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Exhibition Basketball Game Harlem Ambassadors vs. ASF Bears Select Team

Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center May 12, 2012 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Family Fun Day 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Table of Contents Message from Paul Williams


The Mary Street Jenkins Foundation


The Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center


The Harlem Ambassadors


ASF Bears Select Team


Message from Robert Wilson




Welcome to the New Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center!


hank you for celebrating with The American School Foundation, the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation and our many other supporters.

This new facility is a dream come true for The American School, where we value health, athletics and extracurricular activities as fundamental for a well-rounded education. The Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center is the perfect venue for our teams to practice and compete, our students to learn about health and wellness, our community members to exercise and much more! This ecologically sustainable building will allow ASF to expand its athletic curriculum and also provides the much-needed space for our community outreach programs. We are grateful to our many donors and volunteers who have made this building – and this event – possible. We are very honored to have the Harlem Ambassadors with us to launch a new era at ASF. We hope you enjoy the show and join us here often in the future. Have fun and enjoy! Sincerely, Paul Williams Executive Director The American School Foundation, A.C.


The Mary Street Jenkins Foundation


he Mary Street Jenkins Foundation was founded in 1954 by William Oscar Jenkins, who was born in the United States and settled in Puebla, in memory of his late wife, Mary Street. In the words of Mr. Jenkins, the foundation is dedicated “to doing good, improving quality of life and elevating morally and spiritually the inhabitants of Mexico so they, the beneficiaries, would be able to help and teach others.� The foundation has provided funding for physical fitness and sports, education and cultural projects throughout Mexico and beyond. The American School Foundation, A.C. is deeply appreciative of the support it has received from the Jenkins Foundation. First, beginning in 2006, came the implementation of the Jenkins Scholars Program in collaboration with UDLA Puebla. This innovative program allowed 40 ASF students to complete their last two years of study at ASF with 75% scholarships. Criteria for selection focused on financial need, as well as demonstrated leadership skills. More recently, in 2009, the foundation decided to make the generous cornerstone gift that has made possible the construction of the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center on the ASF campus.

The Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center is an integrated facility, bringing together indoor sports areas, classrooms, exercise areas, offices for coaches and teachers, locker rooms, venues for non-sports events, spaces for Extended Learning activities and more. This facility will provide many curricular benefits for ASF students, as the school emphasizes a well-rounded education including health and athletics alongside academics and the arts.

The Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center will also contribute to environmental wellness, as a green building. Like the renovated Upper School and all new constructions on campus, the Wellness Center is built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliance. That includes the use of recycled materials, efficient electricity use and water conservation. The American School Foundation plans to use the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center for community outreach as well, as a venue for its many community service projects. ASF programs serve neighboring families, public school teachers and students and members of the international community, just to name a few. Currently in Stage One of its construction, the Wellness Center includes a double-court gym, elevator, lobby, restrooms, fitness area and offices. Future building stages will bring retractable bleachers, equipment, classroom storage areas, air conditioning, acoustics, rooftop tennis courts, a green roof and more.



Mission The mission of the Harlem Ambassadors is to deliver a quality basketball show to our audiences throughout the United States and internationally. The show is designed to be fun for customers of all ages, with youngsters being awed for the first time and older folks enjoying the triedand-true gags like a rerun of a favorite comedy movie. The Ambassadors’ operation is professional in all aspects. In addition to having a wholesome family entertainment product, we are also good citizens and willing role models for youth, promoting the values of staying in school, staying off drugs and fostering racial harmony.

History The Harlem Ambassadors Professional Show Basketball team was conceived in October 1997 by Dale Moss. Moss combined an extensive career in professional sports management and marketing with an entrepreneurial desire to create the Harlem Ambassadors concept. Already operating a sports marketing firm in Fort Collins, Colorado, Moss began seeking a central figure to direct the basketball operations of the Harlem Ambassadors.


Through discussions with several persons, Moss had chosen to contact S. “Ladè Majic” Prophète regarding this role. She was the first and only choice for the position, but was out-oftouch playing professionally in Israel. While on a scouting trip for players in New York, Moss learned that she had returned from overseas, met with her, and found they shared a common vision for a show basketball team. Ladè Majic signed with the Harlem Ambassadors in April 1998. The first training camp was held in September 1998 and the team launched their inaugural tour in October. The first-ever Harlem Ambassadors game was played in Mountain Home, Idaho on October 10, 1998. The first season saw the Ambassadors play approximately 30 games. The Harlem Ambassadors have experienced steady growth in the eleven seasons of touring. The Harlem

the country. The group performing primarily east of the Mississippi is designated as the “Red, White, and Blue” unit, while the western touring squad in called the “Stars and Stripes” unit. Between the two units, the Harlem Ambassadors performed 219 events and 115 “Stay in School, Stay off Drugs” youth programs during the 2010-11 season. The team annually holds a twoweek pre-season training camp at Evangelical Covenant Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. Performers are selected not only for their basketball skills, but also for their positive lifestyles and ability to truly be “Ambassadors” both on-and-off the court. Ambassadors have been committed to presenting a wholesome family show with high-quality performers since day one and Dale Moss attributes the team’s continuous growth to that focus. During the history of the Ambassadors, the team has made multiple foreign tours. Included in the list of nations and overseas territories that the Ambassadors have visited are Canada, Germany, England, Iceland, Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia, Kosovo, Hungary, Korea, Japan, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay Naval Station), Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, Palau, and French Polynesia (Tahiti).

Due to the rigors of the road and the demands of touring, most performers stay with the team for a year or two before moving on to a more sedentary life. Ladè Majic is the exception, having been on tour with the Ambassadors in each of the team’s fourteen seasons. Among the performers who have contributed to the growth of the Ambassadors with multi-year commitments are Bobby “Sugar Bear” Patman, Reggie Robinson, T’Neisha “Lil T” Turner, Jesse “Nephew” Whintly, and Ketrick “Jugglin’ Jazz” Copeland.

Beginning in the 2002-03 season, a second touring unit was spun off. Today, at any given point in the season, there are two Harlem Ambassadors’ units performing in different parts of


ASF Bears Select Team CAPTAIN: • John Powell, ASF Head of Basketball, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Middle School PE Teacher • Hugh Austin, ASF Parent • Donald Barnard, ASF Parent • Jonathan Chenier, Middle School Student Activities Specialist, Middle School Boys Basketball Coach • Dan Godshall, Girls Varsity Basketball Coach, Upper School PE Teacher • Evan Hunt, Head of Lower School • Erin Lamont, Middle School Volleyball Coach, Middle School Girls Basketball Assistant Coach, ECC Teacher • Jordan Maas, Lower School House Dean

• Matthew MacInnes, ASF Head of Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach, Upper School PE Teacher • Vernon Nicholas, Upper School PE Teacher • Solomon Rotstein, Lower School Science Hands-On Center Teacher • David Rueb, Middle School Boys Basketball Assistant Coach, Lower School Music Teacher • Matthew Schendel, Upper School Science Teacher, Boys Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach • Jamie Williams, Girls Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach, Middle School Girls Basketball Coach, Lower School Teacher

Today is a landmark in the history of ASF: the opening of the first phase of the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center. I am certain that in the coming years we will complete this facility, which will rival any school athletic center in the country. Due to the size of and increasing participation among The American School’s student body, our athletics facilities were inadequate. The Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center will help us provide not only superior quality facilities, but enough space for the planned programs in Extended Learning, Athletics and community service projects. In today’s world, the trend in new building is to create environmentally friendly facilities. We are very pleased that the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center meets the high standards of a “green building.” On the roof, we have a beautiful, well-planned green roof garden, and in phase two, we will have tennis courts as well. It is with deep appreciation that I would like to thank the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation for making this marvelous Wellness Center possible.

Robert Wilson Head of Athletics & Extended Learning

Kneeling: Dan Godshall, Matthew MacInnes, Jamie Williams, Erin Lamont, Jordan Maas, John Powell Standing: Evan Williams, Hugh Austin, Vernon Nicholas, Jonathan Chenier, Solomon Rotstein, Matthew Schendel Not pictured: David Rueb, Donald Barnard



Acknowledgments: The American School Foundation, A.C. would like to extend special thanks to the following institutions and individuals: Take a Seat Campaign:



Cornerstone Gift: Jenkins Foundation

Board Chairs: Frances Huttanus Joan Liechty de Olvera

Leadership Gifts: Bernardo Riojas Grupo Mar-Tuny/Antonio A. Guerra Autrey & Fernanda Guerra Héctor Sulaiman

Event Chairs: Erika Hojel Gina Hojel de Aiza (’89)

Celebration of the Jenkins Foundation Wellness Center Exhibition Basketball Game: Harlem Ambassadors vs. ASF Bears Select Team SPONSORS: ADCO ADTec Banorte Bertha Abizaid (’89) Braulio and Mariana Arsuaga Chubb Group Citemex Green Cover Grupo Presidente LJV Sport Pepsico Volaris


Committee: ASF Parent Association/ Lillián Toro Lola José Phillips (’82) Mariana de Haro Marissa Russell (’92) Valentina Ortiz Monasterio

To the numerous volunteers, parents, staff and friends of ASF: “Great Minds Need Great Spaces” Capital Campaign Steering Committee 2011-2012: Chair Emeritus: Horacio McCoy (’57) Co-Chairs: Gordon Viberg Tito Vidaurri Members: Carlos Williamson Cecilia Saba Fernando Gutiérrez Frances Huttanus Marilú Hernández Monica Sulaiman Rodrigo González Calvillo Rosa Marentes de Pisinger (’87) Vicky Fuentevilla

Chairs: Aliki Elías (’85) Blanca Santacruz Building and Grounds Committee 2011-2012: Board Chair: César Buenrostro (’85) Members: Fernando Gutiérrez Fernando Ogarrio Guillermo Fonseca Joan Liechty de Olvera Margo G. Torres Patricio Gutiérrez Rosa Marentes de Pisinger (’87) Rodrigo González Calvillo The American School Foundation Board of Trustees 2011-2012: Chair: Rosa Marentes de Pisinger (’87) Members: Antonio Rallo Carla Ormsbee Carlos Williamson Cathy Austin (’78) César Buenrostro (’85) Fernando Franco Frances Huttanus Francisco Demesa Jeff McElfresh Joan Liechty Martin Werner Murray Case Sara Craig Sebastian Fernández Tito Vidaurri Aliki Elías (’85)

ASF Student Ambassadors: Andrea Arroyo Paulina Carregha Jordi Cores Daniela de Winter Rodrigo Hernandez Roberto Jones Nicole Meyer Andrea Sariñana Enrique Traver Miriam Vela Patricia Zebley Coordinator: Roberta Loaiza Color Guard: Javier Salas Bengochea Ana Paola Mendoza Martínez Andrea Konings González Gabriela Kviat Himmelman Ingrid Sotelo Zabicky Sandro Pino Ascencio Paulina Gómez Guridi Renata Álvarez León Anisa Estrada Karachi Francisca Saldívar Palacios Sabrina González Aja Andrea Mizrahi Drijanski Sophia Hoyeon Jang Hannah Youm Coach: Juan Carlos Rodríguez


WEC Celebration Program