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MEMO BOARD ZUIDAS TO GET NEW MIXED-USE TOWER Zuidas is expected to welcome another new property in 2021 in the shapeof a mixed-use tower. This building is to be developed next to the Noma House office building on Parnassusweg. The tower, named The Beacon, is being designed by CallisonRTKL. Arcadis


will take charge of the local details, while

YOUNG 100’

Powerhouse Company will be responsible

Eline Kik, programme director of

for the architecture of the structure’s podium

Green Business Club (GBC) Zuidas

and residential section. True to its name,

and director of GBC NL, has been

the building promises to be a stunning,

ranked among the Sustainable

sustainable and multifunctional development

Young 100 of 2017, a list of 100

with offices, shops, housing and a restaurant.

leading figures in sustainability around the Netherlands, which is compiled by an expert jury. GBC is


a nationwide impact organization

With all the works surrounding Zuidasdok, it is crucial to have a

that initiates and carries out sustain-

solid plan to be able to cope with access issues in and around

ability projects at the local level.

Zuidas. That plan is called MAAS, short for ‘Mobility As A Service’.

In Zuidas over 35 companies are

The focus is on getting from A to B as fast, inventively and cheaply

members, and by joining their

as possible. An app will plot out the best route and transit options,

efforts they have already made great

ranging from train and car to shared bikes. To guarantee its success,

strides in sustainable energy, mobility,

MAAS needs the input of local staffers and employers. Is your

green space, circularity as well as

company committed to keeping Zuidas accessible? Get in touch

social projects.

with Finn van Leeuwen at:

KISS PESKY OFFICE ACHES GOODBYE! Many of us sit and suffer through aches and pains, reaching for painkillers as a quick fix whenever necessary. While it may get us through the day, we tend not to take action to fix the underlying causes. The Health and Therapy Centre in WTC is specialized in osteopathy, homoeopathy and acupuncture. They treat a variety of work-related conditions and issues arising from a busy lifestyle, such as neck and back problems, headaches, digestive and respiratory issues as well as burnouts.

CALLING ALL GO-GETTERS! You’re not afraid of a little challenge. You’re willing to scale the highest heights. And you see variety as the spice of life. Then War Child’s Kili-Challenge is perfect for you. Your mission: to climb the Kilimanjaro and raise as much money as possible to help children in conflict areas. Join the Kili-Challenge and help kids in conflict areas to feel safe again. For more information, visit:

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