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University of Lincoln Jewellery and Object

Sarah O’Hana Jewellery and Object Course Leader

The Jewellery & Object BA (Hons) at the University of Lincoln focuses on the research, design and creation of contemporary jewellery and related objects. An extensive grounding in material exploration and workshop skills are delivered through project based assignments in an environment of imaginative and intellectual enquiry. Whilst questioning issues of functionality and production, students are challenged to search for a new applications of skills and media. Continued reference to historical and contextual studies supports the practical work and establishes the importance of reflection and dialogue between practice and concept. During the third and final year students develop and take ownership of their own artistic practice whilst working towards a public exhibition.

Katherine Downs My project is based on the concept of individual fish coming together to form one body as a school. I have represented this idea by creating unique pieces based on fish that also represent different anatomical parts of an individual fish. I have chosen the title ‘Pequod’ as this is the name of the whaling vessel in Herman Melville’s novel ‘Moby Dick’. My long standing fascination with fish as a subject matter has resulted in me affectionately thinking of it as my ‘white whale’.

Emma Clarke I intend my jewellery to relate to the body in the same way that buildings relate to the earth. It explores and interacts with the contours of the living body as a landscape from which it can be constructed. Taking modern architecture as my main inspiration, I aim to deconstruct and expose the raw elements within the building process and connect these to the structures within the human body. By focusing on our own human foundations, in particular the structure of bone as an integral component of our own biology, this collection will reveal what is usually concealed internally, contradicting the norm and causing the internal to become external.

Jessica Withington I have always been fascinated with beaches, the sea and the childhood emotions evoked in us all by that environment. Just one sniff of that salty sea breeze will have even the most responsible of adults paddling in the sea and collecting shells. My work aims to capture that carefree feeling and transform it into a wearable piece of jewellery. Through shape, colour and texture I hope to remind the wearer of the frivolity of childhood and of the benefit of embracing these sensations.

Elisabeth Turner I am a seafarer with a passion for the Mediterranean sea. I try to document my voyages by creating pieces of jewellery that portray the extreme powers of the earth’s elements and the beauty and destruction it conjures up at will. My current work portrays the power of the ocean and my own emotions towards both the disaster and delight of Mediterranean colouring and a one in a million chance in a stretch of open water off the coast of Messilonghi and the Ionian Sea.

Yvette Curry Influenced by my surroundings, I took an interest in The Flax Factory, a highly sculptural but derelict factory building. Taking elements from the buildings and old machinery I have developed a range of wedding jewellery. I want my work to reach out to people and make an instant impression but also retain a hint of secrecy in regards to how I created the design. My final aim was to create a collection of elegant pieces that were not simply items of jewellery but rather ornaments for the body.

Primitus: V

Primitus: V. Jewellery & Object from The University of Lincoln.  

The University of Lincoln proudly presents Primitus: V; the 2013 degree show from the students of Jewellery & Object BA (Hons).

Primitus: V. Jewellery & Object from The University of Lincoln.  

The University of Lincoln proudly presents Primitus: V; the 2013 degree show from the students of Jewellery & Object BA (Hons).