boyd & Charlotte Rietveld. Cost $15.00 includes morning tea and lunch. For more information contact Sandra on 027 324 5635 10.00am – 3.00pm

July 29 The Marvellous Monthly Mayfield Market Mayfield War Memorial Hall, Mayfield. Entry to our event is free, our venue is warm and toasty and you’ll be able to enjoy a piping hot Staveley Sausage Roll, yummy crepes and cakes. 10am – 3pm Tanabata Star-Party Earth and Sky, State Highway 8, Lake Tekapo Tanabata is a Japanese star festival that happens every year on the 7th day of July, the 7th month and is known as the “Evening of the Sevens”. Here at Earth & Sky, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to introduce the festival that is so closely linked with stars. This year, we will be hosting our annual Tanabata Star-party on July 29 at Earth&Sky’s Cowan’s Observatory. Please note: Due to the very low temperatures of Tekapo’s winter season, we strongly discourage parents from bringing very young children to the star party. If you choose to bring infants, please make sure you are adequately prepared for the cold weather. Visit for more details. 5.00pm – 9.00pm Otautahi Roller Derby vs Richter City Convicts Cowles Stadium, 210 Pages Rd, Christchurch This is the fist time Otautahi takes on Richter City Convicts and we are keen to show off our mighty walls, our tricky jammer moves and some other sneaky stuff we’ve been practising!!! Get ready for some serious Roller Derby, this is an event for the whole family. See for more information. 6.30pm – 9.30pm Mt Somers Duck Pluckers Ball Mt Somers Hall You are invited to Mt Somers’ biggest Maimai to celebrate the best thing about duck hunting... the return of the Duck Pluckers Ball! A bar will be operating as plucking is thirsty work (no BYO). Dress: Formal plucking attire only, Jacket, furs, frocks and feathers. R18 General admission: $50.00 7.00pm – Midnight

July 30 African Drumming and Dance Workshop Community House Mid Canterbury Come and learn groovy, contagious African Rhythms & Dance in a fun easy Workshop with Koffie Fugah. All levels welcome. Everyone will be challenged at their own

level. Djembe drums will be provided but limited, so contact Koffie on 021 02680964 for more information. Admission $30 10.30am - 2.00pm

August 3 Jesse Morris (Byron Bay) & Julian Temple (Dunedin) The Blue Pub, 1 Barkers Road, Methven Byron Bays roots reggae troubadour Jesse Morris returns to New Zealand for a series of 20 shows across the country. Celebrating his latest release ‘Wake Up’ Jesse will be joined by Julian Temple for 5 shows across the South Island. Two prolific songsmiths combine for an epic mix of roots music. Byron Bays ‘Jesse Morris’ brings a refreshing blend of original soul, roots & reggae songs honed & crafted on the road with over 500 live shows over the last 2 years with his band. R18, door sales only. 9.30pm – 12.30am

August 5 Lincoln Market’s Annual Second Hand Book Sales Lincoln Library, Lincoln Lose yourself in a book this winter and grab a bargain at Lincoln’s Annual Second Hand Book Sale. Browse the many stalls that make up this bustling weekly market. Pick up some quality locally grown spray free veg/ fruit, plants, flowers, take the opportunity to sample some award winning artisan produce, cheeses,wine, confectionery, preserves and baking or even find that extra special gift handcrafted by one of Lincoln Farmers’ and Craft Market’s talented crafters - including wood products, handmade clothing and winter woollens, art, toys, jewellery, natural shampoos, soaps. Check out full details on Facebook 10.00am – 1.00pm

August 5 and 6 Methven Craft Fair Mt Hutt Memorial Hall, Methven. Come along and check out what our stall holders have to offer, something for everyone or any occasion. All proceeds to Methven Playcentre. Free Admission

August 6 – September 3

but much of it will be familiar (Dry Bones, Shenandoah, Sky Boat Song) and we will whizz you Around the World in about 3 minutes, singing snippets of songs from 14 different countries. Afternoon tea is included in the entry cost – so why not join us for an afternoon of easy listening music? Entry: $15.00

The Ashburton Embroiderers’ Guild | The Joy of Stitching Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre This popular biennial exhibition showcases a vast selection of work from members of the Ashburton Embroiderers’ Guild.

2.00pm – 4.00pm

August 7

August 19

One Night of Queen Ashburton Trust Event Centre One Night of Queen, performed by Gary Mullen and The Works is a spectacular live concert, recreating the look, sound, pomp and showmanship of arguably the greatest rock band of all time. R13. Adult - Premium: $89.00


August 23

August 11

Tutus on Tour Ashburton Trust Event Centre We are delighted to present Tutus on Tour, the RNZB’s legendary regional touring programme, in a new format for 2017.

Soul Food Ashburton Trust Event Centre An evening with Kelvin Cruickshank. This is a rare opportunity to see Kelvin working with spirit and maybe even hear from someone you have loved and lost. Come and experience his amazing gift for yourself. R18. Tickets (fees apply): $65.00.

August 26 New Zealand Male Choir In Concert St Patricks Basilica, Timaru Road, Waimate District A celebration of the male voice with the NZMC performing a range of beautiful songs from gospel, NZ waiata, folk and opera. They will be joined in concert with the Waimate Community and Filipino Choirs who will add to an entertaining and inspiring evening of music and song. Adults: $25.00 Students and Children: $0.00

7.00pm – 9.30pm

August 12 Back to Basics Expo 58 Melcombe Street, Ashburton New Life Church Natural Savvy Living. All welcome to learn tips from the locals on how to live a healthy, resourceful and economic lifestyle. DIY, preserving, remedies, recipies and much more. Free entry.

August 6 South Island Half Marathon Lake Hood This beautiful lake will host the South Island Half Marathon and 1/6 Marathon. Half Marathon: $59.00 9.30am – 1pm

September 13 Bill Massey’s Tourists Ashburton Trust Event Centre Written & performed by Jan Bolwell Bill Massey’s Tourists has left audiences weeping and laughing. Open Hat Night 7.30pm WWE Live 2017 Horncastle Arena, Christchurch Fresh from last year’s sell-out event, WWE returns to New Zealand. See for more information.

September 15

10.00am – 12.30pm

10am – 3pm

August 5 – September 3

10.00am - 4.00pm



The Marvellous Monthly Mayfield Market Mayfield War Memorial Hall, Mayfield. Entry to our event is free, our venue is warm and toasty and you’ll be able to enjoy a piping hot Staveley Sausage Roll, yummy crepes and cakes.

10.00am - 4.00pm

Ashburton Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition Ashburton Art Gallery “The Joy Of Stitching” A display of embroideries achieved by members of the guild over the past two years, either free choice of work or from tutored workshops. This will also include a tapestry which was worked by members as part of the New Zealand Tapestry Trust programme.

Night of The Southern Stars Ashburton Trust Event Centre Hospice Mid Canterbury invites you to become a part of the ‘Night of the Southern Stars’. Be a part of this spectacular night of entertainment celebrating some the greatest international and New Zealand voices, while raising muchneeded funds for a most worthy cause, Hospice Mid Canterbury.

September 1

August 29

One Earth - Many Voices Concert The Sinclair Centre The Mid Canterbury Choir in concert with Australian Choir Serendipity. The two choirs will combine to sing Botany Bay and Te Aroha – two stunning songs from our places of origin. Serendipity will sing some familiar (Earth Song, The Lord’s Prayer, Turtle Dove). The Mid Canterbury Choir is singing all new material

September 1 & 2

Waste Free Parenting Workshop - With Kate Meads The Resource Recovery Park This is a humerous, entertaining and inspirational event full of tips and ideas around ways you can minimise waste at home. You get a free $100 goodie bag with each ticket, bursting with waste minimisation products. There are limited spaces and goodie bags available at each event. Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop starts. Individual Ticket: $25.00, Couple Ticket: $25.00

7.30pm – 9.00pm

11.00am – 3.00pm

Caroline Bay Hall, Timaru It’s that time of year, Katchafire are on the road again! After blazing through the New Zealand festival circuit and conquering the United States twice in 2017, Katchafire are finishing off their Winter Tour with shows in the South Island! Make sure you check out the hardest working band in the country and warm up your winter like no one else can. R18 7.30pm

Hobnail - Open Hat Night This is a live show not to be missed! For the uninitiated, it will be a rare treat as one of the country’s best live acts tours the finest album of its illustrious career.

8pm – 10.30pm


Rhys Darby

One Night of Queen

Mystic Time Bird

Darby’s shows are always a mix of astute observations and stand-up, cocooned in a fantastical story that takes his audience on a journey through the ridiculous to the downright silly. This show promises to be no different. Life’s not so bad is it? Thu, 8pm / Tickets: Adults: $59.90* Senior, Student, Group of 6+: $54.90*



Kelvin Cruickshank Soul Food

Sensing Murder’s acclaimed medium Kelvin Cruickshank passes on messages to as many people as possible from their loved ones in the afterlife at his live Soul Food shows – Spirit willing. This is a rare opportunity to see Kelvin working with spirit and maybe even hear from someone you have loved and lost. Fri, 7pm / Tickets: $65* R18


03 307 2010


Gary Mullen and The Works will perform a spectacular live concert, recreating the look, sound, pomp and showmanship of arguably the greatest rock band of all time. Featuring hits such as I Want to Break Free, A Kind of Magic, We Will Rock You and – of course – Bohemian Rhapsody. Mon, 8.00pm / Tickets: Adult $89* Senior, Student $79*




This is a live show not to be missed! For the uninitiated, it will be a rare treat as one of the country’s best live acts tours the finest album of its illustrious career. “When Hobnail take the stage, they tear into their set with mucho gusto, injecting volume and energy into the evening with their illustrious blend of bluegrass, Celtic folk, pop, and rock’n’roll”. Sat, 7.30pm



211A WILLS ST, ASHBURTON, 7700 * Fees apply




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. 106 Creek Road . 11A Cross Street . 4 Suffolk Street . 66 Cameron Street . 71 Cambridge Street . 71A Cambridge Street . 1/4 Balmoral Place

03 308 6173 www.

FAIRTON 10.00 – 10.30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39A Waymouth Street


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TINWALD 11.30 – 12.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Hight Place 12.00 – 12.30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Whiteoak Grove

ASHBURTON 10.00 – 10.30 10.45 – 11.15 . 11.00 – 11.30 . 11.00 – 11.30 . 11.00 – 11.30 11.00 – 11.30 12.30 – 1.00 .


Virtual Reality Open Homes Are Here!



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Guardian Property - 21 July 2017  
Guardian Property - 21 July 2017