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Unable to find what they wanted, they decided there was only one thing to do – engineer and build their own frames. Thus was born Blue Competition Cycles. A company dedicated to engineering and building world class framesets, designed to give elite athletes a competitive advantage and affordably priced to enable amateur athletes or serious enthusiasts to own and ride the exact same frame as the pros. The results have been stunning. Top professionals have ridden Blue to the podium in road races, time trials, cyclocross, mountain bike, duathlon, triathlon, Xterra and on the track. We’ve won numerous medals at national championships, world cups and world championships. We’ve also competed in the past two Olympics. The company has grown exponentially since we first began our quest to build the world’s best performance bikes. For 2012, our commitment to building the best has never been more evident. At Blue Competition Cycles, it’s all about world-class performance and outstanding value. That’s why we say: Blue is for Champions.


Tech AC1 SL Aero AC1 Aero Axino SL Axino EX Axino AL 2Four AL Junior Racer

4 8 10 12 14 16 18


Triad SL Triad EX Triad SP Triad AL TR250 AL Track

22 24 26 28 30

CX/MTB Norcross SL Norcross EX Norcross SP FS Full Suspension XC2 Hardtail

34 36 38 40 42


Aerus Composites Aerus Biospeed Hats and Clothing Kits Warranty & Crash Replacement Policy

44 46 48 51


Like so many great ideas, Blue Competition Cycles was born of necessity. It started with a group of world class cyclists who set out to find affordable bicycle frames engineered and constructed to be second-to-none. Frames that had it all: lightweight materials for climbing, superior lateral stiffness and torsional rigidity for efficient power transfer, vertical compliance for comfort, aerodynamic designs for racing the clock and race inspired geometry for perfect fit and precise handling.


Since 2004, Blue Competition Cycles has created some of the world’s best bikes and framesets for elite athletes in all disciplines of cycling.

tech Our Technology Sets Us Apart Blue Competition Cycles are designed by cyclists for cyclists. What does that mean? It means we pay attention to the factors that help riders perform at their best. It means we focus on real world testing and design that matters, not succumbing to passing fads or marketing hype in order to sell more bikes. It shows in our attention to detail, selection of materials, engineering and manufacturing techniques. Most importantly, it shows in your performance and comfort on the bike. And while we design our frames to be the best in the world, we do so with the goal of offering you unparalleled value with every bicycle we build.

Direct Drive – The new performance standard

We aren’t looking to make another “me too” product in anything we do. When we set out to create a new design, we have one goal in mind – build a machine that will allow the rider to perform at his or her best. It sounds like a simple goal, but it takes a very special team of designers, engineers and manufacturing experts to accomplish it each and every time.

The Axino SL road bike incorporates a new innovation that is certain to have engineers around the world scrambling. It’s called Direct Drive. It is an all new one piece platform that serves as the backbone of the frame and takes pedaling efficiency to a new level. What makes it so special? We can’t give away all our secrets! It suffices to say, once you’ve taken your pedal stroke on the new Axino, you probably won’t want to stop riding.

Every Blue Competition Cycles model is engineered to meet the needs of professional athletes and serious enthusiasts in all types of cycling. We start by gathering input from some of the world’s best athletes to help establish our design criteria. We then use sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a digital representation of each frame before a single piece of carbon fiber or aluminum is put to work. We work with the best composite engineers to refine and enhance our designs. And we use the best and most skilled crafts people along with state of the art equipment to produce each frame we make.

Efficiency – The true measure of performance In an ideal world, power in = power out. In other words, every Newton of force you apply to the pedals should translate into forward motion. Every bike manufacturer wants you to believe that is the case with their frames, but it’s far from reality. The truth is, there are rather significant differences in frame efficiency from one bike to another. What is efficiency? It is the measure of energy that is seen at the back wheel compared to the energy applied at the pedal. The higher the efficiency coefficient, the greater the amount of energy that is being converted into forward motion. Lesser efficiencies indicate that the rider’s energy is being absorbed by the frame. At Blue, we strive to make the most efficient frames on the market. Sometimes that means the frame may weigh a few grams more but it’s a compromise we determined is worth making. While many riders think that having the lightest bike requires the least amount of energy to pedal, our studies show that’s not always the case. In one comparison, we looked at a competitor’s frame that was 150 grams lighter than ours and therefore on a 15 minute climb at 5% grade, we expected to see about a 300 joule penalty for carrying the additional weight up the hill. However, because of the differences in frame efficiencies, the Blue frame measured nearly a 5800 joule savings on the same climb. In other words, the added weight created by making the frame more efficient offset the weight penalty by a factor of nearly 20 times. Perhaps that is why we are told again and again that Blue builds some of the best climbing bikes ever made.



Design and Engineering

THE WIND TUNNEL Virtual Lug Technology Introduced on our Norcross frameset in 2010, this new frame construction technique combines many of the benefits of monocoque and tube and lug fabrication. We call it Virtual Lug Technology and you’ll find it on our Axino SL road and Norcross SL cyclocross framesets. Virtual Lug takes advantage of the super strong, super light carbon tubes that result from Blue’s Hi-pact manufacturing process. Tubes for each frame are matched and mitered with precision for a perfect fit at every joint. Then, specially selected carbon fiber is wrapped around the joints creating an incredibly strong and lightweight virtual lug. It’s a demanding process, but worth the effort when strength, efficiency and ride quality are an absolute must.

Super Flow Tube Technology Tube shape is a major factor in aerodynamic design. Years of painstaking research and testing have resulted in tubes with an ideal cross-sectional aerodynamic shape that has become so familiar on so many bikes today. What many have failed to take into account, however, is the effect tube orientation has when designing a perfect teardrop cross-section. At Blue, we use the sophisticated fluid flow analysis from wind tunnel testing to design the most efficient shape for down tubes, forks and seat stays based on the orientation with which each tube meets the wind. The fork, for example, does not have the same cross-sectional profile at the top as it does at the center or the bottom. Slice through the tubes in the direction of the wind at any two points and you’ll see a difference in the shape. You’ll feel the results in our entire line of carbon Triad triathlon frames as well as our redesigned AC1 and AC1 SL road frames.

Our engineers and pro riders spend a lot of time in the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina. The wind tunnel is the best way to study a frame and rider under conditions that are as close to “real world” as one can get in a laboratory setting. Every Blue Competition Cycles frame design is subjected to multiple wind tunnel tests as the geometry, tube shapes and other critical elements are tweaked to perfection. We know how important wind tunnel testing can be for serious athletes seeking to perfect their riding position. That’s why we still offer a free hour of time in the A2 Wind Tunnel to every rider who buys a new Triad SL complete bike or frame set and Triad EX complete bike and returns their Warranty card. No other manufacturer offers this level of support.

THE FINAL STEP We never forget the human element when we design new frames. Our geometries are based on cutting edge physiological research and years of experience working with elite athletes to make certain we maximize rider performance. Every Blue Competition Cycles frame design is subjected to extensive real-world tests by real live cyclists. These are people who know what a great bike feels like and how to put a new design through its paces. We know we have a truly great new design when our testers don’t want to give the prototypes back. You would be amazed how often that happens. Technology is one reason we say Blue Competition Cycles are Built to Win















Photo: Winger Studios


At Blue, we spend a lot of time thinking about road bikes. We study frame geometry, manufacturing techniques, the properties of various carbon fiber weaves and layering schemes. However, we also spend a lot of time riding and racing road bikes. Our engineers, product specialists and technicians build bikes they want to ride, and then ride the bikes they build. Our passion for road cycling shows in every bike we make. You’ll feel it right away when you ride your new Blue for the first time. It’s not just the race-winning geometry that helped riders earn spots on the 2008 US Olympic Triathlon Team. It’s not just the unique tube-and-lug construction that helped to win USA Criterium Championships in 2004 and 2005. It’s also our commitment to quality and value that enables cycling enthusiasts to ride the same bikes as the pros. Nowhere is that racing heritage more prevalent than with the Axino line of road bikes. With our Direct Drive technology platform, virtual lug construction and a host of other technological advances, there isn’t a bike in the world that can get you to the finish line any faster than the Axino SL. Aerodynamics important to you? Perhaps the ground breaking design of the AC1SL or AC1 is what you’re looking for and for 2012 we have refined that award winning design even further. Female racer? Take your choice of the Axino EX, AC1 or all-new Triad EX with our exclusive Women’s Build component set. Road enthusiast on a budget? For 2012, we’ve got the Axino EX and the Axino AL which deliver race-proven geometry. All at a price you can afford. So, what about the younger set? Blue Competition Cycles makes the best road machine you can buy for younger, smaller riders, bar none. Let your young cyclist test ride a Blue 2Four and experience the difference a high quality, lightweight, reliable true performance bike can make. You’ll be seeing yellow jerseys in your dreams. Whatever your aspirations on the road, Blue has the bike to make you a better rider.


AC1 SL Aero road bikes seem to be the new rage these days. However, for Blue, it isn’t new. You see, we have been designing aero road bikes for nearly four years In 2012, while most of the world is taking their first crack at an aero frame, we are refining one of the most coveted and lauded bikes on the market during the last two years. Utilizing the advanced SFT2 tube shapes, the original AC1 SL was 18% faster than a standard round tube road frame. With the advancements for the 2012 version, we were able to extract an additional 3%. Proven geometry designed for the road, not triathlons or time trials, is enhanced for 2012 with the addition of a tapered head tube and steerer tube, oversized fork crown, 25% deeper down tube which features the original DropDown Tube technology and bolstered seat tube to top tube junction. Improved handling. Improved aerodynamics. Improved stiffness to weight ratio. Lightest aero road bike on the market. Stiffest bottom bracket of any aero road bike produced. You might be so fast on the new AC1 SL, your friends won’t let you join them for any rides…but they wouldn’t be able to keep up anyway.




AC1 It isn’t the weight of your bike, gravity or the friction in the bearings and tires that has you working so hard on your weekend rides. No, it is the wind resistance. This force of nature and physics is what makes the road so hard some days. You don’t have to be a Pro Tour racer or even a local weekend racer to appreciate aerodynamics. Riding farther with less energy is a goal for everyone. Fortunately there is the redesigned AC1 from Blue Competition Cycles. The unique design of the top tube allows it to be comfortable for the long haul and the SFT2 (Super Flow Tube Technology) allows it to be 21% more efficient than a round tube frame. Combined with a new tapered 1-1/8” to 1-1/4” carbon steer tube and BB30 bottom bracket for efficiency in pedaling and climbing this bike will allow you to take more county line sprints or just see more county lines.




AXINO SL Classics. Be it in cycling or other aspects, the world lends this word to things that are unique and special. The Axino SL was designed for The Classics and once you ride it you will see it is destined to be a classic in its own right. Starting with race proven geometry and our Virtual Lug manufacturing process gave us the platform on which to start building a race inspired machine. The Classics require power and efficiency which is unparalleled in cycling and the Axino SL matches that with our Direct Drive technology making it one of the best bikes in the industry for stiffness to weight ratio. One stroke of the pedal and you will see the difference in the Axino SL as virtually no power is lost anywhere. From the massive head and down tubes to the tapered steerer tube and oversized fork all the way through the one piece BB/chainstay combo, the Axino SL is made to be unique and special. A classic.




AXINO EX Just because you didn’t make the Pro Tour team of your choice doesn’t mean you have to settle for less in your bike. The Axino EX is the perfect bike for everyone from newbies to race veterans that have seen it all. With a high modulus aerospace carbon fiber monocoque frame featuring a BB30 bottom bracket along with the tapered steerer tube and oversized fork you get a world class ride without breaking the bank. Straight out of the box, this bike is under 18lbs and is one of a few bikes at this level which includes a carbon steerer tube, thus making it lighter and more comfortable. You can ride it this way for years or if you are new and wanting to grow into the sport this frame screams “upgrade me” and can be built up to compete with the most expensive bikes in the world.




AXINO AL R.I.D.E. Race Inspired Design Engineering. It goes into all of our bikes. It doesn’t matter if the frame you are purchasing is $4,000 or $700, they all get the same quality of design and engineering since we make bikes we would race ourselves. We still remember the days when we were scraping together money just for entry fees, but still needed all the performance benefits of the most expensive bikes on the road. The all new Axino AL is no different. We incorporated many of the same great features you find on the Axino SL; including race winning geometry, BB30 bottom bracket, full carbon tapered steerer tube and oversized fork, all built on an X9 alloy chassis to give you one wicked race bike at a wickedly good price.




2FOUR We all have visions of our children riding along side us as we climb some alpine ascent. But the truth is, most kids never get the equipment to entice them to enjoy the sport we love so much. Most kid’s bikes out there are under geared, over weight and have parts that never really seem to work well, especially the brakes. At Blue we want kids who want to ride and that means not giving them a bike which has a weight equivalent to 40% of their own mass. Imagine if you had to ride a 75lb bike. You likely wouldn’t stay in the sport too long. The 2Four is a 14lb alloy bike built with full 10 speed gearing and a custom length crank to accommodate shorter legs. Bicycling magazine rated this as the best kids bike they had ever tested. Don’t your kids deserve the best?



Magali Tissyere 2011 Ironman® 70.3 Boise Champion 2011 Ironman® 70.3 Providence Champion 3rd Place 2010 Ironman® 70.3 World Championship 3rd Place 2009 Ironman® 70.3 World Championship

OTHERS MAY CLAIM TO BE THE FASTEST...WE PROVE IT! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Since its introduction in 2008, the original, all-carbon Triad has proven itself to be a no holds barred, wind cheating triathlon powerhouse. In fact, the Triad has been so successful, nearly every other manufacturer has being trying to play catch up by copying our revolutionary design. And while each pretender claims to be the fastest bike on the tri scene, the Triad has once again shown who’s best with Heather Wurtele destroying multiple Ironman® course records and Kris Gemmell crushing a stacked field at Singapore 70.3. What’s most significant about those results is that both Heather, after setting bike course records and Kris, in his first ever 70.3 event went on to actually win their races using the fastest run split of the day. The Triad not only helped them perform their best on the bike, it left them in good enough condition to perform at their best on the run. It’s part of what makes these bikes so special. For 2012, the Triad lineup is better than ever. The Triad SL ups the ante by shedding nearly 15% of its weight while maintaining all of its stiffness and outstanding aerodynamics properties which are nearly 14% faster than the 2010 Triad SL.




The Triad SP also will share tooling with the Triad EX and Triad SL allowing it to take full advantage of the slippery SFT2 tube shapes proven around the world to be one of the fastest designs being raced today.


All of the Triad designs have been extensively tested on the road and in the A2 wind tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina. They’ve also been tested by Triad owners who took advantage of Blue’s unique offer for a free hour of wind tunnel time with the purchase of a Triad SL frame set or complete Triad EX bike. If you think it’s not worth it, know this: The lowest level of aerodynamic improvement for a Triad owner was 10%. That’s the lowest! And you don’t have to be a TT specialist to benefit. Anyone can go faster with better positioning and minor adjustments.




The Triad EX is all new for 2012 and takes advantage of the design elements in the Triad SL by sharing the same tooling. The 2012 Triad EX is essentially the 2011 Triad SL, including the carbon layup schedule, with a traditional 1 inch fork rather than the dual anchor two piece fork and bar combo found on the 2012 Triad SL.




Check out the complete Triad line for 2012. One of them is just right for your next trip to the podium.


TRIAD SL If you ever find yourself riding along on the Queen K highway in early October surrounded by three or four Ironman速 Champions, you better hope you are riding the Blue Triad SL. Why? Because you know you are going to have one heck of a race on your hands and you are going to need several things. You are going to need to save as much energy for that run to follow and you are going to need to come off the bike able to use that energy you saved. The Triad SL is designed to be the fastest bike for you to ride. With improved aerodynamics from the utilization of SFT2 (Super Flow Tube Technology) tube shapes, new front end design, proven Triathlon geometry, best in its class stiffness to weight ratio and your free hour in the wind tunnel you will be ready for that run.




TRIAD EX You buy a Triad EX and we give you a Triad SL. That is pretty much what is happing in 2012. You see we took the 2011 Triad SL, with the same high modulus carbon fiber layup and replaced the fork with a traditional one piece fork utilizing a 1-inch steerer tube to make the 2012 Triad EX. SFT2 tube designs, BB30 bottom bracket, internally routed cables, improved two post rear brake, Aerus Composites 76°/80° Dual-Position seat post…it is all there. The Triad EX still has the same great proven triathlon geometry which lets you come off the bike ready to run and still comes with the free hour in the A2 wind tunnel to get your position dialed. Blue offers more than marketing speak about “the fastest bike” as we know that if you are not in your optimal position the bike doesn’t matter. You won’t be “fastest” on the bike and you certainly won’t be “fastest” off the bike.




TRIAD SP The Triad SP offers it all. The same proven triathlon geometry as the frames ridden to multiple Ironman速 wins last year. Wind tunnel designed frame made of aerospace quality carbon fiber. SRAM Apex parts and American Classic wheels. But most importantly, with a price that allows you to save some for that wetsuit, aero helmet and Fuelbelt you need for race day.




TRIAD AL Sure the guys you see going close to 8 hours in an Ironman® are impressive but no more so than the folks taking 15 hours. To go 15 hours you have to be dedicated. You have to work hard. You have to be willing to sacrifice. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice bike performance just because you are not sponsored with one of those uber cool carbon race machines. No you should get to enjoy the R.I.D.E. also. The Triad AL is built with our Race Inspired Design Engineering to take advantage of some of those wind cheating secrets the Triad SL has worked so hard to learn. With 10 Speed Shimano Tiagra parts you have a race ready machine out of the box without breaking the bank.




TR250 “The BMW of track bikes” is what the TR250 was called by one of Americas most successful track racers, who also helped design the bike. The TR250 is designed to be a versatile performance machine which allows you to have one bike for both mass starts and timed events. With aerodynamic tube shapes and 7005 series aluminum this bike is designed for the track. Replaceable rear dropouts, smooth welds to improve aerodynamics and bladed carbon fork means you get everything you need for the track and none of the stuff you don’t need.



JONATHAN PAGE Kalmthout World Cup, Belgium 3X US National CX Champion Silver Medalist - 2007 Cyclocross World Championships

THE BEST CYCLOCROSS BIKES EVER MADE. PERIOD. That’s exactly what you get when you form a collaboration between an exciting, innovative company like Blue and the legendary Jonathan Page. Perfection. We have taken our design expertise and combined that with more than 15 years of cyclocross racing experience in the USA and Europe to create the Jonathan Page Series of Norcross cyclocross bikes. Working together, we’ve been able to create the finest lineup of cross bikes in the world.








All 3 models share one thing in common, exhilarating performance. The allcarbon Norcross SL is the machine of your dreams. Designed with input from Jonathan Page, the geometry is aggressive, but the ride is smooth. Our Virtual Lug Technology provides the strength of tube and lug fabrication without the added weight, bringing geometry to life in a frame that is strong, stiff and nimble. The Norcross EX brings much of the same performance of the SL in a more affordable package. Let’s be honest here: this bike would be the flagship model in anyone else’s lineup. It’s monocoque design, all carbon fork and high modulus carbon fiber construction is about one thing – winning. Finally, the Norcross SP continues to provide the most bang for the buck you can get in cyclocross. Crafted in lightweight 7005 series aluminum, the Norcross SP shares the same performance and geometry as its more expensive siblings. It even features the same all carbon fork with a 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" tapered steerer tube for unparalleled control. Best of all, it comes at a price that will fit any racer’s budget.


NORCROSS SL If you are going to live and race Cyclocross full time in Belgium you better be one of the hard men of cycling and you better have the right tools. Because the course is going to be crazy hard, the competition is going to be fierce and the weather is going to absolutely suck. And that is on a good day. Just ask Jonathan Page. JP knows this because he is the only American to live and race Cyclocross full time in Belgium and he asked us to make him the right tool for the job. Enter the Norcross SL built around a BB30 bottom bracket, oversized head tube and full carbon fork with tapered steerer tube. This light weight frame yields nothing when the course is crazy hard, the weather absolutely sucks and the competition is fierce.




NORCROSS EX Maybe you are not racing in Belgium for the season but you would if you could. Well, maybe. Either way, you need a bike that performs like you are going to race there but leaves some cash in your pocket just in case you need to buy a ticket to the cold, hard, grey wonderland so you can show of your skills in a place you can’t even pronounce the name. The Norcross EX is that bike. The monocoque frame is powerful and sure footed because of the oversized BB and head tube which houses the full carbon tapered steerer tube, just like the one Jonathan Page raced all of last season in places he can’t pronounce either.




NORCROSS SP So you want to race cross? Got a love affair with pain? Just like to suffer? Blue has the torture device for you. The Norcross SP! We promise this bike will allow you to punish yourself to the fullest extent; just like all those mud splattered, finger frozen, snot covered guys you see Tokyo drifting through a mud bog in the middle of some grey pasture in Holland. It just won’t torture your wallet the same way. The term “bang for your buck” is way off when describing the Norcross SP. It is more like “atomic bang for the buck.” With its BB30 bottom bracket, oversized head tube, massive fork with tapered carbon steerer tube and 7005 series aluminum tubing, you get a bike that can handle anything you can throw at it and it will come back with “thank you sir! May I have another”!




FS There are lots of roads in this world but there is even more dirt. Regardless of your reasons for riding the dirt; Xterra, 24 hours solo, Leadville 100, WORS, La Ruta de los Conquistadores... we have a bike for you. The Carbon FS is the perfect XC trail machine. Designed to have just enough of what you need to be fast on the trail without any extra weight to keep you out there longer than you want to be. Full carbon fiber front and rear triangles assure the power you put into the pedals gets you down the path as fast as you want to go.




XC2 Race proven. We hear it a lot in the bike world. But the XC2 is the epitome of “race proven”. The XC2 cut its teeth at what many argue is the world’s hardest mountain bike race, La Ruta de los Conquistadores. This multi-day mountain bike stage race is held annually in Costa Rica. Before you start to think, “man, I would love to go ride my mountain bike in Costa Rica” let me tell you about it. 4 days, 360 KMs with 11,000 meters of climbing, rainforest, volcanoes and rain. Lots and lots of rain and mud. The XC2 excelled there because the lightweight carbon frame paired with an oversized head tube allowed for exceptional pedaling efficiency and phenomenally responsive steering even in the hardest of situations. You may not need to ride from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, but if you do, the XC2 will take you there.












road Bars




width (CM)



6061 alloy

256 grams (42 CM)

31.8 CLAMP

40, 42, 44 (c-c)

85/145 mm


t700 carbon

228 grams (42 CM)

31.8 CLAMP

40, 42, 44 (c-c)

65/130 mm


t700 carbon

233 grams (42 CM)

31.8 CLAMP

40, 42, 44 (c-c)

65/130 mm







[D] AL PRO (Ti Bolts)

7050 alloy

102 grams (110 MM)

31.8 CLAMP

70-130 (c-c)

6º / -6º

[E] al pro

2014 alloy

127 grams (110 MM)

31.8 CLAMP

70-130 (c-c)

6º / -6º

[F] al elite

6061 alloy

147 grams (110 MM)

31.8 CLAMP

70-130 (c-c)

6º / -6º

seat posts




length (MM)



t700 carbon

185 grams

27.2, 31.6


25 mm

[H] AL ELITE 6061

6061 t6 alloy

288 grams

27.2, 31.6


25 mm

[H] AL ELITE 2014

2014 t6 alloy

220 grams

27.2, 31.6


25 mm

[I] aerus carbon halo post

t700 carbon

250 grams



4º angle





AERUS FORCE 1 CAGE 20 gram black carbon bottle cage. • One piece carbon fiber construction • Smart design accommodates bottles of different sizes • Front derailleur clamp clearance




27 gram black carbon bottle cage. Opposing tabs make this the most secure cage on the market. • Suitable for road or off-road use.


TT270 CARBON AERO BAR 565 grams of carbon to help shift your time trial into overdrive. 42cm width measured center to center. Each pad has 45mm of lateral adjustment. Extensions have 110mm of adjustment. Compatible with 31.8mm clamp stem.



Our transition bag is a top-loading duffle style with zipper that gives easy access to all items. Includes a transition mat, soft lined sunglass holder, and TWO wet compartments. External mesh pockets for H 2 O bottles and helmet as well as internal pockets help to ensure all of your transitions are short ones. AVAILABLE IN ORANGE, BLUE OR PINK FLORAL

ACCESSORY BOX This is the perfect pouch for triathletes who want instant access to gels or other power food. Also good for access to keys, cellphone, tools or any other small gear. The straps attach snugly to the steerer tube below the stem and around the top tube.


Designed for the traveling cyclist or anyone who appreciates a pack with room to spare. The main pocket is big enough for your riding kit. Includes a sunglass pocket, cell phone pocket, sturdy handle, and separate helmet pocket. The bag features a large laptop compartment with room for a power supply and other office essentials.

How do you make the best bike travel case better? You start with what you already have; A light-weight, non-descript bag made of tough nylon with reinforced bottom and sides that will tip the scales at ~30lbs with a road bike. Continue to use thick foam to encircle the bicycle for maximum protection with separate compartments for wheels and other items all closed up by large zippers that works flawlessly even when the case is packed tight.

FASTBACK TRANSFER BAG Maybe your commute is to the office…or maybe your office is a crit, road race or stage race. Either way this bag is perfect for the cyclist looking for a streamlined, lightweight pack to hold your kit, podium gear, recovery drink…or maybe just clothes for a day at the office.

Then you add a set of Albopads uniquely designed reusable padded bicycle frame wraps and a set of front and rear quick release frame blocks to prevent damage to the forks or rear triangle from side loads. That is how you make the best even better and of course we throw in the shoulder strap, as well.






Blue Visor



Blue Beanie

Available as: Long Sleeve Jersey Short Sleeve Jersey Sleeveless Jersey Tri top Bib Short Women’s Short Tri Short Vest Arm Warmers Jacket Socks

Heather Wurtele 2011 Ironman® St. George Champion Fastest Bike Split/Course Record

2011 Ironman® Lake Placid Champion Fastest Bike Split/Course Record

2010 Ironman® St.George Champion Fastest Bike Split/Course Record


2nd 2011 Ironman® 70.3 Philippines 1st 2011 5150 Memphis in May 1st 2011 Subaru Sooke International 4th 2010 Ironman® 70.3 World Championships


Photo: Photo: Winger Studios


Dr. Amanda Stevens



All Blue Competition Cycles frames and forks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner when purchased from an authorized Blue Competition Cycles dealer. Warranty claims will be considered upon return of the complete bicycle and original dated sales receipt to an authorized dealer for inspection. A final inspection by Blue Competition Cycles will confirm if the claim is valid for repair or replacement. The warranty is void if the bicycle is damaged due to an accident, alteration or modification, abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper assembly, improper maintenance and abnormal use. Normal wear, tear and fatigue (wear through normal use over time) are not covered under warranty. Components used in building a complete bicycle each carry their own specific warranties and are not covered by this warranty. Any warranty claim regarding a component should be handled through the specific manufacturer. Complete details of the Blue Competition Cycles warranty program can be found at:

At Blue Competition Cycles, we race our bikes and we are hard on our equipment. We realize that in the real world accidents happen, crashes occur (way more often than we like) and we all know someone who has just driven into the garage with a bike on top of the car. While many of these reasons aren’t covered under warranty, we want nothing more than to have you back out on the road and riding your Blue. Should you damage or destroy your bike during the course of ownership, contact your local Blue Competition Cycles dealer or email us directly at so we can help with a lower cost return to the peloton.



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