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Thank goodness it’s spring! Besides the hayfever and occasional nor’west headache, I’m looking forward to awakening from hibernation! I know everyone in my household is hankering for summer after a soggy winter, let’s hope it’s a beauty. September’s YOU is packed full for your reading pleasure. Our two main features involve former Cantabrian women who are chasing and catching their dreams. You’ve got to admire people who go hard out to achieve their life goals … it’s a mixture of passion, hard work, determination, discipline and bravery that gets people where they want to go and I have huge respect for anyone who can achieve their dreams through overcoming whatever is put in front of them. Enjoy this month’s YOU and let us know what you think! We are always keen to hear what you would like to see more of or less of and you can contact lisa.f@theguardian.co.nz to let your feelings be known. Cheers and thanks, Lisa Fenwick

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on Quinn has survived Geraldine-raised Shann P4 -warrior crusade.  eco an Survivor and is on

Perfect pedicures for fashionable feet on your wedding day. P14

Wrap your laugh ing recipes from Kerri gear round some yummy spring Lysaght.  P41

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Gerald on e

t’s easy to imagine how you’d approach the game of Survivor watching from the comfort of your own living room. Actually surviving in the Nicaraguan jungle is a different story altogether. The drama-filled, Emmy-nominated, American reality series has run for an incredible 34 seasons, starting with Survivor: Borneo, in 2000. For 17 years, Shannon Quinn absorbed every minute of those episodes, relishing the excitement of the reward and immunity challenges, and eliminations. So, when the opportunity came to apply to be part of the inaugural New Zealand version, the 24-year-old, who grew up on a Geraldine sheep farm, couldn’t apply quickly enough. She understood the game and was ready for the ultimate test of endurance. An extreme battle of the mind and body. Of course, a cash prize of $100,000 was also up for grabs, but, it was never about the money for Shannon. It was all about the experience. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Survivor and had actually researched years ago how to be on the American version, but you have to be a citizen,” she says. “I just wanted to challenge and push myself to the limits; mentally and physically.” During the application process, Shannon was holidaying in Thailand, so she edited together footage of her trip, her zoo keeping adventures, as well as clips from her acting degree, and mailed the film before deadline. “I did everything in my power to get through,” she says. “I basically said they couldn’t make the show without me!” TVNZ received 8000 applications from intrepid Kiwis, but only 16 could be selected for the competition. Months later, Shannon received the call she was through to the next round, and was put through interviews and discussions with a psychologist. Before she knew it, she was on the plane to Nicaragua, The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes, in the heart of Central America. Known for the natural beauty of dozens of volcanoes, rivers and lakes, it is also home

dine’s Survivor star eco-mission

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When Survivor New Zealand burst on to Kiwi television screens in May, Geraldine-raised Shannon Quinn was a stand-out contestant from the very beginning. A zoo keeper, model, actress and fierce conservationist, she was also a huge Survivor fan and came in with a game plan to get to the top. All the drama we have come to expect from US versions ensued; from the epic challenges, game playing and alliances, to the brutal day-to-day life in the stark wilderness. But, with the show now complete, YOU reporter Megan Gnad found out the girl from South Canterbury has her sights set on a very different crusade; saving and protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable species.

to millions of sea turtles, jaguars, threetoed sloths, scorpions, tarantulas, sharks and crabs. For passionate animal lover Shannon, who now works at Auckland Zoo, it was a dream come true. “Being in Nicaragua was incredible. I always wanted to go; it was on

my bucket list.” While they were there to film a television show, there also proved to be a lot of down time, and within two days Shannon had already explored the vicinity of the campsite and located as many wildlife species as she could. continued over page

Above – Shannon Quinn (second right) couldn’t wait to have her shot at Survivor New Zealand. PHOTO SCOTT MCAULAY Left – Shannon works at Auckland Zoo on the animal experiences section, where she gets to work with gorgeous animals like this blue and gold macaw.

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Above – Making friends and allies, Geraldine’s Shannon Quinn (facing). Right – Shannon holds Immunity Idol. Below – ‘Banished’ to Redemption Island.

From P5 “I know there were capuchin and spider monkeys, but where we were, we mostly saw snakes and tarantulas. A lot of people think the animals were planted, but there really were scorpions there. “The country just blew me away. When I was on the jury and had the chance to explore, it was such a culture shock being in a country so different from New Zealand.” Located about 45 minutes from the nearest town, Shannon says they did feel very removed and isolated. Deprived of basic comforts and with little more than the clothes on their backs, competitors had to survive the elements, build their own shelter, light their own fires, gather their own food, and fend for themselves. At times, cabin fever set in. Prohibited

from interacting with the camera crew, or host Matt Chisholm outside of Tribal Council duties, contestants literally only had each other to rely on. “There’s no other time in your life where you’re put in the situation,” she explains. “You can normally leave that situation, but there you have no choice. And you can’t sleep; I would just lie there planning my next move and strategy.” Life in the jungle also quickly took its toll on her body. With only a handful of cooked rice and beans to eat, night and morning, she was shocked by the change in her appearance. “My muscles melted off, and you can tell watching it. I was prepared to feel hungry, but not prepared for what it did to your body. Even walking was a struggle.”

Another struggle was how she was perceived throughout the show, which is something she’s still coming to grips with. A fan of the American version of Survivor for so many years, Shannon played it with a more ruthless strategy that mirrored what she knew of the US game. “I felt like I had resilience,” she says. “I did crack near the end, but I’ve never been in a situation with people who didn’t like me. “I thought, ‘I’m going to do anything’, but I didn’t read it right. If I knew, I would have readjusted.” The strong and determined young woman felt she was playing a Survivor character audiences would expect, but also points out certain things were portrayed in differing ways on the show and picked up and spun in circles by the media.

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Above – Shannon Quinn is eliminated. Below left – A warm welcome on Redemption Island. Below right – One of the many challenges that pushed Shannon physically and mentally.

“I got a lot of messages from friends and family,” she says. “Everyone who knows me knows I’m not like that. I very rarely rub people up the wrong way. “But, from growing up in the south, we Southerners are quite resilient and hardy, so you plough ahead.” Shannon was part of the Hermosa tribe and was the 11th contestant to be voted out on day 28. This meant she came eighth in the competition, which was ultimately taken out by Wellington’s sole Survivor, Avi Duckor-Jones. The whole series was filmed this time last year and for Shannon, watching it back and hearing the hype and speculation about the competition was hard. She still hasn’t watched the final six episodes.

“We had come to terms with everything that happened and then we had to relive it all again when it aired.” The best part was the opportunity to experience the Nicaraguan jungle and the amazing animals she encountered over the 40 days. Shannon still fizzes with excitement detailing the precious moments she spent with the wildlife in their natural habitat. “Other competitors would run away from snakes and scorpions, and I would run towards them,” she laughs. “I wish I could have brought a notepad to document everything, but it’s all in my mind. “One day, I saw a family of howler monkeys in the trees when I was on the jury, and once I saw a white-faced capuchin. We were

not allowed too far, but I explored our area in the first few days.” In hindsight, it’s clear there may have been some things Shannon would have done differently, but there’s so much more to her than what was squeezed into the final cut. Before leaving for the jungle, she was working at Christchurch’s Orana Wildlife Park with ring-tailed lemurs, springbok, emu and trained gorillas. For the past six months, she has been working at Auckland Zoo on the Animal Experiences Section. This builds on her lifelong goal of promoting conservation and education. “I’m so fortunate,” she says. “We work with a lot of different species, like the blue and gold macaws. continued over page

8 | YOU Magazine

Shannon Quinn with her feathered and spiky friends at Auckland Zoo (above) a blue and gold maccaw, (below left) a tuatara and (right) a morepork. PHOTOS AUCKLAND ZOO

From P7 “We take them out for flights and talk about the issues affecting them in the wild.” By interacting and hosting presentations to the public, it’s also a job that incorporates her acting degree. “Where I am is the perfect combination and there’s so much good work going on at Auckland Zoo. Part of our talks is about getting across the conservation message and I

would like to be more involved in research; there are so many opportunities here. A lot of Auckland zookeepers do a lot of good field work.” She still finds the time to take part in amateur theatre, but for now, Shannon’s found her perfect role. “I do enjoy acting, but I put it a little bit aside after about four years. I was thinking about everything, and becoming more aware of global warming, and human

populations and I wanted to do something positive about it, so I went into the zoo keeping side of things.” The Geraldine native says the courage and bravery to take on a show like Survivor was all down to her small-town upbringing. “The resilience is a big thing,” she says. “People down South Canterbury are very resilient and are willing to get stuck in. It’s a really nice community; everyone has each other’s backs and a nice positive outlook.”


you YOU magazine brings you a celebration of all things wedding! From cakes to shoes, to cars, venues, catering and flowers, enjoy our special wedding feature.

Your Wedding YOUR WAY

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Watch out for those hidden wedding costs You’ve budgeted for all the major items – the venue, dress and photographer. You’ve got your spreadsheet done and are happy you have everything covered, ticked off. But beware of costly little extras which can quickly put your perfectly budgeted wedding planning out of balance! 10 surprising wedding costs you need to know about:

1. Travel Viewing multiple venues and going to wedding fairs can be costly, so plan. “See multiple venues in one day – particularly if you’re travelling far from home”.

2. Day Popular Saturday weddings are priced at a premium. “Consider a mid-week wedding”.

3. Legal Your marriage is a contract and incurs legal fees. “Civil ceremony costs are unavoidable, check fees with your local council early on and include them in your budget”. 4. Postage Postage can catch you out when estimating stationery costs. “Keep to simple, less bulky invites which have lower postage costs, or hand deliver to people you see regularly – it’s more personal. And you could save a lot by doing it all online by sending your invite design via email”.

Canterbury Country Spitroast YOUR LOCAL GOURMET CATERERS!


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5. Alterations Your wedding dress is a big outlay – but also allow for alterations, which can cost from $50-$500. “It’s worth asking a dressmaker what alterations are likely to be on the dress of your dreams before committing to buying it. You could also consider a custom gown dress – you could save because you won’t need multiple alterations. Or take a less expensive dressmaker for alternations”.

6. Pampering Couples splash out extra cash on beauty and grooming in the runup to the wedding. “Block booking and paying for treatments in advance can save money. Or, if you are paying for a trial run of hair and makeup – organise it for the same time as the hen party, or bridal shower”.

7. Bling Your bridal jewellery completes your look but is an additional cost. “Instead of buying something new, wear a piece of family jewellery – it counts as your ‘something borrowed’.”

8. Accessories Wedding attendants need accessories too. “Buying from the high street is cheaper than a bridal supplier for accessories including jewellery, ties and handbags”.

9. Cake The cost of your cake doesn’t always include fees for delivery, setup and a cake stand – ask your cake maker what’s included in the quoted price. “Rather than buying from your cake maker, you could source a cake stand, knife and takeaway boxes yourself at a lower cost”.

10. Favours A wedding favour priced at $10 might seem like a bargain – but multiply by 100 guests and you’re spending an extra $1000. “Wedding favours can double as table place cards: iced chocolate plaques work as place names and a sweet gift”.

It’s all about wedding stationery...

At Heartland we offer a boutique design service paired with industry-leading printing equipment - the perfect combination to cater to your wedding stationery needs. Make an appointment to get inspired by our large selection of samples and to discuss your dream stationery today!

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Overflow is situated 30 minutes’ drive from Ashburton in Mayfield, on the Mayfield Klondyke road. We are called Overflow for a very good reason, we have a great range of homewares, accessories, décor and clothing. We stock a great selection of wedding and bridesmaids dresses from vintage to modern. Come see us when you are looking for that special, one-off accessory, like faux fur, gloves, hats, or jewellery. We also have something for the gentlemen in your party, with a range of accessories to suit. If you are wanting to give your venue that special look, we can help. Whether you’d like it to look a bit rustic, or nice

and romantic, Overflow has lots to choose from. Everything is affordable and can make your special day unique. Overflow can even buy back within reason, which is a great way to save

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Choosing wedding shoes Once you have chosen the wedding dress, the shoes will be next on the list. And it’s not as simple as you first may think. We’ve gone through and pulled together some points for you to consider. Choose the dress first, the style, colour and mood of the dress will dictate the type of shoe to perfectly compliment it. Heel height, keep with something similar that you are to use to wearing and will feel comfortable in. Most brides may be wearing their shoes for 12 hours. Also consider the length of your wedding dress, you don’t want to tempt fate with any tripping disasters, making flat or kitten heels the most sensible choice. The height of your groom may also influence the height of your wedding shoe, reflecting on how you both will look in your wedding photos. Maximising comfort, by wearing your shoes in. Wearing them around the house lets the shoe mould to your foot and gives you the chance to buy toe grips or extra padding if they prove troublesome after a few hours. The last thing you want is to be waddling down the aisle towards the love of your life, with painfully crippling shoes. You won’t care if they look good, if you look like Daisy Duck heading to Donald down the aisle. Shoe colour – white is not always right. More and more brides are opting for a flash of something daring and exciting beneath the dress, that reflects their personality and sense of fun. On the plus side, if you opt for coloured shoes, chances are you can wear them again! Consider your venue when buying your wedding shoes, heels on gardens and beaches don’t work too well – unless you buy heel protectors. Wedges could be an ideal solution if you want height without the heel. If you are getting married outside then heading indoors for the reception, swap into a second pair – keep the heel the same height or your dress will trail on the floor, or visa versa your dress may look too short. Finally, don’t forget your feet, especially if you have opted for a lovely pair of peep toes, a perfect pedicure and toes to match the wedding colours will complement everything perfectly. There are no rules when it comes to wedding shoes, so go with what makes you happy and feel fabulous.

Wedding Specialist I can arrange a night of great music that you choose to suit you and your Guests.

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Larcomb Vineyard still the place to go to

Quality wedding venues with charm and character are hard to come by, let alone coupling this with quality service, and having the flexibility to make it your own. The answer has been found with Larcomb Vineyard under the new management of G&T Catering. Over the years, Larcomb Vineyard has been the ‘place to go’ for your function or event in the Selwyn district, with its Barn Dances being a great hit through the 90s, daily cellar door coupled with the restaurant service; there are many treasured memories. In the mid 2000s, the cost to maintain the grapes was becoming too much, so some of the vines were taken out, and the restaurant ceased to trade. As you arrive at the venue, you are welcomed by a weathered carriage and travel the tree-lined drive to the venue. The distinct ‘Barn Red’ colour of the buildings greets you, and ensures you have the true country feeling. The rose umbrellas are a highlight of the rustic style garden, and are accompanied by calming lavender all around.

The small barn, situated to the left as you enter the garden, is home to the original brick open fireplace, roaring to ensure warmth on the cooler days. The expanse of windows allows you to enjoy the picturesque Southern Alps peeping above the rows of vines, while the exposed ceiling, brings a subtle touch of character to the space. Across the courtyard is the stables, a 1900’s building mainly still in original condition after withstanding the recent earthquakes. The stables has charm and character bought with it from horse and carriage days, with items from yesteryear taking pride of place. The original brick floor leads you to a delightfully sheltered courtyard, with grapevines creating a canopy. A more recent addition to the venue is the Big Barn, capable of seating up to 250 guests, this building has been built in keeping with its brothers. As you enter through the timber doors, your eyes are lifted to the exposed timber ceiling, with incredible feature lighting.

Many couples add that special touch with some subtle draping, or fairy lights through the rafters. To complement the charm and character of the venue, Tom and the team from G&T Catering utilise their many years of experience in weddings and events to ensure all the finishing touches are complete for any special occasion. With some great new features to come to the venue including wooden crossback chairs, festoon lighting, and finishing touches to the space, this would have to be one of the best wedding venues in the Selwyn area. While G&T Catering will be based at Larcomb Vineyard, they are traditionally travelling caterers, having catered over 30 weddings a year at all variety of venues in Canterbury including a number of family farms. www.larcombvineyard.co www.gtcatering.co.nz 0224258628 info@gtcatering.co.nz Advertising feature

We are under new management, with fresh ideas, great solutions and exciting plans ahead.

Call Gabi & Tom Lawson +64 22 425 8628 www.larcombvineyard.co










Top tips for choosing your wedding cake Your wedding cake is the focal point of the reception and it should be a reflection of the wedding’s theme and your style. Traditional definitely does not mean boring and most recently we have seen the reinvention of the iced cake with hand illustrated florals, embellishments in sugar work, ruffled icing, fresh flowers and a multitude of colours. 1. Start early, give yourself adequate time to pick a wedding cake. 2. The venue can influence the cake if it’s an outdoor reception in summer, buttercream won’t stand up to the heat, neither would a fondant. The best thing about iced cakes is that they are easier to transport and can survive better in extreme weather conditions. 3. Choose a reputable cake designer/bakery. Start your research online and then wedding fairs to meet bakers and sample cakes. They have their own styles, so choose wisely. 4. Set your budget, and be honest about it, there are usually workarounds if you are on a tight budget. But remember “cheap cake ain’t good, good cake ain’t cheap”. 5. Know your headcount, portion size is important and you want all your guests to be catered for. 6. Be creative and get inspired with the design. Your wedding colour palette, dress and images of cakes you like can all start your design off. 7. Make sure you love how the cake tastes, be fearless with the flavours. Step away from fruit cake and chocolate cake, try hazelnut or something different.

Naked cakes

Cake Decorating Free consultation to design and create special occasion cakes

• Wedding Cake Specialist • Delivery and Pick-Up • Complete Scratch Baking (no pre-mix) • Local Ingredients M: 021 664 815 E: kate@katescakery.com W: katescakery.com F: www.facebook.com/katescakerynz

Your local wedding cake baker! Our cakes are made and decorated to order. Call us today to book your wedding cake for your very special day!

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Buttercream cakes

Iced cakes

With over 100 years experience in helping men dress for that special occasion, we make the process as easy as possible • Visit our store anytime for a chat, advice or a fitting • Book an appointment (even after hours) • We specialise in weddings • Great choice of Ready to Wear, Hire and Made to Measure Open Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm | Fri 9am - 6pm | Sat 10am – 2pm | Sun 11am – 2pm

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Kostas’s kitchen

From start to finish Tasteful Affairs Catering provides the food, decor, entertainment and staff to create the perfect event! At Tasteful Affairs Catering we pride ourselves on delivering incredible food and outstanding personalised service. From weddings to corporate events — we cater to it all. Unique, local and affordable. Owner/operators, Kostas Marks and Sheree Roberts have over 30 years combined hospitality experience. Kostas is based in the kitchen as a fully qualified chef and Sheree in front of house and

event management. Wedding preparations should be as stress-free and enjoyable as the day itself. Whether you are holding your reception in your own home or in one of Canterbury’s many stunning venues, we can help with all aspects of your special day. Tasteful Affairs work with Canterbury’s leading suppliers to provide a range of services to co-ordinate your event including music, wedding cakes, flower arrangements and table settings to name but a few. Advertising feature





Continental One of Canterbury’s most romantic and beautiful wedding venues could be your very own back yard. Continental are the go to company to talk to about your wedding, with a team of professional, friendly ‘foodies’ all with years of experience in helping couples tie the knot. We can help arrange everything. With a range of menus to match the seasons we are able to offer fresh, local produce cooked to perfection to wow you and your guests. Our team of master chefs can also create that bespoke menu, taking care of any special dietary requirements that don’t cost the earth. Regardless of the planned size of your wedding — large or small, relaxed

or formal, contemporary or traditional we are able to assist. “I love sitting down and discussing the wedding plans with the bride, offering alternatives or sharing the pitfalls of what not to do. It is an important day, emotions run high for some people and having catering sorted means everyone can relax,” states Annabel from Continental. “Being able to add the extra touch can really make the brides day”. Thinking of having your reception in Christchurch? We have access to over 30 venues in town. Visit our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram. Advertising feature

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Verve Spectacular real food venue Whatever you want, wherever you want it.

Enjoy real food prepared with flair and the freshest of local seasonal ingredients by choosing Verve Real Food Catering. Our talented team cook everything from scratch and are well known for being flexible when it comes to menu design. More than happy to incorporate your favourite dishes or family recipes, we can also make recommendations from our extensive repertoire to create exactly the menu you want. With a fully mobile commercial kitchen we can treat your guests to delicious, real food wherever your heart desires. From traditional venues and marquees, to wool sheds and beachside

Real food, freshly made, served with love. Whatever you want, wherever you want it. Fresh and exquisite... a real food experience. Contact: Nicky Geddes, 03 374 6662, 021 709 220 info@vervecatering.co.nz www.vervecatering.co.nz

settings, we work our culinary magic virtually anywhere. Coupled with exceptionally high levels of service, your wedding feast is sure to be a truly memorable part of your special celebration. See our website www.vervecatering.co.nz for testimonials from our very happy customers. If you have any questions, contact Nicky on 021 709 220 or email info@vervecatering. co.nz Mention you read about us in The Ashburton Guardian when you make your booking and we’ll give you a free bottle of bubbles.

At Mt Vernon Lodge, our sweeping lawns, with stunning views over Akaroa harbour, offer the perfect setting in which to make your vows. They provide the ideal backdrop for your photographs while your friends and family enjoy drinks and canapes. From your ceremony to your photographs, your reception to your accommodation, it’s all right here. With us your reception can be as formal or as informal as you want it to be – whether it’s a silver service dinner for 130, or a BBQ on the lawn for 30. We are a BYO venue and

the choice of caterers is yours. To discuss your ideas, or to ask us for advice on creating the perfect wedding package for you, please contact us, we’d love to be part of your special day. Advertising feature

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A magical hideaway in the heart of Akaroa, Mt Vernon Lodge offers a spectacular location for your Wedding day. At Mt Vernon Lodge you can have an unforgettable ceremony, a custom-designed reception, and stylish accommodation for you and your guests, all in the one place. Set on 6 hectares of manicured lawns and mature trees coupled with amazing views over the Akaroa harbour, and along with our great facilities, makes Mt Vernon Lodge the only choice for your special day.

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Come fly with us Air Vanuatu’s brand new Boeing 737800NG, appropriately named The Spirit of Vanuatu, embraces the very soul of the island group. The aircraft’s livery in varying shades of blues depicts the colours of the ocean, green represents the tropical rain forests and white, the islands’ sandy beaches. Finally, the volcano on the tail portrays one of Vanuatu’s most popular tourist attractions. The new aircraft is fitted with Boeing’s famed Sky Interior, curved overhead lockers creating a spacious feel, WiFi entertainment, leather seats and we hope a most comfortable experience.

Importantly, Air Vanuatu passengers experience the Melanesian friendliness and warmth the moment they step on board. The Ni-Vanuatu cabin crew greet travellers with their friendliest smiles, their charm prepares guests for all that Vanuatu promises. A full service carrier, Air Vanuatu provides not just a seat but checked bag(s), meals, drinks, entertainment and a carry-on – the perfect way to start your visit to this special part of the world. When it comes to wifi, remember to download the Air Vanuatu entertainment app to your smart phone or tablet before

you board your flight and bring your headphones. Another good reason for flying with Air Vanuatu, aside from our commitment to great service and comfortable travel, is that Air Vanuatu now flies three times a week between Auckland and Port Vila – fly Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday with return flights on the same days as well. Flying time is approximately 3hrs 15mins. The call from this happy airline: “Sit back and relax while we fly you to the happiest country in the world, our home Vanuatu – we know our place better than anyone!” Advertsing feature

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There’s more to do in Vanuatu

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Just over three hours away in our corner of heaven, you’ll be welcomed by the bursting colour and warmth of clear blue lagoons, bright sandy beaches and the beaming smiles of our friendly people. Go adventuring on a live volcano, witness land diving, experience incredible fishing and scuba diving. Or just laze on a sun lounger and indulge in a great book.













KITT can be part of your special day

If you remember how good things were in the 80s, then you’ll probably remember the car KITT, from the TV series Knight Rider. This timeless classic brought to the present day by the Black Shadow Project, allows such a well loved icon to be available for your wedding, birthday, school formal or fundraiser or a multitude of other events. With a complete exterior conversion this car definitely looks the part. And yes, it does talk, and will say whatever you need. Due to several requests, things are under way for KITT to become a celebrant. KITT has other tricks up his wheel arch, including how to mingle. At a wedding in Wanaka he not only pro-

vided transport, but part of his role was to announce to guests that they should take a seat as the bride was arriving. During the photo shoot he entertained the bridal party with music while being in the photos. KITT’s mesmerising red light at the front is called the scanner. Should red clash with your colour scheme, a pending upgrade will mean you can choose from a possible 16.7 million colours – you should find

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something suitable in that spectrum! Other upgrades are in the works. The Black Shadow Project have the technology and the ideas to add something extra special to your special day. If you have some plans or ideas for your wedding that may seem a little “left field” or you just want to add some unique style, then these are the people to talk to. Advertising feature

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People come in all shapes and sizes. So do their legs. That’s why Stres has developed LegComfort™ — the first automatic integrated footrest t to your own length, offering your legs ergonomic comfort and support. Exclusive to Stressless® recliners.

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People come in all shapes and sizes. So do their legs. That’s why Stressless® has developed LegComfort™ — the first automatic integrated footrest that adjusts to your own length, offering your legs ergonomic comfort and support. Exclusive to Stressless® recliners.




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Quinoa is good for the heart By Sarah Wiedersehn

Australian researchers say they’ve proven that eating quinoa is good for the heart and recommend occasionally swapping a bowl of rice for the ancient grain. A small study published in journal Current Developments in Nutrition found the consumption of 50g of quinoa every day for 12 weeks significantly lowered levels of triclycerides – a type of fat in the blood linked to heart disease – in a group of overweight and obese people. “Whether quinoa is a ‘superfood’ is still up for debate, but we can now confidently say it does deliver health benefits,” said lead author Diana Navarro-Perez at La Trobe University. High levels of triclycerides have been extensively linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease because essentially there is more fat circulating through the body. Navarro-Perez explains this fat can eventually lead to a blockage in the arteries. “If you have lower levels of triclycerides you reduce your vascular disease risk,” she said. As part of the study, participants were randomly broken up into three groups. One group was allocated to eat 25g of quinoa, another 50g and the third group stuck to their normal diet and avoided eating quinoa. At the end of the three months, no significant differences were observed in body size or effect on total cholesterol. However, a significant difference was noted for triglycerides. Triglyceride levels reduced by an average 12.7 per cent among the participants who ate 50g, according to the findings. No significant change in triglycerides were observed in the Size 10 - s control and 25g groups. 26 It’s still not understood why quinoa consumption resulted in a designer clothing reduction of triglycerides. Previous animal studies suggest that proteins found in the grain may boost the ability of the bile acid Spring wardrobe starts here! in the stomach to better absorb the fat. Ms Navarro-Perez says in light of the findings more people should eat quinoa. “You will get more benefits from eating quinoa than eating rice because in rice there is really no functional ingredients, whereas in quinoa we know now that if you eat 50 grams of quinoa, which is four tablespoons, per day you have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease,” she said.  – AAP


Your new

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DREAM CATCHER Former Ashburton girl Kelley Kerr-Young is making a name for herself as an actor in Melbourne. Linda Clarke finds out what she’s been doing in the past 10 years. continued over page

28 | YOU Magazine


s a child, Kelley Kerr-Young was always encouraged to follow her dreams. The former Ashburton woman excelled at horse riding and had planned to study accounting before she decided to follow her passion for acting and singing. Now based in Melbourne, the 34-year-old has just finishing playing the lead role in a dark comedy called The Association, which was a sold-out theatre show and has also been filmed for national and international film festivals. Kelley is a member of the all-female film and theatre collective Girls Act Good and she is flat-out using the many talents she has learned and honed over the past decade. She and husband Stephen Camp have just bought a section in the Melbourne suburb of Manor Lakes and Kelley has a seemingly endless energy for her day job in admin, as well as her passion for acting. In a perfect world she might fit in time for horses. In fact, she keeps tabs on the New Zealand horse racing industry from afar. Her parents, Paul and Barbara Young, breed and train horses, her sister Sarah and her husband Matt Smith are into gallopers and her younger sister Jessica is in the harness racing world. Paul and Barbara now live in West Melton, but spent many years in Mid Canterbury. Paul had one NZ Cup drive in 33 years as a reinsman and he worked from 1972 to 1984 for owner-trainer Ted Lowe. “We all started with horses from a young age,” Kelley said. “I rode, showjumped, did cross-country and hunted, everything you could do on a horse. I was on a horse before I could walk.” Sarah manages to combine a job in real estate with her gallopers, while Jessica is a qualified pharmacist and works for Christchurch trainer Dean Taylor. “We were brought up to believe women can do anything and if you want something, you work at it and go for it. We all have degrees so we can earn an income on the side as we follow our dreams.” The girls went to Ashburton College and Kelley was a student there from 1997 to 2001. She took part in Stage Challenge, the choir, school musicals, and the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival; she was in the equestrian and girls’ rugby teams and even played hockey for a year. In 2001 she was part of the winning student-directed short scene at the regional Sheliah Winn festival; it was an extract of Taming of the Shrew, directed by Kristin O’Halloran. The win meant a trip to the national Shakespeare festival where Kelley won an individual acting performance

award for her role as Kate. That same year she played the lead in the musical The Music Man. On the rugby field, the girls’ XV was undefeated. It was also the year she had to put her passions in priority. Acting won out and she and Kristin were among about 35 students selected for their acting and directing talents to take part in a prestigious acting camp. She did have to turn down going to the South Island Secondary School girls’ rugby tournament and a spot in the South Island young rider show jumping camp. “They were all on the same week and after a lot of agonising I chose the Sheilah Winn week as I was starting to look at acting as a possible career. It was an eye-opening week and super overwhelming. It gave me a huge insight into the competitiveness and personality side of the industry and the level we needed to be at to get work. “It was the first time I had prioritised performing over equestrian or my other

commitments.” Kelley still has fond memories of her school days. “I was lucky enough to attend college at a time with some amazing teachers, especially in the drama department. Claire Bubb and Roderick Lonsdale were both fantastic teachers that taught and helped me a lot. Mr Lonsdale in particular was a huge influence and was one of the main reasons I went on to attend Nasda (the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art).” Kelley was among the first graduates with a Bachelor in Performing Arts which combined acting, singing and dance. “Our school excelled in many different avenues, from the arts to sport, and we often competed with much larger schools and came out on top. I met some great people that I still count as close friends.” Kelley, who is now best known for her style of awkward comedy, says the Nasda audition was a nightmare in which she had

YOU Magazine | 29

Left – Kelley Kerr-Young.

Right – Kelley and Lisa Dallinger in The Association with Girls Act Good.

Below – Laila Thaker and Kelley in The Association which they have just finished filming.



to perform in front of 500 people all competing for a spot at the academy. But the tutors clearly saw she had the X factor and she spent the next three years improving her acting, singing and dance skills. She also met her best friends Kate Cable and Erin Simpson – Kate went on to a career with the Court Jesters and Simpson is a television personality. She suspects her acting ability won over the Nasda selection panel, but she worked hard on her singing and in her second year at the academy joined The Fab 3 band, her mezzo soprano voice a valued part of the band for seven years. After graduating, Kelley got herself an agent, shot a commercial and supplemented her income riding track work for Tony and Lyn Prendergast. In 2005 she was in the chorus for the Showbiz production of Jesus Christ Superstar and also in the company’s WestEnd to Broadway show. She was cast in the Court Theatre’s production of Oliver and said the connections she made helped open doors for other work. A highlight was being cast as a sleep-deprived mum in Roger Hall and Pip Hall’s play Who Needs Sleep Anyway? The show was commissioned to mark the centenary of the Plunket Society, which was started in Dunedin by Truby King and played in the Fortune Theatre and later toured the Otago hinterlands. Director Conrad Newport was charged with bringing Plunket’s history to life and the show covered New Zealand’s high death rate among babies a century ago, vaccinations, baby farming and Karitane nurses. Kelley and stage husband Craig Geenty had several roles in the production, which centred around the man-sized Baby P. continued over page

30 | YOU Magazine

From P29 Also important was her work in an educational play based on a tragic road crash near Milton in 2005. The crash involved three cars and 12 teenagers; one person died, two were seriously injured and seven others were taken to hospital – police later described the crash as a bomb site. The educational initiative which was rolled out to teens, involved the play, a discussion with the parents of the 17-yearold killed, photos of the crash scene and one of the actual cars involved. Messages about speeding, drugs and alcohol, seatbelts, unroadworthy vehicles and young drivers were delivered. Kelley said a 111 call, recorded at the time, was also played to students. The combined effect clearly made an impact on the target audience. “That was rewarding. We felt like we had created change.” She decided to chance her arm in Melbourne and, after crashing with family for a month, soon had a day job doing accounting and admin. She spent her nights in classes and acting hotspots, landing some small parts in plays and appearing in a commercial for the Salvation Army. On a trip back to New Zealand in 2009 she met her husband Stephen and by 2010 the couple were living together in Melbourne. They married in 2014. Kelley also spent a year in Vancouver immersed in the more film-oriented acting scene and says it was a time of hard work and personal growth. She returned to Melbourne and was cast in the fringe show Guardian Angel, which told the story of Irishwoman Jill Meagher who was raped and murdered while walking home from a pub in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. She is not afraid of challenging subject material. She was then introduced to the Girls Act Good collective, set up by producer and actor Jennifer Monk. Monk says the collective is about creating opportunities for women to extend their creativity. “The women create complex characters that explore all aspects of human nature and give a voice to people and their stories that normally go unheard and unnoticed.” The Association is a dark comedy about a secret group of women in a disturbingly domestic pursuit for the perfect life. The collective took over a private residence to present the show as immersive theatre, it was also filmed. Kelley said the group of about a dozen women was mostly self-funded and needed money to finish the film version of

Kelley as Ophelia.

the show so it could be submitted to film festivals around the world. While shooting is finished, the film still needs editing, sound and colour trading. She has mastered the art of neutralising her Kiwi accent and easily slips on an American twang. She loves showing her skills on the stage, which has included performances at The Butterfly Club and Melbourne’s oldest cultural institution, the Athenaeum Theatre. Whether it is belting out a Meatloaf song or delivering a perfectly-timed comedy line, Kelley is soaking up the limelight.

The women create complex characters that explore all aspects of human nature and give a voice to people and their stories that normally go unheard and unnoticed

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When beasts like these ‘attack’.


Attacked! But I managed to escape Finally. Fluffy white bouncing lambs, bright vibrant yellow daffs – and unfortunately that hideous hot wind that makes all of us grumpy ... yes, it’s spring! On the ranch that means fur babies are everywhere, but not the fluffy white lambs I’m familiar with – this year the sheds are filled with hundreds of curious, wide-eyed newborn calves. Gorgeous! Seriously beautiful wee babies that are enough to make the most hardened city slicker go all gooey. Since I’ve spent a few years dancing around the fact I don’t really do any farm jobs, I decided now was the perfect time to chip in and help feed these little ones. It all appeared fairly straightforward and I’ve had two children of my own, so for the first time I even have experience for the job! There’s a bit of math involved, mixing milk powder with cows’ milk, temperature control and driving the quad bike – which


means a helmet and awful helmet hair! The noise was on par with an Auckland rock concert, although not really in tune. However ... once in the pen with the long-lashed babies, the job was simple – feed them. Unfortunately, this is where it all fell apart. I understand now how Madonna must feel being mobbed in public – these hungry, hairy dwarfs were all over me. For little things, they sure have a lot of bodily liquid – thick slobber that can stretch for an arm’s length, razor teeth that although small, are very mighty, and their noses are more like bunting machines. I made the mistake of lowering one of my arms – calf number 42 seized the moment and clearly mistook me for its mother, suckling my fingers with an im-

pressive grip. My laughs turned into shrieks as the calves showed no mercy or let up because I was new. I estimate I was stuck, stranded on the top of the fence divider for about 25 minutes before the farmer found me – desperate for a flat white, but too terrified to move. I’d lept up on to the top to escape, only to discover the calves on the other side of the bay were also extremely interested in me. So I stayed very still like a statue until someone found me. The farmer did. He laughed first, then shook his head in dismay, and with that one brief encounter my career as a calf rearer was over. For now. TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury

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More than Combatting just a spice acne Turmeric is much more than just a spice. It is extensively researched for its medicinal actions and ability to protect cells from free radical damage. The bioactive ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin has powerful activity and interaction within your body. Cucumin positively affects many cellular mechanisms, helping cells to survive attack. With a high potency dose and minimal side-effects, curcumin offers natural anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage. Helpful for maintaining a healthy weight, curcumin can support

fat metabolism, and it helps boost your immune system. The high-potency support and antioxidant action of curcumin provides comfort for joints and muscles. Your body doesn’t absorb curcumin well when eaten within raw turmeric. Because of this, curcumin is bound into a complex called meriva curcumin, which is more easily transferred through your digestive system and into your body and cells. Meriva curcumin is 29 times more absorbable than standard turmeric, making its actions much more potent within your body. Lighthouse Turmeric Complex is formulated with meriva curcumin and marine magnesium to support joint and muscle comfort and mobility, along with other benefits. The marine magnesium supports your muscles during times of exercise, and helps protect against muscle stiffness and tension. Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Lighthouse Supplements Limited, Hamilton. TAPS PP9581. Advertising feature

Acne is a hard topic to cover in a short space as there are varying types of acne and so many interesting facts to talk about. But no matter what age we develop acne pre puberty, teenage years or adult acne there is one thing in common ... it is frustrating at the least and can be so upsetting affecting the way we function on a daily basis. I am here to tell you that if you do suffer from acne you can be helped. Lifestyle and diet have a huge impact on the health and functioning of the skin, the rate it ages along with the severity and healing time of skin lesions. There are a few factors to give the best chance of improving the skin. The management of inflammation, reducing free radical load, increasing wound healing and promoting healthy digestion.

True or false Q: I have acne and need to dry out my skin as this will stop pimples. A: False.

A hydrated skin will always function better than a skin that has been stripped and dried with foaming cleansers or other harsh products. We want to achieve healthy oil flow, one that doesn’t block the follicle and irritate the skin surface, we want to achieve healthy skin barrier that protects our skin from environmental pollutants (free radicals) and water loss, we want to support the cell functioning by hydrating from the inside out with good quality skin food, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. There are definite foods known to heat the skin adding to already inflamed conditions such as cystic acne and foods that congest skin causing closed and open comedones (black heads and pustules). If you take medication for acne we can offer solutions to combat potential side-effects such as drying or discomfort of skin, minerals and vitamins for skin/lesion healing both topical and internal.

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Travelling in 2018? DESTINATION with Maxine Whiting

It is hard to believe it is September with winter on the way out and spring on its way. However, there is no better time than in the next few weeks to pop into House of Travel and discuss your travel plans for 2018. Join us at our Travel Bazaar on Monday, October 2 to hear all about some great deals for 2018 and make sure you get the best deal with your holiday. Joining us for the evening we will have airlines including Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. All with fantastic earlybird offers to the UK and Europe for 2018 and of course other destinations as well. If cruising is something you have always wanted to experience or have experienced before and you are looking for different destinations to cruise we have plenty to “wet your appetite”. Ocean cruises, sailing in Croatia and River Cruising in Europe or canals in France or the UK, plenty of ideas and options to consider. Guided holidays are becoming very popular and we will have a superb selection of options available at our Travel Bazaar including Europe, UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Options include small group, large coach and soft adventure. Something for everyone. We know a lot of you are independent

travellers and will have this covered as well with information on rental cars and campervans worldwide or maybe rail travel is what you are after. The famous Rocky Mountaineer in Canada is a must do for anyone heading to Canada and we will have the expert with us with all the details and best deals for 2018. Travel insurance is a must when travelling and we will be able to our Travel Bazaar to give you all the details you need to know to ensure you head into the unknown knowing you are well prepared. The House of Travel Ashburton team are always willing to share their experiences and make recommendations to help you create the best holiday that best suits your needs. The team has many years of

experience behind them and will be at the Travel Bazaar to share some of these ideas and experiences with you. Immerse yourself in a travel event like no other. Meet and enjoy informative presentations by travel experts and discover the wonderful experiences on offer from a wide variety of travel partners. So join us on Monday October 2 at our Travel Bazaar for all the hottest deals with exclusive offers, ridiculously low airfares and discounts on cruises, tours and top destinations. The House of Travel Bazaar is a must do, registration is essential so RSVP today by calling 03 307 8760. Advertsing feature

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The power of music

Music evokes emotions in a variety of different ways. One piece of music can stimulate a different emotion in separate individuals, or possibly the exact same emotion. It is wonderful how music can be so emotive even without really realising it at the same time. Listen to silence and notice your emotions. Then put on the radio, or play a CD, and notice the variety of emotions you experience by listening to just one song. Music can be powerful in that way, especially as each individual can interpret a piece of music, or a song, perhaps quite differently from one another. Let the notes pass through your soul ... music is medicine, and medicine to your soul. Music can benefit the body both physically and mentally. A number of studies have been done to help understand how powerful music can actually be to us as individuals, so here are a number of different ways science has found how profound music can be. – As research suggests, dopamine released while listening to music, is linked with feelings of pleasure induced by musical sounds. – It has the ability to improve your mood and lower stress: Studies have found that the physiological effects are much similar to that of a massage, by causing a positive chemical reaction within your brain, by reducing anxiety, depression and feelings of sadness. Releasing the hormone dopamine, known as the feelgood hormone. It has been noted that listening to your favourite music can release large amounts of this hormone which then creates emotions like excitement, happiness and joy, to be felt. Therefore when feeling down, take a little time out, and listen to your favourite music. Taking note as to how you may be feeling before listening to music, and after

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

listening to music, and see if your mood has changed in any way. As listening to music reduces your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, it can counteract the effects of long-term and acute stress. Since stress is associated with over 50 per cent of illness and disease, listening to music helps the immune system and helps you to stay calm during a stressful day. Turn on the radio, sing along, and tap your feet, or groove about to get the benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. – It has the ability to improve motivation, performance and endurance: Many athletes listen to music prior, and sometimes during physical performance, and as an aid in motivating them prior to exercise and/or competing and participating in a sporting event. It can help in prepping them mentally and can also help to overcome the feelings of pain and fatigue while competing, which may improve their endurance results and overall performance. – It has the ability to improve sleep quality: Apparently, a quarter of the population suffers from insomnia at some stage in their lifetime. A study found that listening to relaxing classical music for up to an hour before

bed can act as a sleep aid and improve sleep quality and duration. This is possibly due to the fact that it has a calming effect on the brain, reducing cortisol and releasing dopamine, which is important for good quality sleep to occur. It has the ability to increase verbal intelligence and academic performance: Research has shown how beneficial music can be on verbal skills and academic performance, therefore if young children are learning to play a musical instrument or learning to sing, this could help them with their learning, and academic achievements. Or maybe just sing more songs with them off the radio, or while driving in the car, as there is an association between memory, music and learning. And what child or adult doesn’t enjoy a good sing-a-long to a tune, even if it sounds out of key. Music is known to have a transfer effect which helps to aid the children’s understanding of words and their meaning, as well as repetition of the words in songs in helping to understand their sounds and help to cement them in the brain. It has the ability to help to keep the brain healthy in old age: Don’t underestimate the power of music in old age and how it can still have a huge effect on the brain and its overall health. Studies have shown that continued practice on a musical instrument can help to compensate for the cognitive declines that often occur in old age. Perhaps playing a musical instrument is not your thing, but by actually listening to music more regularly could help to

YOU Magazine | 37

aid your memory, much the same way as reading on a regular basis can, due to the repetition of listening to the words, and the musical notes. Hence benefiting from the overall effects music has on memory and emotions associated with the ageing of the brain. So there are plenty of reasons to spend more of your time listening to music, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, and whomever you are with. That’s why the majority of people love to listen to music and have a dance around to it. Enjoying the fun of dancing the night away and listening to music with friends, at a music concert, a celebration, a party, or at a ball. The enjoyment of a night of dancing can be very uplifting to your soul. Spend time listening to music more often, and feel the difference it has on you as an individual, and your mental outlook on life.

With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

38 | YOU Magazine


Lemony lemon meringue pie (gluten-free, reduced-sugar)

This lemon meringue pie is a mix of sour and sweet notes all at the same time. It has an almond base which makes it much lighter tasting than the traditional base often used. It is rich, so a small slice is all that you need to get a sweet fix, while sitting back and listening to your favourite music. This dessert is decadent and goes well at dinner parties – it’s made to be shared.

Base: 2t butter, for greasing 2 egg whites 100g ground almonds 125g of caster sugar 1/4 t vanilla bean extract Filling: 1/4 C cornflour 3/4 C caster sugar (150g) 3t lemon rind zest 3/4 C lemon juice (freshly squeezed, about 6 lemons) 1/2 C cold water 3 egg yolks 1T butter Topping: 3 egg whites 1/4 C caster sugar 1/4 t vanilla essence

– Grease a 26cm round flan tin. – Set oven at 160°C and place rack in the middle of the oven. – Measure and set aside all the ingredients from the base to the filling, and place them in order – base, filling and topping – which will then make it easy to move fast through

making the pie. – So once all ingredients are measured and set aside, you can move to the next stage of assembling the pie. Base: – Whisk the two egg whites until peaks form. – Gently fold in the mixed dry ingredients, 1-2 handfuls at a time, until all mixed together, using a rubber spatula. – Now spread the base mixture on the bottom and the sides of the prepared flan tin until it is spread evenly. – Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, until slightly golden, and then take out, allow to cool slightly. Filling: – While the base is cooking, make the lemon filling. – Place the cornflour, sugar, lemon rind, lemon zest and juice in a medium pot and blend together until smooth. Then add the water and stir through. – Heat the lemon mixture, stirring constantly, until it boils and thickens.

– Once thick, remove from heat, and stir in the butter and yolks, until blended, and set aside. – When slightly cool, pour into the cooked flan base. Topping: – Set oven to 190°C. – Place the three egg whites into a clean mixer with the whisk attachment, and on medium to low speed, beat the whites until they are soft. – Now while mixer is on low, spoon 1T caster sugar in at a time, with a shaking motion, keep back the last tablespoon. Allow the whites to become thick and glossy, until stiff peaks form. – Add the last tablespoon of sugar and, lastly, the vanilla essence. – Using a dessertspoon, spoon the meringue over the lemon filling evenly and gently spread the meringue over the filling. Take your time. – Once complete, place the flan in the oven and cook for 5-10 minutes until golden. – Take out and cool completely before serving.

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Recruitment pitfalls – right person, right job? HR ESSENTIALS with Mike Johnson

Why is it that you didn’t get that ideal job? Why do so many employees not last in a new job? There are many reasons; but one thing is certain – having to rerun a recruitment process is both expensive and timeconsuming for the employer and for the employee who loses out it is a very negative experience. I have heard so many stories of the new boss not being what was expected; or the job turning out to be boring ... or where the new employee doesn’t have the skills you expected. So why does this happen so often and what can you do to avoid it happening to you? My own experiences with small businesses identify a number of typical pitfalls that cause these problems and some simple suggestions to avoid them. And the first of them is one key reason an ideal employee may not even get an interview. It is simply because the application doesn’t align to the job. I have seen so many applications with a generic CV and cover letter. So generic in fact, that the job title being applied for or even the company’s name is wrong in the application letter. An employer does not have time to read between the lines for you – if you want that job you need to make sure your

application is specifically designed for the job – and why they should want you for it! But even once you have interviewed there are a number of familiar failures: 1. The job is not what was expected Prepare a job description to describe exactly what it is you want someone to do. Get this wrong at your peril. And if you want a job one of the first things you do should be to ask for the job description. Don’t “sort the JD out later” it’s not just a document; it defines the role. 2. The person offered the job does not have the right fit The employer should think carefully about the “type” of person they need, up front. Each employee’s personality and values must fit with their boss’ or the organisation’s. And because you can’t train “values” both parties must then be honest about them. 3. The recruiter is biased Not bias against women or particular races – but the unconscious bias where the employer apparently seeks someone like themselves – and then clashes with

them! If you have addressed points 1 and 2 above, this is easier to detect, but do think about it. 4. The person hired is a good actor Frequently an employer is overly impressed with someone in an interview – so they don’t bother to check references. Always check references to ensure the person is genuine. And if you want to get a job, choose suitable referees with current contacts! 5. The new employee doesn’t seem to know what to do A new employee may have the skills but won’t know your systems and environment. Induction is vital for success. And as a new employee never hesitate to ask questions. And then listen carefully and seek to do as instructed. Learning is easiest when put into practice. Recruitment is about matching employer and employee – and communication and openness from both parties is critical to success. Let’s all do our part. Next month, watch this space for thoughts around making someone redundant when really it’s just an excuse.

Want to know how to deal with an employee’s poor performance? Talk to us first. We take the worry out of employment compliance and get your people management right. Who? When? What? How? – just ask. Phone Mike today on 027 280 8546 or email mike@essentialhr.co.nz September 21st - Lunchtime Seminar, 12:00 – 1:30 Community House. “Managing staff for peak performance” $30 per head www.essentialhr.co.nz | PO Box 7213 Sydenham, Christchurch Room 11 Community House, Ashburton

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To fight, or not to fight ... that is the question MAD MAMA with DESME DANIELS

So, I just got the email from the principal that my seven-year-old boy was in a fight at school. Luckily now he’s changed school – it was not from Peter Livingstone, phew, Tinwald is safe! So, my internal turmoil begins between the PC mother in me, that says we should not “condone violence and aggression” and “this type of behaviour is not acceptable in any way shape or form” … to proud, protective mama in me, which went “YESSSSSSS!” The latter reaction was backed up by a friend who replied to my message “Marcus has been in a fight at school” with “Oh dear, but did he win?” and my brother-in-law who sent “way to go Moo!”. We are not an aggressive, violent family, but the “other boy” (let’s call him Michael) has a reputation for being a bully, an angry child who is always in a scrap. Normally Marcus would avoid Michael, but today Michael had turned his attention to Marcus’ sister and cousin. Marcus apparently told him to stop swearing, and told him again, and again, which made Michael madder and madder until he came over to Marcus, obviously looking for a fight, and boy did he get a thump! Look, kids will be kids, boys scrapping

in the playground was a regular occurrence in my day. They were sorting out the pecking order and creating a sense of order and place in the playground, which was our own little kingdom far far away from teachers and parents. There was no-one

Honest. Trustworthy. Local.

Call me for all your real estate needs Mick Hydes 027 437 9696 mick.hydes@bayleys.co.nz WHALAN AND PARTNERS LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

patrolling like they do now, we just got on with it and sorted our problems out. I know it’s a contentious issue, but are we creating namby-pamby kids who want to “talk about their issues” and work through conflict resolution? Conflict resolution? At seven years old? Good lord, let them loose and maybe if Michael had got a thump earlier he would have learned his place and stopped being such a toad in the playground. We are in New Zealand and Kiwi boys like hunting and fishing and beersies and all the rough and tumble boy stuff. We’re a nation of rugby-playing blokes, not footie-playing ballerinas (sorry Josh), so surely a playground scrap never hurt anyone? I know there are the extreme cases, head injuries, concussion, death and destruction. But we face that everywhere we go, even crossing the road, and that’s a whole different story about me having a fight with a bus – I lost. So yes, I find myself in the camp of the bug-eating, mud-playing, back-to-basics brigade, thinking, ‘let kids be kids and a playground scrap is a scrap and a right of passage into manhood’. And to my friend who asked “did he win” she awesomely followed it up with: “Good boy! Love him just a little bit more.”


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Spring favourites Our mornings are now greeted with bird song and fruit blossom and the night rings with the sounds of people mowing their lawns. This transitional stage of winter

FOR FOODIES with Kerri Lysaght

to spring brings about it a lighter, less complicated style of cooking. Included are a few of my favour-

ite recipes of the moment, which I hope you feel inspired to try. They’re simple and can be manipulated so that you have freedom with ingredients you have on hand.

Mussel, garlic and tomato spaghetti

This dish is super tasty, easy and flexible enough to have some fun with, with whatever you have in the pantry or whatever is in season. 1/4 C extra virgin olive oil 4 cloves of crushed garlic 1 onion, roughly chopped Finely grated zest of 2 large lemons ½ t chilli flakes I x 850 can of crushed tomatoes 1 c cider/ beer/ wine or water 2 t of fish, chicken, beef or vegetable stock 2kg Mussels washed and beards removed (this is where I get ‘organic’ – I make the tomato sauce and add a can tuna, fresh fish/salmon chunks, bacon or for a vegetarian dish chunks of oven roasted pumpkin/ eggplant/ courgette … even seared off steak

added on top works well with a squirt of pesto for added flavour) Salt and pepper to taste 500g spaghetti To finish … a good lug of olive oil, a couple of handfuls of baby spinach, juice of lemons, good handful of chopped parsley

– Heat oil in a very large pot adding onion and stirring until translucent (approximately 5 minutes) in colour then add garlic, lemon zest, chilli flakes, stock, tomatoes and your chosen wine/beer/cider/water. Bring to the boil then reduce and simmer for 5 minutes. Add mussels, salt and pepper making sure that you cover the pot tightly. Cook for 3-4 minutes, removing the open mussels as they cook. They cook randomly at differ-

ent times so just keep shaking the pot and removing as needed. If overcooked they tend to become rubbery so take out once ready. In another bowl remove the meat from half the shell, discarding the empty shell. Add the half shelled mussel meat back to the tomato sauce. – The pasta needs to be cooked in plenty of salted water as directed on the packet. – Once cooked, drain well in a colander, toss with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and then add to hot sauce. When ready to serve, add juice of lemons, parsley, baby spinach and toss well to integrate. Finish with some oil and salt and pepper. Serve with fresh crusty bread or a simple crunchy green salad. More delicious recipes over page





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Hot-smoked salmon and courgette filo

Everyone loves the crunch of filo pastry when it’s cooked. The lack of fat in the pastry makes it necessary to add some, though I tend to add just the one layer per three layers of pastry which was not how I was taught initially “back in the day”. I don’t think that it alters the finished product at all and it does save you much ‘hoopla’, which I think puts people off from making it more frequently. By using cooked fish or chicken it speeds the process from bench to oven to table. This is quick and easy and, again, change the ingredients as you see fit. Successful combinations are bacon and mushrooms/smoked chicken, camembert and cranberry or a smoked chicken, curry, mango relish with the grated courgette, which my brother Glen used to make in his restaurant. 125g cream cheese 3T pesto (your choice of flavour)/relish or salsa 2 grated courgettes, lightly sprinkled with Salt and put over a sieve for 15 to 30 min. Squeeze excess liquid from courgettes until dry. 500g hot smoked fish, flaked Packet of filo pastry Light oil and pastry brush Salt and pepper

– Heat cream cheese in microwave for approximately 30 seconds to soften, then add courgettes, smoked fish, pesto and season to taste, mixing well. – Preheat oven to 220°C. – Take pastry out of bag and, working quickly, lay out all the pastry sheets evenly on top of each other, with short side at bottom of bench to you. Lightly brush oil over top layer of pastry. On bottom of pastry make a chubby log shape about 3cm from bottom, leaving ends free by about 2-3cm. This allows you to wrap from the bottom to cover the filling, then bringing in the sides. Oil the exposed pastry again, then roll up so it forms a bon bon shape. – Put on to a tray that has been covered with baking paper. Continue this until your mix is finished. – For a shiny glaze, whisk an egg and a tablespoon of water and brush over finished parcels and top with poppy or sesame seeds. – Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until hot and

golden on the outside. This is lovely with a light green salad. Rules for filo: – The size and shape of this is totally up to you – the bigger, the fewer parcels you make obviously though if they are too large with filling they will burst through the pastry – I would use four sheets – anymore and they will become too doughy as they won’t be able to bake. – For smaller ones for nibbles use two sheets and cut size of pastry accordingly. Try to be consistent in size so that they don’t look odd. – Preheat oven to a high heat as you want the pastry to be crunchy, so it goes directly into a hot oven.

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Baked kumara with bacon, beans, spinach and cheese

This recipe is ridiculously simple for a quick meal for one or two, depending on the size of your kumara. It’s comforting too for when the weather takes a turn to the cold … this is for one large kumara, just adjust the ingredients accordingly. I finish the kumara off in the oven, but you can skip adding the bacon and just finish off in the microwave – it’s perfectly fine without the meat, but even adding some ham that doesn’t require baking keeps the oven turned off 1 medium kumara, left whole, washed Handful of spinach 2 rashers bacon 1/2 can baked beans 1/4 C grated cheese Salt and pepper

– Place kumara into microwave and cook on high for 10 minutes or until soft when pierced with a knife. – Cut a hole in the top, scoop half of the kumara out leaving a shell to encase the filling. – Mash the kumara and season to taste. Fold in the spinach, baked beans and cheese, refill the shell with the filling. – Top with the bacon so that it balances on the kumara. Bake until bacon is crispy and the filling hot. Enjoy.

Asian quinoa salad

This (left) is a salad that screams health, highly textural and packed with goodness with seeds and vegetables – eat as is or add a breast or thigh of grilled chicken. The addition of the pumpkin adds a sweetness. Finishing with the oil, avocado and other goodies just completes the dish.

1C quinoa 1 head of broccoli, cut into small florets 1 courgette, diced into small fork-size pieces 3/4 C frozen edamame (found in the frozen vegetable department at supermarket, Asian area) 1/4 pumpkin, seeded, peeled, diced and roasted 2 stalks spring onion, sliced Handful of spinach 1/4 C sunflower seeds 2-3T Tamari soy sauce 1T sesame oil 1 clove of crushed and chopped garlic

– Cook the rice according to instructions on packet. I prefer the absorption method of 1C rice to 2C cold water, bring to boil, cover with a tight lid, turn down low and cook for 25 min. Fluff with a fork ,adding tamari, garlic, sesame oil, juice and zest of lemon and cool. – In a bowl add broccoli, courgettes and edamame and cover with boiling water. Stand for 3 minutes then drain. Cool. – Assemble all the ingredients, tossing well. – Finish with chunks of avocado, the crunchy combo of lentils, chilli flakes and a good lug of olive oil.

1 lemon – juice and rind 1/4 - 1/2 t chilli flakes, seasonings of salt and pepper to taste Finish: Chunks of avocado, 1/4 packet of crunchy combo of lentils, azuki and peas, salt and pepper, olive oil, sprinkle of chilli flakes

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Cinnamon oysters

These little spiced sponges ooze olde-world charm and sit perfectly beside a cup of sweet strong tea. These can be baked in normal-sized muffin trays or the smaller cocktail-sized tins and freeze well. 2 large eggs 1/3 C caster sugar Pinch salt 1T golden syrup 1/2 C white flour 1t cinnamon 1/2 t ground ginger 1/2 t baking soda

Whipped cream for filling

– Preheat oven to 180°C. Spray muffin trays well with cooking spray or buttered for ease of removal. – Sift the flours, spices and soda in a large bowl twice so well aerated. – Separate the eggs reserving the yolks. Beat the egg whites with the salt, to stabilise, until thick and holding its shape. – Add the slightly warmed syrup to the mixture and beat thoroughly. With the beater running, gradually add the caster sugar to the mixture until glossy.

Add the yolks and beat until well combined. – Fold in the sifted dry ingredients in two portions for ease of mixing in. Use a warmed tablespoon so the mixture falls off the spoon into the prepared tins. – Bake for 8 to 12 minutes depending on the size of the tins – they should be golden in colour and, when touched, spring back. – Cool on rack and when cold split and fill with whipped cream. They are best to rest for the cream to soak in for a couple of hours.

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Daltons Vegetable Pack

Espaliering fruit trees Trish Venmore is this month’s winner with the following question:

Growing your own nutritious vegetables is good for your health and your pocket! To get the best cropping vegetable garden, ensure your soil is well prepared and nutrient rich before planting. We have one Daltons Vegetable pack to get you up and growing. Each pack is valued at over $95 and contains 1 x Daltons Garden Time Vegetable Mix ,1 x tub Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser, 1 x Besgrow Coir mulch and 1 x box Daltons Organic Bio fungicide granules, including a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products www.omniproducts.co.nz.

Be in to win

I saw a photo in a magazine of an apple and pear tree on the one trunk growing up a fence and the branches were trained to grow horizontally. How is this done please? Both apples and pears are excellent fruit trees to espalier, especially in smaller sections. There are a few important factors to consider when espaliering all fruit trees: Choosing a sunny, well drained position is essential. Full sun will encourage the ripening of fruit, while drainage is important for healthy growth of the fruit tree. A fence, wall or strong wires attached to sturdy stakes are all sufficient to carry the weight of a mature espalier fruit tree. Allow enough room for the tree to grow; up to three metres either side of the trunk. Selection of the correct tree is very important. Look for a tree (around a year or so old) with a good framework. A specimen with a straight trunk and evenly spaced branches is ideal. Although these are not always available, it is well worth searching for. The first branches of the tree should be tied down horizontally, about 500 to 600mm above ground level. The next pair of branches should be 350 to 400mm above the lower branches to allow for adequate air movement, full sun penetration and room for fruiting spurs to develop. Caring for your espalier tree is very straightforward. Remove any branching growth where it is not required. Fertilise with Daltons Premium Goldcote Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser in early spring and every six weeks till mid-December. Recommence applications in late February through to late April. With newly planted trees, water deeply and regularly when required over summer months. Mulch with compost or crushed bark to help retain soil moisture. Be sure to remove young fruit for the first 1-2 years after planting to allow the tree’s energy to be focused on vegetative growth. Products to try: Daltons Compost, Daltons Garden Time Planting Mix and Daltons Premium Planter Tabs. For more information check out our How to Grow Vegetables Guide at https://www.daltons.co.nz/how-to-guides#collapse-43

Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Vegetable pack in the subject heading, or write to Daltons Vegetable prize pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton.


You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by October 1.

For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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Spring - time for the garden to blossom It’s time for gardeners to celebrate! Temperatures are on the rise producing signs of spring throughout the garden! September can be a wet and windy month so ensure you still protect plants where needs be. It’s a busy but very enjoyable time, with colour and scents slowly coming back into the garden. Final harvesting and removal of winter maturing vegetables gives plenty of material for the compost bin. By staggering planting times, hopefully these vegetables will have supplied you with continuous supplies over winter. Where conditions allow, ie soil not too wet and temperatures rising in your area, you can plant hardier vegetables for summer harvesting. Remember the more traditional summer vegetables will be planted next month. These veggies include; beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, onion, radish, silverbeet and spinach. Improve existing vege plots with plenty of Daltons Compost before planting new seasons vegetables. Keep a wary eye out for slugs and snails as they emerge when temperatures increase. Time to prepare your summer flowering garden. Winter annuals are now coming to an end of their flowering. While it’s still a little early for planting traditional summer annuals, there are some that ‘transcend’ the typical growing seasons and are very useful at this time of

year. These include; alyssum, calendulas, cornflower, lobelia, pansies and violas. If you wish to grow your own summer flowering annuals, seed should be sown now, either in a glasshouse or in a warm, north–facing, enclosed patio. Sow the seed in Daltons Premium Seed Raising Mix and water regularly to ensure even germination. Seedlings should be ready for transplanting into the garden six to eight weeks after sowing. Carefully mark the position of your winter and spring flowering bulbs as you may wish to grow other plants in the same area over summer months. If the bulbs have performed well, allow them to naturalise where they are growing. This applies especially to crocus, freesias, hyacinths, iris, lachenalias, muscari,

narcissus, and watsonias. Stone fruit such as apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums should all be in bloom now, so too pip fruit such as apples and pears. Hopefully weather conditions allow for pollination by bees. Heavy rainfall last year had a major impact on pollination. Apply a mulch of pea straw or mulch around strawberry plants to help keep berries clean and healthy as they develop. With other berry plants; blackcurrants, boysenberries, gooseberries and raspberries, apply a copper oxychloride spray to help prevent summer diseases. Rose growth is finally underway. Spring/ early summer is the best time for roses with masses of blooms and plants are usually disease free. The addition of compost around the base of existing plants is beneficial for plant health. Start feeding roses from October onwards with Daltons Premium Rose and Flower Fertiliser. Grass growth is just beginning so you will start to see lush green lawns soon. Cut lawns regularly in early spring, avoiding close mowing initially. Lawn fertiliser can be applied in late September/early October. A little early for over sowing in bare parts of the lawn, these areas can be prepared for next month’s sowing. Visit Daltons on Facebook (Daltons Ltd) or for more gardening advice visit: www.daltons.co.nz

Winter Planting? We’ll get you growing. Canterbury’s plant specialists - Native revegetation & Landscaping - Ornamental & Specimen plants - Firewood & Shelter trees - Order fruit trees now for winter supply - New 2017 catalogue out now. Corner SH1 & Robinsons Road, Christchurch

Phone 0800 800 352


Ashburton Pre-Schools’ Directory

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Supporting play support learning Babies, toddlers and young children all learn through play. Playing with your young child is the best thing you can do to support their learning at early childhood education centres. Many of the everyday activities you do with your baby or young child helps make connections in their brain and gets them ready for literacy and numeracy. There are many different ways you can help your child develop a love for reading, writing and mathematics in their early years – talking, reading, playing, singing and counting games. The golden rule is – keep it fun for everyone. How can I help my child get ready for reading? Children first learn about language, and this prepares them for reading. Talking and singing to your child builds pathways in their brain that will help them learn to understand what you are saying and how to talk. Try rocking your baby in rhythm to music and singing songs and rhymes; when they are older you can play word games like Simon Says, I Spy, and help them make up their own stories and songs about everyday things. Reading to your child helps a lot. Your child loves to hear you read to them and this is one of the best things you can do to help them learn about language, learn to read and to grow a lifelong love of reading.

Education for children

2 - 5 year olds

You can start from birth with picture books and then keep reading together as your child grows, it will unlock their mind. Be a role model and let your child see you reading often – newspapers, books and magazines. What can I do to encourage writing? Talking, drawing and making marks leads to writing. Children soon learn that they can make ‘symbols’ such as marks and letters that other people can ‘read.’ This is the start of writing. Children usually start to make marks and to write before they can read written words. There are lots of ways to encourage early writing including keeping pens, felts, crayons and paper handy, writing outside with chalk on concrete or in the sand and having magnetic letters on your fridge. How can I encourage my child in maths? Having good mathematical skills is important for your child’s future – it will help them solve problems and think

03 308 3779

Do ECE services teach reading, writing and maths? Children are exploring, experimenting and testing out ideas about reading, writing and mathematics as part of their everyday experience at pre-school. You can help your child’s educator by sharing with them what you have noticed your child doing at home. Ask them what they have noticed and how they are encouraging an interest in learning reading, writing and mathematics with your child. – parents.education.govt.nz

Boost your enrolment this year by advertising in our Pre-Schools’ Directory. We are open 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday www.phoenixpreschool.co.nz


creatively. Opportunities to use maths are everywhere. Maths is about counting, measuring, sorting, patterns, numbers, shapes, size and position. It’s easy to include mathematical ideas in your child’s everyday activities and in their play. You don’t need to be good at maths to help your child. Talk about shapes at home – a round plate, an oval frame, a square box. What makes them the same? What makes them different? Make smaller groups from a large group of objects, like blocks. Cut an apple into enough pieces for everyone and talk about what you are doing Children love counting and it’s important your child gets used to numbers because this leads on to most other mathematics skills.

Phone (03) 308 8461 27 Walnut Ave, Ashburton

Contact Carmen today on

03 307 7963.

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YOUR FOOD GUIDE Railway Tavern A friendly, locally-owned pub, it has been owned by Craig and Helena Dunlea for three years. You can’t miss the Railway Tavern with its turquoise blue exterior, situated over the railway line on Railway Terrace West. As soon as you walk through the doors into the spacious open-plan bar area, the relaxed family friendly atmosphere welcomes you. With a wonderful weekday menu consisting of super tasty pub grub, you can enjoy nachos or a delicious burger for a great weeknight meal when you don’t feel like cooking. A restaurant area, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, boasts a separate bistro menu showcasing some good old favourites, like steak or schnitzel, finished off with a selection of delicious desserts. Craig and Helena have ensured there is a great kids’ menu available and have an array of toys and colouring-in books to keep the kids busy while mum and dad relax and enjoy their time. The main bar area has two pool tables, large screen TV for all the avid sports fans and an outdoor garden area.

CHARMING THAI Chefs are brought here from popular restaurants in Thailand. Charming Thai restaurant has been serving Ashburton for over 10 years. Lunch Tuesday - Saturday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm Monday closed

RAILWAY TAVERN The Railway Tavern has charm. It’s not often you come across a family run pub with such a relaxing atmosphere, providing traditional pub fare. There are pool tables and gaming machines and a beautiful garden bar to relax.


Mon 3pm - Close Tues – Sat 11am – Close Sun 3.30pm – 9.30pm

124 Railway Terrace West Rakaia Phone 03 302 7005

MIYABI JAPANESE RESTAURANT The only fine Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki in Mid Canterbury We can accommodate your company lunches or dinners, or large parties. Lunch: Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm

148 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5885

Unit 4, 688 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 8080

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DUNSANDEL COUNTRY CAFE & BAR Conveniently located on the main road of Dunsandel is the newly refurbished Dunsandel Café and Bar. Cafe by day, restaurant by night, there is something for everyone from 8.30am until late. Whether it’s coffee and cake or a hearty country meal, you won’t be disappointed. With a family friendly atmosphere we look forward to seeing you soon. Bookings are recommended. Open daily from 8.30am Main South Road, Dunsandel Phone 03 325 4007 facebook.com/ DunsandelCountryCafeandBar

THE LAKE HOUSE The Lake House Bar and Restaurant is a stunning and exciting social space situated on the edge of Lake Hood. Nestled in Marina Bay, you and your guests will enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Lake Hood estate and the alps beyond. We offer beautifully cooked local produce for lunch or dinner. Boardrooms and meeting spaces for presentations and conferences are also available. Open Wed - Sun 10am - til late Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood Phone 302 6064 or book online at www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Ashburton Trust Event Centre


Above (from left) – Donna Favel and Neil, Sarah and Isobel Barker.

A record number of people pledged their allegiance at Ashburton’s latest citizenship ceremony last week at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. YOU photographer Laura Bagrie was there.

Above (from left) – Liyana (front), Kathl Rodriguez.


Above – Donna Favel and Parmod Kumar. Left – Donna Favel and Renrick Leota. Below – Donna Favel and Jean and John Mawle.



Above – Michael Sivier.



Above (from left) – Michael, Andrea, Cameron and Isabelle Pearce. 080917-LB-040

Left – Donna Favel, Tafito Selesele and Wayne Siaosi.

YOU Magazine | 51


lea, Ernie and Timan


Above (from left) – Lole Soalii, Sa Ieremia Amituanai, Maluelue and Michael Faalavaau.


Above (from left) – Jestena and Janesh Raj and Anshu Pratap.



Above – The Hampstead School Kapa Haka Group entertains new citizens. Left – Donna Favel and Ann Maquiling. Below Left (from left) – Donna Favel, Autalavou, Tekauita, Otto, Christocliff, Pheloz and Tautua Lealofi. Below right – Donna Favel and Marylyn and Mark Herbert. 080917-LB-032


Oakleys Locally owned er for ov and operated


Luxury Living



Coming to Christchurch? Call in to Oakleys Showroom with 10 concept bathrooms for design inspiration.

Over the last few years, bold design, technology, and elite fashion has shaped bathrooms into the defining 'statement rooms' of our homes. Once again Oakleys are leading the way... To show the best of emerging design, and reinforce modern classic styles, Oakleys have 10 concept bathrooms to help spark your imagination. Slick ideas are around every corner, from tapware to tiles, vanities to vessels and baths to black loo paper, you'll discover everything you ever wanted to know about bathrooms that are anything but humble. Oakleys Means Bathrooms.


Profile for Ashburton Guardian

YOU - September 2017  

YOU - September 2017