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asem alhadrab

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Asem Alhadrab

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I’d like to obtain a position in an organization where I can maximize my experience and skills to exceed corporate and personal goals, but also continue to learn and grow as an individual.

Qualification Highlights  

High initiative and always motivated Detail oriented and continuously striving to achieve above average results A passionate commitment to continuous learning

  

Thoroughly enjoy working in team settings, as a leader or peer Expert analytical, conflict resolution and problem solving skills Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Education 2nd Year Bachelors in Architectural Science - Ryerson University - Expected date of graduation April 2014 Certificate in Architectural Technology - Ryerson University - Received April 2010 Architectural Technician Diploma - Centennial College - Received April 2010 Professional History & Accomplishments Administrative Assistant – Family Day Care Services (Jun ‘10 – Aug ‘10)   

Assisted various departments in several projects, including Finance, Human Resources, IT, and Administration Developed corporate partnerships with the ROM, CN Tower, CNE, Great Wolf Lodge, RBC Insurance Conducted an internal technological audit, which included a wealth of data entry

Outbound Telephone Sales Agent / CSR - YAK Communications (Feb ’09 – Aug ’09)       

Maintained the top sales numbers for over three consecutive months. Provided customers with a wealth of information on products and answered inquiries. Developed long term relationships with partners to optimize business opportunities and referrals. Supervised, motivated and trained new staff, ensuring effective teamwork, high standards of quality, organizational performance and continuous learning while encouraging innovation in others. Conducted warm and cold calls to clients and sold products while maintaining a friendly yet professional telephone personality with exceptional sales qualities. Collaborated effectively with senior staff members to develop and improve scripts for various YAK campaigns. Contributed to the resolution of technical issues with YAK’s computer systems and network.

Inbound Telephone CSR / Level 1 Technical Support - Bell ExpressVu Canada (Sept ’08 – Feb ’09)     

Resolved customer concerns by effectively following the problem resolution model. Provided warmth, personal attention, helpfulness and appreciation to customers and team mates. Scheduled resources based on workload, service and hardware requirements while monitoring productivity and performance of Bell’s repair teams. Effectively managed customer’s accounts and hardware via Bell Canada’s software system (Billing Portal, CSM, InfoZone) Assessed customer’s needs and recommended the appropriate services to meet their needs.

Technological Skills     

Fluent on a series of operating systems including Windows 7, Vista, XP/NT, Mac OSX, as well as many Linux based operating systems Adept with Microsoft Office, and all base Microsoft software (including Internet Explorer, Excel, Outlook, etc.) Fluent with Adobe’s Creative Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) Expert knowledge in 3D design (including Rhinoceros 4.0, Grasshopper, V-Ray, Mental Ray, Sketchup) as well as CAD (Autodesk AutoCAD) Expert networking and computer peripheral knowledge, 76 wpm type speed


ctrl parasitic sanctum atrax

ctrl the challenge: design a custom home on a rooftop. this home is to be tailored to the personalities of two inhabitants, in this case, writer john keating and a police officer. the proposed solution: atop the green p parking garage at 67 yorkville avenue in toronto, ctrl is a home created to suit the personalities of an eccentric writer, and a rigid police officer. the prevalent theme of ‘control’ is evident throughout the home, where one’s views, room sizes, and privacy are controlled per the user’s wishes.

9 a


1 2 3




key 1 entry 2 closet 3 foyer 4 exercise 5 sauna 6 entertainment 7 dining 8 kitchen 9 pantry



ground floor






bed 1 laundry 2 closet 3 water closet 4 bath 5 study 6


second floor


ctrl is based upon a 6m x 6m structural grid, and was designed after multiple iterations of quintessential simple geometries. the home’s gross floor area is approximately 300 square metres.

south elevation geometries

the suspended room separators grant the the inhabitants to completely redefine every space in the home, and are controlled via remote control. as a result, each ‘room’s’ size may be manipulated to create a different feel.

structural grid

east elevation

section a

the tracks of the suspended walls are embedded in the ceiling of the home, which is tilted down gently from the east side to prevent permeance of summer sun in the morning. these tracks are spaced one and a half metres apart on a rectangular grid. as such, the track placement allows for a high degree of precision. room separators may also rotate to allow for enclosure, or to be put away inside the wall for storage during the day.

parasitic the challenge: in a spacially challenged corridor between two high traffic buildings on ryerson campus, design two ‘walls’ of specific height and width which may aid in the flow of traffic rather than impede it.

the proposed solution: parasitic. two walls that do not impede traffic, but rather direct it with ample space for users to pass by. parasitic’s west wall acts as a canopied shelter, and its east wall is an immersive, enveloping seating area.

the term ‘wall’ is loosely defined in this assignment, and may be interpreted as any generally monolithic structure which emerges from the ground plane in an overall vertical manner.

located between ryerson’s architecparasitic was our first 3D modelling ture building and ryerson’s student experience as first year students of residence, the driving concept behind architecture at ryerson. parasitic was to portray the symbiotic relationship that each student has to his/her school.

these walls are to reflect a specific concept, as well as a purpose.

the defined purpose for the project was to aid in student gathering, and directing students and passers by.

more information: parasitic was intended to be built with glue laminated timber and ‘cor-ten’ steel. the rust produced by the metallic support rods and symbiotic latching further emphasizes the intended parasitic feel.





south elevation

section a

sanctum the challenge: the small green space located at the corner of queens quay w and york st. is in need of revitalization. the site is also challenged by a gardiner express way off ramp. the proposed solution: the site faces considerable noise pollution from the surrounding traffic and nearby airport. water walls are to be installed on the inner and outer circumference of the off ramp, so as to act as pleasant white noise. the grade is also to be sloped downward in a circular fashion to reach the focal point, a large pond with a grand waterfall several metres below street level. as a result, tumbling water creates a pleasant ambience and removes virtually all outside noise, a sanctum among the busy streets of toronto.






atrax the challenge: design an information kiosk which uses biomimicry as a fundamental structural mechanism. the kiosk must adhere to outlined specifications, and must be able to provide information during, and after business hours. the proposed solution: the site chosen was lynn canyon in british columbia, the site is most notably known for the capilano suspension bridge and its many old growth trees. the atrax robustus, or funnel web spider is indigenous to the area, and spins a a tensioned web of incredible complexity. the atrax is introduced as a project to mimic the funnel web spider’s tensioned webbing mechanism. the funnel acts as a rain water collector system and canopy to keep operators and guests comfortable.



a collection of some first year projects at ryerson university

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