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“The Great Mine” I worked for the right man At the wrong time I got dirt on my hands And I sing out to no man’s land Once a weekend The wrongs that you live are alright In the dust-colored dance of the wild fight And we both finally slept through the night I worked through the winter in the great mine Just to prove to your ma’ And to you that I’m not alright With the way things went And the truth got estranged by the love But there’s one thing I’ve always been sure of That first snow didn’t come till I left ---------------------------------------------------“Problem with the Pickup” There was a problem with my friend and his pickup We were supposed to jump in like we always did And about the time I pulled up he just stood there staring at me He said he’d outgrown it And that the lord can’t get lonely I used to think I’d wind up always wandering One warm body in a cold, cold night Because in the dark a girl was hot matter in my hands But I think I’ve outgrown it And that it’s okay to feel lonely New York, New York you had never looked so good As when you walked me by my hands to just the perfect neighborhood Where in all the right light you saw a building you remembered from a book And you hadn’t been there You hadn’t been there and now we both had New York, New York your face was always small But when I held it in my hands I could have sworn I was 10 feet tall And there’s a kid down in Tampa Who can really drive the ball And I want to see him

Even if that means that I won’t see you again I’m going back to Florida to be with my friends ---------------------------------------------------“Garden City” I know you wandered sideways And walked me backward toward the Qwick Stop But you were doing the right thing then Like I was doing the wrong thing when You said you wanted me to march Right into Garden City With my sword and a cross So you spent the Saturday out Being mad at me But it was clear the way you looked at me There was a fire burning deep in you Like 14 people fighting in a jail cell For 13 idols hidden up in the rafter And you learned to talk like me From watching cop shows on TV Before you got rich on that quiet and awful adage And so you Spent the holiday out Being grateful for all The things that we’d be given And the chance to learn to fall But if you might be braver Than they gave you credit for Then one fortnight you will not have to fight So why don’t you Keep a light up That is, if you ever want for me to find you Keep a light hung, my love Cos you should know I Want to know where you came from --------------------------------------------------------“Let’s Don’t Look Down” A part of me has got no sense left There were different nights that came to be But sitting in my Midnight Tower I can see for miles, and you know I never could

In my life The standing up the spinning ‘round You liked to play ‘lets don’t look down’ You make believe you hate this house I bought cigarettes for lunch And wine for dinner You know we got by And a part of me worked so well that way But the numbness came on different days What rest is there for drifting wave? But to break upon their end And send their bodies back to rolling Back to their brothers But I hope we’re different, you and I And like two terns will take to flight Nest up in a tree at night And by God, a bird A breath, a branch, a broken arrow A calm clear moment The bark along the old oak cracked You like to play ‘let’s don’t look back’ My hair, your hands, my head, your lap And life is but a dream I hope I someday will wake up from ----------------------------------------“Happy Hanukah” If Hanukah fell On your birthday That could be a good year for you If some preacher leans Into tell you you’ve done wrong You can smile and say ‘I think im okay’ But you wanted to fly Like a white bird into the night So I could see you tailing off For some time and wonder ‘is she coming back?’

But at a certain point I tend to let things go I tend to let them go If I didn’t come Home to Easton Would you think of me As a friend and a neighbor still? I’ve been a beach You’ve been years of breaking waves You wore me down You changed my shape And then you backed away But I still wanted to run Through the seeds I had planted sprung On into bright orange buds Into soft pink blooms Your big brown eyes Were looking down at your small black shoes And your knocking knees I kissed you southern soft And slow And slow and slow Southern soft and I don’t care Hey Ma Look im on top Of a wave and I’m not scared --------------------------------------------------“White Feathers” I saw a vision My first week there And she wore white feathers In the back of her head And it was in the car that I first saw the light And it was coming in from behind her head And it was then that I knew she was an angel walking around among men And it was all around her Hadn’t counted on this She took me walking A march for the dead

And I wore white feathers In the back of my hair And as we sat in the park I asked her “How often do you do that?” She said “just when I feel broken or I feel bitten up which is Almost all of the time’ So I sat staring while she was storming I had made up my mind What’s set in the brook will wash to the river What’s set in the brook will wash to the river And we will follow -------------------------------------------------------------------“Like a Shepherd” I started off with the right idea And then it just filled up with hot steam And I’ve been telling myself that this will all be over soon But I can only fool myself that way for so long The sun goes down and I can feel that great bird fly on And so often times I sit and try to figure how I got this place And oh, how I long how I long And so often times I will try to run Like a sheep and then my neck is wrung And like a shepherd you will lead me back to pasture Well has the moon been full for twelve days? Or have I really been acting this way? I am not done trying to pick up all of these stones But I am not the man I was when I was younger I have not the strength I had when I was younger And so often times I sit and try to figure how I let things get this bad How I long, how I long And so often times I try to run like a sheep and then my neck is wrung And like a shepherd you will lead us back to pasture ---------------------------------------------------------------------“Grabbed at Your Hands” Isn’t it true That pine trees in rows Are hard to get lost out in? And I’ve loved you a while

But I’ve just met New Orleans And do you think that it’s weird To call someone your own name? And I grabbed at your hands And the sky opened up as we laid there And it would rain all summer long As we drive home The sky is black and blue Like beneath your brothers eye We pass white, wooden churches About every other mile You ask if the termites In that particular wood rot Are any closer to god And we both thought about it for so long Then the neighborhood stray showed up And you fed her out of a tin cup And you screamed into a well And you got scared when your voice came back up it So you yelled back down ---------------------------------------------“Buckeye Jim (reimagined)” Way up yonder where the black birds fly An old tree falls and a young fox dies Buckeye Jim you can’t go Oh weave and spin you can’t go Oh Buckeye Jim Meanwhile later under no white moon The grey mouse scurries and the brown owl swoops Buckeye Jim you can’t go Oh weave and spin, you can’t go Oh Buckeye Jim Down in the valley on a carrion feast Three little birds circle while the big one eats Buckeye Jim you can’t go Oh weave and spin, you can’t go Oh Buckeye Jim Oh Buckeye Jim -----------------------------------------

“Heart of a Mariner” I saw a man with a boat on his arm he said ‘Boy you don’t want this’ I said ‘why not, man? Am I not a man to you?’ ‘Wake up boy all my life people have told me That I don’t have the heart of a mariner But I do’ I knew a ghost who lived by the coast Where the pine meets the sand He’s got nothing left but the ink in his arm And the gashes in his hands He lived his life and he loves his wife And he can’t regret a minute of it So does he have the heart of a mariner? --------------------------------------------------------“We’ll Just Have to Make It” This juice is good, but we’ll just have to shake it This heart is whole so you’ll just have to break it Won’t you dear? The house is warm but we’ll just have to make it This love is bored so we’ll just have to fake it Won’t we dear? All that I want is for you to know you could die Is that too much to ask? If it is then they can bury you alone This leather burns but we’ll just have to make it The smell of smoke and the smile on your face that Means an awful plan This house is empty as we sit inside it Until it fills with the ghosts that were hiding In its cracks --------------------------------------------------------“While You Yet Live” In the big, big plans That we drew up in the dirt outside your house We looked like statues And in those great big plans It was plain to see That our love would cross the Mason County line

But this wind will blow us down Because we are children It’ll bury is both so deep down in the sand We need to get out of this situation While we still have time And I’ll be sure to bring you flowers While you yet live In the small, sad songs That I sang out in the woods so near your house We felt like prophets But in the snow that fell It was plain to see That God was not on our side This wind will blow us down like we are children It’ll bury us both so deep down in the snow We need to get out of this situation While we still have time And I’ll be sure to bring you flowers The day you die --------------------------------------------------“Then there was the night” And then there was the night That it felt good outside And the ground was all alight And then there was the time That I pushed you in To the lake and we weren’t friends But what I don’t get Is how do I know when I’m wrong? Except by falling to the ground And getting up Oh a long rail and a short tie A long tale for a short lie I told to you up in Montclair And a bad grave is a creek bed And a long night was the weekend I spent with you up in Biloxi Along with money I did not have

And never did I think That wooden ring would sink Into the salt lake But it did And then there was the night That’s when I realized That to hate you have to care But what I still don’t get Is how do I know when I’m drunk Except by falling To the ground and staying down Oh I stood down by the curb side On the porch you rocked a slow stride And I wanted you then Kid you not And a bad grave is a creek bed And a long night was the weekend I spent with you down in New Orleans ------------------------------------------------“You look well” I know you aren’t the type to lie But at least lets both be fair I know you hid the old me But I don’t quite know quite where And I guess you won’t forgive me But do you think that I could stay? My brother is in Columbus And my father, he’s away My brothers buried out in Columbus And my father he’s away And oh my god I was mad in the morning And I’ve been A different son and brother Ever since then And ‘oh my god’ I thought when I saw her ‘You look good’ She said ‘you look well’

And kind of wandered off at that point --------------------------------------------------------“A Girl from Carolina” If I ever loved a girl from Carolina The air around her would be So cool and calm and pleasant Just like the mountain Where he ma and daddy had her If I ever loved a girl from Carolina My family might All want to come up there to see us A wood stove And a love that rolled around the place But I have never loved a girl from Carolina Only Florida, Texas, East Brazil and Arizona All are places that you’d never want to go If you didn’t know you’d make it back home And maybe I will find a girl from North Carolina And she will make me not a stranger to myself Or I wonder, lord I wonder Will my patterns always stay the same? --------------------------------------------------

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