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Techno Aug’10



WHERE HIGH FASHION MEETS HIGH FIDELITY Earphones are no longer just plain functional pieces to listen to your music. For music and fashion lovers, functionality and style are equally important when it comes to choosing a good pair of earphones.

Review by Contributing Writer Jasmine Teo

The product of passion by a team of audiophiles, V-Moda is the latest answer to those who seek deep vibrant bass and crystal clarity with a matching fashion-forward look.

WHAT ROCKS ABOUT THIS EARPHONE 45ยบ PLUG The new 45-degree flexible design allows for an optimal range of motion while maintaining a sleek, sturdy metallic core fused to the 24-carat gold-plated steel plug. This angle ensures longer lasting lifespan of the earphones and causes less wearand-tear to the cables.

STRONGER CABLES Ergonomically designed, the cables

are made of High Strength Kevlar Reinforced Cables, and proven to be 3 times the average cable strength.

Tons of celebrities spotted out and about with V-MODA vibes, including Katherine Heigl (Dr. Izzie Stevens of Grey's Anatomy)

SPECIAL for Ashbury Mall

V-Moda Vibes earphones spotted in Star Magazine’s HOTSheet section

Get your hands on V-moda earphones at SGD80 (U.P$139 if you get it in-store). Comes with warranty. More details at

Techno - V Moda  

Coolest earphones in town - V Moda Vibes. Tested and reviews.

Techno - V Moda  

Coolest earphones in town - V Moda Vibes. Tested and reviews.