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Choosing Potato Cutters For Different Types Of Foods Spiral Potato Cutter _____________________________________________________________________________________

By RichardBob - First you want to determine what kind of food you want to make before choosing a potato cutter. Potatoes are a versatile food that can be used for very many recipes. You need to know how you want the potatoes to be cut so you can choose the proper tool for the job. To Learn More About Spiral Potato Cutter

For french fries, there are cutters made to cut this shape and only this matchstick shape. Typically, it will be a pull-down lever type of cutter where you can leverage your whole arm to cut the potato into many matchsticks in just one motion. These can cost anywhere from twenty dollars up to hundreds depending on the size and quality you need in this cutter. For cutting scalloped potatoes there are good cutters for this as well. You can use a knife you are handy,

but make sure you have a good quality knife to do this so it isn't wobbly and you get better control of the thickness as you cut. If you want uniform pieces and to cut them very quickly, a mandolin slicer is a good choice. These cutters are named so because they look like mandolins. They're equipped with an incredibly sharp blade that can be adjusted for different thicknesses. Some come with other blades meant to cut shoestring or matchstick potatoes too.

Lastly, there are spiral cutters. This type of cutter is good for cutting potatoes to eat raw or cooked. Many people eat potatoes raw for salads and other foods. You can also use this to cut curly fries. It makes the cut quick and easy, and you have uniform pieces you can put inside a deep fryer. This way, you know all the pieces will be done cooking at the same time. These sometimes look like apple peelers because they are built on the same principle.

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Spiral potato cutter  

Spiral potato cutter

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