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Rating instalment schedule

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21 June 2018 | ISSUE 123

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Plans for a more welcoming district now official


What’s on The Water Project Ashburton Art Gallery Daily 10am - 4pm, 12 April - 22 June 2018 Ashburton Society of Arts, 54th Annual Exhibition Ashburton Art Gallery Daily 10am - 4pm, Wednesday until 7pm, 27 May - 3 July 2018 The Mayfield Monthly Market Mayfield Memorial Hall 10am - 2:30pm, 24 June 2018 Sue Nicholson - Earth, Life & Beyond Ashburton Trust Event Centre 7pm - 9.30pm, 25 June 2018 Cadbury Dairy Milk - Share the Taste Road Trip West Street Car Park 9am - 12pm, 26 June 2018

A plan to make the Ashburton district an even more welcoming place through building connections between newcomers and locals will begin rolling out in the community, after the Ashburton District Council adopted the Ashburton District Welcoming Plan: Whakatau mai ke te rōhe o Hakatere on 14 June. The Plan, which aims to encourage local communities to take a greater leadership role through inclusive activities and initiatives has been developed as part of the Immigration New Zealand led pilot programme, Welcoming Communities. Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel said, “Making this plan official is a very exciting step for our district. Communities that connect and actively include people from different

cultural backgrounds offer a greater quality of life for its residents and help people reach their full potential. We want to continue fostering the Ashburton district as a place of acceptance and inclusion, and this Plan will help achieve that.” Developed between the community and Council, the plan outlines activities structured around Immigration NZ’s Standard for the Welcoming Communities programme: Inclusive Leadership; Welcoming Communications; Equitable Access; Connected and Inclusive; Economic Development, Business and Employment; Civic Engagement and Participation; Welcoming Public Spaces; and Culture and Identity. “Our Welcoming Plan affirms our Council and the district’s commitment to work as one. Like

our existing community, newcomers settling in our district are an asset. They are innovative, entrepreneurial, skilled and are needed here, and – just like us, they want to be connected to their communities.” Ashburton, together with Selwyn District Council is one of five areas across the country selected by Immigration NZ to pilot the Welcoming Communities programme. The Council hosted several community workshops throughout March to gather ideas from people and groups in the community to go in the Plan, and an online survey was also available.

The Feelers 25th Anniversary Tour Blue Pub Methven 7.30pm, 1 July 2018 Trains on the Plains Tinwald Memorial Hall 9.30am - 4pm, 7 July - 8 July 2018 Seed - Arts on Tour NZ - Open Hat Night Ashburton Trust Event Centre 7:30pm, Sunday 22 July 2018 newzealand/events/

To view the Ashburton District Welcoming Plan, visit www. welcomingcommunitiescanterbury. com or connect with the initiative on Facebook @Welcoming CommunitiesAshburtonDistrict 21 June 2018 | ISSUE 123




New rating instalment schedule starts this July Ashburton District ratepayers will begin receiving their rates invoices once every three months instead of two, starting next month. The quarterly instalment schedule – which will also feature a new look invoice that’s easier to read – will

If you are still receiving your invoices in the post, consider reducing paper use and opt to receive them by email. Simply visit

bring the Council into line with common invoicing practices of other neighbouring councils. It is also projected to save the Council $35,495 each year on administrative costs. Invoices will be sent in July, October, January and April each year and will be due for payment by the 20th of the following month. Previously, invoices had been sent and were due for payment in August, October,

December, February, April and June. Ashburton District Mayor Donna Favel says, “The new instalment schedule will deliver a more efficient and cost effective service for ratepayers. People will still be able to make payments on a schedule that suits their budget – whether that be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly, and this ability won’t change with the new instalment arrangements.”

The rates that people pay will not change with less invoices. People may notice that the amount of money they will be invoiced for will be more than what it was before, because the instalment period will be for three months-worth of rates instead of two months. Rates can be paid through direct debit, automatic payments/ direct credit, direct bank transfer, cheque, in person or through Account2Account – an online service that allows people to make payments on the Council website without the need for a credit or debit card. To learn more about the changes or to discuss any concerns, contact the Council by phone: 03 307 7700, email: or drop into the Council office at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton.

New trees planted in Rakaia Visitors to the Rakaia Resource Recovery Park will notice the facility looking ‘greener’ than ever, with dozens of new trees planted along the boundary near the new Rakaia community walkway.

In time, the trees will help shield the RRP from view for those using the community walkway.

Council staff and it’s waste educator contractors, Lesley Ottey and Julie Nalder were at the park on Wednesday 6 June planting trees to help beautify the area and build a barrier for any rubbish caught up in the wind.

What you need to know about black ice Winter has well and truly arrived in Mid Canterbury, and drivers are being urged to be cautious of black ice. Sometimes referred to as clear ice, black ice is a thin coating of glaze ice that forms on a surface, especially on roads. While not actually black in colour, the ice is so transparent that you can see the black of the road underneath it.


21 June 2018 | ISSUE 123

Another risky characteristic of black ice is its tendency to appear in places where there are typically only low levels of noticeable snow or sleet around the area. This means the ice can be almost invisible to drivers or people walking and this increases the risk of skidding or slipping. Q. Where might I come across black ice? A. Shaded areas as well as bridges and overpasses are some of the

most common places for black ice to form. Bridges can be particularly dangerous, as air can circulate both above and below the surface of the elevated road, causing the pavement temperature to drop more rapidly. Q. When should I expect it? A. When there are clear skies and the ground temperature – which could be cooler than the air – drops to 0 degrees Celsius.

Q. As a driver, what should I do if I suspect there will be black ice on the road? A. If possible, consider staying off the road or delaying your travel to a later time. Driving later in the morning when the sun has had a chance to heat up the road is a good idea. Increase your following distance, and keep an eye out for shaded areas on the road. Needless to say, slowing down and driving to the conditions is crucial.



Dog registration month about to begin One of the busiest times around the Ashburton District Council office is about to roll around, with the opening of dog registration month.

on time, as part of being a responsible owner”.

From 1 July, thousands of dog owners in the district will head to the Council office or go online to register their pets and working dogs for the 2018/19 year.

Registration fees are used to help fund Council’s animal control services, including responding to and investigating animal complaints, patrols of public places, operation of the dog shelter and providing dog safety education programmes. In the 2016/17 year, there were 6,530 dogs registered in the Ashburton district.

All dogs three months old and over must be registered before the end of July. Failure to register can result in late fees and infringement notices.

Information on dog registration and handy hints for owners is available on the Council website

Council Environmental Monitoring Manager Rick Catchpowle says, “It’s important people register their dogs

Positive signals for future funding of Ashburton roads

Methven project – Igniting Change gets Council backing

An important roading programme and increased road maintenance budget may still be on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA’s) agenda for the Ashburton district.

The Ashburton District Council has voted to support the development of a Promotion Plan and a major annual event in Methven, as part of the town’s new Igniting Change project.

Proposals suggesting the Tinwald Corridor Improvements and Ashburton District Council’s funding request to maintain the district’s roads are looking likely to be approved in regional plans. The Council is also preparing for the possibility that footpaths may be eligible for a government subsidy. NZTA did not initially include the Tinwald Corridor Improvements in its latest draft investment proposal. However, recommendations tabled at the Canterbury Regional Transport Committee meeting in May indicate that the programme is included in the Regional Land Transport Plan, which will be considered by the Transport Agency Board for inclusion in the National Land Transport Plan.

Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel says, “Things are looking a whole lot brighter than they were a couple of weeks ago. We still need to wait for the Regional Land Transport Plan to be adopted in August but the indications are incredibly positive.” There are also positive signs that the Council will receive almost all of the $14 million it had requested from NZTA to complete a co-funded work programme over the 2018-21 period for maintaining Ashburton’s roads. The request was $3 million more than was asked for in the 2015-18 period, as this was what the Council projected it would need to maintain the current levels of service for road maintenance.

Initiated by the Methven Community Board, the project seeks to develop activities that promote a more sustainable and diversified economy for the greater Methven area, and the Council has put its support behind the initiative with $20,000 of funding for two key proposals. The intention of the Methven Area Promotion Plan is to implement a

structured approach to promoting the town’s attributes, lifestyle and business opportunities, while developing a major annual event would draw domestic and international visitors into the area. The Methven Community Board have been developing the Igniting Change project over the last 18 months. The $20,000 approved for the activities will be funded through the Council’s 2017/18 Economic Development Fund. Council approved the funding at the Finance & Business Support Committee meeting on 14 June.

The Council had applied for the funding as part of its preparations for the draft Long-Term Plan 2018-28 but there has been some uncertainty over the final amount that NZTA would provide.

Ruralco no longer an option at Council

While the Council now has a higher level of certainty that it will receive the funds it requires, the final decision will not be known until August.

From 1 July 2018, Ruralco cards and scheduler payments will no longer be accepted at the Ashburton District Council.

Any current customers who haven’t yet changed their payment option with the Council, should call 307 7700 or email

21 June 2018 | ISSUE 123




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Ashburton District Council gives public notice ​to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicular traffic.

Make sure your wheelie bin logo is facing out to the road - not facing your house, and ensure the bins are in a clear space away from behind parked cars, trailers or poles.

Ashburton College Ball - Ashburton Trust Event Centre Road to be closed: •

Period of closure: From 7pm until 9.30pm on Friday 29 June, 2018

Waste Landfill

You should leave at least 50 centimetres between each bin. This makes it easier for the collectors to pick them up.

It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the roads for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure. 50

Overfilling your wheelie bins can cause them to spill when they are picked up. Ensure only the correct items are placed in each bin and the lid is flat.

Ashburton District Council gives public notice of the following proposal ​to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicular traffic.

Roads proposed to be closed: East Street, from Moore Street to Havelock Street Burnett Street, from East Street to 230 Burnett Street Tancred Street, from East Street to Cass Street

Period of closure: From 7am until 6pm on Monday, 24 September 2018

Council Meeting Thursday 28 June, 1pm

Mt Hutt Memorial Hall and Heritage Board Monday 2 July, 1pm The above two meetings are held in Mt Hutt Memorial Hall & Heritage Centre Board Room at 160 Main Street, Methven. Representation Review Submission Hearings & Deliberations Thursday 5 July, 9.30am

Boulevard Day - The Retailers Group • • •

Ashburton Water Management Zone Committee Meeting Tuesday 26 June, 1pm

Methven Community Board Monday 2 July, 10.30am 50


Council Meetings Meetings are held in the Council Chamber, 2 Baring Square East, Ashburton unless stated otherwise.


Wills Street, from 211 Wills Street (Event Centre - Cass Street end) to 197 Wills Street (Neumanns Tyres – East Street end)

June 2018

Do not put hot ashes in your wheelie bins. These can melt the bin and cause a fire, which could spread. Let ashes cool for at least five days before bagging them and putting them in your red wheelie bin. Don’t forget to download your new 2018/19 collection calendar from our website or pop into the Council office for a copy.

CBD Revitalisation Project Submission Hearings & Deliberations Monday 23 / Tuesday 24 July, 9.30am Environmental Services Committee Thursday 26 July, 10.30am Service Delivery Committee Thursday 26 July, 11am (approx.)

Any person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodge notice of their objection and grounds thereof in writing or email to Council by 4pm, Friday 22 June, 2018.

Finance and Business Support Committee Thursday 26 July, 1.30pm (approx.)


All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated. Meeting start times may be subject to change and will be notified on Council’s website. Visit to keep up to date with our public notices, meetings and news.

Ashburton District Council are currently seeking applications for the below vacancies. If a position you are interested in is not advertised, you can set up email alerts to receive notifications about jobs that match your skill set. Visit our website to find out more or to apply. •

Business Support Officer (Applications close 1 July 2018)

Museum Volunteers

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District Diary June 2018  
District Diary June 2018