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FOOD COLLECTION FOR THE FOOD BANK AMSTERDAM SOUTH Monday Oct 9th till Friday Oct 13th This fall Green Business Club Zuidas organizes the sixth

During this years food collection week GBC Zuidas wants

edition of the Zuidas Food collection. The opening lunch

to draw attention to food waste and how to prevent this.

event will take place on Oct 9th from 11:30 tot 14:00 pm at

Check out the GBC Zuidas website for details on events and

the Circl pavilion on the Gustav Mahlerplein. Alderman


Abdeluheb Choho will be there to officially start the food collection week. Check for the designated food collection

Want to partake in the food collection or join the opening

area in your building, or make your contribution at the

lunch? Send an e-mail to

opening lunch. PLEASE DONATE • olive oil • cornflakes

• canned fish/sausages /vegetables

• instant coffee

• fruit syrup

• peanut butter

• washing detergent

• jam

and other preservatives

• shampoo/shower gel please no products that are expired or have been opened

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