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Positive energy and a great atmosphere lead to more exercise

Han Doorenbosch

May I proudly present the new Clubsportive, a revamped fitness club in Zuidas with the most advanced equipment there is? The club has also been given a complete makeover. The new pieces of equipment can be used in a

At Clubsportive, we believe this positive energy and

wide variety of fitness regimes. They are no magic

a great atmosphere boost enthusiasm for physical

solution, but do promise serious improvement with

activity. Clubsportive wants to stand out from

as little effort as possible. I still believe that

the crowd by being open to everyone’s fitness

achieving the optimum results from your fitness

ambitions. Whether you are 16 or 85, fat or thin,

programme depend on the length of time you spend,

short or tall, a top athlete or coach potato‌

the intensity and repetition - such as 60 minutes of

or something in between, whatever your fitness

cardio and strength exercises three times a week.

target, we welcome everyone.

In choosing the new equipment, we have been

Han Doorenbosch

careful to determine which piece of apparatus has

General director

the most added value in terms of reaching your goals. Personally, I believe in the energy that sporting generates in the individual, but the energy of others can also stimulate you to do your best.


Hello Zuidas #9  
Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013