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MICHIEL VAN MOURIK (MAHLERPLEIN) ‘When I started working in Zuidas ten years ago, there was nothing here. Now, with all this new local activity, the traffic routing seems totally improvised. Basically, it’s a mess. Just now I was riding my scooter and almost had an accident as I tried to turn left. Because the bicycle path runs in front of the walkway, motorists tend not to stop until they reach the zebra crossing, making it quite a challenge for people on bikes and scooters. They could solve things by switching the paths around. Everything is different here now, so the road layout should be adjusted as well.’

ANINDYA KATERIAMALIA AND MARIA KOROHAMA (BOELELAAN) ‘We regularly see students cross the street while ignoring the red light. When people are rushed, they just seem to zone out completely. A couple months ago a girl got involved in a serious accident while crossing at this intersection. Apparently she was wearing ear buds, listening to music. She didn’t watch the traffic lights and was hit. That’s really scary – things can go wrong before you know it. Not that we feel unsafe here, but that’s mostly because we always watch out carefully and don’t cross when the lights are red.’

Text Celine Boute • Photography Davien Hulsman

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Hello Zuidas #33  
Hello Zuidas #33