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If I had a chance to sail around the world, I would want to visit four cities. They are Tokyo, Japan, Venice, Italy, Hollywood, California and Dubai. I am going to take Jules with me. Since we do not have that much space, we are definitely going to bring tinned food, water, clothes, a map, a telescope, toiletries, a book and a game to play with when we get bored. We are first going to go to Tokyo, Japan starting off from Seoul, Korea and then to Venice, Italy, crossing the Indian Ocean. Next, we will head to Hollywood, California, crossing the North Atlantic Ocean. Last of all, we will sail to Dubai, a shopping paradise. Then, back to our home country, Seoul, Korea.

I would love to go to Japan because they make and sell unique erasers and pencils. I especially like to buy them at “Tokyu Hands” because they sell inexpensive stationeries .When I’m with Jules, we can buy lots of erasers since we both love erasers! I could then add them to my collection. I would also be happy to meet my friends and cousins there because you can play with them and have a memorable friendship. When I get there, I could meet my cousins, Daniel and Albert. Also, I can meet Amelie and Nina from last year. When I get there, I am definitely going to Mount Fuji, the most famous one in Tokyo. I wrote an essay about Mount Fuji and I heard that it is very cool up there!

I would want to ride on a Gondola boat and go on a canal tour since Venice is surrounded by water and there are no cars at all. I heard that even taxies are boats and children go to school by boats, too! I also want to stop at Venice because there are lots of good restaurants. Do you know where pizza was made for the first time? Well, it was made in Italy and I want to try their delicious pizzas in Venice and see if they are any different from “Pizza Hut!” When I get there, I want to go to a famous museum called “Museo Archeologico.” It is the oldest museum in Venice, built in 1503. In the museum, I would like to see things such as coins, statues, and vases from Egypt, Greece and Rome.

I would want to go to Hollywood, California because I can visit Universal Studios and ride lots of fun and exciting rides. If I ever go there, I would ride the “Simpson's ride,”“Jurassic park,” and watch the “Water world.” I also want to visit there because I can go to a museum called “Travel Town Museum.”It is a cute little park near the zoo. They have real trains where I can ride on. When I get to Hollywood, I am going to compare my hands and feet to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in Walk of Fame. I also want to take a photo there so that it can show off to my friends and families!

I would like to go to Dubai because I can go sand boarding at the desert. Riding a 4Wheel Drive will also be very fun and adventurous since Dubai is covered with sand. I would also like to shop at one of the 25 shopping malls and the open- air markets in Dubai and try to get a bargain from the salesman. Every year in January, there is a shopping festival for one whole month and things come from all over the world! I can maybe try to get some cool erasers at the festival. Riding a hot air balloon will a memorable activity to do in Dubai. It will be fun because it will be like riding on an airplane, but in an open- air. At the same time, it might be scary to be up so high in the sky, but I would love to try it. I wonder how the Dubai tower looks like...

Trip of a Lifetime!  

Trip of a Lifetime! Four cities I want to visit. By Ashley

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