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A FRESH START That moment after the last summer day arrives with

Circl’s recently appointed director, Merijn van den

a feeling, much like the first of January, of starting

Bergh, and BAM’s commercial affairs and planning

afresh. After a couple of months of relative quiet

development manager Rutger Sypkens were proud

in Zuidas, everyone returns from some well-

to tell us about this fabulous new venue.

deserved R&R, at their desks and raring to go. The cover of this issue features Lyuda Kravchuk.

And last but not least... I, too, will be making a fresh

She too made a fresh start, five years ago when she

start. After working at ASEGA Media & Communication

moved from Ukraine to settle in Holland. Now Lyuda

for five years, I have decided to blaze a new and

is senior manager of Transaction Advisory Services

independent trail as Zuidas Publishers. Under this

at EY. She loves living and working in Amsterdam,

new name I will continue to publish Hello Zuidas

where she also plays an active role in the local expat

magazine, and will remain its editor-in-chief. In other

community, and it was fascinating to get her take

words, I'm looking forward to exciting times and I

on life here in Zuidas.

can’t wait to get started!

After months of construction at Gustav Mahlerplein,

Happy reading!

this location is also ready for a fresh start, with the official opening of Circl. This pavilion adjoining

Romy Lange

ABN AMRO is set to become a new hotspot for

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

everyone living and working in and around Zuidas.

With the days gradually drawing in again, I hope that you too can look back on a wonderful summer. It’s been a beautiful season to be outdoors and recharge for the second half of 2017. One of the highlights that I’m looking forward to is our biannual members’ meeting at the close of September. This is always an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted and catch up with each other – and also, of course, to tackle topics that are important to Zuidas. On the agenda at the next meeting will be ways to enliven the district, a topic on which everyone is sure to have an opinion. What makes Zuidas come alive for you? Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


Hello Zuidas #33