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Many of you will be taking the short trip to see Dr Libby Weaver talk at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on Tuesday night! But if you missed out on the sold-out event, don’t forget to send us in an entry. We have a double pass to the show to give away for you and a friend. I have seen her live before and she’s certainly vivacious and informative! And I love that her latest event, The Hormone Factor, which supports her latest book, The Beauty Guide, challenges what beauty is. She says: “I want to put women back in the driver’s seat of their own perception of beauty and to recognise how their beliefs and values create their own sense of worth. “I also want for the next generation of women who are growing up with social media and widespread advertising to recognise that true beauty has nothing to do with body shape and size or perfection.” I love it! Take your teenage daughter along and let her soak up some wisdom from Dr Libby. Cheers and enjoy!

Lisa Fenwick

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After her battle with breast cancer, Ashburton’s Sonya McKerrow is philosophical about her health journey.  P13

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4 | YOU Magazine

Dr Libby challenges normal Acclaimed nutritional biochemist and international speaker, Dr Libby Weaver, will take to the stage at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on October 16 to discuss emotions, ageing, hormones and beauty. It’s all part of her new nationwide live event, The Hormone Factor, which supports her latest book, The Beauty Guide – the 12th in a series of best-sellers. Dr Libby (PhD) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, who has sold more than 350,000 books across New Zealand and Australia, and has been published in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Russia and Italy. A respected global speaker, her experience in nutritional biochemistry has led her to share the stage with Marianne Williamson, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Dr Oz, and has been featured in The Times and The Huffington Post. Her health messages embrace her unique three-pillared approach that explore the interplay between nutrition, emotions and the biochemistry of the body. YOU magazine’s Megan Gnad put some questions to Dr Libby about why we need to start listening to our bodies, what Ashburton audiences can expect from her upcoming sold-out show and why the South Island is one of her favourite places in the world.


ongratulations on the release of The Beauty Guide! What inspired you to dedicate a new book to this subject? For far too many women, their relationship to beauty is based on what they see in advertising and on social media. We don’t realise the impact that being exposed to so many images of what is perceived to be ‘beautiful’ by society is having on us – the perception of deficiency that it is driving for so many women. I want to put women back in the driver’s seat of their own perception of beauty and to recognise how their beliefs and values create their own sense of worth. I also want for the next generation of wom-

Left – Dr Libby Weaver brings her new nationwide live event, The Hormone Factor, to Ashburton on October 16.


YOU Magazine | 5

What was your process in putting it together? Did you base it solely on your own experience and research, or include outside sources/research as well? My approach to any health challenge involves three pillars – nutrition, biochemistry and emotions. I wanted to approach beauty in the same way – our outer appearance is a reflection of our inner health after all – however, I did focus quite heavily on the emotional pillar in this book. The information I share in The Beauty Guide is a combination of my biochemical and nutritional knowledge, and my clinical experience working with women for the past 20 years. Throughout these years, I have read in excess of 10,000 research papers and books that have inspired and shaped my work, and I’ve included many references in The Beauty Guide for those who want to explore a particular research paper or topic deeper. What was the main message you wanted to get across to people in relation to beauty and their mindset? It is my hope that this book helps women to recognise that the part/s of their body that frustrate or sadden them are simply messengers asking them to eat, drink, move, breathe or perceive in a different way. I hope that it provides solutions and wisdom that will help them to transform the way that they feel about themselves so that they appreciate their true beauty – regardless of how they look or their age. What has influenced Kiwis’ experiences and relationship with beauty in the past? Do you notice massive shifts and changes with social media and health trends? I think we are still seeing many of the same themes that we’ve seen in the past 50 or so years. For the most part, we’re still very conscious about what other people think of us and ensuring we are looking our best. I’d say the biggest change has been since the introduction of social media and how it has increased the potential for social comparison. continue next page

Dr Libby event GIVEAWAY

Double pass to see Dr Libby’s Ashburton show

Did you miss out on a ticket to Dr Libby Weaver’s Ashburton show? YOU magazine, compliments of Dr Libby, have a double pass to give away for you and a friend! Held at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on October 16, the event is part of her new nationwide live event, The Hormone Factor, which supports her latest book, The Beauty Guide. Dr Libby is speaking in Ashburton about ageing, hormones, beauty, and biochemistry. Suitable for women 14 years and up. As the Ashburton show is now sold out, the next Christchurch date is October 18 at St Margaret’s College, Charles Luney Auditorium, 12 Winchester Street, Merivale. The Ashburton show, October 16, is from 7-9pm at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, 211 Wills Street. PLEASE NOTE: The winning tickets will be held at the event’s door, so all you need to do is turn up and ask for “YOU magazine tickets”. Easy!

Above – Acclaimed nutritional biochemist and international speaker, Dr Libby Weaver, is on a mission to help change women’s relationship with beauty. PHOTO SUPPLIED


Email your name, address and phone number to: goodies@theguardian.co.nz Please include YOU Dr Libby giveaway in the subject line.



One entry per person and per household. Guardian staff and immediate family members are not eligible for entry. All entries must be received by 5pm, October 15. The winner will be contacted via phone.


en who are growing up with social media and widespread advertising to recognise that true beauty has nothing to do with body shape and size or perfection. I want them to take the best care of themselves, not just because they understand this is how they can radiate beauty from the inside out, but because they recognise they are so worth taking care of – no matter what.

6 | YOU Magazine

From P5 When you see images of people repeatedly, you begin to build a picture of what ‘normal’ looks like and if you don’t fit that picture, you may begin to feel that you’re not enough. But with modern technology, between photo editing and filters – not to mention cosmetic procedures that can make people look quite different to how they were born – we may now be looking at pictures of other women daily and we have no idea if that’s how they look in real life or if it’s how they were born. And, I think this is the key change in recent years around beauty and how it affects our self-image. When you’re touring, what are some of the main issues you hear are affecting women in New Zealand? This tour is all about hormones and the number of women who experience symptoms associated with their monthly cycle or menopause is astronomical. This year, my team and I reached out to our community and asked them to share their main hormonal struggles. We had thousands of responses and the most common were hot flushes, night sweats, low libido, PMS, low moods, anxiousness, weight gain and an inability to lose body fat, fluctuating emotions and an increase in facial hair. These are symptoms women face on a monthly – or sometimes on a daily – basis, and it saddens me that so many are suffering, often in silence.

As one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, Dr Libby has sold more than 350,000 books across New Zealand and Australia, and has been published in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Russia and Italy.

If you could get one piece of advice out to people, what do you wish everyone could know, or change, in relation to their health? As I said earlier, the things that frustrate or sadden us about our body are messengers asking us to make changes, offering us insight. They generally start as whispers. It might be a little annoying symptom that might irritate us a little, but doesn’t generally cause us too much concern. But if we don’t listen, the body will begin getting louder and louder until we can’t help but stop and listen to what it’s saying. I hope that I can help more people to begin listening to their body while it’s still whispering. Many health challenges can be addressed through dietary and lifestyle changes, we just need to learn to listen to our body and adjust. So many people feel like their body is working against them, but when you truly understand that your body has your back – it has your survival at heart – it changes the dialogue completely.

YOU Magazine | 7

Is the science behind food and biochemistry changing constantly as more research is conducted? Yes and no. New research is constantly being published that adds to our understanding of health and the human body, but this doesn’t necessarily always change practice. The gut microbiome is a great example – we are learning more and more about how crucial this is to so many aspects of our health, yet, on the other hand, the importance of gut health was recognised long before these scientific findings, for example, in traditional medicine and also through our own experiences – it’s difficult to feel vibrant and full of energy when we have gut challenges! There certainly is new research being conducted and published that will help us to understand how to better manage and/or potentially prevent certain health conditions, but the fundamentals of good health – adequate sleep, nutrient-rich foods, making water our main drink, lowering stress, etc – remain the same. How have you noticed our understanding in this field has changed in the past 10 years? Nutrition information tends to move in about 30-year cycles. For example, a number of the more well-known high-protein diets of today were first released in the 1970s. Yet, when you are in it, it feels real and as if it will always be this way. But the information will shift again. The way not to get caught up in nutritional fads is to remember that when it comes to food, nature gets it right and it is potentially human intervention that can get it so wrong. It’s also important to remember that there is no one way of eating that best suits everyone, so this is likely contributing to some of the conflicting evidence in nutrition science. That said, something that almost all health professionals, regardless of their background, will agree on is that we need to eat more vegetables and less highly-refined, processed foods. Do you think the more we discover, it may be the key/basis to unlocking many different health issues in the future? I have no doubt that in the future as more testing methods and scientific discoveries are made, we’ll be able to better personalise medical, nutritional and lifestyle advice for individuals. However, it’s important to remember that we don’t have to wait for future technologies in

ruptions to them can help us to navigate our health in the future more smoothly. I’ll be taking the audience through the journey women take from menstruation years to menopause and beyond. We’ll also be covering stress hormones and pituitary hormones and touching on ageing and how our hormones can affect what I refer to as our beauty bits. There are parts that are interactive but there is so much information to cover so unfortunately there’s not enough time for questions during the session. What would you like to write about in the future? Will there be any new recipe-based books coming out? Oh goodness, I have so many ideas bubbling away! I like to focus on the challenges that people really have difficulty shifting, so each year I sit down and think about what will be the most beneficial and I let that guide me. order to support our health or to discover what works best for us – our body is constantly giving us feedback about whether it is happy or not with our food, movement and lifestyle choices, so we can tap into this guidance now. You have a tour coming up to Ashburton! Have you been before and what are you looking forward to? The South Island of New Zealand is one of my favourite places in the world and the warmth of the people of Canterbury always touches me. I love your big blue skies and looking across to the Southern Alps. I grew up in Australia and what I once referred to as “mountains”, I now call “undulations”. I’m also very much looking forward to meeting all of the beautiful people there who will be attending my The Hormone Factor event. It’s always extra special for me to meet women who have participated in my nine-week online course, Weight Loss for Women, and I’m very often moved to tears by their stories and experiences that they share with me. What can the audience expect? Will it be interactive and will people have the opportunity to ask questions? This tour is for any woman of any age. Whether you are currently experiencing hormonal disruptions or not, it can be helpful to know more about these powerful substances. Our hormone levels shift and change across our life stages, so understanding them and what we can do to prevent dis-

How do you divide your time between working and touring in Australia and New Zealand, as well as writing books and consulting? I generally plan my year out in January and schedule in the time I will need to write as well as mark out the tour months. Presently, because of my travel schedule, I’m not able to look after people in the way I would want to, so I am not currently consulting with patients one-on-one. I connect with them at my women’s health weekends (the next one is in Christchurch in November), as well as in the forum of my online courses. Jenny Brooks is trained in my methods and she works out of our Auckland clinic doing face-to-face, as well as Skype consultations with people throughout New Zealand and Australia, as well as the rest of the world. It’s very easy for a year to fill up so I always make sure I schedule in time for my own rest and play as health is a super high priority for me. Do you also work internationally, and how has your following grown on a global level? I feel very privileged that I get to take my work around the world. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to places like Germany, England and Ireland for speaking engagements, and with my online course, Weight Loss for Women, I now get to share my work with women from all over the world which is wonderful. *Please note this is not medical advice and if you have concerns, see your doctor

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Sick of sore, tired muscles?

Have you tried Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme yet? It’s been around and trusted by Kiwis since 1989, is all-natural and is purported to help with joint and muscle aches, strains and sprains. And, best of all, it’s still 100 per cent made here in New Zealand. So, if you haven’t tried it, we have a treat for you! We have FIVE packs (valued at $53 each) to give away and each pack contains Anti-Flamme Everyday, Extra and Joints, so you’ll be covered!

HOW TO ENTER: Email your name, address and phone number to goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Anti-Flamme giveaway in the subject line Or Send your letter to Anti-Flamme giveaway, PO Box 77, Ashburton, with Anti-Flamme giveaway on the envelope. RULES AND ELIGIBILITY: One entry per person and per household Guardian staff and immediate family members are not eligible for entry All entries must be received by 9am, November 5.


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YOU Magazine | 9

We dished out the Anti-Flamme Extra in the newsroom last week to put it through the whine test ... in other words, we gave it to the staff members who were complaining of aches and pains. Here’s what they had to say:

‘ ‘


It just eases the pain within a few minutes


It feels good going on You feel a warmth rather than a burn Just relaxes everything


My back was in horrific pain and after using the extra-strength one, I was almost pain-free for several hours It’s awesome My mum loves it too, because it’s all natural so doesn’t conflict with other medications

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10 | YOU Magazine

Snacks that don’t satisfy

By Kathleen Alleaume When it comes to crushing hunger, it’s not when you eat but choosing the wrong meal (no matter the size) that can leave you hankering for more. If you want to lose weight, curb your appetite by avoiding these foods that make you hungrier:

Salty snacks It’s true – once you pop, you can’t stop. Snacks preserved with sodium are generally highly refined, without filling you up. Salty cravings seem to influence how much people eat, too. One study showed that added salt makes people eat more food and calories, regardless of how much fat was in the meal. Besides, all that sodium leaves you thirsty. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, tricking your body into eating more instead of grabbing a glass of water. Salads Salads are the epitome of diet-friendly lunches – but if your salad is all kale, cucumber and spinach, odds are you’re not getting enough satisfying sustenance to keep you going until dinner. Give your salad more punch with a topping of protein (boiled eggs, chicken, salmon, or legumes), topped with slow-burning carbs (like roasted sweet potato, corn or brown rice) and a little fat (feta, nuts, seeds, tahini or avocado). Don’t be afraid of these healthy foods – just add a reasonable balance of each and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. No brownie temptations later. Rice crackers Think an entire packet of rice crackers at the 3pm slump are going to tide you over ‘til dinner?

Think again. Rice crackers contain small traces of fibre and they’re made from highly-refined rice that make our insulin levels spike, causing blood sugar to crash, making us feel hungry again – even if we’ve just eaten. If you can’t beat the crunch, you’re better off choosing wholegrain varieties and topping them with avocado, nut butter or hummus for a more balanced, satiating snack. Juices Juice cleansing has become a popular way to lose the kilos fast and while you will be sipping on a wonderful antioxidant-rich and hydrating elixir, the lack of fibre means your body absorbs the calories quicker. So if you want to stay full, chew your calories instead so your brain receives the hunger combating cues that help you get from meal to meal. Alcohol Research has shown that alcohol flicks the brain into starvation mode. This increases your appetite and explains why we reach for a greasy kebab after a night on the town. What’s more, alcohol calories can’t be stored in the body so the only way you can dispose of alcohol is to metabolise it for energy. This means that anything you’re eating at the same time or shortly afterwards is going to be preferentially stored. So avoid binge drinking if you want to avoid binge eating.

How to win at hunger Whether it’s from intense exercise, stress, or lack of sleep, everyone has days of increased hunger. However, the best way to curb the cravings is to include the hunger-fighting combo of fibre-rich carbs and protein in each meal. Protein has staying power, keeping you fuller for longer. Fibre-rich carbs digest slowly so your blood sugar levels are kept steady. Kathleen Alleaume is a nutrition and exercise scientist and author of What’s Eating You? Follow her on Twitter @therightbalance

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Run pain-free

Runners get injured, a lot. Up to 80 per cent of runners get injured every year, but this isn’t because running is bad for you. Not at all. It is mostly down to training error which essentially means it is all your fault sorry! You can’t blame your shoes. Training error is often either too fast a build-up, not enough recovery or not enough variations or a combination of things, but luckily, I’ve got the three best things that you can do to drop your injury risk right down and be part of the bulletproof 20 per cent. 1. Increase your cadence by 5 per cent Cadence is your step rate when running or walking and increasing your step rate slightly from your normal helps reduce the load on your hips, knees and ankles and can easily help reduce pain and prevent overuse injuries in these joints. A 5 per cent increase reduces load from your knees, while a 10 per cent increase unloads the hip as well, but if you are someone that gets a lot of achilles or hamstring issues, check with a physio first. The easiest way to measure you cadence if you don’t have a smart-watch is to count the number of steps one of your legs takes over a one-minute period. Double this and you have your cadence. It doesn’t need to be the perfect 180, just add 5 per cent by increasing your turnover rate. 2. Follow the 10 per cent gradual build-up rule Put simply, if you increase your weekly total distance by 10 per cent or less, you are in the relative safe zone. But good research has shown that increasing mileage by 15-20 per cent means you


are a massive two to three times more likely to get injured! This is also why having a good training plan leading up to any event is key and starting training well enough in advance, not a month out. 3. Have variation in load Your tissues need variety to be resilient and they only get that way through varied load. You can add variation into your exercise through changing terrain, distance, pace, shoes – everything. Also throw in some cross-training or strengthening sessions twice a week. This makes your tissues more adaptable, which means they can handle more without pain and overload. Listen to your body, follow the advice above and you could well be one of the 20 per cent that don’t get injured in the next year! Disclaimer: For any specific injury rehab, running analysis or specific strengthening, see a physio. Shaun Clark is principal physio and director at PhysioSteps Ashburton and Selwyn and has experience at the Commonwealth Games and World Rugby 7s. The team are experts in musculoskeletal pain and injury rehab.

YOU Magazine | 13

Breast cancer – one woman’s story


Sonya McKerrow is a breast cancer survivor. She’s philosophical about her journey through a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and says she’s now has a much greater appreciation of the good things in her life. If you have to have cancer, then breast cancer is the one you’d choose, she says as she shares her story with reporter Sue Newman. August 2013 and Sonya McKerrow was counting down the days until spring. Her life was well ordered, well organised. She, husband Robin and nine-yearold daughter Sarah were getting on with the business of living, taking their good health for granted and looking forward to enjoying plenty of family time in the years ahead. That all ended with a simple phone call. At 47, Sonya had just been through her second mammogram. Yes, it was one of those uncomfortable procedures that no one looked forward to but like most women, she knew the two-yearly check could one day save her life. She didn’t count on that happening quite so soon. The phone rang, she answered. In one sentence her world stopped – your mammogram had shown some abnormalities you need to undergo an ultra-sound and

a biopsy. “They said, there’s a very good chance you’ve got breast cancer. My first thoughts were, Oh God, I’m not going to die … I want to live until I’m old.” An appointment was made for a Friday, the procedures were carried out and while they were unpleasant, the hardest part was the weekend-long wait for the results. “That was absolutely dreadful.” The phone rang at 8am on Monday. Sonya stared at it, took a breath and answered, fearing the worst, hoping for the best. “They said we’ve got your biopsy results and you’ve got cancer.” It was a bald statement, but how else can you deliver that kind of news, Sonya said. From that point, her life was lived by everyone’s schedule but her own.

“It all seemed unreal. I had three tumours that were 6mm in size, but I couldn’t feel anything. I had my surgery six weeks later. That was a very long wait but I tried to do something good for myself every day, even if it was just going into town for a cup of coffee.” September 25, 2013, Sonya underwent a mastectomy. The three tumours and 15 lymph nodes were removed. Three days in hospital and she returned home to begin six months of chemotherapy and five weeks of intensive radiation therapy. Her surgery and post operation treatments left her feeling tired and sore, but she celebrated being alive and celebrated the likelihood that she was now cancer free. “At no time did I think I was going to die,” she said. Continued over page






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Breast cancer survivor Sonya McKerrow with 14-yearold daughter Sarah. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 041018-SN-0063






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from page 13 That post operative period did come with bleak patches, however. “The hardest thing for me was losing my hair. I had my niece’s wedding in February so I got a wig made and it was so real looking that someone said they liked my new hairstyle,” she said. Yes there were bleak moments and the first year was tough, but the Cancer Society staff were a huge support, Sonya said. While the focus with cancer is on the person with the disease the impacts are felt across family, she said. For daughter Sarah her mum’s cancer meant long periods of time with nana, but it was husband Robin who found it really tough. “It was really hard on Robin. He was wonderful through all of this, but it was hard on him and he had counselling.” For Sarah, the disease raised many questions, but her greatest concern was that cancer was contagious, Sonya said. During that time, Sarah had her own dramas – a broken arm the day before her mother’s operation and whooping cough while she was undergoing treatment. And that meant, with Sonya’s lowered immunity there were issues around the need for isolation. “But even at nine, she was a great help to me afterwards,” Sonya said. What her mother’s cancer has done is up the awareness of just how important

I count myself lucky, I don’t really think about it now, I just get on with life

a regular mammogram is, 14 year-old Sarah said. “I think about it now and I know at the time I didn’t really think much about it, it was just what was happening.” The months and years post cancer are marked with milestones – the last round of chemo, the final radiation treatment, the last oncologist check-up and at the end of this year her final visit to see her surgeon, ex-Ashburton woman Birgit Dijkstra. “When you finish all those milestones, though it’s a funny thing, because they all become part of your life and I know it’ll feel a bit scary after the final sign-off.” Two years ago she was diagnosed as having lymphedema in her right arm and now wears a pressure sleeve. That means she needs to be careful not to avoid cuts or scratches on that arm because healing is now compromised.

“I just take extra precautions, but it’s a great excuse never to do the garden,” she said. Sonya is still taking post surgery medication. Initially she took Tamoxfen which brought with it menopause type symptoms and she is currently taking Arimidex. It too has side effects, aching joints. But the side effects are worthwhile as both drugs are designed to ensure cancer does not return. “I count myself lucky, I don’t really think about it now, I just get on with life. But if I want to buy a pair of shoes I do because you don’t know what’s around the corner,” she said. Sonya does not plan to have a breast reconstruction. She undergoes an annual mammogram – at a cost of $170 for the extra tests but receives a subsidy for a prosthesis and bras. While having cancer is hell, it does come with some positives. It makes you much, much stronger and it brings you into contact with some pretty amazing people. Cancer survivors share a bond, Sonya said. She regularly attends support and survivor group events and said they’re a great way to put your ordeal into perspective. “It shows you there are people who’ve had cancer a long time ago and who have survived, people in their 80s.” What also helped was signing up to a breast cancer support Facebook page, Shocking Pink where survivors can tell their stories and support others.

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Early detection key to survival Mammogram

A screening mammogram is the best method for the early detection of breast cancer in women with no symptoms. The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation recommends a screening mammogram for women as follows: • 40-49 years every year • 50 years onwards every two years until 74 years of age

Be breast aware From 20 years of age, the foundation recommends women become aware of how their breasts look and feel: • Know what is normal for you • Know what changes to look and feel for






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YOU Magazine | 17


Know the signs to look for

A change in the skin of the breast such as • Puckering or dimpling • Reddening or a rash

• A change in breast shape or size • A pain in the breast that is unusual

Any change in a nipple, such as • A turned-in nipple • A discharge that occurs without squeezing • Remember you are looking and feeling for any new or unusual changes. • A new lump or thickening, especially if it is only in one breast

For the slightest concern about your breasts, discuss with your family doctor • Your need for a clinical breast examination • Your personal risk, particularly if you have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer • Your need for a screening or diagnostic mammogram • Nine out of 10 breast lumps are not cancerous






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Check your breasts


Facts about breast cancer • Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, and the third most common cancer overall. • Seven New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer. • It affects one in nine New Zealand women over their lifetime. • Most will survive five years or longer if the cancer is detected early enough but tragically, more than 600 women die of the disease every year.

In front of a mirror – Check for changes: 1. Place your hands at your sides and look for any changes. 2. Place your hands on your hips and then press your shoulders and elbows forward. Look for changes. 3. Raise your arms and clasp your hands above your head. 4. Look again for changes.

breast. The way you do this does not matter. 2. The main thing is to cover all your breast tissue from just under your collarbone to under your breast and from your mid-chest to your ribs at the side of your chest. 3. Also, with each arm by your side, press your fingers firmly up into each armpit. Breast checks may make some women feel very anxious, while others will feel reassured; so they are a personal choice.

In the shower or bath 1. With the tips of your three middle fingers, use soap to glide over each

• Some women are at greater risk of breast cancer because there is a history of close family members having the disease.


• However, most women who develop breast cancer have no close relatives with the disease. Even among women who do have relatives with breast cancer, most will never develop it.

Painting Tradesman And Apprentice Wanted You must:

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Be reliable Have good communication skills Be able to work in a team Have pride in your work

Learning through nature

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Painting Tradesman

Apprentice Wanted We have an And opening for qualified painting tradesmen and apprentices to join our You must: team. We can provide good remuneration, varied job sites and training for a trade reliable » BeHave Add number or web Phone 307 0593 good communication skills » you withFFmany careerTheopportunities. that will provide Tiddlywinks Tutoring Canterbury Garador

Preschool Ltd

» »

Be able to work in a team Have pride in your work Instrumentati on

We have an opening for qualified painting tradesmen and apprentices to join our team. We can provide good remuneration, varied job sites and training for a trade that will provide you with many career opportunities. Please call into our office on Bremners Road to pick up an application form or email painting@bradfords.co.nz


Long Run Roofing

Mid Canterbury

Please call into our office on Bremners Road to pick up an application form or email painting@bradfords.co.nz www.bradfords.co.nz



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Bradford Painting

MTF Finance Ashburfton

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Rural Tenancy Inspections

Argyle Welsh Finnigan

Automotive Diagnostics & Servicing

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Stepping Stones @ Braebrook

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Ashburton Trust Event Centre Mid Canterbury Children’s Theatre’s show Shrek Jnr was a hit with locals. YOU photographer Heather Mackenzie went along to the Ashburton Trust Event Centre and caught up with some of those in attendance. Above (from left) Mikayla, Richard and Kim Begg.  071018-HM-0187 Above – Craig and Donna Watson.  071018-HM-0145 Below (from left) – Paul, Jacob and Sharon Robinson.


Above – Sarah Jessep (left) and Stacey Howden.


Below (front row, from left) Irene Breach, Faye Johnston, Joy Wilson and Yvonne Harrison. Back row – Susan Spencer, Don Wilson and Jude Gibson. 071018-HM-0136

Above (from left) – Norm Robinson and Lyn Robinson and Ella Thompson Murison.  071018-HM-0138 Below (from left) – Danielle Mitchell, Mandy Halliday and Lorraine Ward.

Below – Holly (left) and Karen Burrows. 071018-HM-0141


A stunning and exciting social space situated on the edge of Lake Hood. Open 7 days and 7 nights with an 8am start on the weekend for a new breakfast menu. A perfect venue for your end of year Christmas function – beach parties, band nights and casino nights.

Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood Phone 03 302 6064 or book online at www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz

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Making great holidays happen

At House of Travel we have been busy – now relocated north one block, still on East Street.

The Team: Nathan Bartlett – 19 years in the travel industry, last eight at HOT Ashburton. Travel is in my blood, favourite destination – Japan. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing squash and mountain biking when I am not at work. Anna Schmack – 20 years at HOT this month. Going beyond to make great holiday memories is what I do. Outside of the office I follow my family in their sporting endeavours and enjoy socialising with my friends.

Sara Moore - Whether it’s your first time leaving NZ or you have travelled several times I enjoy helping to plan your holidays. Favourite spot – Rarotonga. Recently experienced a European river cruise. Time out of the office is spent at Lake Aviemore.

Bronwyn Milne – 2005 was the year I started working in travel. Making your dreams become a reality is satisfying. Outside of work I love to travel with my husband and set myself challenges like half marathons. Maxine Chisnall – In the travel industry for 25 years, 14 with HOT. Originally from London, married to a local farmer, we have two boys. I love travelling and consider myself very privileged to organise my customers’ travel plans.

Mandy Reid – 14 years at HOT and still love what I do. Every day is different with the excitement of planning my clients’ adventures still giving me a buzz. Out of the office I spend time with my three children and husband. Maxine Whiting – 31 years on and my passion for travel is still the same. I love to travel myself with many wonderful experiences. Outside of HOT spending time with my family and playing golf fill in my time. We are enjoying our new surroundings so pop in and see us.

Advertising feature

Spend for a chance to WIN! With House of Travel and participating Stores around Ashburton

S I M P LY S P E N D $ 20 AT A PA RT I C I PAT I N G STO R E A ROU N D AS H BU RTO N TO B E I N T H E D R AW 1st Prize $2000 TRAVEL VOUCHER 2nd Prize $500 TRAVEL VOUCHER Visit our new location and drop your entry form into the box to be in for a chance to WIN. See Facebook for participating stores Promotion runs until 31 October 2018. Refer to entry form for full T & C's

The best holidays are created together.



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Let’s go nuts NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

viding antioxidants responsible for mopping up the free radicals that can cause damage to your healthy cells. Cashews Cashews contain the non-haem (plant based) form of iron and are considered a good source of protein, fibre and magnesium, with the ability to help lower blood pressure. Therefore cashews are beneficial to heart health, brain and muscle health, and boosting general overall good health.


uts are actually a fruit which is contained in an inedible hard outer shell once fallen from the tree and in its dried state. When the outer shell is cracked open, it reveals the fruit inside. Nuts are generally sold in the shelled form, but if bought with the nut encased within the shell, it allows for a longer shelf life. Nuts are a great snack alternative to biscuits, crackers, cakes and muffins. They also provide an excellent nutrition source, providing some of your daily nutritional requirements for good health, with a variety of good fats, vitamins, and minerals for healthy cell function. Almonds Almonds are considered to be a great source of protein, high in the nutrients calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin E. Therefore they are beneficial to your bone health, maintenance and strength, protecting against conditions such as osteoporosis and aiding skin health. Considered to help reduce the bad (LDL) cholesterol and pro-

Hazelnuts Hazelnuts are a good source of fibre, potassium, folate, iron and magnesium. They provide good amounts of vitamin E which is important to hair, skin and nail health. These nutrients can benefit heart, circulatory, muscle and brain health as well. Hazelnuts are also considered to help lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol and improve good (HDL) cholesterol, which reduces heart disease risk factors. Pecans Pecans are a valuable source of vitamin A, E and zinc, antioxidants, fibre and manganese – all important for immunity and reproductive health, such as PMS. Pecans are also considered an important nut for the health of the male prostate, due to containing a plant sterol that has the ability to protect and maintain prostate health. Pecans are also beneficial to heart health, having the ability to lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol, and high in polyphenols, due its antioxidant abilities to protect against some cancers. Macadamias Macadamia nuts are a great source of protein, fibre, vitamin A, thiamine and manganese, as well as containing high amounts of the beneficial omega 3. They

help lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol, while increasing the good (HDL) cholesterol, so good for heart health and the circulatory system, as well as having an overall protective effect. Walnuts Walnuts actually resemble the brain to look at and are highly beneficial to brain health as they contain high amounts of the good fat, omega 3, that is often very difficult to obtain, as a large variety of foods we consume do not contain this nutrient that is essential to our overall good health. So if you want to improve your brain function, eat walnuts, a handful a day is all that is required. Brazil nuts Brazil nuts are a good source of fibre, protein and selenium. Eating just two brazil nuts a day will provide you with the recommended daily intake of selenium which is an important nutrient, as it acts as an antioxidant that has the ability to have a protective effect against such diseases like cancer. New Zealand soils are considered to be low in selenium, therefore brazil nuts provide a great source of this all-important nutrient, which is also important for reproductive health. Pistachios Pistachio nuts can be quite difficult to crack from their shell, but well worth the effort as they are tasty. This nut is a good source of protein and fibre, as well as the omega 3 fatty acids, beneficial to brain, skin, heart and immune health. The best way to consume nuts is in their natural state. A handful of either of the nuts per day, is all you need to curb your hunger when a quick, and nutritious snack is required. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

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Healthy raw caramel slice

This is a healthier version of the traditional caramel slice which utilises ground almonds, ground cashews and dates, helping to add more nutrition and fibre into your diet. Only a very small slice is required, as it can be quite filling and decadent. It has a subtle caramel flavour, resembling a more savoury flavour than sweet. Enjoy.

BASE: 1 1/2 C almonds (ground to a fine crumb) 3/4 C dates, soaked 5 mins in boiling water, then drained and chopped into small dice 3T dessicated coconut 4T date juice (squeezed from the boiled dates) FILLING: 1 1/2 C cashews (pre-soaked in boiling water for 2 hours or soaked in water overnight) 1/4 C honey (warmed to runny) 1/3 C coconut oil 1t vanilla essence

3/4 C dates, soaked 5 mins in boiling water, then drained and chopped into small dice 1/4 C maple syrup TOPPING: 1/2 C cocoa powder (Dutch processed) 4T honey, warmed to runny 3T melted coconut oil 3-4T boiling water

– BASE: Blitz the measured almonds in a food processor until they resemble fine crumbs, then add the dates, cocoa powder and date juice into the food processor and blend to smooth. – Using a 20cm x 20cm glass dish, or baking tray, press the base into the dish using your fingers, spreading evenly and place in the fridge to set. – FILLING: In the food processor blend the soaked cashews until they have a smooth and creamy texture. Then add the honey, coconut oil, vanilla essence, dates and

– –

maple syrup on top of the blended cashews and pulse until the whole mixture is chopped fine and smooth in texture. Spoon mixture on to base and spread across with a spatula until it resembles a smooth and even layer. Place the dish back into the fridge to set. Finally, once the filling layer is set to touch (about 30 minutes to one hour in the fridge), make the topping. TOPPING: Place the cocoa powder, honey, melted coconut oil and boiling water together in a small bowl, stir with a spoon until smooth and blended. Using a spatula spread the topping evenly across the filling and smooth the top. Place the caramel slice back into the fridge to set. Once set cut into small slices or squares and serve with your favourite beverage. It can be keep in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.

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Fashion we love

SPARROWS Lemon Tree Madelyn Dress $189.90

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SPARROWS Staple ‘n’ Cloth Balcony Dress $259

SPARROWS Siren Dress Contrast Sleeve $169 DENIM DEN Betty Basic Sequin Cara Tee White & black available $40.90

STYLE FOOTWEAR Ninja by Sugar ‘n’ Spice $219.95

DENIM DEN Betty Basic Sydney Dress Daffodil & White/ink available $42.90

STYLE FOOTWEAR Net by Sugar ‘n’ Spice $219.95

STYLE FOOTWEAR Emma by Cabello $179.95

Denim Den 248 East Street Ashburton


176 East Street, Ashburton www.sparrows.co.nz

Style Footwear

177 Burnett Street, Ashburton facebook.com/stylefootwearashburton www.stylefootwear.co.nz

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Fashion we love

CHICAGO JOES The Fifth Label Keystone Top $104.99

CHICAGO JOES Elwood Selwyn Dress $109.99

CHICAGO JOES LTB Destin Denim Jacket $214.99

LADIES FASHION BOUTIQUE SHOP CANTERBURY Colourful tee/lipstick cardi Black Pepper Tee $85.00 Cardi $89.90

LADIES FASHION BOUTIQUE SHOP CANTERBURY Skirt /blouse/tee Black Pepper Special outfit Was $308.00 Now $190.00

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STEPPING OUT Origini ‘Lacca’ $159.90

Stepping Out

194 East Street, Ashburton www.steppingout.co.nz

STEPPING OUT Belle Scarpe -Raddison’ $159.90

STEPPING OUT Karston ‘Idole’ $289.90

Chicago Joes

The Arcade Tancred Street, Ashburton www.chicagojoes.co.nz

Shop Canterbury

26 Tancred Street, Ashburton www.shopcanterburyashburton.co.nz

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A little jar of goodness

FOR FOODIES with Marg Brownlie

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a little jar of goodness that a friend discovered on a recent trip to Nelson. Not even on the supermarket shelves yet, I believe, she presented me with a jar of boysenberry jelly made by Pic’s. It is surprisingly low in sugar and simply divine, packed full of berry goodness. I have done a savoury and a sweet dish with this jelly and am very impressed with the flavour in both. The ice-cream recipe is easy to make and before popping it into the freezer I added a couple of tablespoons of the boysenberry jelly to lightly fold through the ice-cream, giving it a marbled effect. The end result is stunning!

Savoury boysenberry sauce for venison

1 shallot, finely sliced 2 cloves garlic, chopped 4 sprigs fresh thyme 1C good quality beef stock 2t Pic’s boysenberry jelly 2T butter

– Saute the shallot, garlic and thyme in a small pan until translucent. – Add the beef stock and reduce until half the liquid remains, then strain so you are left with just a straight liquid. – Add the boysenberry jelly and reduce slowly for another four minutes. – Add the butter one tablespoon at a time and your sauce is ready to grace the plate with your venison.


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Cheeky beef with winter slaw and chipotle mayo

Now that beef cheeks are readily available in the supermarket, I encourage you to try this recipe. It won’t be the last time you make it ... it’s that good. These are served on a warmed tortilla, with a winter slaw and a spicy chipotle mayonnaise. 2 beef cheeks, trimmed of any silverskin 1T each of coriander, cumin, yellow mustard and nigella seeds 1/2 T whole black peppercorns 1/2 T soft brown sugar 1/2 T smoked paprika 1C beef stock

– Place the seeds and peppercorns in a small dry frying pan over a medium heat and toast lightly. Be careful not to burn the seeds or it will mean you have to start again as they will be bitter. Remove the pan from the heat straight away and leave to cool. Lightly crush the seeds and peppercorns in a pestle and mortar and mix with the rest of the ingredients and rub over the beef cheeks. Cover and refrigerate overnight. – The next day, bring back to room temperature and place in a pre-heated oven at 150°C. – Place the cheeks on a rack placed into the roasting dish. Pour the beef stock into the dish and cover tightly with aluminium foil. – Baste the meat a couple of times with the pan juices and after 3 to 3 1/2 hours your meat will be lovely and tender. Remove from the oven and season with salt. Winter slaw 2 handfuls each of finely-sliced red and green cabbage 1 green apple, cut into fine matchsticks 1 large shallot, finely diced 1T each of white and black sesame seeds lightly toasted in a dry frying pan Chipotle mayonnaise 1/2 C mayonnaise 1T chipotle sauce Squeeze of lime juice Pinch of salt – Mix all of these ingredients together and refrigerate until needed. – Slice the beef cheeks thinly and place 2- 3 slices on each tortilla, along with the winter slaw and a drizzle of the chi-

potle mayonnaise. Top the tortilla with toasted pumpkin seeds and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. – Homemade tortillas would bring this dish to another level and they are so simple to make, so if you have the time it’s well worth the effort! Tortilla 5C (875g) plain flour 2C wholemeal flour 2T butter 2t baking powder 1/4 t salt 1 1/2 C (375ml) boiling water – Mix together the flour, baking powder

– –

– – –

and salt in large bowl. Rub in butter to resemble texture of fine breadcrumbs. Add water slowly, mixing with your hands to make a soft dough. You may not need all the water. Knead a few minutes on a floured surface until smooth and elastic. Brush top with some oil, put back in bowl and let rest, covered for 10 minutes. Divide into small balls – the size of golf balls – and roll them out into the size and thickness you prefer. Cook in a dry heavy frying pan until top is slightly bubbly. Turn over and cook for a minute or two. Keep stacked and warm inside a clean tea towel until ready to serve.

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Home-made vanilla and boysenberry ripple ice-cream

285ml thickened cream 300ml full fat milk 115g castor sugar 1 vanilla pod 3 large free-range egg yolks

– If you are using an ice-cream machine, pop the canister in the freezer the day before you are wanting to make the icecream. – Next day, pour the cream and milk into a medium heavy-based pan and tip in half the sugar. Slit the vanilla pod down its length with a small sharp knife and scoop out as many of the tiny black seeds as you can into the cream mixture. Cut the pod into three and drop it into the pan. – Heat the cream and milk over a low heat, stirring occasionally, until it almost boils. Take off the heat and set aside for 30 minutes so the vanilla can infuse. – Put the egg yolks into a bowl with the rest of the sugar and beat with an electric beater for about 2 minutes, until the mixture has thickened, is paler in colour and falls in thick ribbons when you lift the beaters. Using a measuring jug, scoop out about 125ml of the cream mixture and

beat into the egg yolks to slacken them. – Reheat the cream until it just comes to the boil, take off the heat and stir in the egg yolk mixture. – Return the pan to a low heat and cook, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon, for 8-10 minutes, until the custard is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon. Watch that it doesn’t boil. Take the pan off the heat so the mixture doesn’t curdle. – Pour the custard into a heat-proof bowl, then allow to cool before putting the custard into the fridge for 3-4 hours, preferably overnight, so it gets really cold. – Get the ice-cream machine running, scoop out the vanilla pod pieces, then slowly pour in the cold custard. Leave it to churn for 10-30 minutes (depending on your machine). When it stops, it is probably too soft to eat, so spoon into a plastic container, add the 2T of boysenberry jelly and gently fold through to achieve a marbled effect. – Cover with cling film, then a lid and freeze for a minimum of three hours. – It will keep in the freezer for around three months. Remove from the freezer 15 minutes before serving.



The mpany . Theatre Co In c



Ashburton Trust Event Centre

Ashburton College Mt Hutt High School Mckenzie College Geraldine High School Opihi High School


Sunday, October 14 at 2pm


Adult $20 Child $5 (under 8 years a gold coin donation)

New menu starts today New season New Chef New flavours New a la carte menu


ALL WELCOME TICKETS AVAILABLE AT United Video - Ashburton Trust Event Centre - Masonic Lodges

11 Racecourse Road • Phone 03 307 8887 • fb.com/HotelAshburton • HotelAsh.co.nz

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TimeBank: A year in review ABOUT TIME with Kate White

October 1 marked one year since the Mid Canterbury TimeBank and Learning Exchange launched and this was celebrated at the Sinclair Centre recently. It was a great chance to see what the TimeBank was all about – people connecting, contributing their skills and enjoying belonging to a fantastic community. Here are a few facts and figures from our first 12 months:

TIMEBANK LEARNING EXCHANGE • Began in October, 2017, with a grow your own food garden tour in Ashburton. • Held 38 educational events in its first year, all open to the public • Events on flax weaving, being Muslim in NZ, Christmas crafts, astronomy, budgeting, 3D printing, jewellery making, kombucha, finding work-life balance and many more were facilitated by timebankers.


Above left – Chiyo Hunt teaches Kelly Paterson, 10, how to make sushi. Above right – Kirstin Cook (left) shows Mariel Rodriguez flax weaving.


MID CANTERBURY TIMEBANK • 128 members (as at October 1, 2018); 114 individuals, three businesses and 11 organisations. • Oldest member is 85. • Youngest member is 22. • Nationalities of members: American, Argentinian, Australian, British, Canadian, Chilean, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, German, Guatemalan, Irish, Israeli, Japanese, New Zealanders, Pakistani, Polish and Swiss. • 1061 exchanges have been recorded. • 3475 hours have been exchanged, of which 1250 were coordinating the TimeBank, leaving 2225 hours exchanged between members.

The highlight of being part of TimeBank for most members seems to be the new and wonderful friends and connections that have been made. Together we have a lot of fun organising and attending events and helping each other out. We look forward to our second year of giving and

• Common exchanges: gardening, baking, sewing/mending, tech help. • Cleaning exchanges: Shoes, ovens, jewellery, lampshades, windows, bathrooms and dogs! • More unusual exchanges: Knife sharpening, skin analysis, decluttering help. • Fun exchanges: Being Mickey Mouse for a birthday party, playing golf, craft support. • Enjoyable treats: Foot massages, gel nails, cheesecakes. • Social gatherings: Mystery Easter trip, Queen’s Birthday high tea, games night, mid-winter Christmas dinner, TimeBank Big Swap.

receiving, building relationships, valuing everyone’s contributions and building a stronger, more connected community. Want to join or know more about the TimeBank or see our Learning Exchange Programme for the rest of 2018? Check out www.mctimebank.nz or find us on Facebook.

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Things we love

UNIQUE FURNITURE NZ Made MacrocarpaJack and Jill seat Available now $745

THE ALPACA STORE ZERO BAG – long life reusable bag $15 each buy 1 get the other 1 half price. UNIQUE FURNITURE Uniquely Handmade Macrocarpa 3 ½ Seater Park bench Available now $1300

THE ALPACA STORE Personalised celebration plates perfect for weddings, birthdays, or a new baby from $70 THE ALPACA STORE Wild kiwi bamboo sunglasses range of styles and colours available $34

UNIQUE FURNITURE NZ Made - Hardwood 2 ½ seater curved back Whitewashed Park Bench Available now $650

HORNCASTLE Himalayan Tahr $995

HORNCASTLE Oak art and craft leadlight display cabinet, 3 drawers, 2 cupboards $1,450

HORNCASTLE ‘Old king’ chair $675 ea

HORNCASTLE ANTIQUES and fine furniture ap.smith@xtra.co.nz 021 228 2761

76D Talbot Street, Geraldine Phone: 03 693 7363

100 East Street Ashburton Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

03 307 2279 027 311 2844 www.uniquefurniture.co.nz sales@uniquefurniture.co.nz

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Things we love

HEMINGWAY DESIGN Retro speaker – Redwood Bluetooth $54

HEMINGWAY DESIGN Foldable Backpacks $15 MACROCRAFT Macrocarpa 1.4m long hall table, 2 drawers + shelf $909

HEMINGWAY DESIGN Wall Bottle Opener $29

MACROCRAFT Recycled rimu dining table + 6 padded chairs $2,363

REDMONDS House trained stools or footrests $550 each

REDMONDS Fern lamp in gold $430 REDMONDS Andrew Martin Design Fabric Wedgewood Chair $2,299 Cushion $249

MACROCRAFT Recycled pine glass display unit 1.95m high $1,278





Mon – Fri 8am-5pm Sat 10-3pm www.macrocraftfurniture.co.nz


SHOP ONLINE www.hemingway.design

East to Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5269 www.redmonds.co.nz

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I’m a true farmy girl now

I’ve come a long way since I landed in this foreign farming world from my native Auckland! It was not uncommon for me to use my GPS to navigate my way from the farm to Ashburton when I needed to shop. I was seriously concerned at getting lost during the 23 kilometre journey down one straight, long road, with the smallest kink veering right at the halfway mark. Since then, of course, I’m often in town, possibly more often than at the farm some days. But, with petrol prices now requiring a small mortgage to fill up, I’ve decided to cut back on unnecessary travel. Funnily enough, the farmer is also doing this, and using me instead as his “picker-upper” of endless farming accessories. Nuts, bolts, tools, tractor parts, sacks of unidentifiable heavy stuff, you name it, I’m the rural courier. Usually prompted by a text message


that reads something cryptic like “500 x 12g 50mm hex roofing screws”. No please, no thanks ... just the facts. I usually just pass my phone to the team at Bunnings to decipher – they are awesome! Recently though my new job reached a whole new level altogether. In a throw-away comment the farmer asked me to pick up a bag to drop off at the vet that needed to get there pronto – everything the farmer needs is allegedly urgent. Easy peesy. I grabbed it off his desk and instantly noticed it was warm. Peeking inside the brown paper bag, my wee eyes widened in surprise to find nine clear canisters of poo samples! Ewwwwww ... gross.

The farmer was nowhere to be found so I carefully placed it on the front seat of the car and powered towards the drop-off point. It suddenly occurred to me, mid-drive, that maybe the samples needed to stay warm. I tried to phone the farmer without success, so made the executive decision to turn on the heated seats in the car, just in case. The delivery was successful, the reception staff at the vet clinic obviously noticed it was still warm, toasty even, but we all just smiled at each other and noone said anything. I messaged the farmer “Poo delivered”, and finally, some recognition for my dicey mission, a text back … “Cool, thanks”. TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury

YOU Magazine | 33

Self-tan with love


magazine designer clothing

Size 10 - s 26

Forget harsh self-tan kits that dry out your skin! Australian brand Zuii Organic has released a range of self-tan and skin care that simultaneously tans and treats your skin. The new range includes foams, lotions, washes, powders and mitts that work together to provide bronzed colour and improve the health of your skin. Unlike chemical-based tan and skin care products, Zuii Organic incorporates functional actives, minerals and plant extracts to ensure your skin stays hydrated as you tan. One of the key ingredients is certified-organic bamboo juice – the fastest growing botanical resource on the planet, and the highest natural source of silica. Bamboo juice has heaps of skin-loving properties, including helping to minimise wrinkles, moisturise the skin and fade dark spots. The self-tanning foam is one to note – it has absolutely no scent and the colour appears super natural. It’s actually coloured using raw cacao, grape skin ex-

tract and black walnut, so it doesn’t have any nasty undertones. The foam also uses a power plant extract – bulbine frutescens leaf juice – to penetrate the colourants into your skin. What this means is the tan fades over time, instead of breaking up and giving you crocodile skin! There’s a mitt to apply the foam too, which has an invisible seam. It’s a seemingly simple device, but it does wonders for eliminating the streaks from your tan. Plus, it’s super soft – you’ll want to smooth it over your skin all day. Advertising feature


SELF-TAN & BEAUTY RANGE Something special for every occasion!

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 021 686 929

Vegan, certified organic, & environmentally friendly!


(03) 308 1815 h2k11@xtra.co.nz

www.Health2OOO.co.nz Follow Health2OOOGroup on:



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Outdo ad

It’s probably fair to say that the days of the half gallon-quarter-acre-pavlova-paradise are pretty much over around New Zealand — at least in terms of section size. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy outdoor living anymore. It’s just that the modern version of “outdoors” needs to meet changing requirements and might be a balcony on an inner-city apartment complex, a small patio, or a subdivided section with just enough room for a few vegetable plants. Whatever your situation, that space needs to work hard as we embrace the great Kiwi lifestyle; eating, drinking, relaxing and entertaining outdoors. Basically,

Outside catering available Choose from finger food, buffet style or platters.


03 349 2160 0800 92 72 82 Somerset House Burnett St, Ashburton

Phone: 307 5899 www.somersetgrocer.co.nz



027 229 1126 woodandsteel@xtra.co.nz www.woodandsteel.co.nz

Friday & Saturday 10am - 3pm or by appointment 381 Rangiora Woodend Road, Rangiora

We deliver to anywhere in New Zealand.


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oor spaces need to dapt to lifestyles we’ve come to regard our gardens, decks and balconies as outdoor rooms — essentially an extension of our homes. Vertical gardens, where plants are grown up against a wall are a good way of maximising space and they look great although they do require devotion to watering. Flower gardens aren’t generally as popular as they used to be and the emphasis is very much on easy-care because few of us have the time for massive upkeep in terms of weeding, trimming, and nurturing plants these days. The ones we choose to liven up our surroundings are often large, architectural species such as palms, and a number of New Zealand natives. Planting

them in pots is wise if you move house a lot or are renting. Adding outdoor features to an existing property will almost always increase its attraction and value, but the job needs to be done well, using quality materials. Modern innovations are appearing all the time in products such as automatic louvre roofs, deck curtains and built-in fire pits and pizza ovens as well as complete outdoor kitchens. Outdoor lighting has become very sophisticated and a quality speaker system can be found on most decks and patios these days.  Continuedoverpage




Tile and Grout restoration specialists you can trust We use the very latest in cleaning and restoration technology available to bring your tiled areas back to their original beauty. From ensuring maximum protection of your newly installed tiles and grout, to bringing your dirty old tiles and grout back to life again. Our unique restoration procedures confirm our position as industry leaders in the after-market care and restoration of ALL tiles and grout!



• Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

• Damaged Tile Repairs

• Shower Glass Restoration

• Grout Coloursealing and Recolouring

• Tile Re-Grouting

• Total Shower Refurbishment

• Tile & Grout Clear Sealing

• Silicone Removal and Replacement

• Acid washing tiles and grout

0508 422 532

Contact GroutPro Brett Muir or Mark Butler for a quote and an upfront honest discussion.


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A place to relax


A retreat from the busy world, a space to relax, a quiet space or a place to enjoy with family and friends. In today’s fast paced world outdoor living spaces are becoming more important than ever. Protection from the elements is key to enjoying these spaces. Shade offers comfort and protection. A cool shaded area is a great place to relax. Whether it be a lateral arm awning – automated or manual, pergola roof shade, sails or umbrellas, finding the perfect solution is thinking about how you use the space, how big it needs to be and

what flexibility you require to retract or move the shade. Don’t forget protection for your outdoor furniture or BBQ too, after all we always want these products to be clean and easy to enjoy. We love creating outdoor living for you to enjoy. Peter May Ltd – Canvas Solutions. 

Outdoor furniture is naturally a fast-growing area in sales. No longer is it simple and built only to be practical — these days you can find elaborate wicker dining and lounge suites that wouldn’t be out of place inside the home. A word to the wise though: check if your household insurance covers outdoor furniture before splashing out, because some of this stuff is seriously expensive. Pergolas, gazebos and arches and, of course, ponds and fountains provide further options for adding personality to your outdoor room and they can be as simple or as fancy as you like.

If you have some ideas for outdoor development, it would be worth making a visit to any Home Show that’s being held around the country. There you can not only compare landscaping products and seek expert advice but you will also find inspiration in terms of planting schemes plus luxury extras such as swimming and spa pools. There are loads of eco-options too, in terms of watering systems, natural stone materials, and even pest control. Landscapers and garden designers will be getting very busy in the next few months as the mercury rises so, if you’re planning a project, try and lock them in now, before it’s too late.

Canvas Slings & Riviera Umbrella

Protect your lifestyle from the elements with stylish options from canvas slings and shades to covers for BBQ’s, tables and other outdoor furniture.

P: 03 308-8893 | E: info@petermay.co.nz 151 Alford Forest Road, Ashburton www.petermay.co.nz






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Westside Specialising branches out in natives

A year on from taking over Westside Hire, Kylie Burrowes and her team have branched out! Alongside the extensive range of hire equipment, they have now added landscape supplies to their yard and turned Westside Hire into a one-stop landscape shop! Now you can hire a trailer, fill it up with bark, mulch, compost or whatever you need and get that house and garden looking spectacular. A large range and competitive pricing coupled with being open 7 days makes landscaping at

Dave and Dad now deliver.

your place easy. So make the most of the warmer weather and come see the friendly team and everything we have at 171 Alford Forest Road, find us on Facebook or call at 3080006.  Advertisingfeature

Located just out of Christchurch, Southern Woods is one of the South Island’s largest plant nurseries. Specialising in New Zealand natives, landscaping plants and specimen trees, the locally owned business has the largest range of plants in Canterbury. Spring is a great time to plant most species, talk to their knowledgeable team about the perfect plants for your section. 0800 800 352, southernwoods.co.nz 






Spring Planting? We’ll get you growing. Canterbury’s plant specialists - Native revegetation & Landscaping - Ornamental & Specimen plants - Firewood & Shelter trees - Order fruit trees now for winter supply - New 2018 catalogue out now. Corner SH1 & Robinsons Road, Christchurch

Phone 0800 800 352


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Built Steps to be with pride pool-ready

RTO Construction Ltd has been in business for five years covering Timaru to Rolleston and everywhere in between. We work on residential, farm buildings and light commercial and specialise in James Hardie products and ECKO Fastening Systems. We also have a Macma Commercial Grade GIB lifter available for hire. Sort your next job and leave the hard lifting to this mean machine. Rodney has 18 years’ experience in the building industry starting his time for a large commercial company in the Wairarapa before moving

1. Uncover

Drain off any water and sweep the cover clean. Store it away from the elements.

2. Water level

south 15 years ago. He is a qualified, licensed carpenter and a Registered Master Builder. Being a small firm they pride themselves on quality workmanship for clients. Like and follow them on Facebook.  Advertisingfeature

Ready to build your dream

• • •

Registered James Hardie installer Residential, commercial or farm buildings Quality workmanship

RTO Construction Ltd Rodney Grant 027 634 1631 rtoconstruction@yahoo.co.nz facebook.com/rtoconstruction

Top up and ensure the level is at the middle of the skimmer opening for proper circulation.

3. Bits and bobs

Check everything works and is clean. Sanitise the filter then start the circulation system and remove any debris.

4. Test time

After 24–48 hours circulation, fill a bottle with pool water collected at elbow depth for Pool and Pump World to complete a water analysis.

5. Personalised treatment plan

With over 25 years experience, Pool and Pump World are your local pool experts. Call them and they’ll have your pool ready in no time!  Advertisingfeature

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Time to get busy in the garden

Temperatures continue to rise and gardens are starting to flourish. We’ve got plenty to keep gardeners busy while they enjoy the longer, warmer hours in the garden.

Plant more than one of your favourite herbs so you have plenty on hand. Snip herbs regularly (even when you’re not using them) to encourage fresh growth.

Vege garden Soil is key when it comes to growing healthy vege crops, so build good organic soil structure by adding plenty of fresh compost to existing soil and mixing well. Plant out summer vegetables like beans, beetroot, carrots, celery, courgettes, cucumbers, corn, leeks, lettuce, melons, onions, radish, pumpkins and tomatoes . Stagger plantings so you have a constant supply over the season. Apply side dressings of vegetable fertiliser once plants are established – this will help the development of healthy, nutritious vegetables. Water young plants deeply when required to encourage a strong root system. Don’t be put off if you have a lack of space; you can successfully grow vegetables in raised beds or in pots and containers.

Lawns Time to tackle any lawn repairs now that the soil is warming up. Where you have bare patches in the lawn, add new topsoil before broadcasting lawn seed and lightly water to activate germination. Apply lawn fertiliser to existing lawns if you haven’t already and mow regularly to encourage growth. Ornamental shrubs Because winter shrubs like azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons are coming to the end of their flowering, they’ll need minor pruning before they break into spring growth. Apply acid fertiliser in late October, along with some mulch. Container gardening Flowers in pots, containers and hanging baskets add colour throughout the summer months to decks, entranceways, courtyards and balconies. Herbs and some vegetables (there are dwarf vegetable varieties) also grow well in containers. Remove any existing plants and old potting mix and thoroughly rinse and clean the container (don’t forget the outside). Being in a confined space means potted plants deplete the soil more quickly of nutrients, so always use a fresh, good quality mix each season.

Flowering annuals Make room for your summer flowering annuals by removing any winter ones. Again, add plenty of rich, fresh compost and turn the soil over well. Summer annuals can include alyssum, asters, cornflowers, californian poppy, cosmos, livingstone daisy, lobelia, marigolds, nemesia, petunias, portulaca, phlox, salvias, sweet peas and zinnias. Fruit trees Apply fruit tree fertiliser and as the soil warms up, mulch around trees to help keep weeds away and aid water retention. Grape vines and kiwifruit vines will be growing vigorously and may need some trimming to keep under control. Strawberries Towards the end of the month, early varieties of strawberries start to ripen, much to the delight of birds, so make sure

you cover plants with a net. Fungal grey mould or botrytis can affect strawberries so keep checking plants, removing any infected leaves quickly. Adding pea straw or hay around plants also helps and keeps the ripening berries clean and healthy. Herbs Remove last season’s herbs and plant out new season varieties, including basil.

Roses Apply side dressings of rose fertiliser and mulch well around rose plants. Regularly dead head finished blooms to encourage continuous flowering, making sure you clean your secateurs or clippers beforehand. Have fun in the garden! For more gardening advice or information on the wide range of Daltons products, visit www. daltons.co.nz.

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FREE Daltons Premium Tomato prize pack

Fab figs

We have a Daltons Premium Tomato Pack to give away which has everything you need to grow tasty tomatoes. Each pack is valued at $80 and contains 2 x Garden Time Tomato Mix 30L, and 1 x Garden Time Tomato Fertiliser (1.5kg), 1 x Daltons Organic Bio Fungicide Granules 250g, 1 x Besgrow Coir Mulch 60L: $11.57 PLUS a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products www.omniproducts.co.nz.

Lois Orchard is this month’s winner with the following question: Figs are becoming really popular. How can I grow good figs and what is the best type to grow in Mid Canterbury? Figs require a full-sun position that is sheltered from strong prevailing winds, soil that is free draining and an area that is frost free. Whether this is possible in Mid Canterbury is debatable, hopefully there is an area with a micro-climate that does not receive particularly heavy frosts. Figs are vigorous growing small trees and they can be very successful espaliered on a north-facing wall or fence. This may be the preferred option in an area prone to heavy frosts. Prune fig trees hard in winter, as they produce fruit on the new season’s growth. Varieties we recommend include Brunoro Black, French Sugar and Ventura. Tips for planting: Prepare the planting site by digging a hole twice as wide and as deep as the container the tree came in. Add generous amounts of compost to the hole and mix in well. Improve drainage by creating a mound at the bottom in the middle where the rootball will sit. Place the tree in the hole and replace the soil around the rootball and pat it to make it compact and firm. The ideal tree position is when it sits in the ground and the base of the stem is slightly higher than ground level. This prevents water pooling around the trunk and causing any rots. Stake the tree for extra support if required and mulch and fertilise, making sure not to touch the trunk of your tree. For more information and expert advice, check out our How to Grow Fruit Trees Guide www.daltons.co.nz/home-gardening/how-to-guides.

Be in to win Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Tomato prize pack in the subject heading, or write to Tomato pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton.

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You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by October 29.

For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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A reputation for great service

The Ringmakers has a proud 33 year history of retail excellence serving Timaru and the wider South Canterbury community. Since Graeme and Chris Castle established the business in 1985, the company has built a reputation for great service in all aspects of jewellery design, manufacture and retail including watch batteries and jewellery repairs and stocks stylish brands including PANDORA, STOW Lockets, Love in A Jewel, Daisy London and Georgini. One of the strengths of the business is its awesome staff with their focus on quality workmanship and excellent customer service. In 2016, long-serving goldsmith Brent White, who left school to take up an apprenticeship under Graeme in 1993, purchased the business. Continuing the tradition of the familyrun business, he has been joined by his wife, Aimee. Adding to Brent and Graeme’s combined experience of approximately 75 years, Olly is now in the third year of his apprenticeship and is enjoying the challenge of honing his skills even further. Customers are well looked after by Burnetta, Sophie and Aimee who are always willing to go the extra mile to help,

whether it is selecting the perfect piece of jewellery for a special occasion or booking in jewellery repairs and manufacturing in the on-site workshop. Our goldsmiths take pride in custommaking quality jewellery, working with you right through the design and manufacturing process to ensure the perfect outcome. The entire process is completed on site, so you can be involved every step of the way.

We manufacture diamond and coloured stone rings and all types of one-off jewellery including pendants, earrings and cufflinks to suit your taste and budget. We also repair and remake jewellery to a very high standard. Come and see the friendly team for an obligation-free consultation today!

270 Stafford St, Timaru :: 03 688 1362 www.theringmakers.co.nz


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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Methven Theatre Company Present and former members of the Methven Theatre Company gathered last month to celebrate its 75th jubilee with a gala evening before enjoying the show, Encore. YOU photographer Robyn Hood was there to capture faces. Above (from left) – Pattie Ree, Nicki McDowell, Kate Lambarth. 290918-RH-047 Above – Rona Hayward and Gilbert Donaldson.


Above – Brian and Juliet Kirke.  290918-RH-048 Below – Bryony Digby (left) and Joyce Gray. 290918-RH-052 Above (from left) – Catherine Dickson, Viv Barrett, Tammy and Murray Dickson.

Above – Irene and Philip Duff.



Above – Patrice Hammond (left) and Kate Lambarth. 290918-RH-055

Above – Wayne Pannett (left) and Andrew France. 290918-RH-053 Above – Lorraine and Malcolm Pluck.  290918-RH-054 Left – Raiona and Dave Isherwood. 290918-RH-057 Right (from left) – Markus Body, Janine Peters and Alister Body.


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