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Factors In Choosing A High Protein Dog Food _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Elliot Clyde - A lot of dog owners think that dog food with the highest protein content is best for any kind of dog. This belief is, however, mistaken. Just because you are looking at a high protein dog food doesn't mean it is the one your dog needs. You have to be aware that proteins are not created equally and other nutrients are needed for the overall health of your pet dog. Learn More About High Protein Dog Food

Proteins are not created equal in the sense that there are several sources to obtain them from. You can get them from real meat as well as in grains. However, the proteins obtained from these sources are very much different in terms of usability and digestibility. Proteins from real meat are easily digestible by your dog and allow them to eat small quantities that will give them the protein level that they need. On the other hand, the proteins obtained from grains aren't easily broken down by your dog's system. It is very impractical to buy a high protein pet food with grains as the main source because it will still end up unused by your dog's body. When choosing a pet food, go beyond looking at the protein content. Instead, look at the source and quality being offered. Choose one that is easily digested and usable. Examples of these protein sources are meat, eggs, and fish. Feeding your pet with high quality protein will allow your dog to eat a lesser but more nutritious amount of food. Another reason why you shouldn't use the protein content level as an indicator in choosing your pet food is because its requirements for different life stages and breeds vary. Older dogs will require less protein than adult dogs. In the same way, adult dogs will require lesser proteins than new puppies.

Knowing the amount of protein to give your dog is beneficial because if you give him more than what he needs, it will be converted to fat. Proteins are definitely needed in a food for dogs, but other nutrients have to be present as well to give optimum nutrition to your dog. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and calories must be present in appropriate levels so your pet will have a balanced diet and can utilize the proteins in the pet food.

In buying a high protein dog food, be sure to evaluate the protein content in it. Determine if the protein source used for the dog food is easily digestible and usable for your pet. Then, look at how much protein is found in the food. It doesn't necessarily mean that the food with a high amount of protein is beneficial for your dog. Look at the quality of proteins in the dog food and decide accordingly.

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