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Get The Most Attractive Native American Jewelry Online - Authentic Native American Jewelry _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Kelvin - The most attractive jewelry combines three of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of all jewelry, the artistry and craftsmanship of handmade pieces, the richness of the materials used and the rich heritage behind each piece. In addition to the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins that you would expect, it also features the more traditional forms such as ketohs (arm guards), wampum (shell bead strings), and labrets (jewelry for a piercing typically below the lower lip). Crafted by indigenous peoples of the United States, these jewelry forms are both beautiful and meaningful. Even though often created for sale or trade and not just for the tribe itself, these pieces were a window into tribal life and helped communicate information about the individual wearing them such as status, important life events and tribal identity. What Is Authentic Native American Jewelry When most people think of Native American jewelry the first thing that comes to mind are pieces that mainly feature sterling silver, turquoise and coral, however a variety of materials have been traditionally used such as woods, plant fibers, animal teeth, bones and hide as well as beads and quills.

Some tribes are known for their ideograms within their jewelry and others are known for their expertise in particular materials. Most tribes worked with what was to hand in their areas and this has produced

some interesting and indicative pieces. The Native Americans of the Great Plains areas are most famous for their beadwork made from brown coal, shells, porcupine quills and long cylindrical bones used for beads called hair pipes. The Northeastern Woodlands tribes are known for their barrel-shaped shell beads and whole shell beads as well as wampum. Wampum refers to the white shells from the channeled whelk as well as purple beads made from quahog clamshells.

The Northwest Coast jewelry was typically made from walrus ivory, argillite, and Dentalium shells and traded goods such as glass beads and copper as well. The authentic Native American jewelry is no doubt, the best jewelry for the needs of the desirous persons. Possibly one of the most familiar forms of Native American Jewelry is the Navajo Squash Blossom necklace. Featuring a string of plain round sterling silver beads that serve as spacers for the stylized squash blossoms with a pendant or "naja" hung from the center, usually in the form of a crescent; these are also found in different forms in the Pueblo and Zuni tribes.

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