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Trinity River Nature Center 2018 Spring Semester Studio Prof. Kevin Sloan Arch 3554

` The Habitable Vessel

2017 Spring Semester Studio Prof. Heath Macdonald Arch 2552


2015-’16 Fall and Spring Semester Prof. Dustin Wheat Arch 1341, 1342

Trinity River Nature Center Located on 10 acres of land directly adjacent to the intersection of N. Collins St. and NE Green Oaks Blvd. in Arlington, Tx, the site is nestled into the northern oxbow of the Trinity River and just south of Lake Viridian. The prompt for this project was to take this piece of land —currently commercial property— and to design a nature center that would serve as a connection point between the southern meadow, the Trinity River and its bike path, and the lake. In addition to this, the site needed to possess 24/7 access in order to fully serve as a ‘park.’ The project design began with parti developmental sketches, both in the ‘micro’ of the buildings and inhabitable spaces, as well as the ‘macro’ of the site as a whole. As the project developed, two main systems emerged as the defining factors of the design. First, an orthogonal sequence was layered across the site, originating from an axial cavity running southwest through the site. This datum was defined as a manufactured swale, carved through the landscape between the oxbow of the Trinity River; during seasons of heavy rainfall, the Trinity would flood its banks and pass through the swale as a shortcut, effectively creating a canal. The second factor is that the site was explored as a ‘Wild Villa.’ The elongated meadow, extending past the simple volume of the Nature Center, pays homage to the classic Roman Villa.

2018 Spring Semester Studio Prof. Kevin Sloan Arch 3554

Lookout Tower This vertical rectangular volume becomes an ‘observatory’ of sorts, when viewed through the slitted looking area 55’ up on the top floor. The viewers can observe the skylines of both Fort Worth (to the west) and Dallas (to the east). Located at the mid-way point between the two cities, this tower becomes the only accessible area where both Dallas and Fort Worth can be viewed from the same vantage point.

Design Process | Going from left to right:


01 ‘Parti Development Sketches.’ 02 ‘Facade, Plan & Section Sketches.’ 03 ‘Per

The Newtonian Sphere Pays Homage to Boullee’s ‘Cenotaph for Isaac Newton.’

rceptible Drawings’

Outdoor Amphitheatre - Plan View

Site Plan

Trinity River

Scale 1” = 500’

Lake Viridian

The Habitable Vessel Conceptually, the Habitable Vessel is an exploration of volumes through the ‘kinetic’ convention of architecture. The prompt for this project began with a 16’ x 16’ cubic mass, and then applying an architecture of subtraction by carving out of the original volume and displacing the insertions outside of the mass –as if the carved portion had effectively “slid out” of the 16’ x 16’ piece. Carrying on with this formulaic investigation, the volumes were then explored as potential spaces; these spaces being brought-to-life through plan and section sketches. As the spaces continued to evolve, they were developed into a reading / writing retreat that could effectively ‘fold in on itself ’ back into the original mass.

2017 Spring Semester Studio Prof. Heath Macdonald Arch 2552

CAD Drawings | red lines represent Kinetic Pieces

Basswood Model Scale: 1/8” = 1’

Transformation Process:

Illustrations Conveying design principles through graphics is perhaps the foremost tool in the architect’s belt. Because drawing is so critical to the architect’s career, my entire entry year in the school of architecture was dedicated to design communications. Over the course of 9 months I learned to be proficient in a multitude of mediums, first in graphite, then Prismacolor, pen and ink and sketch marker. In addition to these, we used a variety of physical tools to assist our design development, such as a Mayline / parallel bar, scales, and drafting machines. The goal of these drawings was to attain an appreciation and skillset that could be used during the design development stage in future projects.

2015-’16 Fall and Spring Semesters Prof. Dustin Wheat Arch 1341, 1342

Asthetic of Drawing

Technical Composition

Fruit Section

Futuristic Cityscape

Thank you.

Selected Works | Asher Frailey 2018  

Selected works of Architecture Student Asher Frailey. Displaying years 2015-2018.

Selected Works | Asher Frailey 2018  

Selected works of Architecture Student Asher Frailey. Displaying years 2015-2018.