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21 February 2019 | ISSUE 129

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Promoting Economic Growth


Cemetery Extension


Water Restrictions

$7.5 million Provincial Growth Fund a major boost for the district

Ride the Rakaia Salmon World, 9 Railway Terrace East, Rakaia Saturday 23 February, 8am – 1pm Shear for Life Hindsridge Farm Saturday 23 February, 8am - 4pm

Councillors, along with the Chief Executive joined Minister for Regional Economic Development, Hon. Shane Jones in Methven last Friday (15 February) for the announcement. The $7.5 million Provincial Growth Fund loan will support the Opuke Thermal Pools and Spa development underway in the Mount Hutt ski town.

Riach noted that Council has been a supporter of the application through the assessment process via both direct communication and the Canterbury Mayoral Forum. "It is very satisfying to see such a positive outcome," he added. An economic benefits study estimates that the project will create 120 jobs, both directly and indirectly, and contribute an estimated $162 million to the local economy over 10 years.

What’s on 36th Annual Rakaia Fishing Competition Rakaia Community Centre 7.30pm, Thursday 21 February 12pm, Sunday 24 February

Ashburton District Council is praising the Government's announcement of a $7.5 million Provincial Growth Fund loan for a thermal pool and spa development in Methven as a tremendous win for the Ashburton District and wider Canterbury region.​

"This funding will provide an enormous boost to the Opuke Thermal Pools and Spa, helping to grow our local economy and support even greater year-round tourism in Methven and the district at large. ​​ We are thrilled with the announcement and are very excited for the opportunities this will open up for our district and the wider Canterbury region," Chief Executive Hamish Riach said.


Cafe Deck Opening Terrace Downs Cafe 12 - 5pm, Saturday 23 February Discover Mt Hutt Mt Hutt Ski Area Saturday 2 March, 10am - 4pm From left: Dave Dynes, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones and Rangitata Labour List MP, Jo Luxton

Ashburton District Mayor Donna Favel said, "The thermal pool facility will widen Methven's attractiveness outside of the winter ski months and help to create more sustained jobs that will encourage even more people to stay and live in the area." A recent New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) report ranked Ashburton District as the sixth most desired district in New Zealand for business, and 12th for lifestyle. Mayor Favel emphasised that this project, and others like it, will assist in the attraction and retention of workers and improve lifestyle for all. "Our district is a thriving hub for business and lifestyle opportunities. Although already renowned as the gateway to the award-winning Mount

Hutt ski area, this funding will really help to seal Methven's place as a top tourism destination and choice of place to live," she said. The Opuke Thermal Pools and Spa will be the first of its kind in New Zealand to be heated by solar power and produce no emissions. Mayor Favel added, "The Methven community has demonstrated a great strategic mindset in searching for future economic benefits.

Mid Canterburys 2019 Childrens Day Celebration The Plains Railway 10.30am - 2.30pm, Sunday 3 March 2019 Methven A & P Show Methven A&P Showgrounds 7am, Saturday 16 March Tutus on Tour 2019 Ashburton Trust Event Centre 6.30pm, Monday 18 March newzealand/events/

"We congratulate them on their proactive attitude, and thank the Minister, Shane Jones, for the Government's support of this nationally significant project. We welcome this tremendous investment in our region."​ 21 February 2019 | ISSUE 129



EA Networks Centre upgrades a win for local sport groups It’s a world-class facility that attracts regional and national competitions, and now Ashburton’s EA Networks Centre stadium can open its doors for even more business, courtesy of a clever curtain divider. The new retractable curtain was installed at the Centre in January, which - combined with the original curtain, allows the stadium to be split into four separate court areas. The addition means different sporting codes can be played on the courts at the same time without interfering with each other. “This opens up a lot of opportunities for the EA Networks Centre. It’s a popular venue for a lot of local competitions and larger tournaments, so being able to safely host more of them at the same time is a great use of the space and better convenience for our users,” Sports Facility Manager Steven Prescott said.

“Pools like ours are regularly used all year round, so we have to do some maintenance to keep them in tip top shape. We replaced some broken tiles and re-grouted three of our four pools, replaced some flooring and changed some of the doors in the changing rooms to aluminum ones,” Steve said. The maintenance work meant the pool facilities had to close for two weeks in January, however with the availability of more outdoor pools over the summer holidays, swimmers had a number of alternate venues to cool off in.

The $80,000 project is the latest improvement made at the stadium, with retractable concertina seating for 966 people installed in 2016. A climbing wall has been earmarked to go in the stadium next year, and plans to extend the stadium with more courts may also be on the table further down the track.

“The Tinwald pool has remained as popular as ever this season. People love spending hot days around the pool, but it’s great that we’ve got the EA Network Centre ones open again for business. They just give people other options that are out of the sun, and with the work completed and out of the way, they are in pristine condition for everyone.”

Upgrades to the stadium are not the only improvements made at the EA Networks Centre lately, with maintenance also carried out in the pool area and changing rooms.

The EA Networks Centre is open seven days a week. For more information about the stadium, pool and gym facilities available, visit


How we promote economic growth - Chief Executive Ashburton District undoubtedly has a competitive edge for business, and our ability to attract and retain investment in our district has great flow-on effects for our local economy. A recent New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) report found that our district is actually the sixth most desired one in New Zealand for business. We are optimally located along State Highway One; within close proximity to Christchurch; with rail, airport and shipping port facilities all within reach. As a Council, we’re very excited to see our business community thrive. We also play an active part in helping to support its growth. In fact, one of the Council’s main contributions to furthering investment in our district, is the Ashburton Business Estate that we developed and continue to manage on the north-eastern side of Ashburton.

Holdings; WaterForce; NPD Fuel Stop; Canterbury Long Run Roofing; Fineboon – NZ Dairy Collaborative; Cullimore Engineering; Skip-2-It Flooring Xtra; Fonterra; Replas; Midlands; Midlands Apiaries, Lemacon, Mainland Coachworks Ltd; Active Print & Production, Sebco; and Plains Irrigators also call the fully serviced estate home, and interest in the estate is still continuing. The 80 hectare commercial and industrial development was officially opened in 2011, providing long-term, sustainable property options that support the enormous potential of our fast-growing and progressive district. Our hardworking Commercial and Property team are able to work with businesses to find the right solution for their requirements, whether they wish to design and build, or build and lease back. We can also customise the size and shape of the sites to meet specifications, and to top it off, the Ashburton Business Estate has some of the lowest industrial-zoned land prices in the region.

The Business Estate offers a wealth of opportunity, not only for companies outside of the district searching for the right place to base themselves, but also Providing such an attractive for local businesses looking to expand development for our business or relocate their operations. community is a crucial part of promoting economic growth in EA Networks, for example moved their our district. We want to see our operations from the centre of town, community continue to progress and to a brand new, purpose built facility enjoy the benefits of a prosperous in the Ashburton Business Estate. The local economy. building is also ‘IL4’ designed, which provides assurance that during and If you'd like to after an earthquake, they will remain learn more about fully functional. the Ashburton Business Estate Ray Mayne Hose & Fittings Ltd; Kaipak contact us on Hamish Riach Ltd; McIntosh Group; Precision 307 7700 or Chief Executive Cutting & Processing Ltd; Tricroft

Councillor Comment The dry weather has certainly settled into Mid Canterbury, and water restrictions are now in place across all water schemes in our district.


The wet weather we experienced in spring saw a spike in growth, and coupled with our now hot and dry conditions, it’s important for everyone to take precautions to minimise the risk of fire. As we’ve intently watched the bushfire events unfold in Tasman, we’ve seen just how quickly fires can start and spread.

restricted fire season and a total fire ban for the Ashburton Coastal and High Country zones, respectively. This means, depending on your location, a permit is needed before you can light an open air fire, or they are prohibited altogether. Even with these preventative measures in place, unfortunately accidents can still happen.

Fire and Emergency NZ, the authority now in charge of fire permits and fire safety, prevention and responses have imposed a

The substantial spring growth has created a two-fold problem for people trying to do the right thing and prevent fires. If you don’t remove

21 February 2019 | ISSUE 129

the growth, it’s a perfect fuel for fire, however removing excess dry matter also poses the risk of sparks from mowers and machinery causing a fire. In smaller sections, dampening these areas before removing the grass could be a preventative option. In rural areas, farmers have been in a catch nine situation, with much conserved growth ready to make into winter feed, however wet weather in late spring/early summer has prevented this from happening. This has resulted in considerable rough tag, which is not helping the fire risk. The High Country is looking a picture of health with massive growth, but

this can be a recipe for extreme fire risk, especially where there is considerable dead residue from years past within many overgrown areas. I urge everyone to be extra careful regarding the fire risk around our district and take every practical precaution to prevent fire. You can find more information about fire prevention on the Fire and Emergency NZ website, Alasdair Urquhart Councillor Ashburton Ward



Cemetery extension to serve community for the next 40 years Planning for the future isn’t only about roads, services or buildings. A lesser known consideration is where and how the community’s burial and remembrance needs will be met. This month, a project to extend the Ashburton cemetery got underway which will serve the town for another 30-40 years. “We’ve built bridges and roads before, but never a cemetery. It’s definitely a first”, ACL Rural contracting Manager Contracts Engineer, David Rowlands said. Ashburton Contracting Limited are working on behalf of the Council to transform a section of land alongside the original cemetery on Seafield Road from a vacant paddock into a burial and remembrance facility that will serve - not only the needs of a growing community, but also an increasingly culturally diverse one. As the current cemetery is quickly reaching full capacity, the extension is a necessary project for Ashburton. “We are very lucky that the Council already owned the land adjacent to the cemetery and that it’s such

How do our services rate?

a suitable place to extend the current one,” Ashburton District Councillor Stuart Wilson said. As Chair of the Council’s Service Delivery Committee, Cr Wilson’s portfolio includes overseeing 11 of the district’s open cemeteries and five closed ones. “The proximity of the extension ties in well with the current cemetery and allows people to be able to visit their loved ones from one site, rather than a disjointed facility spread across different areas of town,” he continued.

A representative cross-section of the community is being selected, which means not everyone that is called will meet the criteria to take part. For example, people in a particular age bracket may have already been adequately represented in the survey, and Research First may need to continue sourcing people from a different demographic. The results of the Annual Residents’ Survey will assist the Council in determining work programmes and budget priorities in the future. Previous years' results are available at

“It really is a great asset for the community and a great community project. All of the subcontractors involved are local and the work is going really well.”

Cr Wilson agreed: “The weather has been quite optimal and they’ve [ACL] got in and made a real go of the project. We’re very pleased to see local contractors being used for such an important piece of work for Ashburton.” ACL and other local subcontractors are set to complete the project on time in April.

The $1.5 million extension will include a natural burial site, a cremation and ashes scattering area, as well as a traditional grave site. ACL began earthworks this month. They are upgrading the existing access off Seafield Road and will be constructing a new access way into the new extension, complete with entrance gate and walls. The internal roads and car parking will be sealed, and a water reticulation system will be installed throughout the site. Internal stormwater reticulation soak pits will ensure the site is kept adequately drained.

From left: Tim Bain (ACL), David Rowlands (ACL) Councillor Stuart Wilson and David Askin - Open Spaces Manager (ADC)

Last chance to ‘Art the Park’ The Ashburton skate park is getting a new coat of paint featuring the talented creations of Christchurch street artist, Wongi Wilson, and locals have one last chance to see their ideas included in the work.

Residents are being asked how they think a range of Council services and activities are performing as part of the Ashburton District Council’s Annual Residents’ Survey. The survey is being conducted by independent Canterbury-based company, Research First who are phoning residents (both landlines and mobile phones) to complete the survey until mid March.

“The design is quite smart and allowsfor some contingency if particular types of remembrance options go in and out of favour,” David explained.

Carnaby Lane Project - Wongi

To enter your ideas, simply draw or write your answer to the question ‘what does our district mean to you’ on an entry form at the Ashburton Art Gallery by Friday 1 March, 2019.

The new street art will be revealed at a launch on Saturday 13 April at the skate park, located on West Street, Ashburton, opposite McDonalds. Christchurch’s Cheapskates Skate Skool will be on hand holding a skate jam at the launch. Ashburton District Council and Safer Ashburton are working together on the street art initiative. Resene ColourShop Ashburton will be donating the primer paint for the project.

Weird & Wonderful Map is back! The Ashburton Youth Council’s popular source of advice on things to do around the Ashburton District is making a return next month, and residents are being invited to a barbeque on the East Street checkerboard to celebrate the relaunch (Friday 1 March). The Weird and Wonderful Ways to Waste Time map, which first launched in 2016, lists 101 things

people can do around the district to ‘waste time’. It includes coupons to a number of businesses in the district and a map of where to find each activity. The Youth Council has recently revised the map and updated the activities. It will be available to pick up at the launch. A sausage sizzle will be available for

a gold coin donation and the giant chess pieces will be out for people to have a game. The Weird and Wonderful Ways to Waste Time Map Relaunch event will be at the Ashburton checkerboard, East Street from 12pm-1pm on 1 March. See the Ashburton Youth Council Facebook page event @AshYouthCouncil for more details.

21 February 2019 | ISSUE 129




Water restrictions now in place across district Water restrictions are now in place for all Councilsupplied water schemes in the Ashburton District. For schemes not on a permanent restriction, the restrictions mean residents can only use a hose, micro-spray or automatic irrigation system on alternate days and - in some areas, during specific time periods, to help conserve water.

"The Water Restriction Policy ensures conservation of water to even-out demand. This enables residents to continue to enjoy reasonable use of water for gardening and nonessential purposes," he added.

To find out what restriction level your water scheme is on or for further information on conserving water, please visit waterrestrictions.

This webpage is regularly updated with scheme restriction levels. The restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

"In summer, exceptional demand for water can sometimes limit the water schemes' ability to consistently deliver water to all properties at the required pressure," Council Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann said.


February 2019

Up & Coming

Kids Triathlon​- EA Networks Centre Road proposed to be closed: McNally Street, from Robinson Street to McGregor Lane McGregor Lane, ​​entire Lane​

Some plumbing fittings have potential for minute traces of metals to Period of Closure: accumulate in water that has been in the fitting for several hours.

From 6am until 4pm on Sunday 24 March, 2019 Although the health risk is small, the Ministry of Health recommends you run a mugful of water through your drinking water tap each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved ​ ny person objecting to the above proposals should lodge notice of A from plumbing fittings. their objection and the grounds for their objection in writing by post We recommend this simple precaution for all households, including or email to the Council, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton by 4pm, those on public and private water supplies. Friday 22 February,​2019.

Council Meetings Meetings are now held in the new Council Chambers, 137 Havelock Street, Ashburton unless stated otherwise. Ashburton Zone Water Management Committee Tuesday 26 February, 1pm Council Workshop (2019-20 Budget) Wednesday 27 February, 9am Council Workshop (2019-20 Budget) Thursday 28 February, 9am (if required)

This notice is issued by Ashburton District Council on behalf of the Neil McCann Group Manager Service Delivery Director - General of Health, Ministry of Health.

Council Meeting Thursday 28 February, 1pm


Methven Community Board Monday 11 March, 10.30am

Ashburton District Council gives public notice of the following proposals to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicular traffic.

Ashburton District Council gives public notice of the following road closure to ordinary vehicular traffic.

Mt Hutt Memorial Hall Board Monday 11 March, 1pm

Street Sprints & Night Autocross​- Ashburton Car Club

Ride the Rakaia - CJM’s Events Limited

Roads proposed to be closed:

Roads proposed to be closed:

The above two meetings are held in the Mt Hutt Memorial Hall Methven Board Room at 160 Main Street, Methven.

Smallbone Drive, from River Terrace to Robinson Street Robinson Street,​​ from Smallbone Drive intersection to McNally Street​​ Watson Street, from Range Street to Robinson Street McNally Street, from Range Street to the end of the street​​

(a)Rakaia Barrhill Methven Road - between Baker Road and Rakaia Domain (b)Railway Terrace East - between Rolleston Street and Main South Road (SH1)

Period of closure:

Period of closure:

From 7.30pm, Friday 10 May, 2019 until 8pm, Sunday 12 May, 2019​.

(a) 9am and 3pm on Saturday, 23 February 2019 (b) 6am and 8.15am on Saturday, 23 February 2019

Detours will be available on adjacent streets and these will be signposted. The proposed closure is made under the Local Government Act 1974 - Schedule 10 (11 (e)) and will be considered at the Service Delivery Committee Meeting on 21 March 2019.

COUNCIL OFFICE 5 Baring Square West Monday - Wednesday 8.30am - 5.00pm Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm

It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the roads for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure.

Environmental Services Committee Thursday 21 March, 1.30pm Service Delivery Committee Thursday 21 March, 2.30pm (approx.) Finance and Business Support Committee Thursday 28 March, 1.30pm All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated. Meeting start times may be subject to change and will be notified on Council’s website.

Neil McCann - Group Manager Service Delivery

ASHBURTON PUBLIC LIBRARY 180 Havelock Street Monday - Friday 9.00am - 8.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm Sunday 1.00 pm - 4.00pm

ASHBURTON RESOURCE RECOVERY PARK Range Street Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm Sunday 1.00pm - 5.00pm

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District Diary February 2019