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The Perfect White Bed Side Table - Mirrored side table _____________________________________________________________________________________

By RichardBob - Bedroom furniture must be practical and versatile. Everyone requires a white bedside table to finish off the petite look of the room. White brings in a feeling of openness, neatness and space. From antique replica style to modern-day contemporary pieces, you can find the perfect white bedside table to complement your room. But, it is not simply a matter of getting the white bedside table by looking at different catalogs. It should be versatile enough to fit in your room and complement the furniture. You might want a simple surface to keep a lamp and clock on. Or perhaps you want to go a little further with a side bookshelf and coffee table in the morning. What Is Mirrored Side Table

Start things off by considering the purpose of the table. Do you want it to remotely recess next to the bed or become a focal point? Does it require a large surface or will you be comfortable with a compact table. Consider Your Budget:Also another important consideration is to analyze the amount of money you want to invest on it. If you're looking for an antique replica, it might be pricey even though it would be simple. Similarly, a handcrafted one is more expensive than the commercially manufactured ones. So, what's the Purpose?

You need to see whether you want the table to have a number of drawers or shelving underneath it. This will also define the kind of equipment you can keep on it. With drawers, you can actually have a neat look which double up as a storage compartment. However, if you simply need to keep your alarm and a remote control use open shelving. This unit will give an airy look to the room.

For traditional furniture and lifestyle go for a white bedside table with stylish Art Deco paints. For a more contemporary look, you can go for clean lines complemented by the simple styling. For a symmetrical look, ensure that both your white bedside tables are identical. This also looks like a boutique style hotel decor. For a statement piece, you can have a high gloss finish on it. You can keep a mirror on top of it to reflect the surface. The shape and size will be dependent on the other furniture. You can even go for a round white bedside table; however, this will require more space compared to the rectangle the one.

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Mirrored side table  

Mirrored furniture always makes a bold design statement. Framed in hardwood, the Park Bedside Table is mirrored on the front

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