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The Arts, Entertainment And Feng Shui Connection Arts & Entertainment _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Russell Scott - There are many levels of connection between the Arts, Entertainment and Feng Shui. Historically, in China, all three were supported by society's upper class. In the past they were only available to the elite members of that class. Because of this basic connection, in China art was directly influenced by Feng Shui principles. With world travel, many of these principles that were applied to art and design in China became a part of the arts in other cultures. Learn More About Arts & Entertainment

The philosophies behind these principles have had an effect on many artists, composers, designers, writers and entertainment producers worldwide for centuries. This was and is true whether the artists were fully aware of the influence or not. Today, with the rising popularity of Feng Shui in Europe, USA and the Western World, we are able to look at this influence with a better understanding and to use these principles consciously. This allows us to create and use art and entertainment on a much more powerful level. A level that creates greater balance and harmony in our lives and in the world. Feng Shui is a key element in any creative endeavor because it provides a framework for our intention to be manifested and empowered.

Painting, sculpture, photography all of the visual arts employ elements of Feng Shui both in their creation and in their application. Color, content, subject, form, etc., are choices of the artist. These choices are based on the artists "intent," each choice the artist makes is to convey a feeling or message to the viewer of the finished piece. Most artists operate on a subconscious level that is plugged into the universal laws on which Feng Shui principles are based. When an artist uses a red background with a black horse as the subject he/she is already plugged into the subconscious yet universal meanings of these elements. The art buyer taps into the same universal laws although their conscious and subconscious reasons for being attracted to the art can be quite different from the artist's. The same Feng Shui principles are still at work.

The red and black attract specific types of energy to the life of the buyer and the space in which it is hung. It is important, when purchasing and hanging art, to have expert advise on the best placement for the enhancement of your life as well as your decor. This applies to all types of art. We are attracted to art on a subconscious level. It appeals to us on this level and we must be sure it is working for us and not against us. For example: a person loves the color blue and has a beautiful painting hung in his/her bedroom, which incorporates many gorgeous shades of blue and it complements the decor. Sounds like a perfect choice, right? Not exactly, because it is a painting of a woman alone hanging in the relationship area of the bedroom and her/his desire in life was to find a life partner. Inappropriate, color and content to draw the energy desired to her/his life. We must place our art with care and intention.

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