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CLUBS Ashbourne’s focus is ultimately on securing good grades for students and helping them to realise their academic potential; however, Ashbourne’s extra-curricular activities are also at the heart of the college’s ethos. Ashbourne runs a variety of clubs and activities that express the multiple and diverse interests of its eclectic student body. New students are hugely encouraged to indulge in these clubs and to make the most of Ashbourne’s fantastic facilities. Suggestions for future clubs are very welcome since the college aims to support a range of student interests. If a student is interested in taking part in a club or activity they should email, stating the club or activity they wish to take part in. Alternatively, they should speak to the relevant activity organiser.

Please note that the events and activities in this booklet are likely to change marginally before the start of term. More events and activities are likely to feature if demand is sufficient. For an updated booklet, please contact


WEEKLY CLUBS   DEBATING CLUB Where: Old Court Place, 3 When: Monday lunchtimes, 1pm Who: James Wykes and Michael Peat Debating Club gives students an opportunity to develop skills in public speaking and think about contemporary issues in society. Each session, a motion will be set and students will decide whether they are for the motion or against it. An orderly debate will then be conducted and mediated by a member of staff. Contact: James Wykes (

SPANISH CLUB When: Monday evenings, 6-7pm Who: Alberto Lado Ray Nearly 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide, making it a very valuable language to learn. Under the direction of Alberto Lado Ray, whose interests are anchored in Spanish and Latino American culture, every week students will be exposed to the language and vibrant culture of Spain. Contact: (


CHOIR Where: Young Street, Room Y3 When: Tuesday lunchtimes, 1pm Who: Hannah Martin Hannah Martin is a graduate of Music from Kings College London. Her particular expertise and passion is Opera. For two year now she has been running the Ashbourne Choir, which performs a number of pieces at the annual Christmas Revue. The choir takes place during Tuesday lunchtimes and is open to students of all musical backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in, regardless of ability or experience. Contact: Hannah Martin ( Â

DRAMA CLUB Where: Old Court Place, Room 04/05 When: Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm Who: Frances Burns The Drama Club at Ashbourne is run by Fran Burns. It is compulsory for all A Level Drama students but it has also proven popular with lots of other students in the college. Students will engage in fun role-playing activities and devise their own short sketches. Drama Club is a fantastic way to meet other students in an engaging atmosphere. The Drama Club plays a central role in the annual Christmas Revue. Contact: (

6 Â

KNITTING CIRCLE Where: Young Street Building When: Wednesday lunchtimes, 1pm Knitting circle is a club run by one of Ashbourne’s teachers, Louise Forster, and Ashbourne’s Fashion & Textiles teacher, Sheila Cosgrove. The circle is popular among students and is conducted at lunchtimes in a relaxed, friendly and informal manner. Contact: ( 5-A-SIDE FOOTBALL When: Wednesday evenings, 6-8pm Fabio Carpene, Ashbourne’s IT and Premises manager, used to be a professional footballer. He now runs a popular and fun Wednesday football session, along with Andy Pitois, for any students who wish to come along. Students can travel together to and from the centre; the venue is to be decided. Contact: Fabio Carpene (

JAPANESE CLUB When: Wednesday evenings, 6-7pm Who: Sakae Osakabe Japanese is a particularly useful language and brings with it many advantages. As well as being a rewarding language to attempt to grasp, learning Japanese is a great way to absorb a part of Japan’s culture. Contact: (


LATIN CLUB When: Wednesday evenings, 6-7pm Who: George Chaldezos The study of Latin can result in the broadening and deepening of students’ English vocabulary and can impact an understanding of word formation, a most useful tool in approaching unfamiliar words. Students will be introduced to the language of Classical civilization under the guidance of George Chaldezos, who teaches Latin as well as classics and Greek at Ashbourne. Regular write- ups of these classes will feature on the college’s website. Contact: (

FASHION CLUB Where: Art Room When: Thursday evenings, 6-8pm Who: Sheila Cosgrove This club will give students the opportunity to design and eventually create their own items of clothing. Run by Sheila Cosgrove, the fashion and textiles tutor at Ashbourne, the club is open to all students whether or not they study fashion. Students of fashion and textiles are strongly recommended to attend this club as it will help to strengthen their creative skills. Contact: (


BOLLYWOOD DANCING Where: Old Court Place, Room 04/05 When: Thursday evenings, 6pm Who: Sheetal Meswania Sheetal Meswania is the college’s Student Liaison Officer. She has been dancing as a hobby for most of her life and now runs a fun after-school dance club. This club is open to all students who feel like learning a fun and engaging style of dancing. The club will perform a Bollywood feature at the Revue. Contact: Sheetal Meswania (

CHESS CLUB Where: Old Court Place, Room 3 When: Friday lunchtimes, 1pm Who: Micheal Peat Chess Club is one of Ashbourne’s most established and popular clubs. Run by Chris Todd and Michael Peat, Chess Club is a great way to relax with friends over lunch. Contact: (


NON-WEEKLY CLUBS BOOK CLUB Book Club is conducted on an ad-hoc basis by the English Department. Students interested in joining will read novels, plays, short-stories, poetry and critical essays. Although the club is made up of predominately students of English Literature, Book Club welcomes anyone with a passion for reading. Contact: James Wykes (

THE ASHBOURNE NEWSPAPER The Ashbourne newspaper is a college newspaper written, designed and produced entirely by the student body. All students, under the leadership of James Wykes, are encouraged to write articles, or contribute in some way towards the final paper. Now in its third successful year, the paper features interesting and diverse articles, and artwork, expressing the range and scope of Ashbourne’s student body. Anyone interested in contributing should speak to James Wykes. Contact: James Wykes (

RAMBLING SOCIETY When: Saturday, 8th October 2011 Who: Hussein Mitha There is often no better way to see and experience London in all its variety, than walking. Hussein Mitha, whose previous ramblings have taken him as far afield as Paris, will be leading the way on a variety of interesting and quirky walks through the city. The first walk in October will be a river-walk, all the way from Richmond-Upon-Thames to Westminster. Contact: (

10 Â

TRIPS TO ART GALLERIES Christopher Masters, a published Art Historian will be taking students to London’s outstanding art galleries. London is a world-centre for art and these trips are an excellent opportunity to see some of the most beautiful art in the world. Art students are encouraged to go on these trips, but they are open to everyone. Please indicate which trips you would be interested in attending. National Gallery


Tate Modern


Victoria and Albert Museum


Contact: Christopher Masters (

FLAMENCO DANCING This is a five-week course. Students must sign up in advance and pay a small fee of £10 for the full course. They will learn to dance in the Flamenco style and be taught by a trained professional. Students are recommended to sign up for this event well in advance as it is likely to be popular, (especially among the staff). Spaces will be limited. Contact: (

TANGO & SALSA DANCING John Wilson our wonderful Director of Studies is introducing a lunch time club which is open to all staff and students who feel like learning the Tango and Salsa, energetic and fun styles of dancing. It will provide a fantastic new skill to showcase at the Revue. John Wilson – a man of many talents indeed. Contact: (


FOOD SOCIETY Amateur food-critic, excellent chef and general Francophile Shaheena Teeluck will be visiting three of London’s top and most exciting restaurants. Spaces are limited to seven per trip and, as a general rule, students who haven’t been before get first priority. There will be a charge of £35 per head for each trip. This is obviously an alcohol-free event. Contact: Shaheena Teeluck (

CRITICAL THEORY SEMINARS Last year, Wesley Rykalski and James Wykes conducted interdisciplinary seminars on Critical Theory. These seminars exposed students to thinkers such as Barthes, Foucault, Zizek and Lacan. They will also be conducted this year during selected lunchtimes. Please speak to Wesley or James for more information. Contact: James Wykes (


EVENTS Ashbourne’s two big events are The Annual Revue at Christmas, and the week-long European trip in the February half-term. However, Ashbourne also offers a variety of exciting events during the course of the year. These events are a great opportunity for all students to indulge in the inexhaustible cultural resources of London. These events are also an excellent way for students to meet new people and make new friends at the college. Students are encouraged to sign-up well in advance as places are often limited. All of the events are either fully paid for, or partly subsidised by Ashbourne, and students are encouraged to take advantage of these benefits. Suggestions for future events are always welcome and will be fully supported by the college. If a student is interested in taking part in an event they should email, stating the event they wish to attend. Alternatively, they should speak to an administrator in Reception, or the relevant event organiser.

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TOUR OF LONDON When: Registration Week, Thursday, 8th September Who: Hussein Mitha, Fabio Carpene, Hannah Martin, Christopher Masters, Vicky Pasion This year, on the Thursday before the start of term, Ashbourne will be conducting a tour of London for new students. The tour will last for an entire day and any students wishing to come, should apply now, as places are limited. The day will be structured something like this: 9.00am – 9.30am – 11.00am – 13.00pm – 16.00pm – 19.00pm –

meet at the college for a brief presentation about London. board the bus for a tour of Central London, including Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and the Houses of Parliament. arrive at Waterloo for lunch on the Southbank. depart for Camden Town. depart for Hampstead Heath, where we will spend the evening overlooking London. board the bus back to Ashbourne.

Although Ashbourne will cover the costs of the day, students should bring their own money for lunch and if they wish to buy souvenirs. Contact: ( OPERA TRIP - LA TRAVIATA Where: The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden When: Thursday, 6th October, All Evening Ashbourne’s Opera aficionado, Hannah Martin, will be taking students to see La Traviata at London’s famed Royal Opera House. Students will leave the college at 5.45pm and travel to Covent Garden by tube. The evening promises to be hugely enjoyable and is open to anyone interested in experiencing a fascinating cultural occasion. Please feel free to dress up. Contact: Hannah Martin (


FUNDRAISING DAY IN AID OF CANCER RESEARCH Where: Ashbourne College When: Tuesday, 11th October, All Day Who: Laura Janowski Ashbourne is taking part in London Fundraising Day in aid of Cancer Research. Previous charity events include fundraising for a shelter in Vietnam where students got together every Friday for an evening of music and food. Students also organised Pikachu Day, where over £1000 was raised for children who had lost their parents due to the earthquakes in Japan. The day featured Mike Kirby, John Wilson and Lee Kirby dressing up in Japanese inspired anime costumes! The day promises to be another successful charity event. The theme is the colour ‘pink’! Contact: Laura Janowski (

WEST END MUSICAL - LES MISERABLES Where: Queen’s Theatre, London When: Tuesday, 18th October, All Evening Who: Frances Burns Les Mis has played to 55 million people around the world in 42 countries and 21 different languages. Students will travel to Leicester Square to enjoy a night of intense drama and music. The longest running musical in history promises to be a captivating, theatrical experience. Contact: (


WEST END MUSICAL – WICKED Where: The Apollo Victoria Theatre, London When: Tuesday, 8th November, All Evening Who: Fran Burns Students will be taken to Victoria to watch one of London’s stand-out musicals, Wicked. Students will depart the college at 6.00pm, accompanied by a member of staff and take the tube to Victoria. It should be an energised and fun experience for all. A night to discover the re-imagined, award-winning story behind the Wizard of Oz. Contact: ( OLD TRAFFORD – MANCHESTER UNITED FOOTBALL MATCH Where: Old Trafford, Manchester When: Saturday, 26h November, 3.00pm Kick off, Meet at Ashbourne at 9.00am In the first of a double-bill, Ashbourne will be taking students to watch a Premier League match at Old Trafford, the Manchester United stadium. Students are required to be at the college at 9.00am. They will be taken on the train up to Manchester in time for the 3.00pm kick-off. This event has limited places so please let Fabio know as soon as you can. It promises to be an exciting and memorable occasion. Contact: Fabio Carpene (

GO-KARTING When: Wednesday, 23rd November, 7-9pm Ashbourne will be taking 20 students Go-Karting again, following a highly successful and enjoyable trip last year. A good opportunity for students to test their skills against the formidable rogue that is Kirby Schumacher. Contact: Lee Kirby (


OPERA TRIP – TOSCA Where: English National Opera, St. Martin’s Lane When: Monday, 28th November, All Evening For those willing to be exposed to an enthralling night of heightened drama and music, Hannah will be taking students to see Puccini’s Tosca at the English National Opera. The dark thriller, set at the time of Napoleon’s invasion of Italy, features some of Puccini’s best- known lyrical arias that promises to captivate our students. Contact: Hannah Martin (

CHRISTMAS OUTDOOR SKATING Where: Natural History Museum, South Kensington When: Friday, 2nd December, Evening Who: Vicky Pasion, Lynsey Hamilton, Andy Pitois Aside from being an excellent museum, the Natural History Museum also offers a spectacular winter attraction. Students will be taken to enjoy an enchanting experience on the ice. Spaces are limited to 10 students, so please drop your name in an email if you’re interested as soon as you can. Contact: ( THE EMIRATES STADIUM – ARSENAL FOOTBALL MATCH Where: The Emirates Stadium, North London When: Saturday, 10h March, 3.00pm Kick off, Meet at Ashbourne at 9.00am In the second visit to a football stadium, Ashbourne will be taking students to watch a Premier League match at The Emirates Stadium, home to the great Arsenal. Students are required to meet at the college at 11.00am where they will travel by tube to the station. This event has limited places so please let Fabio know as soon as you can. It promises to be an exciting and memorable occasion. Contact: Fabio Carpene ( 18

PLAYSTATION COMPETITION Where: Old Court Place, Room 04/05 When: Monday, 12th March, Lunchtime The competition requires 8 teams of 2 and students will team up to play FIFA in three rounds. The competition will be organised by Fabio Carpene. The winning team will be awarded £50 worth of vouchers each. Students should enter their teams and team names to Fabio as soon as possible. Contact: Fabio Carpene (

MATHS COMPETITION Where: Old Court Place, Room 3 When: Friday, 23rd March, 1pm The Ashbourne Maths competition is now in its second consecutive year. All entrants are welcome to take a challenging Maths test. The winner will be awarded a trophy and £50. Who will rise to the challenge? Contact: (


POOL TOURNAMENT Where: Riley’s Club, Victoria When: Thursday, 29th March Ashbourne will be hosting a Pool tournament for any students that are interested. Ability is not important, and everyone is welcome but students should be warned that Andy “Hurricane” Pitois treats the game as no light matter…do you have what it takes? Contact: Andy Pitois (

END OF YEAR AWARDS When: Friday, 27th April, 1pm Who: John Wilson A variety of awards will be given at this ceremony to reflect the outstanding achievements of the Ashbourne student body in the course of the year. Whilst academic achievements will feature in the award ceremony, students will also receive awards for a variety of quirky traits.


ANNUAL REVUE This is an annual event organised at Christmas time by the College as a showcase for many of Ashbourne's talented and enthusiastic students. It provides a highlight of the college year and for many students, the highlight of their time with us. Over half of the student body (and many of the staff) will be involved in some way. In recent years, it has developed from a Fashion Show of costumes designed by the art department to an all-encompassing talent show, which has involved the following: Acting Comedy Cultural displays Drumming ensembles Fashion Football skills Graphic design Musicians Modern dance Singing Traditional dance EUROPEAN TRIP Every year Ashbourne visits a major European city during the Spring halfterm in order to enhance appreciation of European cultural heritage with art, architecture, music and drama as prime focus. Previous trips have included Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens. Madrid and Rome. For many students, the European Trip is the highlight of their time at the college.

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ACADEMIC TRIPS A variety of Academic, subject-specific trips are conducted throughout the year. This approach integrates the academic with the outside world and proves excellent for a student’s critical understanding of their subject. Trips include: Visits to Universities A Geography Field Trip A Biology Field Trip Trips to Art Colleges Trips to Museums Trips to Galleries A trip to Oxford for Oxbridge Applicants

THEATRE TRIPS The Drama and Theatre Studies department goes on over ten trips to the theatre each year. They visit productions in some of London’s most famous theatre venues, including The Royal Court, The National Theatre, and The Old Vic. For Drama students these trips are compulsory. Contact: James Wykes (


MIDDLE-SCHOOL TRIPS AND ACTIVITIES The vibrant and fast-growing Middle School at Ashbourne regularly go on trips. Last year, trips included: The Victoria and Albert Museum for a drama activity The Gate Cinema to watch The King's Speech The Science Museum  The South Bank to watch A Midsummer Night's Dream Leighton House The Houses of Parliament


GYM MEMBERSHIP Ashbourne is located next door to The Virgin Active Classic gym in Kensington. This convenient location means that a lot of our students and staff are already gym members. It is recommended as a great way to unwind at the end of a day. All Ashbourne students qualify for Virgin’s discounted student rate. This is £99 per month, with a £25 joining fee, which is fixed for 2011. Membership includes: • Use all of the facilities in the gym and attend as many classes as they wish (yoga, sauna, pilates etc.) for no additional charge. • Five free guest passes to friends and family worth £100. • Free mini Stessbuster massage. • Access to any other Virgin Active gym in the UK. • Free 1hour training session with a qualified trainers.

Please note that members would have to be 16 or over and that the rate is for a minimum of one month. A complimentary day trial is available to anyone who has not yet trialed the club. If you want to find out further information about this, then please contact Hussein Mitha: ( Or, contact the club directly to book your tour and trial today, on: 0207 7620061


LOCAL CINEMAS Mon, Tue & Thu 5pm& after Wed & Fri before 5pm

Wed & Fri 5pm & after Sat & Sun, Bank Holidays



Mon, Tue & Thu before 5pm

West 12 Shopping centre

Teen 13-18




(Bus 49 towards White City)





Westfield Shopping Centre

Teen 13-18








Teen 13-18








London W12 8PP

London W12 7GF (Bus 49 towards White City) Fulham Broadway Retail Centre London SW6 1BW (Fulham Broadway station – District Line)

ODEON: 263 Kensington High St London W8 6NA (by foot from Ashbourne) For Student (valid student card required) and Teen (13-17) £8.40 - Peak (Mon-Thurs from 5pm, all day Fri-Sun and Banks Holidays) £6.35 – Super Saver (Mon-Thurs before 5pm) 25

Activities at Ashbourne College 2011-2012  

Activities at Ashbourne College in Kensington, London Year 2011 - 2012

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