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20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149

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Demolition well Network... underway $40 million RBP


2021-31 Long-Term Plan


Rubbish & Recyling

Mid Canterbury to benefit from $20 million shovel ready project funding Ashburton’s new Library & Civic Centre project has been given an enormous boost, with MP Megan Woods announcing the Government will contribute $20 million from its COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund towards the $51.6 million facility. Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says the funding is an extraordinary amount of money that will make a significant difference for the project when construction gets underway in December. “We are absolutely thrilled with this news. This is a tremendous boost for the district’s new Library & Civic Centre and it’s fantastic that Mid Canterbury has been included in this package of shovel ready project funding.

Timber, which is a more sustainable material that also performs well in seismic activity will be one of the main building materials. Temperature will be controlled by an artesian well and chilled beam heating/cooling system that will also provide ongoing energy cost-saving benefits. The new Library & Civic Centre will also boast Importance Level (IL) 4 standards for the Civil Defence and Emergency Operations Centre, with the remainder of the facility built to IL 3 standards. Detailed designs are in the process of being finalised, with construction at the Baring Square East site expected to start before the end of the year​.


What’s on Gregory O'Brien | The Wading Birds of Drybread - Paintings 2016 - 2020 Ashburton Art Gallery Thu 13 August - Fri 09 October open daily 10am - 4pm Ashburton Creative Fibre Group | Celebrating Fibrecrafts Ashburton Art Gallery Thu 13 August - Thu 27 August open daily 10am - 4pm Bite Nite - REimagined EA Networks Centre Fri 02 October 5:30pm - 8:30pm midcanterburynz.com/ newzealand/events/

“Twenty million dollars covers more than a third of the project costs which is a significant saving for our community. We commend the Government for investing in our region and helping to deliver important infrastructure for our people.” It’s expected the project will create 500 jobs. The Council submitted the Ashburton Library & Civic Centre to the Government for funding consideration in April. The building is being designed as a modern facility, with space for a children’s discovery centre, teen space, lounge and study areas, audio and video recording studio, and room for a small performance area with tiered seating. The building will utilise environmentally sustainable elements and – in what is believed to be a first for the country – will also incorporate a heritage building (Pioneer Hall) into the facility.





Councillor Comment - Stuart Wilson What a wonderful response to the three policies and plans we asked for comment on. With over 200 submissions to the Speed Limit Changes, 164 to the Ashburton Domain Development Plan, including 38 to be heard in person; now 134 people have submitted on the Council’s Revenue & Financing Policy with 28 coming in to be heard this week. Of course, changing the way stockwater is charged has sparked a lot of interest in this proposed policy change.

Consultation has been keeping your Councillors busy at the moment.

Councillors have really listened to what the submitters have had to say. Obviously, we cannot please everyone but every submission both written or in person, has been read and considered. This group of

Councillors have tried to achieve the outcome that we feel our residents want regarding the changes bring proposed.

wisely, and it’s a credit to our staff to have planned projects that will be needed for expansion in the future.

It was great news to receive a grant from the Government’s shovel ready project funding for the new Library and Civic Centre. As a district, we don’t usually have the profile to compete with the north of the country where the majority of the population live.

Having received the latest Residents Survey results, it was satisfying to see the outcomes, with the exception being the condition and the maintenance of the roading network. This result is an annual embarrassment, even though roading is the Council’s major item of expenditure.

Also on the topic of Government funding, if we participate in the Three Waters project funding that’s also been announced, it would enable ADC to bring forward some of the future projects we have in the Long Term Plan. It is important to ensure that we spend these grants

With a new five year contract for roading maintenance in the process of being awarded, and having seen the conditions that the contractors will sign up to, I’m sure we would all be disappointed if there isn’t an improvement, especially in pothole repairs.

$40 million RBP Network funding extension welcomed in Mid Canterbury accessing the RBP support as a direct result of COVID-19, so this additional funding will help ensure we have the resources to help those who may not have reached out for support yet. "Trusted advice will be crucial to business survival and success in this 'new normal' environment we are now operating in, and this is particularly so for small businesses," she says. Ms Watson is also encouraging local businesses to think about their longterm sustainability.

The $40 million funding extension announced for the Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network will make a tremendous difference for Mid Canterbury businesses as they navigate the post-COVID-19 environment, Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says.

Last month (14 July) the Government announced the national business support service, which is jointly funded by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation will receive $37.25 million to directly fund professional advisory services and $2.75 million to increase resourcing within the RBP Network. This is in addition to the $15 million invested in March.

Mayor Brown chairs the district's COVID-19 Economic Recovery Advisory Committee and is relieved that more funding is being invested to ensure local businesses can access the professional services and support they need.

The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) is one of the Regional Partners for Canterbury. Their specialist Growth Advisors help businesses to identify opportunities and can also connect them with the right training, workshops and mentoring programmes from expert providers.

"COVID-19 has thrust us into the unknown and much of our recovery will rely on businesses being able to adapt and build their capabilities for a changing environment. We can't hope to achieve that without ensuring businesses can turn to the right providers for the right advice when they need it."


20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149

Chamber Chief Executive Leeann Watson says the funding will be invaluable to helping more businesses find the support they need to reposition and recover. "We have already seen a significant increase in the number of businesses

"It's vital that business owners and managers ask for support when they need it, and that doesn't just mean when they are struggling. Now is also the time to try and plan ahead so that you are prepared and can capitalise on new opportunities." Funded COVID-19 support via the RBP Network is available to eligible Mid Canterbury businesses where they can access expert advice on human resources, employee relations and legal; financial and cashflow management; health and wellness; business continuity planning; marketing strategy; and digital enablement strategy. To access COVID-19 support via the RBP Network, contact the region's RBP Advisor, Jason MacRae at jasonm@cecc.org.nz.​ For further information about support services available for businesses, contact the Ashburton District Council Economic Development team at economicdevelopment@adc.govt.nz.






Long-Term Plan Our Place | Our Plan Have your

What are your priorities for 'Our Place' Mid Canterbury residents are being asked to share what ideas and issues they think are most important for the district, with feedback being used to help the Council develop its 10 year plan. The Ashburton District Council will soon begin drafting its 2021/31 Long Term Plan and is inviting residents to complete its short 'Our Place - Our Plan' online survey to help inform the plan. The survey is now open until 18 September on the Council website. Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says the Long Term Plan will outline what projects, activities and issues the Council will be focused on over the next 10 years, so it's important residents have their say to ensure the Council is on the right track. "Three years ago, we asked our community what their top priorities were and this influenced our decision making for the current Long Term Plan. Now, it's time to build our next plan and we want to assess if those issues are still as important to residents, or if they


think our district should be focused on other priorities. "This year has been a challenging and unsettling time right across the country, and we've felt the effects in our community too. This survey is also a chance to let the Council know how things are going for you. We want to make sure we are making well-informed decisions for our future that reflect how residents are faring." The 2018 'It's Our Place' campaign gathered more than 2,324 responses from residents for the 2018-28 Long Term Plan. The resulting top priorities in order were roading, community safety, environment, town centre development, second bridge, business development, EA Networks Centre development and new entertainment centres. Mayor Brown adds that all feedback will be considered by the Council. "Even if your idea isn't something the Council directly provides, it's still important to let us know as we may be able to address those issues in other ways, such as through advocacy."

Scan the QR code to start the survey

itsourplace.com Complete the survey today at itsourplace.com​. The survey will close at 5pm, Friday 18 September.

Nominations now open for Community Honours Awards Nominations are now open for The Mayor’s Award for Public Service is the 2020 Ashburton District the highest civic honour bestowed by the Council. Mayor’s Awards are rare Community Honours Awards. The awards recognise individuals and organisations who have carried out meritorious voluntary community service in the district. Nominations are being welcomed until Friday 25 September. The awards are available across four categories: Mayor's Award for Public Service, Ashburton Medal, Civic Awards and Honorary Citizens. ashburtondc.govt.nz

awards given to people who have made a significant and sustained contribution to the district. The Ashburton Medal honours the significant achievement of individuals or teams who have been very successful in their chosen field and who have made an outstanding contribution to the district as a whole, or outstanding national or international achievements.

Civic Awards are awarded in recognition of substantial service, usually of a voluntary nature or beyond normal employment, benefiting Ashburton District and its people. Honorary citizenship is an extraordinary honour granted to individuals who have given great service to Ashburton. It is a symbolic gesture. To nominate a person or organisation, visit ashburtondc.govt.nz

20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149




Ashburton District well Submit your creative placed but not immune to design to feature in economic impacts - CEO street art Breakfast payment, equating to around 250 more people on job support in the community, he explained.

He's a familiar face on our TV screens when the country needs the latest on the economic outlook, and last month (23 July) Infometrics Senior Economist Brad Olsen was in Ashburton to share his insights with local business owners and managers at the district's CEO Breakfast.​ "Anything compared to how things were in lockdown is good, but it'll take about three-and-a-half years until we are back to pre-COVID conditions," Brad warned. Although there was a lot of "sugar money" from the Government to soften the impact of the lockdowns and invest in infrastructure projects right around the country, that would not stop national unemployment hitting above 8 per cent by the end of the year. In Mid Canterbury, there has been a 55 per cent increase in the number of people accessing the COVID-19 relief

Compared with other parts of the country, this was a lower number, but did demonstrate the very real impact COVID was having on the community. And although others may still have a job, the amount of money in their back pocket is a lot lower. "The question we keep hearing has been, 'is this a rural or an urban divide? Who will come out better?' But actually, the question should be, 'do you have a strong tourism sector or do you have a strong agri sector?'.​" Mid Canterbury's strong primary sector, which accounts for almost a quarter of all jobs in the district provides good resilience​​for the area, when compared to the national outlook.

Ashburton's streets are set to receive some creative flair in the coming months as part of the Chorus cabinet art programme, and local artists are being invited Global trade has been softer, but to submit their designs by 31 primary sector exports have continued to perform ok and although many August. countries are still in lockdown (which affects demand) people still need food.

"It's going to be tough in that global market, but at the same time, money will still flow because New Zealand needs to feed the world and the world still needs to eat," Brad added.​

Detection programme saving water in Methven and Hinds Potential water leaks around Methven and Hinds were in the Council's sights last month, as work got underway to 'sound out' any wasteful leaks in the drinking water networks.

Chorus is working with the Ashburton District Council to deliver the programme, which will see three cabinets in the town painted. Chorus Community Relations Manager Jo Seddon says the programme has been very successful around the country at discouraging graffiti on some of its more frequently tagged cabinets, and they are excited to be extending the programme even further in Ashburton. "These cabinets become works of art in the street, often telling stories about the communities who live there and helping to foster community pride. "In past years, we've worked with Keep NZ Beautiful and now we are extending our offer to councils. We are so pleased that the Ashburton District Council has answered the call and we're really looking forward to seeing what amazing designs local artists will come up with." Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says the initiative is a great opportunity

Special listening devices were attached to valves, hydrants and tobies around the two towns, allowing technicians to identify any leaks in the system. Although the work wasn't carried out on private property, the equipment was able to pick up if there were significant leaks on residents' properties, as well as in the public water mains. If leaks were detected, residents were notified. The detection devices listen for a specific sound that indicates there is a possible leak in the system. The technicians then use loggers to pinpoint where the leak is


20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149

for artists to showcase their talents, and is encouraging people to make a submission. “This is a chance not only to share your work with Mid Canterbury, but also much further afield. The programme is a real win-win for our community. We get to have fantastic artworks in our streetscape that celebrate our people and stories, and also provide work and promotion of our local artists." Design submissions are now open until Friday 31 August. A Council panel will select the finalists before they are submitted to Chorus for final approval. The successful applicants will need to be able to complete the work by 30 March 2021. All of the successful artworks will be included on the Chorus website and will be considered for the 2021 Chorus Cabinet Art calendar, copies of which are sent around the world. Submit your design online at chorus.co.nz/form/rainbow-cabinetform. Further information about the programme can be found at chorus.co.nz/community/cabinet-artprogramme. Existing cabinet artworks and murals can be found at chorus.co.nz/blog/ cabinet-art-gallery​.​



located so that it can be fixed. The programme was carried out at the end of July. Checks have previously been carried out in parts of Ashburton, Hinds and Chertsey. The Council will continue to progressively move around all of the district's schemes over coming years.​

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Have you received the Bin It Right package?

Changes to the types of plastics that are allowed in the recycling bin are outlined in a newly revised Bin It Right handbook that has been delivered to households in the kerbside collection zone. The new handbook details the changes to recycling, along with tips on how to use the district's rubbish and recycling

service. The handbook includes updated collection calendars for weeks one and two, and has been delivered with a sticker for the yellow recycling bin lid and a fridge magnet. If you have not received your copy of the Bin it Right handbook package, visit the Council office at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton to collect a copy.

Let ashes cool before they go in the bin

Mid Canterbury residents using their log fires to keep the winter chills at bay are being reminded to let their hot ashes cool properly before binning them, as they can ignite and start a fire. Hot ashes have been the culprit in six wheelie bin fires in the district already this winter, and Infrastructure Services Group Manager Neil McCann says it's critical that residents are only putting cold ashes in the rubbish bin. "If the ashes haven't had adequate time to cool, they can smoulder in your ashburtondc.govt.nz

wheelie bin and cause a fire. Even if the ashes have been cooling for a couple of days, they can still have hot coals or embers that are just warm enough to light up the other rubbish in your bin. "If your bin catches alight, the fire could also spread to your house. Please make sure the ashes have properly cooled before they go in the bin." Hot ashes are best stored in a metal ash container or metal bucket to cool for several days before being bagged and placed in the red rubbish bin. Pouring water on the ash can also help to put out any smouldering coal and embers. 20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149




Mountain Film Festival raises thousands for upcoming local event Hikes along the Pacific Crest Trail in the U.S.A and white water rafting in the Andes were all on the agenda in Ashburton at on 1 August, when the NZ Mountain Film Festival came to town for a second year. ​ he outdoor adventure film festival took T movie-goers on a journey through some of New Zealand's and the world's most breathtaking hotspots, with money raised from the festival helping to fund the Ashburton Youth Council's (AYC) upcoming event, Bite Nite: Reimagined. AYC Chair Kavan Faoagali said it was a real pleasure to bring the film festival back to Ashburton for a second year. "There was a really great turnout for the festival again this year. It's wonderful to bring our community an experience that you'd usually only be able to see in other parts of the country, so we hope everyone really enjoyed the screenings. "We're very excited to announce that ticket sales and sponsorship from the festival has raised more than $2000 which will help us to put on our next Bite Nite community event in October.

"We'd like to thank everyone who came along and supported the event and hope that the films inspired your sense of adventure," he said. The 2pm session, Best of Wanaka, showcased films that had received an award or prize. Highlights from these films included a journey along a mountain range in Germany, a climb up K2 - the world's most dangerous mountain without supplemental oxygen, and the KFC (Kilimanjaro Financial Crisis) where five Kiwi men tried to paraglide from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. The 7pm session, Kiwi Made, showcased the best of Kiwi made films. These included the new Pike 29 Track, a trip to Stewart Island, and creating climbing routes on a rock that had never been climbed before. The NZ Mountain Film Festival Ashburton screenings were made possible thanks to the support of Plains Power, NBS, Heartland Design & Print, Formosa, NZ Sock Co., Talleys, Mitre 10 Mega Ashburton and Netherby Meats.​ Bite Nite: Reimagined is tipped to be bigger and better than ever this year when it kicks off on Friday 2nd October, and Kavan adds it will be an event not to be missed.

Play a key role in this year’s General Election.

The 2020 General Election will be the biggest yet and we need to recruit 25,000 people to help make it happen We have positions available across the country for Administrators, Voting staff and more. All roles are paid and all applicants will be considered. You don’t need previous experience; training will be provided. This is your chance to take an active role in one of the most important events of 2020.

Apply now at

elections.nz SHP-026

AYC meeting recap

We had the privilege of having many visitors come to our August meeting, many from different backgrounds to help further educate and give opportunities to our youth councillors. The meeting started off with Janice McKay (ADC) who provided us an opportunity to be the ‘Youth Voice’ as one of the panellists for the Welcoming Communities Mural Project. We are looking forward to having one of our youth councillors be able to give back to our local community and we will be announcing which councillor that will be in next month’s report. Jan Cochrane of Sport Canterbury took us through a small teamwork workshop, strengthening our skills as a council in time for our main event for the year – ‘Bite Nite Reimagined’. We had also gone through what Sport Canterbury does for our community and, specifically, their direct effect with our younger generation. 6

20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149

We also had Katie Miller (ADC) come to talk to us about another exciting project regarding the youth in our secondary schools. This involves further informing our secondary school students about careers through an online programme. The Youth Council are looking forward to seeing this project flourish and have a lasting effect when implemented in 2021. With an amazing background that involves working for the Ministry of Social Development, we learnt many things about employment and necessary skills for life from Sarah Parker. She is in Mid Canterbury right now helping us across a range of issues using her wide variety of skills. With reports back that our fundraiser, the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, had been a smashing success, finalising our planning towards Bite Nite Reimagined has been going very smoothly. This year, even more food vendors, musical acts and activities are planned to make the night even more memorable. Bite Nite Reimagined is coming up on 2 October, so make sure you come along and celebrate at this amazing gathering for our youth community. Ashburton Youth Councillor Neil Alombro




Council amends rates Results out on Annual policy to assist residents Residents' Survey in financial hardship Nine-in-ten Mid Cantabrians think living in the Ashburton District is about the same or better compared to three years ago, the latest results from the Council's Annual Residents' Survey show.

Independent company, Key Research presented the 2019/20 Annual Residents' Survey to Councillors at their meeting last week (13 August), and the results are now available online​.

Ashburton District ratepayers experiencing financial hardship and who are late on their rates instalments this financial year may now apply for late penalty fees to be written off, even if they have already received this assistance in the last two years. Ashburton District Councillors adopted changes to the Rates Remission Policy last week (13 August), which had previously limited how often late penalty fees could be written off to only once every 24 months. The Council had agreed to waive this limit in April ahead of the last rates instalment for the 2019/20 year, however this was on a once-off basis and did not apply to the 2020/21 financial year. After consulting on the proposed changes with the community, Councillors formally adopted them this month ahead of this years' first rates instalment which is due on 20 August.

Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says the amendment recognises the financial difficulties many families may be finding themselves in as a consequence of COVID-19. "New Zealand's closed borders and various restrictions have left many very uncertain of their financial security. As it stands, the Government's wage subsidy extension schemes will finish up by December and we are likely to see people in our community facing hardship. "The Council understands this is a very difficult time for a lot of people and want to make sure that those who are struggling or who may struggle in the months ahead are not faced with additional fees because they were unable to pay their rates on time."

The survey showed that the Council met or exceeded 15 of its 18 performance measures outlined in the Long Term Plan (LTP), including animal control, the EA Networks Centre, parks and open spaces, Civil Defence and quality of Council information. The district's drinking water infrastructure and rubbish and recycling services remained strong this year, with more than 80 per cent of residents satisfied with these services. More than 90 per cent of residents were also satisfied with public services such as opportunities for grants and funding, community events and social services, while the public library service and Ashburton Museum both received the tick of approval from 97 per cent and 86 per cent of residents, respectively.

The new changes only apply to the 2020/21 year.

Although overall satisfaction with the Council was down on the previous year (69 per cent compared to 77 per cent), perceptions of elected member and council staff performance both improved over the last 12 months.

Residents who want to apply for this assistance can contact the Council on 03 307 7700 or email rates@adc.govt.nz​.

Satisfaction with the Mayor and Councillors increased to 78 percent while satisfaction with Council staff grew to 87 per cent. Council Chief Executive Hamish Riach

Public Notice

Ocean Farm grass removal tender CONTRACT WWAT0176 REMOVAL OF STANDING GRASS AT OCEAN FARM The Ashburton District Council is seeking tenders for the removal (sale) of standing grass at Ocean Farm, from approximately 280 hectares of pasture irrigated with treated wastewater. Tender documents are available from the Ashburton District Council, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton.  All enquiries should be directed to: Shyamal Ram Projects & Operations Manager Phone: 027 952 7242

ashburtondc.govt.nz ashburtondc.govt.nz

says the Annual Residents' Survey is a useful tool for gauging the Council's performance in the community's eyes. "We work hard to meet or exceed residents' expectations every day, so it is pleasing to see these efforts reflected in many areas in this year's results. The survey is a robust way of identifying what our community thinks we are doing well and also what we could perhaps focus more on, and we will use the results to help evaluate our services and activities." Along with the Mayor and Councillors, satisfaction with sealed and unsealed roads did not meet LTP targets, and Mr Riach adds that roading has been a major priority for the Council. "We were disappointed to see satisfaction with roads decrease on the previous year, especially given the additional $3 million we have budgeted for our network over the last three years to maintain levels of service. "Mid Canterbury has the third largest rural roading network in the country and these roads are hugely important to our community. Our efforts will continue to focus on this vital infrastructure for our residents right across the district." The 2019/20 Annual Residents' Survey was conducted on a representative cross-section of the community and was carried out in four stages throughout the year, both online and in hard copy.​

Round 2 Community Grant – Creative Communities Scheme – Heritage Grant & Events Grant


Applications are now being invited from groups and organisations for the second round of Events and Heritage grants from Ashburton District Council. We are also inviting applications for the Creative New Zealand ‘Creative Communities Scheme funding’ to go towards local arts and cultural projects in the Ashburton District. Round 2 of the Community Grants are available for the following: • Creative Communities Scheme • Heritage Grant • Events Grant Applications for all grants close at 5pm, Tuesday 1 September, 2020 for the funding to be allocated in September 2020. Application forms and full criteria for each scheme are available online from ashburtondc.govt.nz For more information, contact Council on 307 9646 or email grants@adc.govt.nz

ashburtondc.govt.nz 20 August 2020 | ISSUE 149




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Up & Coming Council Meetings Meetings are now held in the new Council Chambers, 137 Havelock Street, Ashburton unless stated otherwise.


Pursuant to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965, notice is hereby given that the following roads will be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic to allow the following: Ashburton District Council, for the purpose of allowing Carol Johns to hold Mid-Town Mardi Gras event, proposes to close the following road to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder. Road proposed to be closed: • EAST STREET, from Moore Street to Havelock Street Period of Closure: From 7.00 am until 6.00 pm on Monday, 28 September 2020 Objecting to the proposal by 4.00 pm on Monday, 31 August 2020.

Ashburton District Council gives public notice of a proposal to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicle traffic to enable the holding of a community event – Ashburton Car Club ‘Winslow Willowby Road Standing Quarter Mile Sprint’. Road proposed to be closed: • WINSLOW WILLOWBY ROAD, from the Longbeach Road intersection to approximately 500m from the intersection with State Highway 1 Period of Closure: From 9:00am until 5:00pm on Saturday, 29 August 2020. Detours will be available on adjacent roads and these will be signposted. This proposed closure is made under the Local Government Act 1974 - Schedule 10 (11 (e)) and will be considered at the COUNCIL MEETING on 13 AUGUST 2020 Objecting to the proposal by 4.00pm on Friday, 21 August 2020.

Ashburton District Council, for the purpose of allowing Light Up the Night to be held, propose to close the following road to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder. Road proposed to be closed: • BARING SQUARE EAST, between Havelock Street and Cameron Street • CAMERON STREET, between East Street and Baring Square East • EAST STREET, between Havelock Street and Cameron Street Period of Closure: From 3:00pm until 10:00pm on Friday, 27 November 2020. Objecting to the proposal by 4.00 pm on Friday, 30 October 2020.

COUNCIL MEETINGS • Environmental Services Committee Thursday 27 August, 1.30pm • Community Services Committee Thursday 27 August, 2.15pm • Infrastructure Services Committee Thursday 27 August, 3.15pm • Extraordinary Council Meeting Thursday 27 August, Time TBC • Audit, Risk & Finance Committee Thursday 3 September, 1.30pm

• Methven Community Board Monday 28 September, 10.30am All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated. Meeting start times may be subject to change and will be notified on Council’s website. Council and Committee meetings, and Hearings now livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook.

• Council Activity Briefings Thursday 10 September, 1.30pm • Council Meeting Thursday 24 September, 1pm


Pursuant to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965, notice is hereby given that the following roads will be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic to allow the following: Ashburton District Council gives public notice of a road closure for the purpose of allowing the Ashburton District Council and the Methodist Church to undertake construction works (with the exception of emergency vehicles) for the period indicated hereunder. Road to be closed • Baring Square East, from Havelock Street to Cameron Street Period of Closure: From 24 August 2020 for approx. 2 years or until the construction work is complete.

Any person objecting to the proposals is called upon to lodge notice of their objection and grounds thereof in writing or email to Ashburton District Council.

This notice of closure is made under the Local Government Act 1974 - Schedule 10 (11 (d)). It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the roads / streets for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure.

NEIL McCANN Group Manager Infrastructure Services

NEIL McCANN Group Manager Infrastructure Services


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