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April 27, 2018



AND EASY CARE Proudly marketed by Bayleys



Reconnect with life. Take a new pair of hearing aids for a spin and if you like them, we’ll throw in a free Bluetooth mic for hands free phone, music and TV streaming. And we’ll give you free care for the life of your devices valued up to $3500!*

Free Bluetooth mic


Call now to book an appointment for your FREE TRIAL and FREE HEARING TEST.

Ashburton Clinic 326 East Street Phone 03 307 8949

*Offer on the purchase of selected hearing aids, valid 9 April - 18 May 2018. T&Cs apply.


Secure and easy care / 556411

21 Agnes Street, Tinwald

Not far from a suburban shopping centre for all your daily needs. Very well utilised 170m² with zero wasted space. Compact easy care section and great off street parking. Would make an excellent base for mobile home enthusiasts. To access documents we hold for this property please visit: www.propertyfiles.

Big living ƒƒ Room for everyone

Excellent home base ƒƒ Great for mobile home enthusiasts

Location ƒƒ Close to the shopping centre for your convenience





Mick Hydes

Phone 03 307 7377 or 027 437 9696



Wood Plank


Project Oak

$39 per m2

$99 per m2

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Detroit


$23 per m2

$36 per m2


Flooring specialists We help make your house your home, with extensive ranges of quality and affordable flooring options. Staying ahead with the latest styles, texture options, and colours, we are proud to showcase a large offering. Amanda

Tiles - carpet - vinyl plank - wood floor. Amanda and Kelli can help you select the best flooring to suit your needs and improve the look and feel of your home. Call us today to book your free flooring measure and quote.


Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5269 |



a glorious time in the garden “Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness” John Keats summed up the essence of autumn in the garden. It’s a time of richness of colour, richness in terms of ripening fruit and a sense of mellowness as plants that have flourished and yielded produce in summer, complete their cycle and die or begin their winter hibernation. Autumn is also a time for celebration in the home garden ... The rich harvest of summer might be slowing, but as the days shorten there are still many pleasurable hours to be had in the garden and still many crops to harvest ahead of winter. In the vegetable garden pumpkins are ripening, the last of the summer tomatoes are full and plump on vines, brassicas if protected from white butterflies will be ready to eat, courgettes will still be producing and main crop potatoes are ready to dig. It’s a time for harvesting and storing food away for the long winter months and once the first frosts have done their work, the last of the crops, parsnips and yams will be ready to harvest. Leeks will also be starting to thicken and

will be ready to dig and enjoy. Autumn is a busy time for home gardeners both in terms of harvest and planting. The soil is still warm and morning dew and more regular rain ensure plants are well nurtured. This encourages roots to get established before the cooler months creep in. Enjoy the remaining warm days to plan seedlings of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, winter lettuce, parsley, spinach and more and you’ll be eating tasty home grown produce all winter long. It’s also a good time to sow broad beans for late spring harvest. Areas of the vegetable garden that are lying fallow can be enriched by sowing green crops such as lupin or mustard seed, an easy and natural way to add nutrients and improve soil structure for spring. Compost, blood and bone, sheep pellets are also good additions to the garden to build up soil health for spring. In the fruit garden, autumn is a busy time as not only are the last of the summer fruits ready to harvest, it’s also a time when new season fruit trees start arriving

in garden centres. Dig compost into new planting sites and fertilise citrus trees with citrus food. In the flower garden, autumn is a great time to plant spring bulbs and to prune back flowering plants that have finished for the season. Mulch your flower beds to suppress weeds and protect plants from the cooler months ahead. Pea straw is the gardener’s best friend and it’s a cheap and efficient way of both providing protection for trees and shrub roots and for keeping weeds down. Pack it down liberally on garden beds. New trees, shrubs, climbers and roses can be planted now and plants that need to be moved will do best if relocated at this time of the year. Autumn is also an important time for lawn care. Lawns can be the most underappreciated part of your garden but now is the best time to prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead by applying lawn fertiliser that is high in potash and phosphates. Treat your lawn well in autumn and it will reward you with lush green growth in spring and summer.

New Zealand's Most Awarded & Trusted Builder.


No one knows your personality or aspirations better than you. At Jennian Homes, we work alongside you to create your ideal way of living based simply on what you want. By combining your personality with our expertise, Jennian will craft a living space that reflects your individual needs and personality that is custom designed for your family. We have two fabulous Display Homes located in Timaru and Ashburton. Come on over to see how we can help you get the home you’ve always wanted. Timaru Display Home: 23 Hunter Hills Drive, Timaru. Ashburton Display Home: 8 Whiteoak Grove, Ashburton.

Jennian Homes Mid & South Canterbury 23 Hunter Hills Drive, Timaru P 03 307 7308 E

Adam Blake | Consultant M 021 195 0346 E


What to watch for

Mortgage rates


when the mode of sale changes



2 years




2 years




2 years



Buying a property is rarely straightforward, which is no surprise given that it’s the biggest financial commitment most people ever make. When you combine big sums of money and a considerable level of emotional investment, even the simplest transaction can be stressful. We hear a lot about the need for buyers to do their homework, but there are plenty of reasons for sellers to be careful too. If you’re selling a property with a real estate agent, you must sign an agency agreement that sets out all the terms and conditions of your contract with them, including how much commission they will earn from the sale and how the property will be marketed. That’s why it’s so important to get legal advice before you sign an agency agreement. If it’s a standard agreement, you usually retain the right to sell the property privately but it’s a good idea to check this. If you have signed an agreement with an agency but decide for whatever reason to opt for a DIY private sale, you should double and triple-check whether the agency agreement requires you to pay commission to the real estate agent or agency. Most agencies use the Real Estate Authority (REA) standard clauses in agency agreements, which set out certain terms and conditions for the contract and the payment of commission.

According to the standard clauses, commission is payable if the property is sold within the active term of the agreement (normally 90 days) or if it is sold privately within six months after the end of the term to a buyer that the agent had earlier introduced to the property.

sale and purchase agreement have been met), but it doesn’t matter whether it goes unconditional during or after the agency period, or during or after the six months following expiry, so long as the sale and purchase agreement is entered into within those timeframes.

In other words, if the buyer visits an open home run by the real estate agent, and then enters into a private sale with the seller within six months after the end of the agreement, the seller is still obliged to pay commission to the agent.

So, before you sign an agency agreement, ask the agency if it uses standard REA clauses. If it doesn’t you may be exposed to more complicated commission risks and you should seek legal advice.

This can vary depending on whether it is a sole or general agreement – talk to your lawyer before you sign up.

Generally, any issues arising from the agency agreement/arrangements between the seller and the real estate agent won’t have a direct effect on the separate sale and purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer.

Both sole agency agreements and general agency agreements provide for commission payments after the agreed period ends. If a seller enters into a sale within six months of the agency agreement ending with a buyer who was introduced by the real estate agent (or the agent facilitated the sale), then the seller must pay the agent commission just as they would have done when the agreement was still current. So, if the agent brings a potential buyer to a property in March, the agency agreement expires in April, and the seller and purchaser enter into a private sale agreement in May, the seller will have to pay the agent commission. The sale must become unconditional (which is when all the conditions of the

Ready to build your dream WE TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF MOVING From packing, clean-up, storage and moving your whole household to delivering a recent large purchase, we do it all. Call today for a quote. Free quotes in Mid Canterbury THE ASHBURTON FURNITURE MOVERS DIFFERENCE

• Registered James Hardie installer • Residential, commercial or farm buildings • Quality workmanship

RTO Construction Ltd Rodney Grant 027 634 1631


2 years




2 years

*At the time of printing

However, the wrangling involved may create headaches or delays that you as a buyer wouldn’t want to be troubled with. If you do decide that you’re really keen on a property in this situation, seek legal advice before getting involved (and especially before signing anything). Remember too that the REA can help you with questions and complaints about sales involving licensed real estate agents, but it’s unable to step in if you have a problem with a private and unlicensed seller. For independent advice on buying or selling property, check out



If you need to do any repairs around New Homes your home, just hire tools from us! Alterations New Homes Light Commercial Alterations New Homes New Homes New Homes New Homes Light Commercial Earthquake Alterations Alterations Alterations Alterations New Homes New Homes strengthening and Light Commercial Alterations Earthquake Light Commercial Alterations Light Commercial Repairs, andLight Compliance. Light Commercial Commercial strengthening and Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake Earthquake and Compliance. Earthquake strengthening andRepairs, strengthening andand strengthening

strengthening Repairs, and Compliance. Phone Repairs, andand Compliance. strengthening and Repairs, and Compliance. Come and see us today. Repairs, and (03) 303 9830 Repairs, andCompliance. Compliance. Phone Phoneor Phone 588 East Street, Ashburton (03) 303 9830 or(03) 303 9830 or Phone 03 308 8061 0800 500 564 0800 500 Phone 564 0800 (03) 500 564303 9830 or Phone Phone 0800 500 564 E:(03) 303 9830 or Email: Email: 9830 (03) 303 or (03) 303 9830 or W: 0800 500 564 OPEN 7 DAYS Email: 0800 0800500 500564 564 Email:





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Guardian Property - 27 April 2018