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Asian Scholarship Fund of the Marin Community Foundation

THE MARIN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION was established in 1986. The mission of the Foundation is to encourage and apply philanthropic contributions to help improve the human condition, embrace diversity, promote a humane and democratic society, and enhance the community’s quality of life, now and for future generations. The Foundation provides support for a broad array of community programs and projects and offers a range of services for individuals and organizations that place their philanthropic funds in the Foundation’s care. For more information, please contact the Marin Community Foundation.

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The Asian Scholarship Fund of the Marin Community Foundation

FUND supports Marin and Sonoma students of Asian descent. The Fund was established through the

his fund has been established to accept contributions and provide scholarships to students of Asian heritage

cooperation of Asian communities in Marin

within Marin and Sonoma counties.

and Sonoma counties, along with Marin

Contributions to the Asian Scholarship

Education Fund. The Asian Scholarship

Fund are managed by the Marin

Fund manages educational scholarship pro-

Community Foundation and are applied

grams in Marin and is affiliated with the

to assist students who meet the scholar-

Marin Community Foundation, a major

ship criteria.

funder. Scholarships are awarded annually to

To learn how you can contribute to the Asian Scholarship Fund, or to

well-qualified students who demonstrate

receive more information about this

financial need, dedication to their studies,

program, please contact the Marin

and determination to pursue post-second-

Community Foundation at 415.464.2500.

ary education. An Asian Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee of representatives from cultural and ethnic Asian communities of the two counties acts to increase and promote the Fund and collaborates with Marin Education Fund in refining scholarship criteria. Marin Education Fund is a nonprofit organization that believes everyone should have a chance at college. Through the generous support of donors, Marin Education Fund works for equal educational opportunity and supports students in need to access, pursue, and complete higher education successfully. Marin and Sonoma students of Asian heritage should call the Fund for further information at 415.459.4240, or visit

Asian Scholarship Brochure  

Asian Scholarship Brochure