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Asha for Education, Berkeley Presents....

Images of India

NOVEMBER 5TH, 2011 7:00-9:00PM

Tonight’s Show: 6:30pm --- Doors Open 7:00pm --- Introductions 7:00pm - 7:45pm Mila Sur Mera Tumhara - Sri. Ramesh Xpressions Dance Company Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan Asha Presentation by Project Coordinator Abhinaya Narayanan 7:45 - 8:00pm --- Intermission 8:00pm-9:00pm Jashan Cal Kathak Bandish Zahanat 9:00pm --- Closing Remark

Asha for Education, Berkeley

Asha for Education was founded here at University of California, Berkeley in 1991 with the goal of providing basic education to underprivileged children in India. Today, Asha for Education has grown to over 66 chapters worldwide with more than 1000 active volunteers and several thousand supporters around the globe. To date, Asha has supported more than 400 projects spanning 24 states in India, changing the lives of more than 150,000 children. Members of the Berkeley chapter are mostly students from the University of California. Their focus is to raise awareness among students and local communities about the need for basic education in many parts of India. For more information please visit:



Asha for Education, Berkeley currently sponsors seven projects, which we have given $67,000 in this year alone. Listed here are the projects: Awantika Vidhya Bhavan A school for children of farmers and laborers in Bhopal Awantika Vidhya Bhavan is a K-12 schoolLQ0DGK\D3UDGHVK run by ARPAN Society, an NG2 ZKLFKKDVGHGLFDWHGWKHODVW\HDUVWReducatLQJ aSSUR[LPDWHO\430 children from thirteen villages. The children are from impoverished families and include children of migrant farmers and day laborers. Local government schools in the area are in poor condition and the families cannot afford private schools. The school provides a supportive atmosphere with qualified and caring teachers, free school lunch to all students, free transportation to and from the school and medical care. The curriculum includes sports, handicrafts, and computer literacy. Guria A night shelter and school for children and women in a redlight district Guria works to end sexual exploitation, child prostitution, and human trafficking in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The non-formal education center is run by Mr. Ajeet Singh, who recently won the prestigious CNN-IBN Heroes award for his work in freeing children from brothels. The organization is in the final stages of building a night shelter that will provide a safe place for the children of women working in the red light area. During the daytime it will serve as a balwadi (primary school) for the children to prepare them academically and mentally to eventually join government schools, from which they are otherwise ostracized. Once the children are mainstreamed into government schools, they will continue to be supported by Guria through school fees and academic help. Samrudhi Microfinance Society - Sanju Kumar Fellowship A micro-finance society in Gulbarga, Karnataka The fellowship provides some of the living expenses for Sanju Kumar to allow him to run the Samrudhi Microfinance Society. By providing micro loans to women, Samrudhi expects to see a rise in household income that will benefit the entire family. An additional benefit is that Samrudhi will be empowering a marginalized group by enabling women to have ownership of assets. To date, Samrudhi has reached over 1000 families.


Jamghat A home for street children in New Delhi Established in 2003, Jamghat comprises of young adult professionals and volunteers with a variety of skills and experiences. Their ultimate vision is to rehabilitate children and give them confidence to take part in society, while educating society to allow their growth. Sahyog A community-based educational in Mumbai, Maharashtra Sahyog runs two community schools for adolescent girls in Jari Mari and Dindoshi. The schools use a learning-through-doing methodology, which involve girls in community work, action research, and mapping to give them confidence and to develop their capacity for critical thinking. The school links the girls with the formal system through the Open Schooling System. In addition, Sayhog runs, Sahyog Sangharsh, a special education program for children with disabilities in Jari Mari. Constant interaction with the families of disabled children helps to develop awareness among both parents and children about their rights. Mera Sahara An education center to prevent child trafficking in Noida, Uttar Pardesh “Mera Sahara� is an education center run by the Joint Women’s Movement in the city of Noida, in Uttar Pradesh. The main purpose of the program is to prevent child trafficking by educating and empowering youth in the Mera Sahara center while their parents work as servants and construction laborers during the day. The program provides standard education for the youth and adult vocational training for adults after school. Bhumi Innovative School Programs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu Bhumi aims at bridging the societal gap between rich and poor through quality education. Many rural children have never seen or touched a computer. The projects Kanini (Computer Literacy Programme) and Make a Difference (Interactive English learning programme) are dedicated to providing supplementary education to underprivileged children by utilizing technology to open their minds and expose them to the world of technology. Bhumi provides a platform for socially conscious youth who want to contribute towards the nation's progress and molds them into tomorrow's leaders.


Sir. Ramesh Hariharan Sri. Ramesh Hariharan is a regular performer in the Bay Area. He leads this group of highly talented musicians Sunil Ramesh, Shreya Ramesh and Puja Balachander on Vocals, Ashwin Vasudevan on Keyboard, and Govind Thattai on percusssion. The group will be performing the iconic song Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. A celebration of India's unique cultural and linguistic diversity, the song features the title phrase in fourteen Indian languages. Literally "When my tune and your merge, it becomes our song", the song also celebrates India's unity in diversity. First telecast for the Independence Day celebrations of 1988, the song has achieved a near anthem-like status.

Xpressions Dance Company

Xpressions, is a leading dance group in the Bay Area that strives to unfold Indian dance traditions to its students and inculcate in them a sense of pride for our performing arts. Artistic Director, Srividya Eashwar and her team explore and experiment with a variety of Indian Folk Dance styles, to present them to an audience and stay connected with the incredible cultures of India. Xpressions’ spirited, award winning teams of dancers have performed at various local fundraisers, city, school and community events in the South Bay and more recently at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, San Jose Museum of Art, and the ICC Annual Banquet.


Allah Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan

Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan (AMPD) is the first all-female live traditional bhangra team. Born in the SF Bay Area, the team consists of eight highly spirited and ambitious dancers who were first and foremost friends, with a great motivation to want to take on a challenge the world hasn't really seen before: an all girls bhangra team. Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan hopes to accommodate the notion of live bhangra consisting of only males, while demonstrating the true essence and elements of traditional bhangra. The team's goal is to exhibit the grace and beauty of traditional bhangra while maintaining creative energy.

Project Presentation by Abhinaya Narayanan ---Intermission--Jashan In his own words: My name, Jashan, means 'celebration', and my music is a carrier of that celebration! I am learning Hindustani Classical Vocal since the last 13 years. I'm trained in the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana, or tradition/musical lineage. I have obtained, and continue to actively amass its specific voice culture, the myriad intellectual approaches on singing rare and complex raags, the use of taal to indeterminable fractions of a beat, from my gurus - my maternal grandfather Pt.C.A.Agarkar(disciple of Pt.D.V.Jadhav) and Smt.Dhondutai Kulkarni (disciple of the legendary Vidushi Kesarbai Kerkar). I cherish the honor of performing regularly at Jaipur Gharana sammelans in India, and at musical forums in the bay area such as numerous SPICMACAY Berkeley concerts, Interfaith Music Conference (Berkeley), Japan Earthquake relief concert etc.


Cal Kathak Kathak is a classical dance form originating from northern India that obtained influences in style and tradition through the Mughal Courts, Persian dance, and the Hindu temples. The word Kathak is derived from the Sanskrit word for "story", and the dancers themselves are often considered storytellers. The dance form showcases dancers technical skills in footwork, pirouettes, and abhinaya - the art of expression. Cal Kathak is a nascent group of Cal students that come together to increase community awareness of this beautiful dance. The IOI presentation would be a performance of traditional Kathak against a modern musical backdrop.

Bandish Bandish is a group of Cal graduate and undergraduate students interested in promoting Indian music on campus. The group came together with the goal of sharing and exploring their interest in Indian music through casual music practice sessions. Some of Bandish's members were involved in founding the student organization SPICMACAY at Berkeley (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth). This performance will mark the group's maiden music performance on campus.

Zahanat Zahanat is an all male fusion team that was established in 2009. Zahanat fuses traditional Indian dance styles with hip hop and other modern forms to entertain our audiences. Zahanat competes all around the country alongside teams from various schools, but with the motto "Chase the Dream, not the Competition."


Asha for Education, Berkeley would like to thank all of the performers for the evening, and all of our sponsors listed below. This event could not have been made possible without their help. Gold Sponsor: $500 or more Cancun Silver Sponsor: $200 or more Knowledge Yatra Blue Sponsors: $100 or more Cheese ‘n’ Stuff Priya Beauty Parlor Gift Donations Given by: Love at First Bite Hippie Gypsy Coffeehouse Funky Door Yoga Treehouse Green Gifts Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore Publicity: Bay Area Desi Copy Edge

Images of India Event Booklet  

This was a booklet I designed for the 2011 Annual Images of India Fundraiser.