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Newsletter April / May 2018

Music and Movement – ‘Popcorn’ song with the parachute - a real favourite with this group!




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Your Committee… Debbie Kell, Jane Kingan, Katie Sullivan, Amy Huggins, Libby Argyle, Jasmine Gundry, Caitlin Clark and Kara Hall.

Are you interested in joining us? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

WHAT’S NEW AT APC? Some small snippets of news to share with you… • We have recently welcomed 2 new committee members – Caitlin Clark and Kara Hall to come to join us. Caitlin and Kara both have children aged around 18 months. We thank you for volunteering and hope you enjoy your time with Ashburton Parents Centre. • We have one new member – welcome to Tracey Thomas and her family. • We are excited to share with you that we were named Parents Centre of the Month recently – great news for our small committee. See further info in this newsletter about this.



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Hello everyone, Last month, our centre was awarded NZ Parents Centre of the month. We are so proud of our small but dedicated and amazing committee. Thanks so much ladies! If anyone wants to join the fun of the committee, get in touch or see the information on page 27. We would love to have you aboard. It really isn't a massive commitment and we can help make sure it works around you, your kids and your life.

Amy Huggins and Katie Sullivan

President – Amy Huggins 4


We need a new Music and Movement teacher!

At the end of this term of Music and Movement, we have said goodbye to Olivia, our fantastic teacher who is leaving to have baby number 2. So we are on the hunt for an awesome person to take over. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested‌ it is a paid position! We wish Olivia and her family all the best with the upcoming new arrival!


If you are interested in Music and Movement in Term 2, which will start at the beginning of May, please email to register your place.

10 sessions = $30 for members / $45 for non-members Casual rates available - gives you 10 sessions over 2 terms. Ask us for details.


What’s Happening



Fire Station Visit - keep an eye on FB for the date

May • • • •

Wed 2nd Music and Movement classes begin for Term 2 Thurs 3rd Childbirth Education classes start (7 weeks)

Mon 14th Ashburton Parents Centre meeting 7:30pm – all welcome TBC Hot Topic night – again keep an eye on FB for topic and date

June •

Mon 11th Ashburton Parents Centre AGM 7:00pm – all welcome

Please see further information in this newsletter or on our Facebook page about any of these events. Opinions and articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect Parents Centre New Zealand policy. Advertising in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by Parents Centre New Zealand.



Ministry of Health and New Zealand College of Midwives working together on maternity programme

The Ministry of Health and the New Zealand College of Midwives are working together with urgency on a maternity programme designed to address current pressure on the midwifery-led service. Acting Director-General Stephen McKernan acknowledges collaboration over the last month between the College and Ministry officials has resulted in a positive way forward. “Addressing workforce shortages and collaborating on a maternity programme that delivers a sustainable midwifery model of care has guided discussions. “The Ministry has taken on board advice from the College to include elements of the co-design process. “As a result the Ministry has agreed to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the College to improve ongoing collaboration on the maternity work programme,” says Mr McKernan. New Zealand College of Midwives, Chief Executive Karen Guilliland says women, their babies and families need improved access to safe, integrated, high quality services. “The College and the Ministry agree a midwifery continuity of care model must be resourced effectively to provide support during pregnancy, labour and birth and through the postnatal period until the baby is six week old. “I am also pleased that the issues raised by the current workforce shortage will be prioritised for resolution; for example, continuing to provide rural primary maternity service provision in all areas,” says Ms Guilliland. What can you do to support midwives? • Tell a midwife you know that you support the campaign and want a better working environment for her. • Join social media campaigns such as “Dear David” on Facebook – this is an open page directed to David Clark, Labour’s Health Minister. • Educate the community about the job midwives do – share your story with others about the care you received.



Ashburton Parents Centre Playgroups Held Monday mornings at Ashburton Parents Centre. Free to everyone so come on down!

Some weeks there is an organised activity, otherwise it is a freeplay session for all ages. Activities since the last newsletter have included finger painting, moon sand and jelly-digging fun! Join our playgroup Facebook page to keep up-to-date with what’s on at playgroup. Search Ashburton Parents Centre Playgroups to join. Recently we received a NZ Lotteries grant for new Music and Movement equipment and playgroup resources. Check out our new play kitchen that children can come and use. Thank you Lotteries NZ.


Have you recently moved house? The KiwiParent magazine, which is included in your Parents Centre membership, will continue to be hand delivered to you by a great bunch of volunteers. Please let us know if your address has changed so you continue to receive this magazine.


Venue Hire

The Ashburton Parents Centre is the ideal party venue. We are in the Netherby Shopping centre on Chalmers Avenue.

• • • • •

Hassle free Easy clean-up Lots of space and seating Great atmosphere Kitchen facilities

Great for children’s parties, playgroups and events! Members = $30 per half day / evening Non-members = $45 per half day / evening Free to committee members Non profit groups = $10 per hour Business groups = $15 per hour Regular bookings are welcome. Please contact us for more information about hiring our rooms.

Contact us: Phone: 021 0288 0861 Email:




ARTICLE Ever had back pain, neck pain or a really annoying headache after sitting at your desk? Many people experience some sort of back, neck or head pain as a result of working in a sitting position, day in and day out. That is why it is so important to have good posture at your desk! Simple changes to what you are doing at your desk can make a world of difference when it comes to pain and susceptibility to injury. You are there for a 1/3 of the day and your body wasn’t made for that, so you have to do what you can to look after it! Here are some tips to try: §

Sit with your feet on the floor and your bottom at the back of the seat. If this is difficult, it might help to put a step under your feet.


Sit with your back upright. This doesn’t mean as straight as a board, as this is difficult and no one can do that for long periods. All we mean is bringing your shoulders back to a comfortable position and keeping your chin tucked in slightly.


Try using a small pillow or lumbar roll in the small of your back. This helps to lift you into a more upright position and keeps your head from falling forward too far. The pillow should sit in the little hollow between your back and the chair, and it shouldn’t touch the seat of the chair.


Have mini breaks from your sitting position. This may simply be moving your head slowly from one way to the other once every 30 minutes, or standing up and sitting down again. Just like you wouldn’t want to pull your finger back as far as it will go all day, your neck and back doesn’t like


sitting in those positions for long periods. Anything to give those muscles a rest! §

Try to have your work-station set up in the best ergonomic position you can have. All this means is that it is the position that best suits all your muscles and joints, to prevent injury and make sitting more comfortable.


It is also important to have everything that you use frequently, in easy to reach places that don’t require twisting and reaching, as these movements can also cause injuries – especially if done repetitively!

If you do experience pain like this, and you’re not sure if it is your posture causing it, try these tips anyway as they won’t do you any harm! However, it is best to get on to pain symptoms like these as quickly as possible, so if pain persists it is best to see your physio as soon as you can. Even the most chronic of neck pain and headaches can be fixed after specific and effective physio treatment! Feel free to call us anytime to make an appointment to receive personalised advise for your specific problem. If you don’t already experience pain such as this, but you do work in these positions frequently, we can’t stress enough how important it is to start using these techniques now! Prevention is always better than cure!

PhysioSteps Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 5188






No-bake apricot Weetbix slice Prep:

7 mins


7 mins

Makes: 16 pieces

Ingredients • • • •

4 Weetbix 1 Cup unsalted roasted cashews 1 Cup dried Apricots Water

Instructions 1. Place all ingredients in a food processor, blitz until everything is very finely ground 2. Add water (1-2 Tbsp ) slowly until the mix comes together into a ball 3. Press into a baking paper lined loaf tin (it should be around 2cm thick when pushed into the base 4. Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours before slicing 5. Stores best in the refrigerator or freezer Notes • •

I prefer roasted nuts in this recipe as I find the flavour better, but it will work with unroasted nuts too. If your food processor is not really very robust try soaking the dried apricots in warm water then draining well before making the recipe. Most food processors should handle it fine though. To make this recipe nut-free, cashews can be substituted with sunflower seeds, gluten-free Weetbix can be used for a wheat and gluten free alternative. From: 18

OUT IN OUR COMMUNITY Recently, Ashburton Parents Centre has attended two local community events. At the end of February, we were involved in the inaugural Ashburton Parenting Expo. It was a chance for local groups related to families and parenting to come together to share information about what they offer. Children’s Day was celebrated in Mid Canterbury at the Tinwald Domain/Plains Railway and we had an area set up for toddlers to come and play with water, slime and moon sand. We also supported Port FM to run a colouring competition on the day. It was a great day for families and we had lots of happy kids come by and have a play.


CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY Here’s a couple of ideas for some ‘messy’ play at home. Moon Sand This is the ‘sand’ that we had for toddlers to play with at Children’s Day. - 4 cups of flour - 1/2 cup of oil Put into a bowl and mix together with hands until you get a sand like consistency.

Sand Foam You will need clean sand, shaving cream and a large tray or tub. There is no real defined amounts for the ingredients. Try 3 cups of sand and 200ml of shaving cream and add more of both until you get a texture you like.

1. Add 3 cups of sand to the tray. 2. Gradually add the shaving cream and combine using hands. Add more shaving cream until desired consistency is made.





Caring for your child's teeth; Ages: 2 to 3 years Your child will have most of their baby teeth by now. Find out how you can look after them.

Healthy teeth = a healthy smile. Follow these 5 steps to protect your child’s smile. • • • • •

Brush teeth twice a day Have regular dental check-ups Lift the lip every month to check for signs of tooth decay (holes) Choose healthy snacks Drink water or milk

Brush teeth twice a day By about 3 years of age your child will have their first set of teeth – 20 ‘baby’ teeth. These teeth will help your child to eat and speak well. Healthy baby teeth usually mean healthy adult teeth too, so it’s important that you look after your child’s first teeth. Look after your child’s first teeth by brushing them twice a day – after breakfast and before bed. You may find it easier to stand behind your child and gently tilt their head back as you brush. Use a small toothbrush with soft bristles and a smear of regular-strength fluoride toothpaste.

Brush your child’s teeth for 2 minutes: •

All around the inside surfaces, where the teeth meet the gums, and also the top chewing surfaces on the front of the teeth, brushing in tiny circles all around the outside surfaces, close to the gums.


Teach your child to spit out the left-over toothpaste after brushing. Don’t rinse with water, because a small amount of fluoride toothpaste left around the teeth will help to protect them.

Regular dental check-ups Your child is eligible for free check-ups from an oral health service. It’s important to enrol your child with the service as early as possible, so that you can arrange the first check-up. Regular check-ups of your child’s teeth increase the chances of finding and treating any tooth decay (holes) early. To enrol with a service or to make an appointment, phone 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583). Your dental therapist will tell you how often your child should have a check-up. If your child accidentally bumps their teeth, take them to a dental therapist in the Community Oral Health Service or a dentist, even if the teeth still look all right.

Lift the lip Gently lift your child’s top lip once a month to check inside their mouth. It’s a quick and easy way to see if tooth decay is present. The Healthy Smiles website ( has a video on how to lift the lip. You can read also about tooth decay and what to look for. Choose healthy snacks Healthy eating = healthy teeth. To protect your child’s teeth, give them low-sugar snacks between meals such as fruit, fresh vegetables, yoghurt and other dairy foods. Foods that are high in sugar can damage your child’s teeth and cause tooth decay.

Drink water or milk The best drinks for your child’s teeth are water and milk. Do not give your child drinks that have natural or added sugar, such as fruit juice, cordial, fizzy drinks, flavoured milks and chocolate drinks. These can cause tooth decay. Source:



Hi, my name is Katie Sullivan and I am the paid admin for the Ashburton Parents Centre. I’m the one who will take your booking for any of our classes, education evenings or venue hire or answer emails or phone calls. I also manage our Facebook page and create this newsletter as part of my role. I joined Ashburton Parents Centre committee as a volunteer in September 2016 after the birth of my first child and attending Baby and You. After a couple of months on the committee, it was decided to trial a paid admin position and I got the job. I am also a part time teacher at Tinwald School, where I have worked since 2006. Felicity is now almost 2 years old and loves attending Music and Movement at Ashburton Parents Centre, visiting playgrounds and her time at Jigsaw Preschool. I initially joined Ashburton Parents Centre so I could get out of the house and use my skills in other ways. I missed working with people and interacting with adults! I also have met some great Mums in this time, both on the committee and at Parents Centre events such as Music and Movement, Baby and You and other fundraisers that we do throughout the year. We have a small but awesome committee at present and we are slowly trying to get Ashburton Parents Centre back out in the community. We are really pleased to be offering Childbirth Education Classes again this year and I have enjoyed meeting some of the parents-to-be on our first course in March. If you have any ideas for our centre, newsletter or would like to contribute to it, please get in touch with me – Katie –



Parenting gadgets… they are everywhere. How do you know what you will need with your first baby? Here’s our committee list of some things we found helpful with our children! • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Gro Clock – to show your children when it is ok to get out of bed in the morning Angel Care monitor for piece of mind when they sleep Baby wearing carrier/front pack Decent pram that you can take on shingle/uneven ground if you like to go out walking Sleep sacks White noise machine or app Mountain Buggy Nano/light stroller for around town and when travelling as it is very compact Water thermometer that can go in the bath Fairy lights in their bedroom that you can switch on to see them and not wake them Large ice-cube trays from Kmart for $2 that you can freeze portions of baby food Bottle/food warmer Some sort of baby seat you can safely leave your baby in to allow you to do something eg baby bean bag, bouncer, baby swing etc 25


Ashburton Parents Centre is currently in need of some more committee members to help run our centre. We are a fun, friendly committee who's goal is to support parents in our community. Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month. The committee: - ensures our regular programmes are running well - organises one off events such as hot topic nights and social events - undertakes fundraising to run programmes and to purchase resources There is a discounted Ashburton Parents Centre membership of $10 for committee members. We currently have a few positions to fill however, we would also love to just have general committee members as well. Open to mums, dads, grandparents and retirees. If you are keen to join us please message our page, have a chat to one of our committee members or email us at







Life Pharmacy

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Allenton Pharmacy

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photographic developing and processing).

Lakeway Nursery

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Excellent range of plants, giftware and garden art. 10% discount (excludes sale goods)

Health 2000

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For all your health needs.

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Paper Plus

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Great range of books, stationery, cards and toys. 10% discount on purchases over $20 (excludes magazines, agency products, nett items and lotto). PC Card must be shown.

Finesse Fitness for Women 20% off membership prices Level 3, Somerset House Ph 307 7030



Macrocraft Furniture

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Netherby Shopping Centre, Ashburton 10% discount on all services (PC card must be presented)

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Best possible prices. 7.5% discount Cash only (excludes Great range of children's and baby's clothing and Budget Range) footwear. 10% discount on cash only 10% discount off wheel alignments, (Discount excludes sale or labour, puncture repairs and balances special priced items and uniforms). Arcade, Ashburton

Baby on the Move

PARENTING SERVICES (see website for CHCH store locations or purchase online). 10% off rental hires. Show card or quote PC number in notes online.

Pepsicles - Your Postnatal Home Help

10% discount off Honey Child nappies & accessories. Quote Ashburton PC when emailing. Discount excludes home help services.

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Great range of children’s shoes including large sizes for children with wide feet. 10% discount (Not available in conjunction with other disc. offers)

Stork to Chalk (Website) 10% discount when members order via website - Quote Ashburton PC Member in Comments field to get your discount.

JEWELLERY Time for Diamonds

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Two Little Feet 10% discount when members order via website - enter APC at the checkout


We decided to update this list and we asked you, our readers; if there were any topics you would be comfortable talking about to another parent. We were inundated by topics and parents wanting to help. So if you need support or advice with any of the following areas, just phone someone. They are all parents who have had personal experiences with the subjects listed, and are more than happy to share their thoughts. Sometimes a problem shared, really is a problem halved!

Baby Wearing Baby Led Weaning Breastfeeding Peer Support Counsellors Caesarean Section Cerebal Palsy Cleft Lip & Palate Cleft Lip & Palate – a dad’s perspective Dairy Intolerance Developmental Delays Diabetes in Children Epilepsy Failure to Thrive Fertility Issues/Endometriosis Homebirth Miscarriage

Teresa Teresa Louise Emma Natasha Glenda Curtis Clarissa Natasha Annette Natasha Abby Louise Teresa Suz

308 5492 308 5492 307 6104 027 313 1147 307 8532 307 1970 307 1970 302 2676 307 8532 307 1406 307 8532 3077120 303 3166 308 5492 302 9992

Nasal Gastric Tube Feeding Post Natal Depression

Abby Nicky Louise Nicky Emma Clarissa Nicky Natasha Louise Emily Annette

307 7120 308 0247 303 3166 308 0247 027 313 1147 302 2676 308 0247 307 8532 303 3166 302 8870 307 1406

Premature Birth Reflux Spina Bifida Tongue and Lip Tie Waterbirth




Baby & You

A 5 week support programme for parents of new babies As soon as you and your baby are ready, come along to a relaxed, baby friendly atmosphere and meet other parents in the same situation, who are also learning to cope with the changes in their lifestyle.

Email us to register your interest and find out when the next class is starting! Our course has a great variety of speakers covering the following topics: • Birth experiences and the first few weeks • Baby massage • Feeding, sleeping and crying • Baby development and childcare options • Illnesses in babies and CPR refresher for babies and toddlers • Looking after yourself Please contact us to find out more or to book a place: or phone Katie on 021 0288 0861




Music & Movement Term 2 starts: Wednesday 2nd May 10:30am

Held at Ashburton Parents Centre rooms – Chalmers Avenue during school term time.

Members = $30 per term Non-members = $45 per term (Plus ½ price for your second child over 1 year old)

Casual rate now available – contact us Music and Movement is a programme welcoming parents and caregivers with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to join in a host of different musical and movement activities. The programme includes fun with singing, musical instruments, action songs and sensory activities. Children will work with others of a similar age, follow directions, develop listening skills and be creative and use their imagination. It’s also lots of fun!

Bookings are essential – for further info and to book: Phone: 021 0288 0861 or Email: 34


BECOME A MEMBER OF ASHBURTON PARENTS CENTRE! Benefits of Parents Centre membership include:

• Knowledge, so parents are fully equipped for the journey into

pregnancy, childbirth, and the widely varying experience of early parenting Quality parenting information through websites, newsletters and a subscription to NZ’s leading parenting magazine – Kiwiparent Discounts at a variety of local Ashburton retail suppliers Parent Centre courses at discounted prices and access to parent education evenings Being part of supporting parents in our community Friendships, support networks, coffee groups, room hire for kids parties and much more

• • • • •


Phone: 021 0288 0861



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First Name

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First Name

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Postal Address Phone Email

Children’s details

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Date of birth


First Name


Date of birth


First Name


Date of birth


Membership Details Please circle one of the following:

1 year full membership ($65) 2 year full membership ($120) 1 year committee membership ($10) 1 year Community Services member Community Services number: _________ Please send cheques to PO BOX 46, Ashburton or deposit directly into our BNZ account 02-0836-0033283-00 using the reference ‘NEW MEMBER”. Contact us if you would like to pay by cash.

How did you hear about joining Parents Centre? _____________________________________________ Would you like to join the Ashburton Parents Centre Committee? YES NO

Are you willing to help out when needed? e.g. delivering newsletters, fundraising events etc YES NO POSSIBLY This information will be used for the purpose of Parents Centre membership and courses and the compilation of national statistics. Individuals may view and correct information about themselves by contacting us at anytime.


Newsletter april 2018  

Ashburton Parents Centre Newsletter 2018

Newsletter april 2018  

Ashburton Parents Centre Newsletter 2018