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Malay Underground Hangout

(Feeling Lost Where Is All The Malay) What Are You Waiting For! If You Can't Understand Malay We Can Teach You To All Malay Come And Join Us

(Rules) Teach The Non-Malay To Help Understanding Our Langguage More Don't Fight Just For A Stupid Post No Racist That Is So Important No Badwords or Cursing Other People Make New Friends So Come On Now And Join Let's Widen Up Our Friendship As One United One People!


Captain : iX Gatsby Wax Xi

Vice Captain : Mr Roses

Editor : Ally Shaz

CREWS : LYNELLE_SYDELLE x-Elvirax-x -MrSharul– Kejuu

Guild Member Snapshot The guild also take a pictures on rally . Well if the captain tells us to meet at rally , There will be an announcement . Here is our few snapshots

Link to the topic – Guild Member Snapshot Project Runaway. {Season 1.}

Contest that made by SOF TUNDRA. SOF TUNDRA and Kejuu will be the judges. There will be a season 2 after the season 1 is over. Entrants : Amiexa-Cyzth SeIected

XxmehlikeyouxX L0GlN Maduu -cik atikaSuuzon syafiq0892 ll MRS SHAHIRA ll Ally shaz YUSRl Eliminated : Round 1 cik atika Round 2 XxmehlikeyouxX

Rules :  Post avis based on the requirements  male or female avis unless stated otherwise in the brief  You must make new avis, and not use older ones from your account  All rounds have no price limit except when specified.  No copying/stealing  Judging begins when we have all entries in or when the deadline hits. The only people who will receive an extension are those who haven't the time or capability to log in.

 Have fun and play nice ^_^ The winner in season 1 will be the judge in season 2. Season 1 have 8 round. There will be someone that would eliminated from the contest. There will be a prize for 3 person. 1st : 30k 2nd : 20k 3rd : 10k

Well someone say that One of our member is a scammer. We need to be caution. Here’s our member that is a scammer : Spongebob_Crew And one scammer that isn’t our member Takagi_v2


Malay Underground Hangout #1  

Our first magazine. Its my first time doing it c: Sorry , it is making an error. I don't know why but that error just ruined it :c

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