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EASTERN EYE July 10, 2009

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Ask Pushpinder My friend keeps going back to her boyfriend but then regretting it. It is a cycle she can’t seem to break. I have told her what her options are and she seems to understand. Every time she goes back to him she ends up getting hurt all over again. I don’t know what to do any more. It is understandable that you are concerned about your friend’s well-being and want to help her. Clearly, she is looking for a loving, stable relationship, which her boyfriend cannot provide. But you need to understand what is going on with your friend emotionally before you can help her effectively. By encouraging her to be more open about her feelings, you can help build up her self-esteem. One of the reasons she is stuck in this cycle is because primarily our memory of emotions is highly selective. Your friend tends to remember how good the “good times” were, whereas memories of her sadness and hurt fade more quickly. Perhaps you should help her to understand that at an emotional level, her perception of her boyfriend is how she wishes him to be; and not how he really is. Emphasise to her that it is not her fault and she not responsible for his behaviour. Suggest that rather than hoping and dreaming, she should be open to meeting new people, making new friends and changing her social scene. Hopefully, as she becomes more self-confident and open to change, her desire to go back to this relationship will slowly disappear.

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l Galvin Hair Salon, 58Celebrity stylist Asgar is at Danie 60 George Street, London W1U 7ET

NOW IN BRITAIN: Fashion designer Rocky S; (and left and right) models showcase his collection during the fashion show in London don’t want to push India as just being about Indian clothes. We have a lot of culture, fabrics, colours: I think I should explore that and that’s what I’m doing. Is it a challenge to make your collections different from each other? Yes, it gets more difficult season by season, because I have to better what I did last season. That is getting harder but definitely, as a creative person, my inspiration has no limit. Where do you get your style inspiration from? People, places, parties, plays, nature. Something has to move me from my heart and that becomes my inspiration. Which of your collections will be available to buy in the UK? Well, I want to promote it as a universal line which doesn’t have to be just for the UK. It can be for New York, Singapore, Mumbai, literally anywhere. It’s going to promote a lot of traditional embroidery but not keeping India as a pushing point, making it more cutting-edge for London. I’m just promoting it right now and am trying to create a brand awareness. By next season, I should be selling here. I want to start with celebrity-based stores and then go into the mainstream. Are there going to be affordable prices or will they be very high-end? I want to start with celebrity dressing, which will have special pieces for special people to start with. Obviously, everybody is special but to get into the mainstream, I will take another

year and the prices will reflect the designs. At the end, sales are very important for me and I have to keep affordability in mind. Do you notice a difference in style between the women here and in Mumbai? Yes, I have seen girls wearing the right coloured clothes with the right coloured accessories. They just love dressing up here and I love the fact that they are passionate about dressing up in the city. What are some of the common fashion mistakes you have seen people make? People wear clothes that are too fitted, which don’t do anything for them, and then sometimes they wear clothes that are tent-shaped and it doesn’t work for their height and shape. You have to be slightly safe with what you’re wearing and always understand your body. There are certain things that will just not look right on you and you can’t wear them, no matter how fashionable they are. Do you take inspiration from British fashion? Sometimes. I love the fashion here and the way they put things together to create their own personality and style. What fashion advice can you give women for the every day look? Wear what is comfortable and don’t follow fashion blindly. Pick up something and alter it to your personality. Fashion magazines give you different options – all you have to do is pick up something that looks good on you. But for that, you need to understand your body.

You have designed for models and celebrities, but what advice can you give to larger and older women? Anybody who feels young at heart and young at mind is good enough for my clothes. It doesn’t have to be about age and they don’t have to be celebrities. My clothes are selling in Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai and Delhi for normal people who want to feel special. I would give the same advice as I did about wearing what’s comfortable – if that style is going to look wrong on you, then my clothes are going to look wrong. I can’t advise women to wear those outfits just for the sake of it. What’s more important, fashion or style? I think style is more important than fashion. If you’re stylish, everything else looks good – you can wear a pair of jeans and a white shirt and look perfect. You just have to build your personality to make yourself stylish! What is the biggest mistake you have made and learned from? (Laughs) I’m not going to tell you that. But look, the biggest mistake I have made is to trust everybody and that is one thing I am not going to do any more. I have to understand the person first and then start trusting. I just give the benefit of the doubt to every person I meet, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes I keep making every day. The outfits from the Rocky S show are available to buy from Baljas & Arana, Salon 5, 7 Balfour Place, Mayfair, in London. Call 020-7493 0417 for more information.

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Halimah A does hair, henna and make-­up for special occasions. Contact her on www.

I absolutely love smoky eyes. How do I go about achieving this glamourous look? The Too Faced Smoky Eye Kit (£19.58, available from Boots) contains all the colours you need for beautiful smoky eyes. Also included in the pack are step-by-step instructions on how to create three different smoky eye looks. The green and sparkly black are absolutely stunning in this set. My lips are very thin. Which lip gloss can you recommend to plump them up? A tried and tested one is Bourjois Effet 3D Max lipgloss (£7.30, available from Boots) It has a range of six radiant colours with varied effects and it is not too sticky or gloopy. It makes your lips look plump, with a smooth and laccquer-like finish.

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