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JOHN F. GILROY, III, P.A. John F. Gilroy, III

1695 METROPOLITAN CIRCLE, STE 2 TALLAHASSEE, FL 32308 850.385.1368; FAX: 850.422.0221

September 30, 2013 BY HAND DELIVERY

Mr. Jeffrey N. Gregg, Director Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis Agency for Health Care Administration 2727 Mahan Drive Bldg. 3 Tallahassee, FL 32308 RE:

Victoria Psychiatric Healthcare, LLC; Status Report on establishment of demonstration project

Dear Mr. Gregg: This is to provide a status report on the implementation of a demonstration project authorized and directed by Sec. 409.912(39), Florida Statutes (2011) (copy enclosed). Victoria Psychiatric Healthcare, LLC (Victoria Psychiatric) received a nonreviewability determination letter from the AHCA Certificate of Need office dated July 1, 2011 (copy enclosed). That letter confirms the non-reviewability of a psychiatric hospital of up to 60 beds to be co-located with licensed health care facilities providing for a continuum of care. Victoria Psychiatric has undertaken development of a 40-bed geriatric psychiatric facility consistent with the terms of both the statute and the letter of non-reviewability to be located at the Victoria Healthcare Condominium at 955 NW 3rd Street, Miami, Florida 33128. Victoria Psychiatric has submitted architectural plans to the AHCA Office of Plans and Construction and has undergone the Phase I Schematic Stand-up Review. Richard Stacey, Victoria Psychiatric’s authorized representative, along with consultant architect Skip Gregory and project architect Charles Hill of Stengel-Hill Architecture, presented these plans to the OPC review team including architects Richard Ramsey, Scott Waltz and Jim Schiller. The project is referenced as AHCA OPC Project ID number 101; Client Code 23; File No. 23960118. Enclosed for your file are copies of the functional program narrative, mechanical and electrical program summary, and schematic design narrative as presented and reviewed at OPC.

Letter to September 30, 2013 As you know, Victoria Center is a healthcare condominium operating pursuant to an agreement with AHCA providing for effective regulation of co-located facilities. The original agreement approving the establishment of Victoria Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc., a licensed skilled nursing facility, was entered into in early 2000 (copy enclosed). In support of the current project, Victoria Psychiatric will enter into an agreement on the same terms with AHCA specific to the regulation and operation of the psychiatric hospital. Construction of the new Victoria Psychiatric hospital will proceed pursuant to the enclosed Project Completion Forecast, with services to be initiated in January, 2015. We appreciate the Agency’s cooperation and support of the establishment of this demonstration project and will be available to provide any additional information you may request as we proceed. With best regards,

John F. Gilroy

Enc: cc: (electronic transmission w/enc) Richard Stacey Skip Gregory Charles A. Hill, AIA Tom Hoeler, Chief Facilities Attorney


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