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For information about subsidies for temporary art projects and Stadsdeel Zuid’s art policy go to: More about the Old School project:

ground and involve artists in city planning and the

bestseller about the break-up of ABN Amro)

building process at an early stage. ‘They have their

should really be performed in Zuidas. I’m sure

own take on public spaces. This is exactly what we

people there are mature enough to take on a bit of

are going to do with the new primary school that is

self-criticism,’ she says. Kukenheim is pleased to

going to be built next to the AFC in Zuidas.

see that an increasing number of companies are

“Do something with this space,” we asked of a

sponsoring art. But things mustn’t stop there.

group of artists. If you divide up the plots, put

‘Zuidas is home to a number of very important

buildings on them and then think: “oh, we need

corporate collections. I would love it if we could

some art,” you’re too late.’

disclose them to a larger audience .’ The city council member is proud of the Zuidas


hospitality. ‘Temporary art projects always find a

Does Kukenheim have anything left to wish for?

the Amstelpark. And there’s Old School, a former

‘What I’m not seeing enough of is a reflection on

school building where creative art entrepreneurs

the economic crisis, especially in Zuidas. A play

are working on exciting new ventures. That, too, is

like De Prooi (The Prey, based on Jeroen Smit’s

art in public spaces,’ she points out.

Text: Kirsten van den Hul • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel

home there, whether it’s Art Zuid or art projects in


Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013

Hello Zuidas #9  

Hello Zuidas September/Oktober 2013