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First Aid

want to learn the basic essentials of first aid in case of emergencies. HLTFA301B Apply First Aid - $145

National Corporate Training Pty Ltd uses the Emergency First Response (EFR) First Aid System. EFR is one of the foremost CPR and First Aid training agencies in the world. With more than 31,000 expert instructors, award winning materials, and a simplified approach to training, EFR makes CPR and First Aid easy to learn giving you the confidence you need to respond to a medical emergency. EFR Courses follow the ECC Guidelines 2005 for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and the emergency cardiovascular care standards set by the Basic Life Support (BLS) Workgroup of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). The EFR First Aid at Work programme (Asia Pacific) is also accredited for the workplace in Australia and New Zealand. Instructional Innovation – Effective, Efficient and Entertaining Based on modern instructional system design, our courses offer delivery flexibility, including independent study options that optimise scheduling and make the best use of instructor-to-student contact time. Many organisations find this provides the best learning results with the fewest scheduling disruptions. Of course, EFR courses also work perfectly if conventional classroom presentations work well for you.

This one-day flexible learning course is equivalent to St John’s Senior First Aid and is the standard first aid qualification for all workers. HLTFA301B Care for Children - $160 The one-day flexible learning EFR Care for Children course is an innovative CPR, AED and first aid training course that teaches you how to provide emergency care for injured or ill infants and children. You’ll learn the types of medical emergencies children face and how they differ from adult conditions. The course also addresses the emotional aspects of caring for children, secondary care for children and preventing common injuries and illnesses in children. The Care for Children course content is based on the guidelines from the Paediatric Working Group of ILCOR. This course covers the WA Child Care Regulations as well as the unit HLTFA301B Apply First Aid needed by Certificate III in Children’s Services trainees. EFR First Aid Instructor - $775 This 2 day course qualifies you to be a First Aid Instructor for the HLTCPR201A Perform CPR, HLTFA301B Apply First Aid and HLTFA301B Care for Children first aid courses. EFR First Aid at Work Instructor $399

HLTCPR201A Perform CPR - $60 This is a four-hour programme that covers the essential CPR skills and is particularly suited to parents who


This 1 day course qualifies you to be a First Aid Instructor for the HLTFA402B Apply Advanced First Aid (First Aid at Work).

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