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The Community Newsletter of Ashbourne Methodist Church Easter 2018

Remembering Ashbourne Methodist School Did you know that there was a Methodist School in Ashbourne from 1880 to 1970? On 10th March, Ashbourne Methodist Church held an event celebrating the school, which was attended by over 120 people including expupils, one ex-teacher and even the former caretaker’s wife. Pupils at the school were nicknamed “Wesleygogs”, and during the evening they were able to explore the old school which is now a residential centre used by visiting schools and youth groups. Pupils from different decades shared their memories in a panel discussion, with the oldest having attended the school in the 1930s and the youngest leaving when the school closed in 1970 after it had merged with Parkside. A common theme was how happy the school was. Refreshments were enjoyed in the Century Hall, giving people plenty of time to share their own stories and to meet old friends. Former pupil Peter Dawson shared poems inspired by his memories of the school and the event also featured live music from the 40s, 50s and 60s, played by ex-pupil Don Cox and by members of the church’s worship band.

A book about the school, written by Sheila Cook, was on sale at the event. Anyone interested in a copy should contact Stuart on 01335 300338.

Inside… Messy Church

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A Delicious Lunch

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Easter Celebrations

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Walking in Witness

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Christian Aid Week

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Messy Church includes take-home crafts, fun activities, celebration

time & lunch and is great for the whole family to enjoy. Our special Easter Messy Church will be held on Wednesday 28th March, starting at 10am and finishing at around 12.30pm after lunch. It’s great fun – why not come with your children or grandchildren, or invite friends or neighbours! Everyone is welcome to come and get creative as we explore the Easter story. See

A Delicious Lunch On the last Tuesday of every month, the Century Hall of Ashbourne Methodist Church is packed with people enjoying a delicious cooked lunch. The lunch costs just £5 and includes a hot main course and dessert. Everyone is welcome to come along, just book your space by calling John or Elizabeth on 01335 342859.

Time to Reflect Christians use the time of Lent to prepare for Easter, by doing things to help them focus on God. Ashbourne Methodist Church created a book containing 40 short reflections, all of which were written by members of the church in the Ashbourne area, with accompanying passages from the Bible. People have been using the book as part of their regular time to reflect during Lent.

Regular Sunday Services at 10.30am and 6.30pm

Easter Celebrations

Tim’s Message

Ashbourne Methodist Church has a range of services during Holy Week and Easter.

Experiencing it Yourself

Messy Church offers the whole family a chance to share in the Easter story while enjoying crafts, worship and lunch, from 10am – 12.30pm on Wednesday 28th March. On Thursday 29th March we have a simple Maundy Thursday Communion service at 7pm, remembering the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples. On Good Friday, 30th March, we think about Jesus’ death and how his followers must have felt. Our service is at 10.30am and is followed by tea and coffee before the Walk of Witness at 12.15pm. We wake up on Easter Sunday morning and rejoice that Jesus, who had died, came back to life and continues to live today. We have several services on Easter Sunday as we celebrate our amazing God.

It's one thing to be told what it’s like to jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet. It's quite another thing to experience it for yourself! That's what Easter Day faith is all about. The women are told “he is risen!” But to experience it? “Go and there you will find him”. Not only would they meet the risen Christ, he would also “go ahead of them”, travelling the way they were to go. Faith is often found on the journey, on the way, testing things out, taking risks and going to the place where we are called. It is often then that the story we've heard becomes real for us. A prayer: God of resurrection surprises, journey with us as we travel the road of faith.

May we find you not only at the journey's end, but on the way there too. Amen

Rev Tim Morris Minister at Ashbourne Methodist Church

Remembering the women who went to the tomb early in the morning, we gather for Communion at 8am on Easter Sunday.

Walking in Witness

Then at 10.30am, the whole church family gathers for an amazing Easter celebration led by our minister, Rev Tim Morris.

Members of Ashbourne Methodist Church will be joining Christians from other churches in a Walk of Witness on Good Friday.

At 6.30pm our evening service is led by Fiona Green.

The walk will begin at Sainsbury’s at 12.15pm on Friday 30th March, before proceeding through the town with stops to hear the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

You will be made most welcome at any of our services and we hope you can join Christians worldwide in celebrating Jesus’ triumph over death.

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Around 2000 of the distinctive red envelopes will be delivered to homes in Ashbourne and local organisers hope to raise more than £2500 for Christian Aid’s work around the world. Christian Aid works with partner organisations around the world, helping people find their own solutions to poverty.

After 2010’s terrible earthquake in Haiti, Christian Aid’s partner organisation KORAL built a new home for Vilia (pictured). When Hurricane Matthew hit the island in 2016, 54 people sheltered safely from the hurricane in Vilia’s house. Despite the ferocity of the hurricane, her house lost only one roof panel and wasn’t damaged in any other way. Many other homes in the area were totally destroyed.

Easter Services Wednesday 28th March Messy Church

Maundy Thursday 29th March Maundy Thursday Communion

Good Friday Service


Easter Sunday 1st April Easter Sunday Communion


Easter Sunday Celebration Service 10.30am

Evening Worship

Ashbourne Methodist Church is a family church… …with a welcome and range of activities for all ages. At the centre of all we do is our worship of God and we do this with both contemporary and traditional styles. You can find us at the corner of Church Street & Station Road, Ashbourne DE6 1AE

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Good Friday 30th March

Vilia and her sons in front of the house Christian Aid’s partner KORAL built her. Vilia sheltered 54 people when Hurricane Matthew hit, because her house was the strongest in the area. Photo: Christian Aid

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Photo ‘Dovedale, Peak District’ (cropped) used under Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 2.0 from

Volunteers from Ashbourne’s churches will be joining with thousands of others around the country this Christian Aid Week.

The Link Easter 2018  

The Link is the Community Newsletter of Ashbourne Methodist Church, a family church in Ashbourne, Derbyshire with a warm welcome for all age...

The Link Easter 2018  

The Link is the Community Newsletter of Ashbourne Methodist Church, a family church in Ashbourne, Derbyshire with a warm welcome for all age...