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about the Greyhounds incredible history in Project Racing Homes Adoption Manual, or Googling it online. With these facts in mind it is no wonder that the parents used for breeding these pups are the best of the best and extremely valuable. Every attempt at pregnancy is recorded and published, then the breeders must publish whether there was a successful pregnancy or not. It goes even deeper, every Greyhound born (alive or stillborn) is tattooed on one ear with the birth date and the order number of each pup, and then the other ear is tattooed with their litter #. Every Greyhound is DNA tested and breeding is so regulated that there are only approx. 10,000 bred each year. Your Greyhound would come with a bloodline that you can readily track back to the 1800’s! So when you adopt a Greyhound you are not just getting a dog you are getting royalty. Greyhound rescue facilities, like Project Racing Home, are 100% privately funded and are in need of donations and volunteers to keep the facilities well-maintained and the hounds fed and healthy. The website www.getagreyhound. com has an abundant amount of information on how to contribute to the overall success of these retirees. Donations of food, including chicken and turkey carcasses, chicken broth, vegetables, rice, pasta and supplies such as bleach, pine-sol, paper towels, toilet paper, dog shampoo, and many more items are needed for the facility to operate. Even donating your time as a volunteer is a priceless gift to keep these facilities running. As we readied to leave, Kimberly asked if we wanted to hear the dogs sing. Of course the answer was “Yes!” so we proceeded to the back of the building where the “condos” were located. On this day there were about 40 dogs housed there. Kimberly stood in the middle of the room and started to howl and in no time we were surrounded by all pitches of howling Greyhounds echoing off the walls. Every condo we approached was a Grey with “take me home” eyes, scrunched as close to the opening as they could get, looking for just a smidgen of human contact. Take a minute today to look at the Greyhounds available for adoption at The facility is located at Hwy 220 & Hwy 62 and is in need of your help. Kimberly has a vision of the land they own becoming a park-like retreat for Greyhounds and a place where other rescues can bring their dogs for exercise and comingling, but without help, the adjoining land will stay vacant and bare, as it has for the past 5 years. Please consider a small portion of your time or table scraps to help Kimberly and her volunteers continue to care for these beautiful creatures, while searching for their forever homes. You can contact Kimberly Jewell at Project Racing Home by calling 336-674-5774, or visiting www.getagreyhound. com. You can also email her at projectracinghome@yahoo. com, or stop in at the facility located at 7015 Faulkner Road in Randleman. n


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