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From the Mayor: Have your say on plans for the Ashburton Domain the playground; build heritage and botanical trails; upgrade the playground equipment; build a Central Hub near the playground that could accommodate a café and outdoor dining area; construct an entranceway from Walnut Avenue; and improve connectivity to Ashburton town with better access across State Highway 1. Ashburton District Mayor, Neil Brown

The Ashburton Domain is undoubtedly one of our most important local facilities. Looking back over the years, it's provided many great memories like Christmas events, sporting tournaments and days spent with the family in the playground, but now we are turning our eyes to the future and looking ahead to what the Domain could be over the next 30 years. The Council has adopted a draft Ashburton Domain Development Plan that seeks to future-proof the Domain for our community for many years to come, and we need your help to ensure we're on the right track.

With these various proposals in mind, I'm sure there are ideas that would be of interest to every person in our district, whether you take the kids to the Domain on weekends, enjoy a barbecue or picnic on the lawns, go to events, or play sport at one of the fields or facilities throughout the year. It's crucial that residents take a look at the draft proposals and tell us what they think before a final Development Plan is adopted. We need to know if we're making the right decisions for the Domain, including when the work for each individual project would begin and which items should be prioritised. You can have your say by completing a feedback form on the Council website until 5pm on Sunday 5 April at ashburtondc.govt.nz/haveyoursay

The changes proposed address almost every activity, facility and attraction at the Domain. There are proposals for sports clubs, the playground and paddling pool, gardens, lawns, waterways and even the way people get in and out of the Domain.

If you choose, you'll also have the option to speak to your submission at a hearing that will take place after consultation closes. This is a great chance to voice your opinion directly to Councillors and for them to ask you questions for more clarity.

For instance, there are proposals to move the paddling pool closer to

This is your Domain, so please play your part and have a say on its future.​​​

Have your

Say! Ashburton Domain Development Plan Our Place : Our Domain

We are developing a 30-year plan for our Domain to ensure it is future-proofed for the years to come. We want to know what you think of our ideas - this is your chance to shape what the Domain will look like. Full maps and information on the proposed plans, along with a form to provide your feedback can be found at


We are accepting feedback until 5 pm, Sunday 5 April 2020.

Councillor Comment - Carolyn Cameron reserve boards in our district, of which there are 19 under the Council’s administration. I’ve experienced a wonderful sense of nostalgia during these visits. These carefully maintained buildings offer a view of what our world was like over a century ago: one hall, which was formally Greenstreet School was opened in 1876 and is now a sizeable combined district hall.

Over the past few months, I have enjoyed viewing a part of  the Ashburton District from a by-gone era. I have been visiting some of the halls and


19 March 2020 | ISSUE 144

A visit reminds us of the sacrifices many people made in the Great War and the Second World War as we take in the names listed on old boards hanging in solemn reminder of past sacrifices. The halls of our district are often generally adorned with well-used stages and beautiful wooden

floors,   lovingly maintained and restored by volunteers putting hours into cleaning, painting and tending these remnants of a previous era. These are the people our district depends on to preserve an important part of our heritage. To paraphrase Isaac Newton, we progress by “standing on the shoulders of giants”.  I urge everyone to visit our Museum and look at the photographs and exhibits of an earlier Ashburton and imagine the lives our great grandparents enjoyed. Follow this experience up with a drive around the district and view these old halls, reserves, playgrounds and tennis courts and appreciate an earlier time in our districts history. Appreciating and understanding

the past is important and we need to constantly remind ourselves that what we enjoy is here because of the efforts of those who went before us. Our new Civic Centre, housing the Council and Library, will be a great monument for the future but let us ensure we retain a portion of the past and acknowledge these earlier achievements. I believe it would be appropriate to incorporate some sort of formal recognition of those that have helped to make Ashburton and its surrounding areas the thriving region that we enjoy today. This could, for example, involve installation of significant pictures of our past into the pavements or gardens of this new building. I would welcome ideas from others interested in this issue.


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Issue 144 March 2020  

Issue 144 March 2020