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By Austin Bennet - We all know cod liver oil is great for the heart but did you know that it has properties that can combat depression also. Learn More About Cod Liver Oil Pills

I am a great believer in cod liver oil and take supplements of it daily along with the rest of the family. The benefits of taking omega -3 fatty acids, which are a major constituent of cod liver oil, are tremendous and greatly enhance good health. Now researchers have another claim that it staves off depression and helps to alleviate the symptoms of depression, these new tests carried out have suggested. The good old Scientists say that by taking a spoonful of cod liver oil or its equivalent a day, cuts the risk by 30 per cent. This is just the latest evidence of the good health benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers carried out tests and examined the health and dietary habits of 22,000 people, aged 40 and over, and guess what they found? The results showed that those who never or rarely consumed cod liver oil had much higher rates of stress, depression and anxiety. And yes the nine per cent of people who took a spoonful of cod liver oil daily were 30 per cent less likely to be struck down by the blues. The scientists from Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen wrote in the Journal of Affective Disorders that 'Daily users were less likely to suffer high levels of depression', relating this to the probable protective effect of omega-3, reassuring this is a good food for your good health.

Did you know that around one fifth of the population at some point of their lives will suffer from depression. In England alone last year, 31 million anti-depressant pills were prescribed, a new record level!

Depression can strike at any age, rendering the sufferer incapable of carrying out many normal daily activities and very difficult to hold down a steady job. Omega-3s are said to reduce the risk of heart attack and protect against cancer. Recently in the media, it was announced that hospitals were going to give all patients with heart attack and other cardiac problems cod liver oil supplements. Schools over the last few years have also shown great interest in omega-3, as it is said that it boosts a child's brain, so much so that some were said to be giving it to pupils daily. Tests were carried out showing that after a child had taken cod liver oil daily over a period of six to eight weeks, their concentration increased and there were less behavioural problems in the class. As a family we love fish and eat it regularly, but even so, to get the full benefit of the protective effect, you need to eat oily fish for four main meals a week, and so for this reason we take capsules. Today there is no excuse for not taking cod liver oil, as generally the capsules are odourless and do not repeat, very different to my first introduction to it.

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