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A magazine for ASF Alumni, Parents, Students, Faculty and Friends Winter, 2012-2013 Vol. XI | No. 3 | Mexico City

The theme of this issue of Focus is, naturally enough, ASF’s 125th anniversary. That number – 125! – continues to amaze as the ASF community plans and participates in special events celebrating our anniversary. One thing that became abundantly clear as we put together the line-up for this issue is that a lot has happened at our school since the first nine students attended kindergarten in the private home of an American businessman in 1888. To give you a glimpse of just how much, and to help you know a little bit about the remarkable people and important events that went into making ASF what it is today, we have compiled a reader-friendly, year-by-year account of ASF’s history from Day One to yesterday. It makes for fascinating reading, and it begins on page 18. A big part of ASF’s storied history over most of the last half century is the annual Art Fair, one of the most important gatherings of Mexico City’s international community. This year’s 43rd edition of the fair carried with it a special anniversary flavor, as well as an intriguing featured exhibition of the early work of Andy Warhol, a true American original. Our coverage of the Art Fair (page 24) captures the atmosphere of this much-loved event. Two of ASF’s major focuses are environmental awareness and community service. Both were motives for a trip to the Oaxaca coast earlier this semester, where students studied and helped protect the native turtle population, and also contributed supplies and their labor to help the marginalized residents of the local town. ASF teacher Bret Sikkink tells the story beginning on page 28. Another ASF priority since the 1980s has been making financial aid available to the families of students who might not be able to afford an ASF education without it. All of the funds for financial aid come from donations from members of the ASF community and its friends. On pages 26 and 27, you’ll learn how the program works, and how it contributes to fulfilling ASF’s commitment to a diverse student body. Our 125th anniversary celebration will continue throughout 2013. You will surely be reading more about anniversary-related topics in the next two issues of Focus. But we think you’ll find plenty to enjoy and think about in this issue. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. On the cover: A collage of historic photos from ASF’s 125-year history.

Sloane Starke Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Focus Editorial Board


Paul Williams Executive Director Susan Olivo Head of Early Childhood Center Evan Hunt Head of Lower School Rebecca Crutchfield Head of Middle School Amy Gallie Head of Upper School Robert Wilson Head of Athletics & Extended Learning Board of Trustees Rosa Marentes de Pisinger (’87), Chair Catherine Austin (’78), 1st Vice Chair Jeffrey Scott McElfresh, 2nd Vice Chair Carla Ormsbee, Secretary Joan Liechty, Treasurer Aliki Botton de Elías (’85) César Buenrostro (’85) Murray H. Case Sara Craig Francisco Demesa Sebastian Fernández Steve Finley Fernando Franco Fernando Gutiérrez Ochoa Frances Huttanus Antonio Rallo John Santa Maria Otazúa

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Focus Winter 2012-2013  

A magazine for alumni, parents, students, faculty and friends of The American School in Mexico City

Focus Winter 2012-2013  

A magazine for alumni, parents, students, faculty and friends of The American School in Mexico City