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Are you enjoying your twilight years in your own home? In years gone by, the opportunity to move into a resort of this kind did not exist. Why not enhance your lifestyle and enjoy your twilight years by becoming a resident of our wonderful community. Lochlea Lifestyle Resort is the first middle aged care facility in Mid Canterbury. A lot of consideration has gone into the design of the facility to provide an amenity that meets the needs of our ageing community. The resort will consist of 111 villas and 19 assisted care units. Radius Millstream Hospital opened in June 2016. It is an 80 bed hospital catering for aged care, dementia and respite care. The resort offers people of comparative age the opportunity of a lifestyle Where they can reside in a safe and secure, gated environment and enjoy the company of one another yet still maintain their privacy and independence. Located in a quiet, relaxed, semi-rural area to the north west of Ashburton, The resort offers a range of luxury villas with a glorious view towards the Southern Alps. Stage 1, which consists of 56 villas, is complete. The hospital and the aged Care apartments are generating a lot of interest from the general public which has resulted in people forward booking sites in the resort. Residents in the resort will have preference over beds in the hospital as and when they are available and people are already taking advantage of this option by securing a villa. Overall the response to the resort has been outstanding. Stage 1 in terms of Occupation has far exceeded expectations and already Stage 2, with the Additional attraction of the care facility, is producing similar results. Lochlea Lodge, which was especially designed for the use of residents has proved to be very popular with many happy hours enjoyed by residents attending functions and using the amenities and activities provided at the Lodge. Lochlea Resort welcomes you to call and look at the Lodge and view the Village. The decision to move to a village such as Lochlea is a personal one. It is a big transition to make and the Resort Manager, Tony Sands, is happy to discuss your personal circumstances with you in strict confidence even if you are not quite ready to make the transition right away.

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Becky’s month in Sri Lanka


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Lucious recipes from Kerri Lysaght


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Who’s out and about?


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2017 is well-established now and here’s hoping you’ve all had a fantastic festive season and are settling back into work and routine well! This month we offer you a special feature on health and wellbeing and our usual feast of recipes from Kerri Lysaght, social photos and gardening tips, along with a fantastic gardening giveaway. Our main feature from YOU writer, Sue Newman, is focused on Ruapuna teenager, Becky Schmack, who went on a life-changing journey to Sri Lanka to help locals in a remote village. Not only did she have to fundraise all the money herself, but she and her team-members had to manage their funds so that they could eat the next day. It’s an inspiring programme for teens through Antipodeans Expedition that encourages independence, empathy and hard work and is something that every teenager could benefit from. Enjoy, Cheers, Lisa Fenwick

A life-changing Sri Lankan


Oh my! Here’s a big load of ‘divine on a plate’ right here – ca phe sua da cheesecake. P12

Making time for herself is Mad M ama at Maruia Springs.

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Becky’s life-changing journey It took two years to raise the money needed, but Ruapuna teenager Becky Schmack says it was worth every minute of hard graft to share a few weeks of her life with a group of Sri Lankan youngsters in a remote mountain village. She shares her story with reporter Sue Newman

Becky Schmack, changing lives and enriching her own life through volunteer work in Sri Lanka. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 160117-SN-0024

Becky Schmack no longer takes the good things in her life for granted. At 15 she’s learned a lesson that many never learn, that life’s not fair, life’s not equal, but that even the people who have very little can be very happy. The Ruapuna teen spent most of December sleeping rough, living on a tight budget and working in a remote school in the Sri Lankan mountains. She plastered walls and painted school buildings, laid paths and, if there was any time left over, worked with youngsters to help them improve their spoken English. She was part of a group of Rangi Ruru students who had spent the previous two years fundraising, not only to pay for their trip, but also to make a $2000 donation to a village school in Polonnaruwa. During her first year at Rangi, Becky heard about the Antipodeans trip and was intrigued, but she knew signing up would come with some hefty conditions – almost a month away from home, no access to

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Top – Members of the Rangi Ruru student volunteer team trying on saris during their time in Sri Lanka Left – The gardens in Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya City are among the oldest landscaped gardens in the world.

cellphones, unfamiliar food and, most significantly, the need to raise a serious amount of money. Parental hand-outs were not allowed. As the months ticked by, Becky spent every spare moment out of school working. Her enthusiasm never dwindled and where some who’d initially signed up, hastily pulled out once they realised the trip was about work more than a holiday, she was determined to see it through. Returning home for weekends or holidays meant long hours, milking cows and doing any and every job on the farm. Most of her small group of students were newcomers to tough travel and had little idea how challenging their time in Sri Lanka would be. Becky’s travel experience was Australia and after a three-flight, two-delay trip, being plunged into the chaos of Colombo was more than a culture shock, she said. Reaching the mountain school involved a string of tuk tuk and bus rides and that

meant hours crammed cheek to jowl with the locals, an uncomfortable experience for teens who liked to keep their personal space personal. “There were people on the roof, the aisles were crammed and you were squeezed up against people and the trains had people hanging out the doors.” The roads were rough and the driving hair-raising. Horns were the most common form of driver communication and it was usually a case of fastest first, Becky said. “We had a lot of near misses and they had this weird speed limit that changed according to the time of day.” Their accommodation was in a spare school room, hastily cleaned out for the young women. Their beds were mats on the floor. To the students’ surprise there were warm showers, but that was the upside of their personal care arrangements. The down side were the filthy squat

toilets that were rarely cleaned. “These were a daily challenge,” Becky said. There were no washing machines, just the river and often the teens found themselves sharing their washing space with Sri Lankans who were taking a bath. Occasionally they joined the locals, but there were usually more body parts exposed than the girls were comfortable with. The food was plentiful and good, but to western teens, the heat of the daily curry and the monotony of pasta or rice proved more than a challenge. Becky has never been a rice fan and said it will be a while until she’s tempted to eat it again. And there were plenty of dishes, origins unknown, that the girls ate, including buffalo curd drizzled with honey. continued over page

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Top – A local village shop. Left – Elephants and trucks vying for street space in Sigiriya Above – Paving laid by the student volunteers at a remote mountain village school. Below – Spices and vegetables, delighting the senses in a village market.


From P5 As they worked at the school and spent time with the students and villagers, Becky said they were amazed at how happy people were, despite having very few of the material things the Kiwi teens took for granted. “They were always so grateful for what they had, they were so happy and yet they had so little.” The trip was not just about work, it was also about the teens learning to make their way in a new world. While two teachers were with the group, part of the Antipodeans’ philosophy is that the students are in charge. While they travelled with an itinerary, the 14 girls were divided into three groups. Each group had to find its own transport to the next destination, find accommodation and source their own food. If they overspent, then they didn’t eat the next day. There were good decisions and bad decisions made by everyone, Becky said. “We booked one lot of accommodation and it was awful when we arrived, so we went to a hotel. “It was really nice, but we realised the next morning we could only have two meals that day.” It was a lesson learned and valuable skills in haggling gained. “We got ripped off sometimes and we wasted money, but the teachers never inteferred, they left us to sort ourselves out. It was all about leadership.” Christmas Day, money was short and while her family enjoyed a feast at home, Becky was down to two meals. The compensation, however, was sitting on a Sri Lankan beach for most of the day. And in a country where the temperature hovered between 32°C and 35°C during the day, mountain or sea breezes made the difference between comfort and extreme discomfort, she said. The teenagers did have time to enjoy some of the sights of Sri Lanka and she counts the almost-vertical seven kilometre climb up Mt Adam, getting very close to elephants and a three-day trek in a national park as some of the highlights. The real pleasure, however, was living as a local and working at the village school. There no cellphones and just a laptop and iPad that travelled with their teachers, but the students were so busy no-one had time to miss their devices. Leaving was a wrench, but the students are determined to stay in touch with “their” village school. The real satisfaction, Becky said, was coming home knowing she’d made a dif-

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Top left – Becky Schmack (right) with members of the Rangi Ruru Sri Lankan work team. Top right – Antipodean Expedition members working with students in a remote mountain school. Left – A village child riding a bus. Right – Fishing boats tied up in Pettah.

ference, even in a small way, to the lives of dozens of children. “You could tell they were just so grateful for what we’d done and for the money we gave to the school. “They have so little of what we take for granted and that’s made me look at things differently now. “When we gave the teacher our stationery she broke down into tears.” The experience was life changing and she now looks at life a little differently. Her message for other teens who are given an opportunity is simple – “just grab every opportunity that comes your way”.

What is an Antipodeans Expedition? Antipodeans is an Australia/New Zealand-owned and operated organisation that creates overseas projects for students. The trips are designed to take the young people out of their First World environment and help them disconnect with their comfortable lives. It strives to challenge students to embrace a foreign experience that doesn’t involve their phone or tablet. Through a three-week journey in a developing country, Antipodeans helps prepare

It’s all about 2017… Whatever your printing or graphic design needs are this year, Heartland Design & Print are here to help. We’re based right here in Ashburton and when it comes to creative solutions for design & print, we’ve got you covered. P 03 308 9160 A 285 Havelock St, Ashburton E

young people for life outside the classroom by developing resilience, mindfulness and leadership skills. It is not a packaged tour; rather students have to make their own decisions, plan their itinerary and manage their travel budget for transport, accommodation and food. The trips are student led and each trip includes a community project, a challenging trek and deep immersion into the chosen country.

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OUT AND ABOUT @ Blue Pub - Methven Summer School quiz night

Methven Summer School organisers held a quiz night at the Blue Pub earlier this month. Guardian reporter Susan Sandys went along to see who was there. Above - Heather Mellish (left) and Shirley Fitzgerald. PHOTOS SUSAN SANDYS - 090117-SS-009

Above - Cam Manson (left) and Kim Thomson. 090117-SS-004

Above (from left) - Jade Hackney, Stephen Dodge and Ryan Walsh. 090117-SS-003 Above (from left) - Tammy Dickson, Clare Hickling, Phillipa McDonald and Pattie Ree. 090117-SS-008 Left (from left) - Jade Hackney, Stephen Dodge, Ryan Walsh, Morag Balderstone and Robert Thorne. 090117-SS-001 Right - Morag Balderstone (left) and Robert Thorne. 090117-SS-002

Above - MC - Chris Ross.


Above (from left) - Michaela Hoefler, Sonia Cullen, Tracey Clemett and Deidra O’Shea. 090117-SS-006


Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting with Fotona 4D Non-Invasive with emerging Fotona 4Dadvantage Cosmetic procedures areLaser constantly Facelifting evolving, with new treatments that take Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting with Fotona Cosmetic procedures are Laser constantly evolving, with new treatments emerging that 4D take advantage of the latest technology, particularly in the field of laser treatments. Non-Invasive Facelifting with Fotona 4D Cosmetic procedures are constantly evolving, with new treatments emerging that take advantage of the latest technology, particularly in the field of laser treatments. Cosmetic procedures are constantly evolving, with new treatments emerging that take advantage Non-Invasive Laser Facelifting with Fotona 4D of the latest technology, particularly in the field of laser treatments. FRAC3


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Fotonadoes 4D is ita non-invasive intraoral method that has no downtime and How work? those seeking toobserved. reduce perioral wrinkles - the fine lines around your lip Two laser (Er:YAG andmethod Nd:YAG) combined with four adverse effects The research has shown it is effective forno Fotona 4D is awavelengths non-invasive intraoral that has novery downtime and How does itto work? and deep nasolabial folds, more commonly known frown lines.your treatments results in a comprehensive and effective procedure. those seeking reduce perioral wrinkles - the fine as lines around lip adverse effects observed. 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The second step involves rejuvenating the skin. This is achieved through

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of the latest technology, particularly in the field of the laser treatments. targeted treatment of specific, deeper imperfections the skinthrough like new treatments emerging take advantage The second step involves rejuvenating thethat skin. This is in achieved FRAC3

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Theprecise exclusive delivery modes are used thermal effects,onforalla body no-down time, treatment. can easily adjust the laser to an extremely controlled light peel, without and This non-invasive, dual - wavelength process is and alsocollagen used forremodeling sculpting Laser Body Sculpting together for hyperthermic adipocyte destruction thermal effects,Sculpting for all a no-down time,The precise treatment. skin tightening on body areas. exclusive delivery modes are used Laser Body This exceptional non-invasive, dual - The wavelength process is also for sculpting and with results. procedure is a fast, safeused and effective together for hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and collagen remodeling non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis, with no consumables or downtime skin tightening on all body areas. The exclusive delivery modes are used This non-invasive, dual - wavelength process is also used for sculpting and Laser Body Sculpting with tightening exceptional results. procedure is a fast,delivery safe and effective required for patient. ItThe utilises the SmoothLiftin and PIANO procedures together for the hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and collagen remodeling skin on all body areas. The exclusive modes are used This non-invasive, dual - wavelength process is also used for sculpting and non-invasive alternative toadipocyte laser lipolysis, noand consumables or downtime mentioned to deliver safe and quick with tightening exceptional procedure iswith aresults. fast, safe and effective together forearlier hyperthermic collagen remodeling skin onresults. all bodyThe areas. Thedestruction exclusive delivery modes are used required for the patient. 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mentioned earlier toeffective deliver safe and quick results. required for themost patient. It utilises theedge SmoothLiftin andoffer PIANO our clients the non-invasive services that fastprocedures results without Transform Clinic has the most cutting and high-end technology, we can offer downtime. Why not make a time for a consult to seethat what we fast can results do for you? mentioned earlier to deliver safe and quick results. our clientsClinic the most offer without Transform has effective the most non-invasive cutting edgeservices and high-end technology, we can offer

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Some nutritious and a little bit naughty FOR FOODIES with Kerri Lysaght

Often the start of a new year brings us all in line on where we want to go for the coming year. Food is generally one of the major resolutions that most people make – either by reducing our calorie intake and losing weight, or simply making better choices in what goes into our mouths, which will in turn make us feel more energised and better equipped to face the day ahead. This month’s menu is a take on what we are eating at home. Nothing too arduous, but the main thing at the moment is to start the day with something that is highly nutritious and keeps us feeling fuller for longer. To start back at work after a good break always takes a bit of getting used to, so starting the day with a healthy breakfast makes the job somewhat easier. This month’s fish dish is truly one to try. The components work so well together and it really is easy to make. Don’t be afraid to use a different type of fish, any would work well. I’ve added the yoyo biscuits because they are a massive favourite with my husband Jim and in the spirit of being a good wife I thought that I’d make them – they really are far too easy to make, bake and scoff! We have had some connection recently with friends and memories from our time of living in Vietnam, so the cheesecake was something that is in honour of our time in Vietnam. We introduced our friend, Kylee, to the Vietnamese iced coffee cá phê dá and she loved it so much that I wanted to make a cheesecake that we could take around to her house warming. I had intentions of giving pieces to friends, but it was far too yummy and it didn’t have a chance to make it past the doormat so I guess it was a success so give it a go. Happy New Year to everyone and may 2017 bring only the absolute best to you and yours. Kerri

Avocado, tomato & LSA on nutty bread on the go So easy to make and a great way to prepare yourself for the day too! The only advice here is like anything with so few ingredients – the quality and ripeness of the ingredients is key… choose super red, firm tomatoes – smell them they should smell like a tomato… the avocado is slightly harder to gauge as the magic is all contained in the inside but hold them loosely in your hand and gently. You want a firm fruit that ‘gives a little’ when light pressure is applied. 1 medium ripe avocado 1 medium ripe tomato, diced 2 thick slices of nutty wholemeal bread, toasted 1T ground LSA (linseed, sun flower seed and almond) Drizzle of good olive oil Salt and pepper – Halve and remove the stone of the avocado by knocking the blade of a sharp knife into the stone and pulling out (the ease of removing the stone from the flesh this way indicate the ripeness of the avocado), use a spoon to scoop out the flesh then roughly pulp. – To serve, toast your bread, smother with the avocado, then layer the chunks of tomato on top, finishing with salt and pepper, the LSA and a drizzle of olive oil. – If you have time a poached egg is great for a protein hit too by topping with it as well, though eating on the run has just been made a tad harder.

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Iced breakfast smoothie bowl With the warmer months this iced breakfast makes for an interesting change to the stodgier breakfast options of the cooler months. A close friend of mine is vegan and I have been serving up a very loose idea of a smoothie bowl of frozen fruits that have been blended with canned coconut milk, rolled oats and then topped with diced fruits from the fruit bowl and, again, LSA and drizzled with a little honey. So, on that premise use this as a guide by using whatever is on hand. This is enough for 2 serves 1/2 can coconut milk 2C frozen fruit (an assortment of fruit) 1/2 medium avocado or 1/2 medium banana 1/4 C rolled oats Topping suggestions Ground LSA, coconut flakes, dried fruit/ nut/seeds, diced fresh fruit, honey – Simply blend all the ingredients (apart from topping suggestions) in a high-powered blender until smooth. – Pour into a bowl and top with small diced fruit, nuts, seeds and/or dried fruits, finishing with a drizzle of honey.

Lemon & passionfruit yoyo biscuits (An oldie but a goodie) 180g butter, softened to room temperature 3/4 C icing sugar 1t vanilla essence 1/2 C custard powder 1t baking powder 1 1/2 C flour – Preheat oven to 170°C and lining 2 baking trays with paper. – Place all the ingredients in the bowl of a cake mixer and mix until well combined. With floured hands, roll the mixture into small balls, about 20 in total. If the balls are too soft to handle, cool down in the fridge and try again. Space the balls out on the trays and press down lightly with a floured fork for a decorative design and to flatten the biscuit. – Bake for 18-20 minutes until lightly golden. Cool on a wire rack. When cold join two biscuits together with buttered icing below. Lemon & passionfruit icing 2T passionfruit syrup 1-2T finely grated lemon rind 1T lemon juice 2C icing sugar, sifted 1T custard powder 2T softened butter – Beat all ingredients together until a thick, smooth consistency.


got got gotaaa or or oraaa Need Need toto fix fix it it quickly quickly Need to fix it quickly and and effectively! effectively! and effectively! Call Call Owen Owen or Wayne or Wayne at at at Call Owen or Wayne

Wilson’s Wilson’s Windscreens Windscreens Wilson’s Windscreens andand get get the the best best advice advice to to repair repair and get the best advice to repair or or replace replace your your windscreen. windscreen. or replace your windscreen.


7 7DAYS, 242424 hours hours SERVICE SERVICE 7DAYS, DAYS, hours SERVICE WeWeare arehere here forforyour your emergency emergency We are here for your emergency Your Your premises premises ororours ours Your premises or ours

152 152 Wills Wills Street, Street, Ashburton Ashburton 152 Wills Street, Ashburton ILSON’S ILSON’S ILSON’S Phone Phone 03 03 308 308 8485 8485 Phone 03 308 8485 INDSCREENS INDSCREENS INDSCREENS Mobile 0274 0274 345 345 636 636 Mobile 0274 345 636 AND AND PANEL PANEL REPAIRS REPAIRS AND PANEL REPAIRS Mobile

Honest. Trustworthy. Local.

If you are looking at selling, call me. Mick Hydes M 027 437 9696 B 03 307 737 E Whalan and Partners Ltd, Bayleys Licenced Under the REA Act 2008.

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Roasted monkfish & tomatoes with pea puree & a sweet caper sauce 1kg fresh monkfish (I use a decent-sized fish fillet which is anything from 200-250gr and then split them) 12-16 slices of streaky bacon 600g frozen green peas 1-2T butter 500g ripe tomatoes, cut to desired size Olive oil Salt and pepper Several sprigs of thyme Sweet caper sauce 100g sultanas – covered in boiled water to rehydrate for at least 10 minutes, drain 1/4 C capers 1/2 C olive oil 1t red wine vinegar 1/4 C parsley, large stems removed 1/4 C whole egg mayonnaise 1T Dijon mustard – After draining the sultanas, blend all the ingredients in a blender or processor. Try to keep some texture in to create interest and a full flavour. – Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a baking dish that will fit fish in comfortably with baking paper. Scatter tomatoes over thyme leaves and season with salt and pepper. Wrap the streaky bacon around the monkfish fillets and lay on the tomatoes. Drizzle with olive oil, seasoning with salt and pepper. Bake in the oven for approximately 20-25 minutes until the flesh of the fish flakes easily when pressed and bacon is cooked and crispy. – While the fish is baking, cook your peas in a small amount of water in a pot until just brought to the boil. Take off the heat and let sit for a couple of minutes. Drain and season with salt and pepper. Put into a blender, adding butter and salt and pepper. Blend until smooth. Keep warm until service. If needed reheat in microwave. – Once all cooked bring together in a large bowl or plate. Now this can be as elegant as you wish but, in our household just love the pure simplicity of the dish so place the pea puree in the middle of the bowl, placing the tomatoes on top of that with the goodness of the juice poured around it (hence the bowl) and then arrange the fish on the pea/tomato combination with the sauce topped on the fish. – Serve with crusty bread to the side to sop up the juices and enjoy it with a lovely glass of riesling.

Ca phe sua da cheesecake Base 85g melted butter 200g digestive (or similar) biscuits, crushed until fine Filling 900g full fat cream cheese 1 x 396g can condensed milk 50g muscovado sugar 3T plain flour 1t vanilla extract Triple shot short black coffee from your local café 3T Kahlua coffee liquor 3 large free range eggs, plus 1 yolk – Preheat the oven to 160°C. Line the base of a 23cm spring form cake tin with baking paper and grease the sides. – For the biscuit base, stir the melted butter into the biscuit crumbs and stir until evenly mixed. Press the mix into the base of the tin and bake for 10 minutes. Leave to cool while you prepare the filling. – Raise the oven temperature to 200°C. In a food processor, beat the cream cheese until smooth. I often heat the cream cheese for a minute in the microwave to ensure a smoother consistency before processing. With the food processor running slowly add in the condensed milk, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, coffee and Kahlua. Whisk in the eggs and yolk, one at a time. The filling should be smooth and light. – Put the filling into the tin and bake for 20 minutes, then reduce the oven to 100°C and bake for a further 25 minutes or until the filling wobbles slightly when you gently shake the tin. When it has reached this point, turn off the oven and open the door and leave it to set for two hours as the oven cools down with the cheesecake. For a drier texture leave the door shut, but I like a creamier centre so leave the door ajar. – Once cool, cover the cheesecake loosely with foil and refrigerate for at least 8 hours or better still, overnight. When ready to serve, run a round-bladed knife around the inside of the tin to loosen any stuck edges. Unlock the side of the tin and slide the cheesecake off the bottom on to a plate, slipping the baking paper out from underneath. I like to serve with a healthy dollop of chocolate ganache to counteract the sweetness of the condensed milk. – Chocolate ganache: Heat 250gr 50 per cent (or higher) dark chocolate and 250ml cream in a microwave proof bowl and cook in bursts of a minute in the microwave stirring well after each minute, until it is smooth and glossy. – It will thicken as it cools. To thicken pop into the fridge and, if you would like a more pourable consistency, heat in the microwave for 20 seconds, stirring until you get the desired thickness.


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on Luxaflex sunscreen and rollershade blinds*


East to Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5269

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With exercise, do what makes you happy.

Keep it real, and keep it close

FABULOUS FITNESS with Anna Johnson











For me the quote (pictured left) is how I see we should venture into 2017. You will read many headlines about resolutions, losing what you gained over Christmas and what your goals should be for 2017. These just don’t sit well with me anymore, as firstly our resolutions are always what we will achieve over the year or month, but in the way we live nowadays we just need to focus on the day ahead of us and then everything else will fall into place. Life changes so quickly nowadays that what we want today may not be what we need tomorrow. Losing the extra pounds we gained over Christmas – to me this statement automatically puts us in a negative frame of mind. What happened at Christmas is in the past and it was probably pretty awesome for our souls. Let’s not look back, once again, focus on today. Goals are great, they set an aim and they give us opportunity and I don’t want people not to set them, but I do

want people to only set goals that can be achieved in 24 hours, for example, “today I will go for a 30-minute walk or I will eat a balanced diet”. So for the rest of today I just want you to think about one thing you could do to help you be healthier, fitter and more active. Being healthy, fit and active looks different to everyone, so when you are thinking about this, just think about how you can make your life better. Below are some ideas you can use to make today better, but use your imagination, there are opportunities everywhere. – Go for a walk, just move. – Breathe in air with your eyes closed. – Eat that vegetable because it will let you smile longer and brighter. – Join a gym/exercise group/pool; find whatever makes you happy. I hope you have an amazing day and remember to SMILE. With the compliments of Anna Johnson, the supervisor of EA Networks Centre Gym

YOU Magazine | 15

Find the right balance

Many women who do the recommended amount of exercise may be harming themselves by eating too little food, a survey indicates. The Ministry of Health recommends that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. Moderate is defined as activities that produce a slight but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate. Vigorous activity leaves you out of breath. Researchers at Otago University’s department of human nutrition surveyed 109 female recreational athletes and found that 49 (44 per cent) may be in a state of low energy availability, or at increased risk of becoming so over time. Study lead author Dr Katherine Black said that when insufficient energy intake is

combined with exercise, the body acts to conserve energy through hormonal adaptations, which end up harming health. “Physical activity, sport and exercise are undoubtedly an important part of a healthy lifestyle. “However, when energy expenditure during exercise significantly exceeds energy intake this can cause problems, particularly for bone health and reproductive function,” Black said. Women in the survey were non-elite athletes who did at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination. For every one hour increase in exercise a week, there was a significant increase in the likelihood of being at risk of low ener-

gy availability (LEA), the researchers found. There was also a significant association between the number of days off training due to injury and the risk of LEA, suggesting that injuries are linked with LEA risk. “Given the high proportion of recreational athletes at risk of LEA, the links we have seen with injury, and previous research showing the negative long-term health consequences, we believe is important to raise awareness of LEA and its potential serious health consequences,” said Black. “However, we also need to encourage New Zealand recreational exercisers to continue taking part in physical activity as the health benefits are well established. It is about finding the correct balance between physical activity, energy intake and well-being.”  – NZME






MEN’S WERE $149.95







Open Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm | Fri 9am - 6pm | Sat 10am – 2pm | Sun 11am – 2pm

East Street, Ashburton - Phone 308 5771 -

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Ways to help lose those extra few kilos t

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

The summer really hasn’t been all that hot and on those rainy days a little more comfort food may have been devoured than was required, on the back of eating possibly a little too much Christmas pudding. Hopefully the hot summer days are here at last and we can finally relax and enjoy the warmth the long hot summer days has to offer. When the weather is warmer for longer periods, noticing those extra kilos in the heat all of a sudden can become rather irritating, If you feel that you wish to shed a few kilos without putting in too much effort, here are a few tips that may make that challenge a little easier, and a little more tolerable, because going on any sort of diet is no fun at all. Remember small and regular changes in the right direction, is much more sustainable than making any massive changes to your diet and lifestyle, as is more than a guaranteed failure. Reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible. And save your drinking for the weekend, by giving your body a break from drinking alcohol over the week, can also reduce your calorie consumption quite considerably. As alcohol contains a lot of hidden calories and is responsible for fatigue felt the following day. Increase water consumption, especially if your intake is low, water is the best thirst quencher there is on hot summer days, and your body will love you in return, and is sure to show the benefits from increased consumption and contains no calories. Increase salad greens and vegetables when and wherever you can, lunch, dinner and even the odd breakfast. As these food types are high in fibre which will help you feel fuller for longer and more satisfied after eating a meal. They are packed with valuable nutrients your body requires for good health. Fruit it up – Replace fruit juices and the fizzy drink fix, for fresh fruit where ever possible. Consider the fact that the fibre and

core nutrients are found in the whole fruit, when juiced, the fibre and many nutrients are lost, and provides satiety that comes with eating fruit, compared to drinking it. Remembering that fizzy drinks contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar and water contains none. Cut the excuses and get active as much as possible. There are many ways to exercise, joining the gym may not be your thing, but finding a variety of ways to exercise over the course of the week all add up to losing those unwanted calories. Walking to work, cycling to work on fine days, opting for the stairs, walking to a destination than taking the car eg. local shops.

Reduce plate size as this help to reduce portion size, and is really important in reducing your consumption of food through the day. Since plate size has increased over time, and led us to eat more food at each meal. When your plate is full, you feel full psychologically, hence using a smaller plate means you would eat a smaller amount and still be satisfied. Japanese style eating is a good example of smaller plate size, with great portion control and a variety of food eaten at each meal. Slow down and chew, chew, chew, when you eat by chewing each mouthful will mean that you will eat less food as this will allow your body to feel full early on, than if

yo to as re no

fie su w w fo m

w isn W

YOU Magazine | 17

s this summer

gh r

e nd


l f

Cerviche Here is a fresh dish that can be eaten as a lunch or dinner option, that provides the necessary lean protein and nutrients that your body requires for good health and makes for a delicious summer dish. 500g kingfish or firm white fish 1/2 C lemon juice 1/4 C lime juice 1 1/2 C coconut milk 2 small fresh chillis, finely diced 3T fresh chopped coriander 1/4 t lime zest 1/4 t rock salt 4 grinds black pepper – Cut the fish into thinly styled slices. – Place the prepared fish into a glass bowl with the lemon and lime juice, and refrigerate for up to 2 hours. – Place the rest of the ingredients, coconut cream, chilli, lime zest, salt and pepper into the bowl with the marinated fish. – Chill for another 2 hours before serving. – Serve the fish with mesclun salad, or thinly sliced lettuce. PHOTO AND RECIPE JANE LOGIE

you inhale each mouthful. This will lead you to eat possibly double the amount of food, as you haven’t given the stomach time to register that it is now satisfied and full, and no longer requires more food. Include fibre – To feel full and satisfied at each meal, it is important to make sure you are having plenty of vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and leafy greens, which will in turn help you to feel fuller for longer and the urge to snack between meals may not even become present. Omit sugar as much as possible, as this will reduce your calorie intake immensely. It isn’t a staple requirement in your daily diet. Where your core nutrition should come

from foods that are sourced from nature such as proteins, fruits, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Adding it to your foods is where those hidden calories may lie. Such as your morning cup of tea or coffee or sweet drinks to quench thirst. Try healthier options by changing your food options, this can help in reducing your calorie intake. Use olive oil instead of butter, greek yoghurt for store bought salad dressing, fruit snack over baking, use yoghurt instead of sour cream, olive oil instead of mayonnaise, have water instead of fruit or fizzy drinks, green tea instead of latte ... these are just a few suggestions to reduce your calorie consumption.

Hopefully this may shed some light on areas in your daily diet where you may be able to make a few changes, and then have a ripple effect on shedding a few of those extra kilos that you may be carrying, helping you to fit into the clothes that may have got shoved to the back of the closet. Remember it is the consistent and small changes that are made and kept, that will make the big difference you are looking for in the long-term and a healthier, happier and fitter you. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

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Luxury in Explore Akaroa Oamaru

Just 15km from the picturesque French Settlement town of Akaroa you will find the vineyard of French Peak Wines owned by Renan Cataliotti and Fraser Henderson. The boutique vineyard is located in the centre of the ancient volcano, on the shore of Akaroa harbour. We follow organic and biodynamic principles to respect our soil and craft the best wines possible from our very unique and special vineyard. Planted with approximately 3.5 hectares of vines. The sunny sheltered aspect and the volcanic soils produce dis-

tinctive Banks Peninsula fruit, which is patiently nurtured, hand-picked and then crafted into unique wines. Set amidst the vines and landscaped gardens, is our traditional timber-framed barn. Come and spend a night in our lovely traditional wooden barn, situated in the landscaped grounds of our vineyard at French Farm. Our cellar door is open for tastings and sales or you can find our wines at a number of local shops and restaurants, and they can also be purchased online, with free shipping. Advertising feature


Open Mon, Wed, Fri from 2pm to 6pm | Sat & Sun from 1pm to 6pm

For special request, please call Renan 021 029 56043 or

Oamaru is a gorgeous harbour town where visitors can experience the best of both worlds. Explore the nature and see unique wildlife or explore our culture and heritage.

Oamaru is the heart of Whitestone Waitaki. The town’s renowned Whitestone Victorian architecture, little blue penguins and rich history are only surpassed by the warm southern welcome you will receive in the beautiful town of Oamaru. With one of the country’s oldest public gardens, two penguin colonies, numerous golf courses and many walking and cycling trails, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the best of Oamaru. Visit the Oamaru public gardens for an enjoyable outing with your family or friends. Don’t miss highlights including the Wonderland Garden, the children’s playground and The Fernery. These gardens are registered as a ‘Garden’s of Significance’ and Oamaru’s unique heritage is reflected stylistically throughout. Oamaru also has a very rich history and proud heritage, showcased throughout the

Victorian Precinct and evident in the locals themselves. Explore this heritage as you visit museums, shops and galleries within some of New Zealand’s best 19th century architecture. This is showcased annually during Oamaru’s Victorian Heritage Celebrations in November. With days of events and plenty in the programme for all ages and interests, these celebrations are not to be missed! This town also knows its food. Make sure you treat yourself to a cheese platter at the local cheese factory or watch the sun set while you enjoy a bite to eat from the deck of one of our seaside dining options. You can also experience some of the country’s top cuisine at award-winning local restaurants, including Cuisines’ ‘Best Regional Restaurant’ runner up for 2014 and the ‘Restaurant of the Year’ from 2010 is Riverstone Kitchen. Advertising feature


Beautiful accommodation, fabulous food, local and New Zealand craft beers and wine. 03 434 6247 | 3 Tyne Street, Oamaru |

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Oamaru Steampunk capital of the world Steampunk HQ, New Zealand’s premier Steampunk experience, is a museum and workshop situated in the Victorian precinct of Oamaru. It is crazy, quirky and unique; unlike any other visitor attraction in New Zealand. Steampunk is a fun sub-genre of science fiction that features steam-powered technology, set in an alternate, futuristic version of 19th century Victorian England. Visitors to HQ will have the opportunity to marvel at the wonderful exhibition of recycled relics created by late Dunedin sculptor Chris Meder. This exhibition has been extended due to popular demand. Outside Steampunk HQ, Engine SP001 greets visitors by belching flames, smoke and eyrie sounds; whilst inside, a museum of two large darkened rooms presents a

theme of a dark post-apocalyptic vision of a future "as it might have been". Contraptions and bizarre machinery featuring heavy use of copper, gears, pipes, gas cylinders, as well as an ensemble of skeletal sculptures are lit by flickering lights and accompanied by film, projection and sounds.A back door leads to a large yard with projects and machines in various

stages of being steampunked. The Portal is a highlight of any visit to Steampunk HQ described as a time travel experience that moves visitors through into another dimension. The portal is a retro-futuristic mirror and lighting installation that features original glowing light sculptures with a theme of skulls and mythology. Back on the road this summer, our Pedal Punk four wheel cycles are available to hire from outside Steampunk HQ. A wonderful way to experience the shops and galleries of Harbour Street, and the beautiful Oamaru Waterfront, home of the Steampunk Playground and Little Blue Penguins. Steampunk HQ must be experienced rather than explained. Plan your visit now! Advertising feature


mobile: 027 778 6547 1741990

Programme & further information at:

Tickets available from: Main Street Music, or Oamaru Opera House Box Office: 0800 224 224

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Beware of the killer moths TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever on life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury. I’m loving this hot summer weather on the farm – we’re finally into the relaxing feelgood season of the year where everything seems to just come alive. Literally everything. In fact I never realised I shared the rural wonderland with so many… well… things! It turns out life out here is actually just like that children’s book Where the Wild Things Are! Obviously instead of the mythical monsters and make believe beasts, we have a couple of equally curious species out here I’ve never come across in the city before. And let’s be clear, I certainly haven’t lived a sheltered life and I’m well travelled so I have seen a fair few wild things in my time. Nothing quite like what I call the giant killer moths though! I’ve added the word killer in there for dramatic effect really, although if it turned out they really could kill I wouldn’t be at all surprised. These things only appear at dusk, and as I love the view of the rolling hills and Mt Hutt in the distance we seldom shut our curtains until late. That’s when I noticed them, brief to begin with, as they gently make a thud against the window.


Then more and more, and slightly louder until these big boned beasts start hurtling and smashing themselves against the glass. There’s panic. I fly around the house grabbing at and shutting every entry and exit point to slow down the invasion. I start yanking at the curtains, hoping to confuse the perpetrators. They travel in packs, possibly hundreds at a time. These things certainly wouldn’t stand a chance in the city. Imagine if you were on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road, enjoying some alfresco dining at dusk when next


ENJOY A DELICIOUS pie and quiche with your family!

Rugby player Scott Barrett is not one to take his eye off the ball, either in his sports career or while finishing his Degree at Lincoln University. With his sights set firmly on his future, Scott made the wise decision to get Lasik treatment at Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale - freeing him from the hassle of wearing glasses or contact lenses. If it’s time you kicked your eyesight issues into touch, call us now for a FREE ASSESSMENT to find out if Lasik treatment is right for you.

There is nothing more comforting than Sims’ savouries!

Call 0800 52 73 71

minute your trim-soy-flat-white, with half a sugar, was flooded with killer moths, and your thin crust gluten free paleo margherita sucked up a couple more. It just wouldn’t work. There would be a national inquiry, rates would soar and they would be eradicated! The key down here is to not let them get into the house - spray the doors, windows and frames, and be vigilant because although they come out to hunt at sunset, I’m now watching my back... and waiting… and wondering just where they hide in the daylight.

Scott Barrett

03 308 5774


• Vegetarian • Bacon


FAMILY PIES • • • • • • •


Mince Mince and cheese Steak Steak and cheese Steak and mushroom Bacon and egg Potato top

123 Main South Road Ashburton

YOU Magazine | 23

The diets a nutritionist warns against From Atkins to The Z Diet, there are hundreds of weight loss programmes to choose from if you’re trying to slim down. But as one nutritionist has revealed, some of the most well-known and trendiest diets could actually pose a danger to your health. Registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert has unveiled the fad diets that you should never follow if you want to stay healthy, from the popular juice cleanse to becoming a vegan on a whim. Juice cleanse Any suggestion that the human body can be detoxed with a juice cleanse is incorrect. We are naturally designed to remove toxins using our liver and kidneys – a juice cleanse won’t perform such a detox. Those who promote juicing often claim that drinking juice is better than eating whole fruits and vegetables because removing fibre makes nutrients easier to absorb. However, there is no scientific research to support this claim. Antioxidants are often bound to the fibre in fruit and vegetables and countless research studies suggest that the lack of fibre in juices significantly reduces any supposed health benefits. Consuming well under 1000 calories per day from juices will likely result in a stark calorie deficit and weight-loss will be inevitable. But this is extremely difficult to sustain for more than a few days and any severe calorie restriction can slow down your metabolism long-term. Juices should not be used as meal replacements. They do not contain sufficient protein nor healthy fat – both of which are required by the body. In fact, drinking juice over a long period of time could increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, liver damage and even obesity. Veganism At this time of year, many people try veganism to become healthier and lose weight. But only by safely applying a vegan diet will you avoid deficiency in key nutrients.

There are some nutrients that can only be obtained from plants such as vitamin C, and others that can only be obtained from animal sources such as vitamin B12, which is involved in the function of every cell in the body and brain. Protein is of course vital for muscle and bone health, but also for cells affecting our skin and hair. With about 20 per cent of the human body made up of protein, it’s important to get an adequate amount from your diet every single day. Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious, protein-rich plant-based foods to consider incorporating into your diet, including tofu, lentils, quinoa, hemp, chia and beans. Meal replacements Meal replacement schemes such as the Cambridge Diet is a popular one with people looking for rapid weight loss as it relies on a range of meal-replacement products. The idea is to restrict calories by eating a range of bars, soups, and shakes, as well as having a few low-calorie meals. Like with any calorie-restricting diet, weight loss can be dramatic. Despite some products being fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure nutrition isn’t lost, the very mindset of giving up normal meals and swapping them for a snack bar or a shake can be boring, socially isolating and difficult to maintain long-term. And while fortified products are a welcome addition to any restrictive diet, the inclusion of sugar and artificial chemicals is definitely not, with studies suggesting

that they will limit any health benefits from vitamins and minerals. Low-calorie meal plans Low-calorie weight loss programmes are based on your Body Mass Index (BMI) score, which will dictate how many meals a day you have. This diet does advise you to see a GP before you start and can fit into a busy schedule – but it has many drawbacks. Restricting carbohydrates and fibre will result in side effects such as tiredness, dizziness, and constipation, making this plan unsustainable long-term. It could also impact on your mental well-being. Without any allowance for spontaneous eating out, they are unsustainable as diet plans. Any low-calorie diet that involves eating 1000 calories a day or less should not be followed for more than 12 continuous weeks and should require professional medical supervision. Low-fat meal plans These diets encourage the swapping of high-fat foods for low-fat foods which are naturally filling. But this idea is out-dated, with healthy fats now considered a crucial element in our meals. Regularly weighing in as part of a group can also be psychologically damaging, and eating out can be a challenge, as you have to watch your food combinations. With many carbohydrates restricted, these diets will only worsen some people’s obsessive fear of supposed “bad foods”.  – Daily Mail

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Phoenix Pre-school Phoenix Pre-school is a community based Pre-school. This means that we are not privately owned. We are run by a governance committee made up of parents and other people with a passion for Phoenix. All the funding and fees we receive go straight back into the centre supporting our children through having highly experienced teachers, resources and development of our environment. We believe that children are capable learners who thrive in a stimulating environment with people who are responsive to their needs. In our centre that is shown through teachers taking the time to listen to children and taking a genuine interest in them. We recognise parents as the first teachers of their children. We work together with families to develop positive learning outcomes for their children. The committee has worked very hard to apply

Limited spaces available for 2017

Ashburton Pre-schools’ Directory

for grants and fundraise to develop our environment. The latest project is our outdoor area, stage one is nearly completed. The link to our families and community is essential to support our children. We have outings to Rosebank and the library regularly as well as other places in the community that link to our children’s

current interests. We put on events each term for family participation such as picnics, outings to new places like the police station, grandparent days, shared lunches and end of year concert. We pride ourselves on being more than a Pre-school we are family. Advertising feature


Taking enrolments now


Phone (03) 308 8461 27 Walnut Ave, Ashburton

ABC Allenton 122-124 Harrison Street, Allenton Phone: 307 7407 |

03 308 3779

• High Quality Teaching Staff • We provide healthy and nutritious meals in conjunction with the Healthy Heart foundation • 4 purpose designed rooms to provide age appropriate learning activities • Specially designed school readiness programme 80-82 Peters Street, Ashburton Phone 308 1379

174-176 Chalmers Ave, Ashburton 03 308 0380

Boost your enrolment this year by advertising in our Pre-Schools’ Directory. Contact Kerry today on

03 307 7907

Healthy staff are happy staff Don’t you just love it when you arrive at work and are greeted (if at all) with grunts; when water cooler conversation is complaints; when the boss barks his biddings and when you long for the last letter of each day! No? Well, not surprisingly, neither do employees or employers generally, yet it happens all too often in workplaces I have known. So with the New Year ... let’s get 2017 off to a great start. Let’s plan a new approach to each other. Forget about the past and how it was last year; instead focus on what we want it to be. That’s all very well, you say, but it all starts with the boss. My response: so tell me, which came first the chicken or the egg? Does the boss grimace because of your attitude or is your attitude because of the boss’ grimace? Here’s a thought: Happy staff are more motivated, more engaged and hence more productive! (I’m not analysing statistics – but it does make commonsense.) So what makes staff happy? I suggest it is a combination of them being healthy; reasonably rewarded and provided with the tools/resources (including time) they need to do their job. What follows are some suggestions as

HR ESSENTIALS with Mike Johnson

to what you can do (as a boss or as an employee) to help health (or wellness) at work (I’ll write about the others another time).

I’ll make four points

1. Get (bosses: Allow) enough rest. (I’m grateful to my long-time friend, Jane of for this). a. Take time to disconnect from work; allow 10 minute power naps during the day. b. Put boundaries around your work; don’t expect staff to check emails or texts at home. c. Plan levels of multi-tasking; allow people to focus. 2. Make use of (bosses: Ensure) a user-friendly working environment. a. Take regular rest breaks. b. Take exercise during breaks – provide office pilates etc. c. Ensure that work stations are ergonomically sound (including lighting). 3. Obtain (bosses: Encourage) regular health checks. a. Regular simple checks for heart

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conditions; diabetes and others can save lives and money off health/ sick leave costs for you. b. Consider joining a corporate health care plan – talk to your local medical centre. 4. Use (bosses: Enable) de-stressors. a. Allow employees to fit their work into their schedules so that they are most effective (you may need some creative means of monitoring productivity – but generally you will know how well someone performs). b. Consider remote working, where appropriate. c. Treat everyone as a unique person – respect can be the biggest de-stressor of all. And a final critical point – good employers can and do allow these things – but it takes responsible, trustworthy employees to make it work. Do you want to be a chicken or an egg ... or do you just want to show your boss you can be trusted? This is the first of a series of articles from this author – on a variety of employment-related topics designed to help develop both good employers and good employees.

Do you employ or want to employ someone? Talk to us first. We take the worry out of employment compliance and get your people management right. Who? When? What? How? – just ask. Phone Mike today on 027 280 8546 or email Monthly Lunchtime seminars, 12:00 – 1.30 Community House. February 16: ‘Tips for Motivating Staff’ | PO Box 7213 Sydenham, Christchurch Room 11 Community House, Ashburton

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Things we love

JOE JANDALS Cushion covers $40

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Furniture, Home Décor and Gifts

Thoughtfully selected gifts and fairtrade furniture that is always reasonably priced.


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Showroom located at 2239 Main South Road. 03 347 6190 or browse online

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Fashion we love

SPARROWS MacJays Diana dress Was $220 Now $175

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Making time to smell the roses MAD MAMA with DESME DANIELS

After a lengthy break from work, a mind-blowing two-and-a-half weeks, I am now easing myself back into the daily grind while my little cherubs get to laze around in their PJs and sleep in. Yes, I’m a lucky working mum with an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old in-built au pair system. Having two kids in my early 20s is now reaping its rewards. Well, lucky until one day last week when the 18-year-old failed to answer his phone until 1pm. He professes to have been busy with the little ones, entertaining them as any awesome big brother would. I have a sneaking suspicion he was, in fact, lying in a teenage coma and the children were fending for themselves, eating jelly and squirty cream for breakfast. Anyway, so what did I do with myself over the festive period? Well, I made time. I made time for myself, I made time for my kids, I made time for my family and I made time for my friends. I’m impressed by how much you can cram into 18 days of freedom and, like mostly everyone else on the planet enjoyed some R&R over the festive period, I successfully lost all track of time and days of the week. How amazing is it to suddenly have no idea what day of the week it is, or what time of the day it is, who cares? Who cares that you potter about the garden until noon on a Wednesday, who cares that you’ve done nothing by 1pm, when normally you would have crammed an hour of early morning pre-work and preschool craziness, four hours of work and had your lunch (early because you are always starving at work). Who cares there are no packed lunch foods in the fridge. That homework has not been done and uniforms are not cleaned. And who cares when you and your sister sneak Pimms into your kids’ juice bottles when watching them at the pool? It’s 2pm, it’s acceptable, honestly! And no, you can’t

Above – Desme Daniels, enjoying gorgeous Picton for the first time. Left – There’s nothing quite like West Coast bush while enjoying a good vino at Maruia Springs.

drink out of that bottle – “it’s mummy’s juice not for kids”. When you start dissecting the daily workload shared between home and work, it’s no wonder we are running around like headless chickens. So, I’m trying to not fall into the usual daily, hamster-wheel trap. I made cottage pie, or was it shepherd’s pie, well it was one of the two, for dinner. I made it the night before in preparation for the day head. Slight snag with this forward planning, the swarm of locusts (aka my children) smelt it and then devoured half of it for supper. So, I’m left with a half-eaten cott-herds pie for dinner tonight and I have a sneaking suspicion that while I’m at work today they will polish the rest off. One final thing I can take away from my

break, was during a two-day Thelma and Louise road trip (minus the gun) with a bestie, where we had no plans, other than to head north. Well, we were meant to have no plans but I’m an OCD over-planner so I started to twitch as the leaving day grew closer and I had no idea where we were going. So we planned a night in Nelson and then on to Blenheim. After 24 hours of hanging around with her young nephew and partner, we can now successfully ease “true dat” into our 40-something-year-old conversations, followed by an outburst of I-G-G-Y, from the crazy bestie. And alas no Brad Pitt to be found anywhere along state Highway 7 or 65 or 6. True dat. True dat. I-G-G-Y.

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Where will 2017 take you DESTINATION with Maxine Whiting

Where will 2017 take you? Choose your House of Travel experience for 2017 for family fun, couples, relaxers and thrill seekers. Whatever your budget we can design a holiday to suit. The world is now so accessible, travelling with your family has never been easier. So pop your baby in a backpack and watch them blossom into a fully fledged travel junkie. Take the kids to a Pacific Island with the Kids Clubs, nannies and child-friendly pools. Youngsters who crave less hand-holding and more independence love these places. Teenagers like to experience snorkelling, learning to dive and hiking to use up some of that excess energy. Couples often enjoy one foot in the sand and the other in the sea as this gives them the best of both worlds. The adult only resorts in the Islands offer this plus much more. Maybe 2017 is the year to head to Europe. Europe by any standards, is an international hit. Known for its diverse history, culture and more often than not staggering beauty.

It’s a continent of architecture, incredible artists and amazing cuisine. Cities share their borders with century old castles, vineyards roll into quaint villages. Europe is a true crowd pleaser. At House of Travel we can create your Europe holiday with you for the best experience possible. The USA is as much about its sparkly cities as it is about nature. With its many acclaimed national parks, ample coastlines to explore and of course Route 66. The USA history is fascinating and the centuries have delivered some truly remarkable periods since it first appeared in Columbus’ telescope back in 1492. If music is your life then toe tapping is a widespread habit in the USA. Blues, jazz, rock n roll, a broadway musical or Las Vegas show – the razzle dazzle of the music world awaits. Asia – a great place to “bag a bargain”. Amazing cuisine, superb beaches, festivals, big cities and lots of places to make a splash.

Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Japan to name just a few places offer incredible options for families, thrill seekers and couples. Canada and Alaska has everything to offer from wildlife and natural wonders to incredible train journeys and of course don’t forget the Northern lights. The seasons vary considerably in Canada and Alaska and you can have four seasons in one day just like in New Zealand. The renowned Rocky Mountaineer showcases some amazing scenery while the Alaskan Railroad network in summer provides perfect vantage points. The team at House of Travel Ashburton have travelled extensively and have experienced lots of places all over the world. Every year we endeavour to explore new destinations and expand our knowledge and this increases our love of and thirst for travel. We love sharing our experiences. Bring your ideas into House of Travel and we’ll help get you there. Advertising feature

Beauty beyond words.

Western Explorer

Unlock a world of unparalleled beauty as you carve through otherwise inaccessible terrain in the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy exquisite locally sourced meals, jaw-dropping scenery & award-winning service onboard your unforgettable Rocky Mountaineer rail journey.

8 days SilverLeaf Service

Vancouver to Calgary


Receive up to




Share twin. Flights are additional

Upgrade to GoldLeaf Service from $1280pp extra

INCLUDES: 2 days onboard Rocky Mountaineer • 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches • 7 nights hotel accommodation • Tours along the route • Helicopter flightseeing

The best holidays are created together.

1 9 6 E A S T S T R E E T, A S H B U R T O N I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z CONDITIONS: Valid for sales from 30 Dec 16 to 03 Mar 17 & for new bookings only. Departures are for selected travel dates over the Rocky Mountaineer 2017 season between Apr and Oct 17. Seats are limited, will not be available on all services and are subject to availability at the time of booking. Flights are not included and are an additional cost. Advertised prices are per person share twin. Credit card fees will apply. Travel in SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf Service on qualifying package tours of 7 nights or more and receive $300CAD credit per adult. Credits are CAD$ per couple for use towards any add-on arrangements booked with Rocky Mountaineer when you book a qualifying package. Credits must be requested at the time of booking. Credits can be used toward: extra accommodation nights in Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria or Calgary, additional activities and tours, meal plans/meals and transfers. Credits cannot be used to upgrade rail service or accommodation of the core package. Not applicable to child prices, 2-day rail only bookings or Group bookings. Amendment, cancellation and credit card fees apply. Further terms and conditions apply. For more information see instore or visit




Credit per couple in added value

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FARRAH’S GIVEAWAY WINNERS Farrah’s Super Duo wrap pack winners are:

Moyra Whiting Philippa Reid Selina Baker

Love your liver

L’OREAL PARIS GIVEAWAY WINNERS The two L’Oréal Paris hair colour and care packs, worth more than $85, winners are:

Denise Scrivener Joan Lawn


magazine designer clothing

Size 10 - s 26

If you overindulged in food and alcohol over summer, you find yourself lacking energy, you have gained a few kilos or had a niggly headache, you may need to support your liver, which can in turn support you with proper detoxification. The liver carries out up to 500 different functions, including bile production, fat breakdown, protein synthesis, biochemical production for digestion, the breakdown of glycogen into glucose (sugar), hormone production, and detoxification. The liver filters and removes waste products including by-products of alcohol consumption which can be excessive during the holiday season, as well as harmful antigens that can cause allergic reactions. The liver is also a storage facility for glucose, vitamins A, B12 and K, iron and copper. The liver is responsible for lipid metabolism, cholesterol synthesis and the manufacture of bile for emulsifying fats. Often a dysfunctional liver can be the reason behind unexplained

weight gain, either through low bile production, the lack thereof becoming a contributing factor to the non-breakdown of fats, which further store in the liver causing fatty liver. This, in turn, disrupts sugar metabolism and the breakdown of insulin, which can throw our sugar metabolism out of balance. Without the liver synthesising certain hormones, it can also affect blood pressure, meaning that when you support a healthy liver, you also support weight management, healthy blood pressure, and sugar balance. The liver has an incredible ability to regenerate itself when supplied with the correct nutrition and RNA/ DNA nucleic acids which are available in HealthZone Liver Zone. This formula supports liver health, cholesterol and fat metabolism, detoxification channels, and bile duct health, and could be just what you need to get your health back on track again. Advertising feature

Love your liver Support your liver health, detoxification, cholesterol and fat metabolism HEALTHZONE LIVER ZONE 100s NOW $32.90

magazine designer clothing

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Shop 6 Windmill Centre 188 Clarence Street Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 6929



ASK OUR FRIENDLY STAFF IN-STORE OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION Offer ends 31/01/2017. Always read the label and take as directed. TAPS PP9010.


(03) 308 1815 Follow Health2000Group on:

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January is possibly the most challenging month in the garden with high temperatures, dry soils and holidays away. Together these factors can create major problems in the garden. Careful planning and proactive measures are needed to ensure your garden survives the height of summer. The possibility of a wet summer is a cherished thought for many keen gardeners although others may not agree! In theory, this is the most productive month of the year for summer vegetables. Not only do they grow rapidly with the higher temperatures, but flavours are often enhanced. Sustaining adequate soil moisture is the real challenge. Watering in the cooler hours and mulching will help. With quick maturing salad veggies such as dwarf beans, radish, and lettuce, continue new plantings throughout January into early February. All this growth takes from the soil so continue adding Daltons Compost around existing plants and incorporating organic matter into existing soil before new plantings. It’s the main harvest time for many stone fruit such as; apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums. Early season apples eg; gravenstein be-

Above - Cherries. Right - Apricots.

A busy January in the garden gin to ripen towards the end of the month. Berry fruits are now at the end of cropping and you can remove old canes and tie up new season ones. Some varieties of strawberries will continue cropping through January, extending the traditional strawberry season. Plants will begin sending out ‘runners’ towards the end of the month. Allow these to develop into next year’s plants or where not required, cut off and remove. Displays of summer flowering annuals should be at their peak in January with gorgeous displays of colour in the garden. While these plants love the hot summer weather, they still require regular watering, preferably in the cooler early morning. With newly planted fruit trees, ensure they are regularly irrigated to help establish a strong root system. This is particularly important with young citrus trees. A difficult month for all but the hardiest roses. Many varieties produce a limited number of blooms during the height of summer before an outstanding display in early autumn. Closely observe specimens in your rose garden that appear quite robust at this time of year; use this as the basis for future plantings.

Flower Carpet roses are seemingly impervious to difficult weather conditions, as is the bush rose iceberg. Recommence Daltons Premium Rose and Flower Fertiliser applications in mid-February. Continue to train climbing roses where you desire, removing all other surplus growth. Herbs are probably the most beautiful in January, thriving in the hot, dry conditions. Remove flowers when they appear on a number of herbs or they will go to seed very quickly. Trim sage, parsley and thyme to ensure fresh leaves are available for the kitchen. Many of your herbs can now be harvested and dried for use in the winter months. Containers are easily replanted with ‘potted colour’ or small summer flowering shrubs so they should always be looking their best. Remember to renew the container mix when replanting and ensure containers have adequate drainage holes. With small flowering shrubs in containers, apply side dressings of slow release fertiliser during the growing season. Herbs and summer salad veggies thrive in containers placed in a sunny position. For more gardening advice visit:

Poorly lillies

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cause for concern

Maree Lawlor is this month’s winner with the following question: Some of my lillies are distorted and deformed when they bloom. Do you know the reason for this please? While lilies are not affected by many diseases, the few that can affect them are quite serious. From your image, we can see that it is possible your plant is infected with a virus that is carried by sucking insects such as aphids. Symptoms are very much like what you describe, plants misshapen, sometimes dwarf in size and the plant can be bent over like a walking stick. However, these same symptoms may also be caused by underground pests, and either too much or too little water. If you are unsure, do check with your local garden centre for more advice. If it is a virus that has taken hold, you will need to remove the diseased plants and burn them to reduce the risk of the virus spreading to other lilies. For more advice, read How to Grow Guides at

Daltons Mulch and grow pack

Even if you are the most hands off gardener, the most important task to do during the summer months is apply mulch around plants, including those in pots. It’s vital in maintaining a healthy garden and hinders water evaporation, keeping the moisture in the soil. This is particularly important on exceptionally hot or windy days and prevents plants from wilting. Create a clean slate and remove all weeds before applying mulch. We have the ultimate Daltons Garden Mulch and Grow pack to giveaway valued at over $100 containing 3 x Daltons Mulch and Grow (40L), 2 x Besgrow Coir Mulch (60L) and 2 x Daltons Nugget Bark (40L). PLUS you’ll receive a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back garden gloves from Omni Products

Be in to win Email with Daltons Mulch and Grow pack in the subject heading, or write to Premium Flower Pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton.


You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by February 3, 2017.

For more information on Daltons products visit

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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YOUR FOOD GUIDE in Ashburton Blue Pub The world famous Blue Pub in Methven is the place to be this summer. Well known for its fantastic sunny deck and outdoor dining, you’re also welcome to pull up a stool at the bar and order from the awesome all day menu or find a spot by the fire on cooler days. Also on offer is our a la carte restaurant - open every night for dining from the evening menu. Our new summer menu is here and we are super stoked. The all day menu is loaded with not one but four of our famous Blue Pub Tower burgers (two new ones don’t miss the pulled pork, brie, coleslaw and hash brown one!), four gourmet pizzas, three sharing platters and a whole range of salads and wraps as well. Our evening menu is sure to satisfy along with our tasty desserts and Kapiti cheese platter. All menus can be viewed on our website - restaurant-menus. Open for lunch and dinner seven days all year round.

RAILWAY TAVERN The Railway Tavern has charm, It’s not often you come across a family run pub with such a relaxing atmosphere, providing traditional pub fare. There are pool tables and gaming machines and a beautiful garden bar to chill out in.


Mon 3pm - Close Tues – Sat 11am – Close Sun 3.30pm – 9.30pm

124 Railway Terrace West Rakaia Phone 03 302 7005



Extensive all day menu plus a selection of tasty mains and house made desserts for relaxed evening dining. Also offering Samuels Summit Venue for your next corporate function or Christmas party. Regular live music in the main bar if you chose to make a night of it. Above all else, we aim to please.

Fun at The Lake House at Lake Hood. Enjoy a coffee and cake, a cool beverage on the deck with one of our platters or stay and enjoy a full dining experience over lunch or dinner. You can even pull up to our dock on your boat from the lake and enjoy our hospitality. Excellent kids menu. Open 7 days.

Open: 7 days for lunch and dinner


2 Barkers Rd, Methven, Mt Hutt Village Phone 03 302 8046

Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood Phone 302 6064 or book online at

Mon - Fri 10am - til late Sat - Sun 9am - til late



The Brown Restaurant & Fireside Bar offers more than one would expect from your standard pub fare with classic country favourites and a range of tasty mains dishes to suit all tastes. Extensive restaurant quality takeaway menu. Kids 10 and under eat for free in our family friendly spaces. (T & C apply) Fantastic new outdoor space available to hire.

Conveniently located on the main road of Dunsandel is the newly refurbished Dunsandel Tavern. Cafe by day restaurant by night, there is something for everyone from 8.30am til late. Whether it’s coffee and cake or a hearty country meal you won’t be disappointed. With a family friendly atmosphere we look forward to seeing you soon. Bookings are recommended.


7 days for lunch and dinner

Cnr Main Street & Forest Drive, Methven, Mt Hutt Village Phone 03 302 8045

Open daily from 8.30am Main South Road, Dunsandel Phone 03 325 4007 DunsandelCountryCafeandBar

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OUT AND ABOUT @ The Somerset Grocer and Robert Harris cafes

Above – At The Somerset Grocer (from left) Cheyenne George, Charlotte George, William George and Elizabeth Hill.


Above – At The Somerset Grocer Joy Jaine (left) and Olivia Barclay. 160117-JP-0017


Above – At The Somerset Grocer, Steve Carr and Pauline Harrison-Lee. Left – At The Somerset Grocer, Tania (left) and Jackie McConnachie. Below – At Robert Harris Cafe (from left) Daniel Crosson, Sue Wilkinson, Sue Waugh and Craig Smythe.

Above – At Robert Harris Cafe (from left) Kelsi, Terry and Debi Thompson. 160117-JP-0054




Above – At Robert Harris Cafe (clockwise, front left) the Bindra family, Gurnek, Gurvik, Sundeep, Jaspreet, Nishaan and Sahiba.



Above – At Robert Harris Cafe (from left) Judy Molloy, John Parke, Barry Molloy and Marion Lindley. Left – At Robert Harris Cafe (from left) Henry Vorster, Sian Evans, Barry Vorster and Candice Vorster.

If you are at risk of developing melanoma skin cancer you owe it to yourself to have a MoleMap. MoleMap is the world’s most advanced melanoma detection programme, designed to help protect you and your family from the deadly effects of melanoma skin cancer by diagnosing it at its earliest possible stage. To assess your risk visit Phone 0800 665 362 Clinics held in Timaru weekly and Ashburton every month.

by Dermatologists 0800 665 362

Profile for Ashburton Guardian

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