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952-226-0950  ECSE - Early Childhood Special Education 952-226-0980  Early Childhood Screening 952-226-0975

Handling Increased Indoor and Screen Time According to recent Nielsen

been substantiated. The 1998

game and content


Media Research data, the

National Television Violence

descriptors that indicate


average child or adolescent

Study found: 1) nearly two

elements in a game that

watches an average of nearly

thirds of all programming

may have triggered a

3 hours of television per day;

contains violence; 2) children's

particular rating and/or


a 1999 study found that

shows contain the most

may be of interest or


children spend an average of

violence; 3) portrayals of


6 hours 32 minutes per day

violence are usually

with various screen media

glamorized; and 4)

combined! Although there are

perpetrators often go

potential benefits from

unpunished. A recent analysis

viewing some television

of music videos found that

shows, such as the promotion

nearly one fourth of all Music

of positive aspects of social

Television (MTV) videos

behavior (eg, sharing,

portray overt violence and

manners, and cooperation),

depict weapon carrying and

many negative health effects

one fourth contain alcohol or

consoles or computers in

also can result. Children and

tobacco use.

children's bedrooms.

 Half-Day

 Circle of Friends

 Kid’s Company Child Care (Ages 4-6) 952-226-0090


adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the messages conveyed through media; many younger children cannot discriminate between

Kid’s Stuff Sale


We Love Our Children


ECFE Registration

“Screen Time” Tips for

REQUIRE that homework and chores be done before game playing, TV and computer time.

DO NOT PUT video game


LIMIT screen time.

deeper levels in the

Current research suggests


10 min per day per age of child ie. 3 year=30 min, 5

as your child moves into

Tell them that they

for any child under five is

behavior, sexuality, academic

should be okay to have

highly advised to be

performance, body concept

you (or their grandma!)

engaged with others, not

and self-image, nutrition,

watch and/or play the

passive viewing.

CHECK the age game ratings and descriptors on

same thing they are.

site. Check the ESRB

media violence, the

rating symbols (on the

connection of media violence

front of the box) that

to real-life aggressive

suggest age

behavior and violence has

appropriateness for a

EXPLAIN to your children why you object to certain

the box/computer game In the scientific literature on

TALK about the content of the games and videos.

year=50 minute. Viewing

violence and aggressive



negative health effects on

substance use and abuse

shooter", killing-machine

with your child; check in

what they see and what is

dieting, and obesity, and

AVOID the "first person


real. Research has shown


games and videos.

Finally, ENCOURAGE your child to play with friends, or other activities away from the video game set.



PTC Carnival—It’s HUGE!

What’s Happening in Kindergarten?

SAVE the DATE – Carnival is

We have it all: A Haunted

Questions? Interested in


House for the older kids, 2

Volunteering? Just want more

gyms and a cafeteria full of

information? Then visit

The Prior Lake/Savage PTC’s

games to play, Inflatables,

are hosting our 31st Annual

Prizes, Food, and a Silent

PTC Carnival on

Auction that has enough

Saturday, April 20th from 11:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the Prior Lake High School

March 1: No School (E-12) Morning Conferences

You have to see this carnival

themed baskets and gift certificates that you are sure to find something you need! Don’t miss this fun family event - Everyone is welcome.

to believe it!

March 7: Evening Conferences March 19: PTC Meeting - 6:00 March 28: End of 3rd Quarter

March Nurse Notes 5 Ways to Get Moving!

your next at-home date night.

The cold temperatures

No PM Kindergarten March 29: No School (E-12) April 1-5 No School (E-12) Spring Break

outside are no excuse to

Make homemade bread. Knead the

skip physical activity.

dough by hand, not

Everyday activities count

with a bread machine

toward your day’s total if

or food processor.

they’re done with moderate intensity and can be done indoors. Aim for 10 minutes of physical activity at a time.

Do housework: wash the windows, vacuum or shampoo the carpet, clean the floors, dust under the beds.

At work, use a rest room at the other end of your office so you have a longer walk.

Rent an exercise DVD instead of a movie for



Engage in physical activity and play around the house with your kids and grandkids, such as dancing, hula hooping, jump roping or a game of hide-and-seek.

Borrowed from, for more information see the website below http:// Public/content.aspx? id=6442474336

March is National Nutrition Month Did you know that a person’s heritage can influence their food and exercise preferences? Culture is the backbone to your family food choices and how you prepare your meals. Browse through the Heritage Pyramids in the website below. Each traditional pyramid shows at a glance the balance of real foods that support good health. resources/heritagepyramids






Kids’ Stuff Sale

What’s Happening in Early

Saturday, April 13th, 2013 8:00 a.m. to Noon Edgewood School

$1 Admission or donate a new, unopened pack of diapers (any size) and get in free AND get in 15 minutes early!

Childhood? *********** ATTENDANCE: 952-226-0958 *********** March 1: No School (E-12) Morning Conferences March 5: No ECFE


March 7: Evening Conferences

Children’s and maternity clothing, toys, books, DVDs/CDs, and baby/children’s gear

March 11-14: No ECFE March 15: Spring ECFE begins

If you have questions, email

March 11 or 12: Family Fun Night for Circle of Friends Preschool families


Sponsored by the Prior Lake-Savage School District’s Community Education and Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Advisory Council

In District Transfers Transfers should be turned

the decision within a week

district elementary school

in by April 1. However,

from these dates.

transfer form due to issues

requests are acted upon

such as daycare location,

twice annually: April 15 and

Transfer approvals will

are reminded that forms

August 15.

remain in effect until and unless a subsequent

are available in the Parents will be notified of

March 19: Davanni’s Fundraiser Night (4-8:00 p.m.) March 28: No CoF or ECSE

Families, who require an in-

kindergarten office.


transfer is approved.

March 29: No ECFE, CoF or ECSE April 1-5 No ECFE. CoF or ECSE Spring Break



Kindergarten Report Cards Quarter 3 report cards will be available on April 8th after 12:00 P.M. Please login to Family Access to view your child’s report card. No hard copies will be

sent home with students. Please contact the kindergarten office at (952) 226-0900 with any questions.

We Love Our Children Deb Williams,

Edgewood Principal

 A guide for choosing the right booster seat for your child can be found at www.buckleupkids


comes first. It is

Can your child ride comfortably in this position for the whole trip?

their height, rather than

If you answered ―no‖ to any of these questions, your child

Your children don’t go to high school (until they finish grade school).

needs a booster seat to safely

Your children don’t wear your seat belt (until it fits).

or under the arm, slouching in




Your children don’t drive your car (until they reach an appropriate age).

The following 6 steps to Seat Belt Safety will help you decide to use a booster with a lap/ shoulder seat belt OR a seat belt alone. _Buck-

Your children don’t wear your clothes (unless they are playing dress-up).

Does the lap portion of the belt stay low on the hips?

Does your child sit with their back against the vehicle seat back? Does your child’s knee bend comfortably around the vehicle seat edge?

Do your child’s feet touch the floor?

Does the seat belt rest on the shoulder (not on the face or upper arm)?


use the seat belt. Placing the shoulder belt behind the back the seat to touch the floor and problems with the shoulder belt in the face are all indications that your child needs a booster seat. Boosters are designed to correctly position your child for proper seat belt fit. MN Booster Seat Law in Effect Minnesota's child passenger

recommended to keep a child in a booster based on their age. Boosters are seat lifts that help raise a child up so a seat belt fits properly. Kids that are shorter than 4 feet 9 inches aren’t ready to use a seat belt alone. Poor belt fit can contribute to death or serious injury — including ejection, internal decapitation and serious abdominal damage. A sign a belt does not fit properly is if it rubs against a child’s neck, or the child tucks the belt behind their back. I write you these reminders in memory of Ryan Chandradat, a Kindergartner

safety law requires a child who

from the 2000-2001 school

is both under age 8 and shorter

year that was killed in a

than 4 feet 9 inches to be

traffic accident a few days

fastened in a child safety seat

before Kindergarten

or booster. Under this law, a

graduation. Please don’t let

child cannot use a seat belt

us lose any more of our

alone until they are age 8 or 4

precious children.

feet 9 inches tall — whichever


assess your child’s safety in your car.

Family Fun Night: Magnificent Math for Circle of Friends Preschool and ECSE Families Circle of Friends Preschool and

Explore these learning activities

This is an open-house format. Choose

ECSE families are invited to join us

and others from our math

the time and date that fits your family.

on March 11th or March 12 for an

curriculum, Numbers Plus, that will

evening of magnificent math!

be set up in our preschool

Monday, March 11 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

classrooms and the activity room.


Bring the whole family for a handson night of nifty numbers, superb

Tuesday, March 12 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you!

shapes, mighty measuring and more. Form and create Shiny Shapes, mix up some Numeral Soup and sail with Bears on a Boat.

SPAN News SPAN (Synergy/SAGE Parent

School District, will give a

Action Network) will not have a

presentation on and answer

meeting in March; we will have

questions about Executive

our last meeting of the school

Functioning and organizational

year on Tu. April 23 at 7pm in

skills in gifted children.

the WestWood Media Center.

with younger elementary students join our Board; please email Apryl at if you are interested in joining our Board, to ask questions,

We will also have elections for

or to be placed on SPAN’s

Barbara Dullaghan, the

the SPAN Board for the 2013-

email list.

Elementary Gifted and Talented

14 school year. We’d love to

Coordinator in the Bloomington

have another Board member

Tech Corner Edgewood families can use the

into the K-5 Zaner-Bloser

following to link for the Wet-

Handwriting curriculum. The

Dry-App that can be used at

Wet-Dry-Try App adds a new,

home or on the road.

supplementary way to learn. It

Wet-Dry-App (click here) Wet-Dry-Try for Capital Letters & Numbers is an app version of the popular Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT) Slate Chalkboard activity. Edgewood Preschool programs use the HWT curriculum as a transition

builds and reinforces good handwriting habits for capitals and numbers. It’s especially helpful with teaching correct formation and orientation habits. The result: children learn to write capitals and numbers with guided steps.



Academic Choice in The Responsive Classroom Interest and curiosity go

this comes from an intrinsic

appropriately challenged. As

hand-in-hand with learning.

interest in their world.

a result, children feel

Research about learning tells

Kindergarten Responsive Classroom Corner

successful at their work,

us that children are

For optimal learning to occur,

which builds a sense of

continually constructing their

children must have many

competence and leads to

understanding of the world.

opportunities to explore and

further success in learning.

As children explore and learn

expand their interests and to

about their world – trying

make choices about what and

new things, making

how they learn. Academic

mistakes, and meeting new

choice allows them to do this.

ideas – they reconstruct their old vision to fit their new understanding. The motivation to continually do

Academic choice allows children to work at their own ability level and be

Finally, academic choice prepares children to be strong problem-solvers and decision makers. And as they make choices and reflect on those choices, they learn from unsuccessful as well as successful decisions.


illustrated narrative for a

international rubber ducks to

The Camp Invention®

petrosphere journal, their

their country origin and race

program will let your child's

own ancient symbol of power

to destroy competitor duck

imagination soar with our

and knowledge!

territory! Teams put physics

Geo Quest Program on July

A program of Invent Now

Invent Discover Explore Achieve

In the Cache Dash™ module,

practical use as they take

3:30 pm.

children are recruited to

apart broken appliances and

become global expedition

re-engineer the gears and

Here are just a few of fun

team members. As part of

gadgets, along with upcycled

things kids will be doing at

their weeklong training, they

objects, to invent the

Camp Invention this

must work in teams to

ultimate Duck Chucking


navigate their way to

Device. Throughout the week,

treasure-filled caches. The Expedition teams embark on

children will explore physics,

caches contain virtual

a quest to explore the Earth

entrepreneurship and

missions from youth around

in the sky, underwater, on

invention though practical

the globe challenging the

land, and underground in the

hands-on challenges.

trainees to invent solutions to

Ecoverse™ module.

real-world problems in

This national STEM

Throughout the journey,

France, Singapore, Honduras,

enrichment program is

teams design and invent

Hawaii, Cuba and Sudan. I

offered by Prior Lake-Savage

tools to reveal and retrieve

Area Schools Community

the Earth's hidden messages;

In the I Can Invent:

Education in collaboration

deciphering nature's

Launchitude™ module,

with the non-profit Invent

patterns. As children master

expedition teams are

Now and the United States

the elements, they earn

challenged to launch

Patent and Trademark Office.

glyphs and create an EDGEWOOD

(trajectory and velocity) into

15-19th from 9:00 am to







Early Childhood Family Education

Spring E.C.F.E . Classes Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) provides classes, programs, and services for families with young children from infant to kindergarten age. The mission of this program is to provide the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of your children, while recognizing your role as the primary and most influential teacher.

Here is a sampling of ECFE classes that still have openings for spring: Infant Development

Little Ones on the Move

Kindergarten, Here I Come!

10-18 months

Babies and parents enjoy songs, puppets, musical instruments and other fun activities in our bright and baby-safe classroom.

5 years old by Sept. 1, 2012

Toddlers grow, change and try new things at a rapid pace. Join this class where eager students turn a whirl of activity into learning that inspires confidence.

For 0-12 months Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00 pm First class meets on March 19

Thursdays from 9:00-10:30 am First class meets March 22

For 0-9 month Wednesdays from 11-12:30 pm First class meets on March 20

Your child will have an opportunity to practice kindergarten routines, while you discuss ways to help prepare them for kindergarten. Wednesdays from 1:30-3 pm First class meets on March 20 Thursdays from 5:30-7 pm First class meets March 21

Seasonal Spectacular: Spring Is Special All Ages

Kids Club—Science & Nature

Register by March 7th

Shed those boots, hats and mittens and join us for spring discovery!

2.5-5 years

Nurture your young scientist and naturalist.

View online catalog at: -2013_efce_catalog_final

Mondays from 11-12:30 pm First class meets March 18

Mondays from 4:00-5:30 pm First class meets on March 18

Online registration: or call 952.226.0950

Box Top$ for Education Every Box Top represents 10 cents for our programs. Last year these

 

you will receive a FREE kids meal

anyone else that is able to collect

(Savage location only)

the following restaurants:

Papa Murphy’s Kids 1 Topping Pizza (select

Buffalo Wild Wings Kids Meal

to help you out. Our kid’s meal promotion includes

(Outback Kid’s Meal (Burnsville Location only)

(Savage location only)

Olive Garden Kid’s Meal

Bonfire Build Your Own Pizza

certificate Please ask your neighbors, grandparents and


funds added up to almost $1,000. For every 50 box tops you send in,

Applebee’s Kids Meal (all

Chili’s Kid’s Meal

locations) Restaurant choices are subject to change. Remember, all the funds generated by ―Box Tops‖

Davanni’s Solo Pizza with $5.00

go directly to programs here at

purchase (all locations)



Please call any of the Edgewood Programs

Edgewood School

for further information regarding what

Where Friends and Families

Edgewood School has to offer. Our website contains information, updates and

Come Together

links regarding all of our programs. You

5304 WestWood Dr. S.E.

can easily reach any Edgewood staff

Prior Lake, MN 55372

members through our Staff Directory or Kindergarten Program:

952-226-0900 Fax: 952-226-0949

the staff web pages.

Circle of Friends Preschool: 952-226-0956 ECFE Programs:

Stay In Touch with


Early Childhood Screening: 952-226-0975

Superintendent Dr. Sue

Fax: 952-226-0959

Ann Gruver. Follow her

Early Childhood Special Ed: 952-226-0980

blog: http://

Fax: 952-226-0981


We’re on the web!

Edgewood's March Newsletter  

Edgewood's March Newsletter

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