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E Mart Rebranding

What is E Mart? E Mart is a distrubutor of electronics in Oman. With about 13 stores around Oman, the store is frequented by those in the middle and low income groups. Bahwan Electronics, of the Suhail Bahwan Group, is the key patron of the E Mart stores. The Core Brands under Bahwan Electronics - Toshiba, Seiko, Casio, Sony Ericsson, Carrier, Tempstar, Cooline, Corning, Dolphin, Ausonia, Daewoo, Titan, Benq, VIP, Dometic, Corby and so on - are sold at E Mart, with an addition of almost all other international brands. The different categories of electronic gadgets and producs sold at Emart are laptop computers, calculators, televisions, cameras, mobile telephones and so on. All the E Mart products are supported by a major service network ranging from service centres at all branches to mobile workshops providing doorstep support for large appliances.

Existing Competition E Mart faces most of its competition from E Max .This is, majorly, considered to be the best and the most economical electronic store in the city. Of course, the electronics dealers and vendors on the Ruwi High Street and Qurum are not to be forgotten. Other competitiors can be SABCO Electronics, Radio Shack, Samsung Electronics, Lulu Electronics and so on. Online electronics purchasing is not too active in Oman, and hence, not considered competition.

The Re-branding Exercise E Mart has 13 stores all across Oman, and yet it known by a few and preffered over its competition.This is the exact reason for the re-branding - i.e, shedding a tiny part of the store’s conservative image, so that it is known to the public in general, and can be made like Oman’s own Electronics Store. We began by working on the Logo. The present Logo does not, in many ways, support our vision for the organization. It is not futuristic and does not show too many of the organization’s attributes. Here is the logo, for your reference.

Initially, after research and much doodling, here are a few logo options that we came up with -

Of these we chose three options, to help further in the development of the final logo. The first option was these plug experiments.

Option two was the rather futuristic looking e. We liked the way the e looked, and we decided that with the plug and e together, we could work something out.

As mentioned above, we succesfully played with the e and the \ plug to come up with two versions, as given below :

The Squared version of @, the plug being used to bring out the E.

The original @, with the plug being used for the E.

After much brainstorming and ideating based on the above mentioned, here are the final set of logos -

Both the Logos have a smooth, corporate and electronic feel to them. They are futuristic and the colours also go with the attributes of the store. The logos are ompact and modern. The fonts are simple, and the plug vector easily helps identify what the store is all about. It can be carried off easily on all the other collaterals such as bags, letterheads, stamps, and so on.

Thank You!

Final Logo Document  

E Mart rebranding.