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Medical Entrance Examination - Another Marginalization Ploy - Common Entrance Test _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jonr Jony -

The Medical Council of India (MCI) plans to conduct a national level entrance examination for admission to the MBBS course. The MCI reasons its action by stating that it wants to improve the standard of Medical Education in India. There cannot be a second opinion that the standard of Medical education in India is far from satisfactory. There is an urgent need to re-evaluate the standards, content and methodology of medical education in India. Click Here

Selecting the best students for training may be one prerequisite to achieve standards. But it remains a small step in achieving quality training. Unfortunately for every other professional education in India the selection process for admission is made to appear as the sole determinant of quality. The infrastructure of the institution, the quality of teachers, the availability of clinical material, the methodology, research potential and uniformity of standards throughout the country does not attract attention and debate. This is unfortunate considering the huge difference in the standards of education in various parts of our country and between institutions within the states.

Our medical education needs to be evaluated with regard to its content and relevance. The MBBS course is called 'medical education' in India whereas it is called Medical Training all over the world. There is a sea of difference between the word 'education' and 'training'. The Indian medical education involves studying volumes and volumes of books and getting theoretical knowledge with very less practical training. Like every other education in India, medical education does not help the student to develop practice oriented thinking and clinical management methodologies. Students trained in the UK or US are better equipped to face a patient in a clinic or emergency room even if they may not have read so many books like their Indian counterparts.

The textbooks from United Kingdom are meant for medical trainees in the UK. The situations are presented as if it were in a UK hospital. The American medical books present the American hospital environment and the American patients. For example the management of trauma care is presented in American textbooks with the American ambulance service and emergency room scenario in the mind.

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