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Ashburton District well Submit your creative placed but not immune to design to feature in economic impacts - CEO street art Breakfast payment, equating to around 250 more people on job support in the community, he explained.

He's a familiar face on our TV screens when the country needs the latest on the economic outlook, and last month (23 July) Infometrics Senior Economist Brad Olsen was in Ashburton to share his insights with local business owners and managers at the district's CEO Breakfast.​ "Anything compared to how things were in lockdown is good, but it'll take about three-and-a-half years until we are back to pre-COVID conditions," Brad warned. Although there was a lot of "sugar money" from the Government to soften the impact of the lockdowns and invest in infrastructure projects right around the country, that would not stop national unemployment hitting above 8 per cent by the end of the year. In Mid Canterbury, there has been a 55 per cent increase in the number of people accessing the COVID-19 relief

Compared with other parts of the country, this was a lower number, but did demonstrate the very real impact COVID was having on the community. And although others may still have a job, the amount of money in their back pocket is a lot lower. "The question we keep hearing has been, 'is this a rural or an urban divide? Who will come out better?' But actually, the question should be, 'do you have a strong tourism sector or do you have a strong agri sector?'.​" Mid Canterbury's strong primary sector, which accounts for almost a quarter of all jobs in the district provides good resilience​​for the area, when compared to the national outlook.

Ashburton's streets are set to receive some creative flair in the coming months as part of the Chorus cabinet art programme, and local artists are being invited Global trade has been softer, but to submit their designs by 31 primary sector exports have continued to perform ok and although many August. countries are still in lockdown (which affects demand) people still need food.

"It's going to be tough in that global market, but at the same time, money will still flow because New Zealand needs to feed the world and the world still needs to eat," Brad added.​

Detection programme saving water in Methven and Hinds Potential water leaks around Methven and Hinds were in the Council's sights last month, as work got underway to 'sound out' any wasteful leaks in the drinking water networks.

Chorus is working with the Ashburton District Council to deliver the programme, which will see three cabinets in the town painted. Chorus Community Relations Manager Jo Seddon says the programme has been very successful around the country at discouraging graffiti on some of its more frequently tagged cabinets, and they are excited to be extending the programme even further in Ashburton. "These cabinets become works of art in the street, often telling stories about the communities who live there and helping to foster community pride. "In past years, we've worked with Keep NZ Beautiful and now we are extending our offer to councils. We are so pleased that the Ashburton District Council has answered the call and we're really looking forward to seeing what amazing designs local artists will come up with." Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says the initiative is a great opportunity

Special listening devices were attached to valves, hydrants and tobies around the two towns, allowing technicians to identify any leaks in the system. Although the work wasn't carried out on private property, the equipment was able to pick up if there were significant leaks on residents' properties, as well as in the public water mains. If leaks were detected, residents were notified. The detection devices listen for a specific sound that indicates there is a possible leak in the system. The technicians then use loggers to pinpoint where the leak is


20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149

for artists to showcase their talents, and is encouraging people to make a submission. “This is a chance not only to share your work with Mid Canterbury, but also much further afield. The programme is a real win-win for our community. We get to have fantastic artworks in our streetscape that celebrate our people and stories, and also provide work and promotion of our local artists." Design submissions are now open until Friday 31 August. A Council panel will select the finalists before they are submitted to Chorus for final approval. The successful applicants will need to be able to complete the work by 30 March 2021. All of the successful artworks will be included on the Chorus website and will be considered for the 2021 Chorus Cabinet Art calendar, copies of which are sent around the world. Submit your design online at chorus.co.nz/form/rainbow-cabinetform. Further information about the programme can be found at chorus.co.nz/community/cabinet-artprogramme. Existing cabinet artworks and murals can be found at chorus.co.nz/blog/ cabinet-art-gallery​.​



located so that it can be fixed. The programme was carried out at the end of July. Checks have previously been carried out in parts of Ashburton, Hinds and Chertsey. The Council will continue to progressively move around all of the district's schemes over coming years.​

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