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Henriette Grobbe & Douglas Grobbe Staff Crowne Plaza

Staff Symphony’s

ZUIDAS CULINAIR & CONCERT Wednesday, June 26, 5pm - 9pm @ Zuidplein • More than 500 people attended

Rafael Anton van Wezel & Lily Turner

• 16 food and drink companies set up stands to offer their wares • The VU Orchestra was conducted by Daan Admiraal • The VU Orchestra consists of 100 musicians who played works by Ernö Dohnányi and Sergei Prokofiev • The event was organised by the VU, Hello Zuidas Kenneth McRooy & Eline Hoogendijk

and the WTC Business Club

Corinne de Groot

Godfried Schölvinck & Christiaan Huijg

Yvonne de Bree & Olivier Otten

Syb Hanrath & Jan Maarten Gerretsen Peter Heule

Godfried Schölvinck

Anton Meester

Klaas de Boer

Lily Turner & Rafael Anton van Wezel

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Photography: Miryam Faken

Hello Zuidas #9  
Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013